Sharon and Andy go undercover.. Soon after realize they both had feelings for one another.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Sharon was sitting in her office on the phone when her squad rolled in from being called out. Getting up from her desk she walked out to the squad room as everyone started to relax. Looking around she noticed Provenza in his chair with his hands behind his head, Sanchez on his computer, Mike looking up DMV records on his laptop and Amy just coming in with Andy.

"Our suspect appears to have vacated his apartment." Andy mentioned

Sharon narrowed her eyes, "Did the superintendent say anything else?"

Amy chuckled. "No ma'am. The superintendent said the he got the keys to the apartment this morning."

"Also, Ma'am a witness said that he was last seen making a reservation for Providence, it's a restaurant on Melrose Avenue." Sanchez said handing the Captain the report.

As she read through it Andy suggested something anyone in the room wouldn't have spoken up about. "His reservation is for tonight. Contact the manager of the restaurant tell him or her what's happening and then do an undercover operation."

Provenza sat up with a smirk on his face. "Flynn is this some fancy way for you to ask the Captain out on a date."

Sharon looked up from the manila folder and over at Andy who was standing near his desk behind her. "What, no. I'm just saying."

Sharon looked around the room and seen every eye on her, including Rustys. "It would be rather convincing." she mumbled. Andy had a smirk on his face that she couldn't see but was present to the rest of the squad. "When's the reservation?" Sharon asked.

"7:30 ma'am." Sanchez replied.

"Well, Andy, I must go home and change then. We have a date tonight." She laughed as she entered her office and shut the door.

Later that evening at her condo she was in her room looking through her closet. Pulling out a black dress she put it on and curled the ends of her hair. Freshening up her make-up she heard Andy's voice from the living room with Rusty.

"I'm sure she won't be too long." Rusty said rather enthusiastically. Putting on her heels she grabbed her clutch and walked down the hall.

"Hello Andy." Andy stood up and walked towards Sharon with a smile.

"You look beautiful." Sharon blushed and bowed her head.

"Thank you, Andy." Walking to the entry table she puts her licenses and badge in her clutch and straps her gun to the inside of her jacket. "Shall we? Rusty, I shouldn't be home to late." Getting in her wallet and pulling out some cash. "Here, order you a pizza or go get a burger."

Rusty put the money in his pocket and smiled. "Have fun and catch the guy." He smiled and hugged his mother. As they walked towards the door she looked back.

"Do your homework and don't stay up to late." Rusty nodded and walked the pair out the door.

"Those two really don't see it." he mumbled as he went to order himself a pizza.

Arriving at the restaurant, Julio posing as a car hop opened Sharon's door. "Ma'am the manager said that he is indeed inside. Sykes and Cooper are here at a table inside as well, and we have snipers and SWAT on standby if needed. Provenza and Tao are in the control van with Buzz."

Sharon nodded as she walked around the car and took Andy's arm. "Thank you, Julio." Sharon and Andy walked into the restaurant and was met by the maitre'd who was smiling graciously.

"Welcome, do you have a reservation?" Sharon and Andy looked at the gentleman

"Yes, reservation for two. Should be under, Flynn." Andy responded.

"Right this way." Sharon and Andy followed the maitre'd, arm and arm and they walked passed Sykes and Cooper. Sharon looked back at Amy who gave her a thumbs up and Sharon just rolled her eyes. Sitting at their table the maitre'd pulled out Sharon's chair.

" your seat." When he spoke to her it caught her off guard.

"Th-thank you." As she sat in her seat she pulled the chair the rest of the way as the maitre'd walked away. "What are you smiling at?" Sharon ask Andy.

"Nothing." He smiled and shook his head. The waiter came by with a bottle of wine.

"M'lady." Sharon nodded. "Yes, please." The waiter filled her glass and she took it eagerly.

"Thank you." Sharon smiled.

"Sir?" The waiter looked at him with a smile.

Andy shook his head. "I'll have water please."

The waiter walked away after sitting the bottle of wine in a bucket of ice. Looking through the menu she decided what she wanted and then closed it. "Why did you ask me to go undercover with you? We could have easily taken him on the evidence we have once he entered the restaurant." Sharon ask as she sipped on her wine.

"Why when we could enjoy dinner and also, watch him. He's not going to get far we have guys watching his every move, Sharon." Andy whispered.

Sharon smiled as the waiter came back with Andy's water and asked if they were ready to order. Sharon ordered a parmesan eggplant and Andy order chicken alfredo. Sharon's eyes roamed around the restaurant landing on their target for the evening several times. She so happened to be facing his direction and he would look up at her from time to time. When the waiter walked away she leaned into the table and whispered. "You seem to excited for this undercover operation."

"How can I not? I'm a fake date with a beautiful woman." Sharon rolled her eyes

"One of our guest wanted you to have this, ma'am." Sharon looked at Andy as a note was placed on the table near Sharon's glass. Sharon opened it and her shocked looked instantly turned to terror.

"What is it? What does it say?" Andy asked.

"It says, it- "I know who you are." Sharon handed the note to Andy and neither one knew what to do. Sharon hung her head and took deep breaths. Deputy Chief Howard went to Andy and seen the note then walked away to find the manager. Sykes and Cooper stood near Sharon while Andy went to assist Fritz and McGinnis. Sharon stood up and walked towards the front of the restaurant. "Andy I'm gonna go home. You guys stay safe and keep an eye on our suspect."

"Alright. Call me when you get home." Andy said as he rest his hand on her arm.

As she walked out of the restaurant she headed down the sidewalk towards her car. Digging in her purse for her keys she heard a screeching noise and looked behind her to find two men running towards her. Sharon grabbed her gun from her purse and shot the man in the leg before he could grab her.

Everyone in the restaurant heard the gunshot and ran out of the doors as Sharon was being pushed into the van. "SHARON!"


"Damn it!" Taylor yelled.

Sharon was sitting in the floor of the van with her hands tied her gun gone and a bag over her head unconscious. There was another vehicle waiting. The two men got out and pulled Sharon's body out and into the other van.

Sharon woke up in a strange room. It was cold and she suddenly got a sick. Her head was pounding and she couldn't soothe it. "Where am I?" she asked herself. Shaking her head she told herself she wouldn't cry, she wouldn't show weakness. Hearing footstep, she came to attention to the direction they came in and stood up slowly. "Who's there?" Moving herself against the wall, she mentally took in the sounds, smells, and what she could see around her that the moonlight brought in from the small windows.

"Captain Raydor, long time no see." The voice was familiar and often haunted her dreams. Taking a deep breath she hesitated before she spoke.

"W-What do you want?" Sharon had a stutter in her voice. Her nerves were getting the best of her. When the man stepped into the moonlight she instantly became frightened. She wanted an out she wanted to leave, she prayed to God to grant her that way. "What do you want with me?" She asked.

The man was slowly walking towards her. She noticed he had changed since the last time she saw him. She knew if she died today, her thoughts were about her children. She thought of Rusty, Ricky, and Emily. As the man got closer he towered over her.

"I wanted to see you." Harrison plainly stated.

Sharon became confused. "Why?"

"It's been a while." Sharon suddenly became ill. She stood against the wall as if it was a

protection. Her eyes darted from one end of the room to the other looking for a door.

"It's alright Captain. I just want to talk." He took a large step closer to her and reached around her back halting her movements for freedom.

"Let me go, please." His hands moved over her body as if it belonged to him. Sharon tried to wiggle out of his reach but it was useless.

"Calm down Sharon." He shook head. Returning her jacket to her shoulders he grabbed her arm and lead her to a seat. As much as she tried to struggle she was afraid if she resisted he'd kill her faster. "Sit." As he shoved her into a seat in front of a mirror or so she thought. Sharon had no idea what was on the other side of that two way mirror. "Turn the light on." Harrison yelled to his partner. When the light turned on, Sharon nearly jumped out of her seat but was stopped by Harrison's hand. Harrison took handcuffs out of his pocket and untied Sharon's wrist and replaced it with the handcuffs. She could hear screaming and pleas for help but she couldn't do anything. Tears fell down her cheeks as she listened to everything.

Harrison came out of the room and was covered with blood. Standing in front of her she looked up at him with terror in her eyes. Being shoved to the ground was the least of her worries until she felt someone press against her. "NO!" Scraping her knees and losing her shoes she swore she just ripped her dress. The cold and dampness of the floor caused a chill to run through her body. She could sense there was more than just one person near here but she couldn't see them. The force that applied to her shoulders to keep her down on her back on the floor was painful. The rattle of chains is what got her attention, she couldn't tell where the movement was coming from. Closing her eyes she thought about happier moments and tried to block out what was happening.

"Where is the video footage!" Chief Taylor commanded.

"Right here sir." Buzz handed him the ipad.

"I want DMV records on this plate." Chief Taylor ordered.

"Chief there is blood over here!" Andy shouted.

"Do you have anything on the other suspect from the restaurant?" Chief Taylor asked, Buzz.

"No, sir." Buzz responded.

"I want officers at every vacant building within a thirty mile radius." Chief Taylor shouted.

A cell phone rang, and it was Andy's phone. "Lieutenant Flynn." He answered. Andy was on his phone with Rusty for a good twenty minutes explaining the situation to the boy before he hung up with a sad look on his face. He regretted telling Rusty for now he would worry until he knew more.

"We will find her, alright." Provenza responded. They left the location of the restaurant and went patrolling for the van. This went on for at least three hours and no luck yet on finding Sharon.

Sharon was screaming and crying to be let go. What he was doing to her was incredibly painful. Closing her eyes she she tried to focus on happy thoughts every time he did something. Brushing the hair from her face she can just see a little of his face as the moonlight shines through the small window. "No. Please." Sharon started to cry silently.

"Leave us." Harrison ordered. "Let's have some fun Captain." Harrison pulled out a knife and Sharon instinctively tried to fight him off. As best she could with her hands pound she started kicking. Harrison grabbed her by the hips and slammed her against the floor with his body and the knife just inches from her throat. Looking away her very thoughts were of Andy and how she wished she would have said how she felt at the restaurant. For the past year their relationship has become more than just friends but to them or just her she sees it as friends. Maybe she is just afraid. Harrison moved the knife from her throat and makes a trail down her chest towards her stomach. Shaking her head she looks up towards the window, not to wish to see the face of the man who wants to kill her. Gunshots, or what sounds like gunshots were heard in the building.

Harrison turned his head towards the door and Sharon so desperately wanted to smile.

"You're friends are here." Sharon wanted to scream she wanted to lead them in the direction she was being held. Harrison was so close to her that it was mentally impossible. Harrison immobilized Sharon by stabbing her in the stomach causing her to scream alerting the officers of her location. The footsteps got louder, the voices got closer. Harrison pulled the knife from Sharon's stomach and she grabbed her stomach in pain.

The room Harrison and Sharon were in was locked. They could hear them moving around on the inside. A small door leading to an ally that held a waiting getaway van for Harrison. He opened the door and went back for Sharon. The door was busted open and Harrison ran away. She was so exhausted and in pain she couldn't get herself to be happy they founder. The officers entered the room and turned on the light. "She's in here!" Andy yelled. "Sharon?"

Sharon laid on the ground clutching her stomach and a small smile formed on her lips.


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