Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Choten along with a teckminion was in a drainage pipe The Choten was holding some kind of needle filled with green liquid the teckminion open a breach and pulled out a long green worm creatures with horns on its head and had three rows of razor sharp teeth “Now hold still my little Venom worm Nigel you old been you don’t attend to take me on yourself again do you?” the Choten ask.

“Not this time no.” Nigel said as Ra Vu came to his side along with Chavez and Gilaflame and Nadia and Rusalka “Oh very well.” The Choten said as he put the needle up and pulled out his teck gauntlet “Destroy them.” The Choten commanded the Venom Worm “Gilflame strike back.” Chavez said as Gilaflame lunged at the Venom worm wrist blades at the ready.

As the creatures battled the teckminion tried to pull another creature out of the portal “Rusalka stop him.” Nadia commanded.

Before the teckminion could pull out another creature Rusalka slammed him against the wall with his tail knocking him out cold Rusalka then wiped her tail against the Choten but he blocked it along with Ra Vu’s attack.

Rusalka and Ra Vu tag teamed the Venom Worm Rusalka then hit it with a sonic blast the Venom Worm roared in pain with its mouth still open Ra Vu fired a beam of lighting into its mouth there by banishing it no one notice a tiny creature slipped out of the portal and wandered off.

Nadia picked up the needle the Choten dropped Nadia picked it up.

“We can still catch him come.” Chavez said as he was about to after the Choten “Stop Master Chavez sealing the breach is are top priority and I advise against taking the Choten yourself.” Nigel said as healed the breach.

[Scene change]

Ray, Allie, Gabe, Ace and Anna were on their way to the tempo as they walked they notice smoke coming from some of the nearby neighborhoods and in the city “Hey where’s Rockex?” Anna ask “He said he had something important he need to do at the tempo he ate breakfast then left.” Ace said

“Wonder what it is and has anyone notice the fires.” Ray ask “Already tracking them via satellite application weird there is no fire line it’s like spark fires randomly erupting random but obvious related must be creature realm related causes it’s the only logical explanation.” Gabe said

“Only logical explanation you sure it’s not a Sunday bbq gone wild.” Anna said “You’re just jealous that I’m three steps ahead of you.” Gabe said as he walk right into a tree and fell “Ha ha oh yeah your ahead of me alright Gabe.” Anna said she and the others laughed.

[Scene Change]

At the tempo Rockex made his way towards the armory where he found Tojie working on some gauntlets “Hey Tojie.” Rockex greeted “Hello Rockex what can I do for you today?” Tojie ask “Tojie I have a request I know you make gauntlets but I need you to make me sword.” Rockex said “A sword.” Tojie said as he looks at Rockex skeptical a little bit

“Yes I know it sound strange but Ill understand if you don’t want to.” Rockex said

“Tojie then smiled at Rockex “ You know my grandfather use to be a exhalent blacksmith he taught me everything he knows on how to make armor and weapons I’ll make your sword Rockex.” Tojie said

“Thanks Tojie when you make it can you like make it for me to carry around without arousing attention like how you make gauntlets to change back into gloves can you do that with my sword.” Rockex said “It will be tricky but I think I can make it oh by the way what kind of hilt do you want on it?” Tojie ask

“A gold tiger hilt and can you make the blade emerald green and silver.” Rockex said “Of course you can come and get your sword by the end of the day.” Tojie said “Thanks see ya.” Rockex said as he left out of the armory and headed the council chambers.

At the council chambers the others were just getting there “It’s a small minor situation the fires started closed to where we sealed a breach in the veil.” Chavez said “We saw the smoke I think creature realm related causes maybe say fire civilization.” Allie said “Very perceptive Allison are security surveillance of San Campion confirms this.” Brightmore said. “You have cameras in town Mater Brightmore.” Ray said.

“Not cameras Stalker Spheres tiny flying light creatures that are sensitive to veil activity and manna.” Brightmore said “Right spy cameras.” Ace said as Rockex came in to the council chambers “Sorry I’m late did I miss anything?” Rockex ask

“Hey bro you didn’t miss nothing much we just have a fire creature running around.” Anna said as she hugged her brother “The fires are being created by a Burn Belly a small creature with a large appetite for anything flammable they burp fire.” Nadia said

“Your assignment is to find battle and banish the creature.” Brightmore said.

“You can make it into a game whoever banishes the Burn Belly first wins.” Chavez said.

Rockex , Ace , Anna , Allie , Gabe and Ray activated there gauntlets “Cool we will just summon Bob and Blade and.” Ray said but was cut off by Nadia “No this exercise is not about summoning it is about control.” Nadia said “And since you all we be up against a fire creature we have chosen a water creature for each of you.” Chavez said as he summoned the creatures.

“Ray you remember Buoyant Blowfish?” Chavez ask “For Allison Steam Star Grapplog.” Nadia said as she called the creature “Yay me and steamy didn’t exactly see eye to…tentacle.” Allie said as Steam Star sprayed her with water

“For Anna , Aqua Commando.” Chavez said as puddle came right next to Anna “A puddle of water?” Anna ask but before she could say anything else the water rose up and took on a humanoid appearance and changed into creature with red eyes.

“Cool.” Anna said

“For Ace, Nix.” Nadia said as a small blue and white bird came flying around Ace and landed on his shoulder “Hello Nix.” Ace said as he petted her Nix then cuddled against him.

“For Rockex , Reef Gladiator.” Chavez said as a ten foot tall water creature with a humanoid build with blue armor on it arms were long and its hands were anchors and its feet were spears.

“I don’t require anything I am already tracking the fires and thus the Burn Belly and if this exercise is about control logic dictates that I should just locate and control it.” Gabe said as Nadia step towards him

“Does logic dictates you should refuse your master’s assignment so early in your training?” Nadia ask “No can I have my creature please?” Gabe ask.

Nadia handed the tablet to Ray then went to some open space “Reef Prince Glu urrgle!” Nadia said as she summoned the creature a blue portal open up and a small water creature with long arms and short legs its head look like a cup and it eyes were white and circular.

Ray , Ace , Allie , Anna and Rockex laughed “He sounds like my dad at the dentist and he looks the spit cup you should call him Gargle.” Allie said as Gabe went to Gargle.

Gabe tried to control Gargle keyword tried instead Gargle got Gabe’s phone “Hey stop that.” Gabe said as he tried to his phone back but instead got a wet willie in both ears and fell to the ground Gargle then searched through Gabe’s backpack “Master are you sure this Gargle is good for me?” Gabe ask

“Give it time it may surprise you.” Nadia said as Gargle pull out Gabe’s spare shorts “Give me that.” Gabe said as he took his shorts the others laughed at him.

[Scene Change]

The six children were searching for the Burn Belly in a nearby neighbor hood Gargle then ran to a hole in a nearby fence “Gargle slow down.” Gabe said as he ran after him.

“Hum you got to admit that was pretty funny Gabe totally can’t control that little reef thing.” Allie said as Steam Star spray steam at her face.

Gabe followed Gargle into some kind of green house “Gargle where did you go oh.” Gabe said as he saw Gargle approaching the Burn Belly “Attack.” Gabe commanded Gargle but Gargle didn’t attack instead he started to examine the Burn Belly “Hey don’t examine it get rid of it.” Gabe said as he went towards Gargle.

The Burn Belly then left as Gabe made it towards Gargle, Gargle then grabbed Gabe phone out of his pocket and began playing with it “Hey.” Gabe said as he tried to get his phone back.

Ray, Allie, Anna , Ace and Rockex found the Burn Belly “Surrounded him.” Ace said as all five creatures made a circle around the Burn Belly “Go Steam star.” Allie said as Steam Star shout a stream of water at the Burn Belly hitting it “Nice one Allie your turn Blowfish.” Ray said as Blowfish sent out a telepathic attack at the Burn Belly but missed Blowfish tried again but ended up hitting Allie

“Ah brain freeze watch where you point that thing.” Allie said at Ray “Sorry” Ray said as they went after the Burn Belly.

Gabe finally managed to get his phone back from Gargle, Gargle then retracted his finger from the phone his eyes then turn red “G Gabriel.” Gargle said

“G Gabriel that’s my name wait you hack my phone?”

“Gabe ask “Yay user data G Gabriel Wallis.” Gargle said “Hey that’s personal information we need to find that little pyro.” Gabe said as Gargle took off “Burn baby burn.” Gargle said as he went into the second room of the green house the others stop and looked “Since when does the spit cup talk?” Allie ask

“He updated himself okay.” Gabe said as he caught up to the others the Burn Belly was busy eating a bag of fertilizer after he was done he burp a flame and ran off as he ran he burp more flames.

“Forget the Burn Belly for now we have to put those fires out.” Ace said as commanded Nix to put out the fires with the others right behind him “Gargle I command you to extinguish.” Gabe said but Gargle didn’t listen and went the other way “Why don’t you listen to me?” Gabe ask as he went after Gargle.

Outside a black van stopped outside behind the green house “Manna sensors put the anomaly here sir.” The Teckminnion said as the Choten got out of the van and went to the dumpster that the Burn Belly was at.

“Quite the appetite little friend.” The Choten said as he activated his teck gauntlet and retrieved the Burn Belly “What else lies within you?” The Choten ask as he pulled out an injection needle and injected the green liquid into the Burn Belly.

The Choten released the Burn Belly as it burped a flame when the fire died down there was a second Burn Belly the second Burn Belly went to the van and chopped on the tire as the other Burn Belly leaped onto the van and ran away with it twin right behind it.

“Interesting track and observe and inform me of any new developments.” The Choten told the Teckminnions “Alakshmi come get me please.” The Choten said on the communicator on his gauntlet.

Back inside the nursery Gargle was getting tools for some unknown reason “Gargle stop fooling around we need to put out the fires.” Gabe said as he put a saw into the wheel barrel “Fire fighters.” Gargle said as he put a garden house into the wheel barrel.

Gargle ran the wheel barrel full supplies into the burning nursery he almost hit Allie “Dude control your creature.” Allie said “Don’t you think I’m trying to.” Gabe said as he tried to control Gargle.

Gargle then started to command the other creatures “He can control other water creatures.” Ace said “I got to say that’s pretty cool.” Ray said

“And good when we need some extra muscle we can let Gargle take control of a water creature that we are using and summoned something for extra support.” Rockex said

Gargle eyes turned red and his head lit up everybody cover their eyes when the light died down everybody open their eyes to see Gargle had made some kind of machine it was kind of lawnmower with two faucets on each side of it the lawnmower activated and floated in the air and started spraying water.

The fires were quickly extinguish by Gargle’s machine “He built that?” Ray ask “Seems so that’s pretty cool.”Anna said “Yes I told him to.” Gabe said but got water dumped on him by the flying lawnmower “Liar liar pants on fire.” Gargle said laughing. “Why you little.” Gabe said.

“Okay the fires are out burning poop smell going away now where did that little BB get to I still want to win that contest.” Allie said as she began walking “It must have left the nursery while we were putting out the fires.” Ace said “Gabe you coming?” Ray ask

“Yay if I can get this prince to do what I say I command you obey get it?” Gabe ask “Got it good.” Gargle said as he took Gabe’s phone again and ran “Gargle!” Gabe yelled as he chased after Gargle.

“Found anything yet?” Anna ask as look around “Nothing.” Rockex said “Nix get some altitude and see if you can find that Burn Belly.” Ace said as Nix took to the air a few minutes later Nix came back and landed on Ace’s shoulder “Anything girl?” Ace asks.

Nix turn her head “To bad Gabe is not getting along with Gargle.” Ray said as he saw Gabe walking with Gargle Behind him “Maybe he will trade me.” Allie said as Steam Star wiggled a bit “Don’t worry Steamy I’m just kidding I’m not going to trade you look at least Gabe got his teck and gps maybe he doesn’t need it.” Allie said.

“No he does need Gargle he just doesn’t realize it yet I think there about to lead us to the burning burper.” Ray said as he and the others followed Gabe to some kind of factory.

[Scene Change]

The compound that we recovered from the Choten contains mutagenic properties.” Nadia said “We knew he was collecting creatures but mutating them why would he do such a thing?” Chavez ask

“To make himself more powerful violating the natural order will plunge both are worlds into turmoil his ambition is not to be underestimated.” Nigel said

“Speaking of underestimating how did Rockex and Anna fuse those creatures no master has ever done that.” Nadia said “Good question when I ask Anna she said it was there secret and she wouldn’t tell me all she said was that only Ace, Rockex and her were the only ones that could do it.” Chavez said

“Well all I know is that I don’t want to get on her bad side like before.” Nadia said “What do you mean like before?” Nigel ask “Well when we tried to wipe their memories she started glowing and somehow she summoned Death liger without a gauntlet.” Nadia said.

“They are full of surprises.” Chavez said

[Scene Change]

Ray, Rockex, Ace, Anna, Allie and Gabe made their way into the factory to find the Burn Belly eating, Gabe took off his backpack and pulled out a book then whistle to the Burn Belly attention Gabe through the book out on the floor the Burn Belly grabbed the book and tour it apart and ate it but before it could move Gabe trapped it under a little metal trash can.

“Gotcha epic win told you I didn’t need you.” Gabe said as he look at Gargle “Dude” Ace said pointing at the paper machine Gabe turn his head to see a lot more Burn Belly’s burping flames and making more Burn Belly’s clones.

“Maybe we should alert the masters.” Gabe said

Ace then closed the door “No we can handle this no one gets out once we capture the Burn Belly’s we will banished them all at once together it will be fine.” Ace said.

The Burn Belly’s were creating fires and running all around the place “The more they eat the more they burp.” Anna said “The more they burp the more they multiply.” Ray said “Hey let’s look on the Brightside at least they are not farting.” Gabe said

“We need Gargle to make a device like he did back at the nursery to take down these Burn Belly’s.” Rockex said “That thing is hopeless it insulted me stole my phone and cover me in trash I am through with it I can’t control it.” Gabe said.

“I know but to gain control you have to give up control.” Ray said “Uh hello have we met I win with my head Ray.” Gabe said “I know but maybe a little less of your head and more of your heart.” Ray said.

Allie was trying to catch a Burn Belly but fell on the ground “Ray right we need the spitcup.” Allie said.

Gabe then went towards Gargle but Gargle crossed his arms and turns his head “Gargle I’m sorry you know about what I said.” Gabe said “G Gabriel defriend Gargle.” Gargle said as he turn his back towards Gabe.

“No Gargle refriend we need you.” Gabe said “Huh G Gabriel like button.” Gargle said “Yes can you make something to fight all those Burn Belly’s?” Gabe ask.

Gargle eyes then turn red “Tools rushed in.” Gargle said as he went to gather the supplies after he got all the stuff he needed he looked it over Gabe saw the supplies “Oh I get metal and glass nonflammable so the Burn Belly’s can’t eat it.” Gabe said as Gargled glowed when the light faded there was a giant metal glass container with hoses

“Impressive what does it do?” Gabe ask as Gargled activated one of the hoses and suck up a Burn Belly.

A few minutes later all the Burn Belly’s were caught in the container “We got them all.” Rockex said. “Good now let’s banish these guys once and for all.” Ray said as he but stopped when he saw the looks everyone was giving Ray turned around to see inside the container was a giant Burn Belly eating all the smaller Burn Belly’s

“That is just wrong on so many levels.” Anna said as she and Allie covered there mouths

“Your tell us.” Ace said as the giant Burn Belly let out a huge flame and destroying the container the blast sent everyone to the ground.

Everyone got up to see a giant creature standing there with red and orange fur “Yay I think we should call the masters.” Ray said.

The giant creature let out a massive flame breath at the six children but they dodged it Ray’s phone then ring Ray answered it “Hey master Chavez remember that cute little Burn Belly yay well now it’s a big uh what are we calling this thing?” Ray ask.

“Om Nom Nom.” Gargle said

“Yay we got a big Om Nom Nom big appetite big belly bigger burps.” Ray said as he hung up the phone and turn back to the others “They are on their way.” Ray said.

Before Ray’s, Allie’s, Ace’s or Rockex’s, Anna’s creatures could attack the Om Nom Nom stepped on them and banishing them the Om Nom Nom then busted through the wall of the factory and crushed a nearby van the Om Nom Nom paused and saw the train track and began heading there.

Everyone one ran out of the factory to see the Om Nom Nom heading towards the bridge “He’s heading towards the bridge.” Gabe said “He’s going to eat the bridge.” Ace said.

Gabe then pulled out his phone and look up something “Judging by today’s schedule that train will be here in a few minutes we never make it.” Gabe said as Gargle cam up in a recently constructed hovercraft.

“All board.” Gargle said as Ray, Allie and Gabe, Ace, Rockex and Anna climbed in once everyone was in Gargle took off.

As soon as the hovercraft reached the ground Ray, Ace ,Rocke and Anna got out and ran towards the Om Nom Nom.

Ray ,Ace, Rockex and Anna saw the state the bridge was in “Okay that’s enough Tatsurion the Unchained!” Ray said as he summoned Bob.

“Blade Seer!” Rockex said as he summoned Blade.

“Bolshack Dragon!” Ace said as he summoned Shack.

“Draxar the soul crusher!” Anna said as a darkness portal open out of the portal came a 20 foot tall creature it had a humanoid build its body was covered in what look like to be blue and silver demonic bone like armor its eyes were cover buy a crimson red visor it weapon was a giant white hammer which look to be made out of bones.

“Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Bob, Shack and Blade roar Bob looked down to see Gargle “You called me to fight this puddle?” Bob ask but Ray pointed at the Om Nom Nom and Bob look where Ray was pointing.

“Oh Yes I see well then let’s go.” Bob said as he grabed Ray and put him on his back and charged at the Om Nom Nom with Rockex riding on Blade’s back at his side.

“Who dares summon me?” Draxar ask “I do Drax.” Anna said as Draxar breath caught in his throat he never thought he hear that voice again as he turn around to face Anna and Ace.

Draxar then got down on one knee and bowed “Princess Anna and Prince Ace how can this be?” Draxar ask as Gabe and Allie gave Ace and Anna a surprise look

“Explain later.” Ace said as he got on Shack’s back and went to go help the others.

“We will explain later right now I need your help Drax.” Anna said “Of course princess I’m at your command.” Drax said as he got up to help the others with Anna and right behind him.

Bob rammed right into the Om Nom Nom causing it to fall Shack then got grabbed it before it hit the ground and threw it into the air once the Om Nom Nom was air born Drax and Blade leaped onto the bridge and launched themselves into the air once they were close both Drax and Blade brought up their legs and slammed them down on the Om Nom Nom stomach causing it slam into the ground hard.

Bob, Blade and Drax landed on the ground besides Shack before anyone could do anything else they heard the trains horn it was getting closer.

“I don’t have to tell you what that means do I increase volumes.” Gabe said

“Just say the train is getting closer just say it’s getting closer.” Allie said.

The Om Nom Nom got back up and roared at them. “What does it take to stop this thing?” Anna ask.

[Scene Change]

“Gargle you want to access the train’s speed load and resistance parameter stress limitations.” Gabe said but stopped himself and handed his phone to Gargle once Gargle got the phone his eyes turned red.

[Scene Change]

The Om Nom Nom tried to step on them but they dodged it Bob then wiped out his chains and tied them around the Om Nom Nom right leg but the Om Nom Nom grabbed his chains and threw Bob and Ray in the water.

[Scene change]

Gargle’s light then faded to reveal some kind of machine at the base of the machine was square shape the main body was a screw shape and the top was square with springs on it the machine activated and held the broken part of the bridge.

“Think it will hold?” Allie ask.

“We are about to find out.” Gabe said as the train came and went over the bridge with no problem.

Gabe and Allie released the breath they were holding.

[Scene change]

Bob then lit his face on fire and rammed right into the Om Nom Nom Shack then came up to it and delivered a right cross at its face Drax and Blade both punch it in the face and the Om Nom Nom landed on the ground.

“I know you hate dodging but nice dodging.” Ray said as he complemented Bob “Thanks.” Bob said.

The Om Nom Nom got back up and unleashed a stream of fire at Bob and Ray but Shack wrapped his wings around them shielding them from the attack.

Both Bob and Shack readied the weapons and fired at the Om Nom Nom

“I don’t know how much longer we can do this Gargle got anymore tricks up his sleeve?” Ace asks.

“Hot, Hot, Hot and spicy.” Gargle said “Wait that’s it guys if it can’t belch it will get indigestion.” Gabe said.

“Good idea Bob can you use your chains to shut his big mouth?” Ray ask “Hu won’t be easy.” Bob said

“Maybe we can help.” Chavez said as he and Nigel arrive on the scene “Gilaflame return fire.” Chavez said as Gilflame charged at the Om Nom Nom.

The Om Nom Nom tried to hit Gilaflame but missed Gilaflame back flip and landed on the ground and used his wrist blades to create a fire wall “Ra Vu end this chaos.” Nigel said as Ra Vu unleashed a light tornado from his staff that stunned the Om Nom Nom.

“Bob Now.” Ray said as Bob charged at the Om Nom Nom and leaped up and wiped his chains around the Om Nom Nom’s mouth.

The Om Nom Nom tried to belch but couldn’t and it held its flame to long causing it to banish itself.

“Alright way to go bro!” Ace said as he complemented Ray for taking down the Om Nom Nom.

“We will have to talk later Drax okay.” Anna said.

“I understand princess.” Drax said as Anna dismissed him.

[Scene Change]

Rockex went to armory to see Tojie about his sword “Hey Tojie is it finish?” Rockex ask.

“Yes it is complete.” Tojie said as he grabbed the sword and gave it to Rockex

Rockex pull the cloth off of his sword to examined it “Thanks Tojie.” Rockex as he used his manna to turn the sword into a silver cross with a green cross on top it with three gold stones in it Rockex got some string and tied the cross around his neck.

In the council chambers Ray and the others were there along with Bob, Master Chavez and Nadia and Nigel.

“While review are Stalker Spheres surveillance I came around this.” Nigel said as he showed the Choten injecting the Burn Belly with the mutagen.

“That guy again.” Anna said

“The Choten you all should be aware and quite worry of him as you continue your training.” Nigel said as Rockex came into the chambers.

“Hey Rockex where were you?” Ace ask

“I will tell you later.” Rockex said

“On a lighter note while things didn’t go quite as expected you all learn a value bow lesson.” Nadia said.

“And what would that be?” Allie ask

“That things never go as expected.” Nadia said.

“I could of tolled you that.” Anna said

“One thing did I won the contest.” Ray said.

“Not so fast you may have won the battle but Gabriel is the one who still has his creature.” Chavez said

“Gargle!” Gargle said.

“Yes and since they repaired the bridge and had the idea to defeat the Om Nom Nom they win.” Chavez said.

“Hu guess teaming up with Gargle was the logical choice after all.” Gabe said as Gargle took his phone again

“Gargle!” Gabe said as he chased after Gargle

[Scene Change]

Ray, Ace, Anna and Rockex went home after they got home Ace and Rockex went to their room and dragged Ray and Anna with them “So what do you want to show us Rockex?” Ray ask.

Rockex took off his cross and pumped manna into it and with a flash the cross changed into Rockex’s sword.

“Wo Rockex where did you get that?” Anna ask as she look at the sword “I ask Tojie to make it for me.” Rockex said

“Why?” Ray ask

“When we were back in the orphanage I had a glimpse into are pass and I saw myself using a sword like it was second nature to me.” Rockex said

“The more we find out about are self’s the more questions I have Drax called me and Ace prince Ace and princess Anna.” Anna said

“What!” Ray said shocked

“Are you saying were like from a royal family or something.” Rockex ask

“Properly but when I summoned Drax he look surprise to see us.” Anna said.

“Well who or what we are he must have been part of our family back then.” Rockex said.

“Well I we are going to get some answers tonight because it’s time we figure out what we are.” Ace said.

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