Saturday May 2 2015

Hi Hi Hi, journal!

Week-end, finally, Yay :D ! Well, we still went to work but we could leave earlier! Too bad Joseph decided to stay at the lab and leave me on my own L.

My first idea? GO SHOPPING!! My first shopping in Korea :D Since Joseph knew it and he knew how it usually goes, with me prancing around from store to store and him carrying all the bags (what can I say, I love to buy in large :3), he left me a few thousand wons and taught me a couple sentences like “how much?” “good day!” and stuff. In the bus, ignoring all the awkward stares (is it so weird to be black in Korea? this is starting to be a habit, I’m starting to feel like either an alien or a beast. One of them even took a photo of me when I left the bus!! Wtf?!), it felt so good to go to another place than the lab, a place that is ABOVE the ground and where I can smell anything but oil and medicine! Besides, although I was a little upset, it felt good to be away from the team, just for a while. I felt like I could breathe again though I wish I could share that oxygen with Jo-Jo :-/

Only once I arrived at the place did I realize I had no idea what to buy :S. Since I couldn’t read the names of the shops, I had to judge it by its content, so nothing unusual... There were a lot of tempting stuff, but guess what I saw in one of them… ANIMAL HATS X3 X3 X3 !! I saw so many people at the bus stop and on the streets wearing it (not only kids and girls but grown men too!), all I could think all day was WANT IT O_O. That shop had so many of them! Bear, Rabbit, Panda, Mouse, Tiger… THERE WERE ALL SO Fµ!#ING CUTE :D !! I guess my Korean is still quite choppy (ok, very choppy, I sound more Arab than Korean somehow ><) because the salesgirls and I were pretty desperate when they tried to understand which one I wanted. In the end, I had to… imitate them. Shut up, it was for the greater good and the six of us (me, the salesgirls and three other customers in the back) had a good laugh (even though at first I was like: “Goodbye, dignity, goodbye my friend” T_T). Thank god the prices were in numbers so I just needed to hand them my bills… In the end, I spent them all on eight hats (2 bears, 1 white, 1 brown, 1 tiger, 1 rabbit, 1 panda, 1 mouse, 1 lion and 1 wolf. ^^). I didn’t expect them to be so expansive though o_O I know, I shouldn’t have done that but… nope, I don’t regret a thing :P. I don’t care if Joseph hates them, they are miiine! They are very fluffy too, I could keep petting them and purr like a cat all day ^^

Starting to yawn again, I guess it’s time I finally catch up on my sleep,

I also hear grunting from the bedroom. Gee, that’s different from the commands and annoying remarks I get all day, just like the rest of the team… I’ll go kiss Mr. Grumpy Jo good night and let him do whatever he wants tomorrow ALONE because there’s no way I’m getting out of bed from now on.

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