Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 10 part 1

Chapter 10

Rockex, Ace and Anna woke up to find they were outside the six civilization castle with Drax waiting for them.

“Welcome back home Prince Ace and Rockex and Princess Anna.” Drax said as he bowed to them.

“Thanks Drax wish I could remember this place.” Anna said

“Follow me and I will explain everything I know about your heritage.” Drax said as he led them into the castle.

Drax had led the trio to a giant two story white room with some gold trimming there was a staircase the room the bottom floor of the room had rows of bookcases and in the center were five tables.

Drax went up the staircase followed by Rockex, Ace and Anna one they got to the second floor of the room there on the walls were paintings and on the center of the floor was the symbol.

“Drax what is this city’s name and what are we?” Anna ask.

“This city is called Argon as for what you are you are nuvas.” Drax said

“Nuvas?” Ace ask

“I will explain long ago in the time before time before the great human kaiju war a group of humans were exploring the creature realm they were in the nexus but before they could continue the ground under them collapse they fell underground into a lake full of energized manna the manna mutated them and thus the nuvas were born the nuvas ability’s were they got more stronger and faster and had rapid healing and lots of manna then most creatures but there most defiant trait was that they could fuse creatures and they could fuse with them and their second trait was that they could manipulate there manna their last feature was they each have a nuva form.” Drax said as his explanation.

“What about are mother and father?” Rockex ask

“Your mother was the one who led the group of humans she was the first nuva and a powerful one at that your mother was powerful and beautiful and kind.” Drax said

“What about are father?” Ace ask.

“Your father was a creature but not just any creature he was a darkness, nature and fire hybrid he was strong and a great warrior he was the only one that could go one on one with King Infernos in a fight and that earn him the respect of Infernos your father was cold and calculating when he fought it was rare that he open up to anyone but when he met your mother the ice around his heart began to melt slowly the two of them became closer with each passing day soon they fell in love and he became the king of the nuvas I was a good friend of your father he was the one that made captain of the royal guard .” Drax said.

“What happen to the lake full of energized manna?” Ace ask

“Your mother and father sealed it up because they feared that some would want to harness it’s power the location of the cortex was kept secret the only way to open it was if you had the key but no one know what the key is or what it looks like.” Drax said

“Drax who is Crow?” Anna ask wanting to know about their fourth sibling.

“Crow is the fourth born and your second younger brother.” Drax said.

“What happen to him?” Ace ask. “I don’t know after the great siege no one has seen him since then.” Drax said

“Wait what do you mean great siege what happen?” Rockex ask.

“It was the day the nuvas fell a rebellion took place in the kingdom the leader of the rebellion wanted the manna and to wipe out all of the nuvas the nuvas fought back the siege lasted for 2 months on the last night of the second month the rebellion launched a surprise attack on the nuvas and stormed the castle we lost Crow when they attacked us your father fought to the end to buy your mother time to escape with the three of you with the last of her strength she sent you three into the human realm where you would be safe your mother sent me back to the darkness realm before she and your father finished it the attack they did was powerful but came with a price there lives when I managed to get back to Argon the rebellion was over and the entire nuva clan was dead thus the ancient civilization was born I was unaware where your mother had sent you after that I tried to rebuild what I could here.” Drax said

By the time Drax had finished Anna had all but broken down crying as Rockex was hugging her and trying to comfort her but he had tears in his eyes as well Ace’s whole body was shaking as the information sunk into him he was passed mad he was livid not only was there parents dead but his brother was God knows where somewhere in the human realm probably hurt or worst that was it for Ace as he open his mouth and let out roar/ scream.


“Forgive me my lords I have fail you” Drax said as he turn around preparing to leave but Anna stopped him and hugged him from behind.

“Don’t go Drax your still part of our family don’t leave.” Anna said. “I won’t Anna.” Drax said.

A few minutes later Drax was showing the trio the castle and was taking them down some stairs when they got to the end of the hall they came two doors.

“What is this?” Rockex ask “This is the armory.” Drax replied as he open the door and went in followed by the others the room was long and rows of weapons ranging from swords , lances, crossbows , maces , axes , shields , tridents , scythes , bows and chakrams and combat knives.

Rockex and Ace whistle at the contents of the room “Anna likes what she sees.” Anna said checking out the weapons more specifically the scythes Rockex was looking at the swords along with Ace.

Ace then saw a sword with a big blade and no guard “What’s that?” Ace asks “That is a buster sword prince Ace.” Drax answered.

“I like but what is this circular weapon here?” Ace asks as he pointed to a circle weapon with a s shape line in the center of it “That is a chakram.” Drax answer.

“Drax when I summon you could you bring these weapons to us?” Anna asks “Of course princess.” Drax said “Thanks Drax see you when I call you.” Anna said.

[Scene Change]

“Un.” Rockex said as he began to wake up “Morning guys.” Ray said as he came in to get give his brothers their breakfast he was carrying.

“Morning bro.” Ace said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and grabbed his plate from Ray. “How did the meeting go did you get answers to who or what you are?” Ray asks

Rockex and Ace told Ray what happen after they finish Ray went to both of his brothers and gave them a hug each “I’m sorry for your loss guys.” Ray said.

“It’s okay Ray we have new family now you and mom and grandpa and I promise you we will protect you and the others.” Ace said as he vowed he would do just that.

“Thanks guys but you don’t have to do it alone you have me and this is our family to protect.” Ray said.

“Thanks bro before we go to school we got to stop by the temple.” Rockex said “You guys are going to ask Tojie to modify your weapons?” Ray asks “Yep.” Ace said as he and Rockex finished their breakfast and when to go get ready.

“Meet you guys at the door.” Ray said as he went to go get ready.

A few minutes later Rockex , Ace and Anna were at the temple and headed to the armory

“Hey Tojie.” Rockex greeted the blacksmith “Hello Rockex, Ace and Anna what brings you here shouldn’t you three be at school?” Tojie asks them

“We just came to ask you a favor.” Ace said “What kind of favor?” Tojie asks

“Draxar the Soul Crusher!” Anna said as she summon Drax as Drax walked out of the portal he was carrying a few weapons “Is this what you ask for princess?” Drax asks as he dropped the weapons on the ground.

“Thanks Drax this is just what we need.” Anna said as dismissed Drax and picked up a chain scythe and a spear and handed it to Tojie “Let me guess these are the weapons that you want me to modify like how I made Rockex’s sword correct?” Tojie asks.

“Yep we will come and get them after school my weapons are the buster sword and the two chakrams.” Ace said as he pointed to his weapons “Mine are the chain scythe and spear.” Anna said as she pointed to her weapons.

“Don’t worry I fix them up and make them look good as new.” Tojie said as the trio left.

The trio left the temple and Ray was waiting for them “How did it go?” Ray ask “Good Tojie agreed to fix are weapons.” Anna said “I still can’t believe you guys are part creature and there is a sixth civilization.” Ray said

“Believe it bro and we are the living proof but we have got to keep this on the down low from the masters.” Ace said “I understand but can we tell Gabe and Allie?” Ray asks

“Yay but when we feel comfortable about what we are then we tell the masters okay.” Anna said “Yay.” Rockex said.

A few minutes later they met Allie and Gabe halfway to the bus stop while they were walking Rockex , Ace and Anna told them what they were and about their home to say the least the two were flabbergasted at what they heard but got over there shock and told them they would keep their secret safe while they all were talking the bus passed them by and with that they took off after it.

“You won’t get away this time.” Ray said as they ran to the bus stop but before they could make it the bus left them Ray , Rockex , Ace and Gabe out of breath as they stopped they were panting but Allie and Anna continue to run after the bus.

“I know you see us you stupid jerks stop the bus!” Anna said as she and Allie chased but they couldn’t catch up to it they stopped as the bus goes farther and farther away.

“School is 2.4 miles away and its seven minutes and 16 seconds till the bell we are going to be late.” Gabe said. “Not if we hurry I know a shortcut now move those size thirteen’s.” Ray said as they went through a ally.

“Un this is pointless I’ll just have my dad come and get us.” Allie said as she pulled out her phone and called her dad as she and the others continue to run.

As they passed by another ally a feint cry was heard Rockex stopped and turn around as he went to the ally “Hold on.” Rockex said as he saw a black van and heard another cry “Are you guys hearing a baby crying?” Rockex asks as the others stopped and came up behind him to hear.

“Come on.” Rockex said as he and the others approach the van “It’s coming from that van.” Ray said as they got closer to the van once they were close they looked throw the windows to see what who was crying.

“That’s no baby.” Allie said as she look to see a baby creature wrapped in a blanket “I knew it it’s something from the creature realm.” Ray said they then heard someone coming out of the building.

“Someone is coming hide.” Gabe said as they ducked and peaked out behind the van to see Alakshmi talking on the phone while she was holding some kind of container “It’s that creepy Goth chick the one that trashed my house.” Allie said

“The Choten’s errand girl.” Ray said.

“Master I’m about to take possession of the materials you requested master.” Alakshmi said as she looked at the van as the six children ducked their heads before Alakshmi could spot them “May I call you back?” Alakshmi asks as she hung up the phone and went to the van to investigate getting her tech gauntlet ready.

Before Alakshmi got them they quickly changed hiding places as Alakshmi got to the back of the van but there was nothing there “I swear I saw someone.” Alakshmi said to herself.

“Hey miss you going to sign for your chemicals and pay to?” The worker asks

Alakshmi put way her tech gauntlet and went to go pay for the chemicals once Alakshmi was gone Allie tried to open the back door of the van but couldn’t open it.

“Help me break the little guy out of here before that witch slithers back.” Allie said trying to open the door “That door is reinforced Allie no way you’re getting in to that.” Gabe said

Rockex then brought out his sword “Let’s see if I can cut it open.” Rockex said but before he could he heard “Tatsurion the Unchained!” Ray had summon Bob “I was in pursuit of my dinner who are we dueling?” Bob asks.

“We need your help Bob to get into this van.” Ray said Bob then walk up to him and crouched down to him “You summon me to open a door?!” Bob asks/shouted “One of your fellow creatures is trapped in there.” Ray said Bob then walked away.

“You do know that kind of was over kill Rockex could of cut it open.” Anna said “Yay this was more of a Gargle moment.” Gabe said.

“What’s the point of summoning a awesome creature if you can’t ask for help once in a while.” Ray said they then heard rumbling and turn around just in time to see Bob ram the van into scrap metal.

“Bob are you kidding?” Ray asks as his friend used to much force “What you wanted the door open.” Bob said

Allie and Anna went to the mangle van to see if the creature is okay “You big brute I hope he okay?” Anna asks

The creature wiggled out of the blanket to see it was some kind of lizard with horns mixed with an armadillo its skin was green.

“Wow it is so……..totally cute!” Anna said as she held up the little creature “Aren’t you the cuties little cutie.” Anna said as the little creature bit her nose “Even his bites are cute.” Anna said as the eight of them left the scene and headed into the ally Rockex changed his sword back into his cross.

The little creature hoped of Anna and onto Gabe “Hum the texture of the top of it is fascinating like a armadillo hide crossed with lizard.” Gabe said as the creature hope off Gabe right into Rockex’s arms.

“I think it’s a baby dune gecko from the fire civilization.” Ray said as the baby dune gecko hoped to him and crawled on his head “I read about them in the temple not the best fighters as hatchlings.” Ace said “Bet I could train him to defend himself right little buddy?” Ray asks.

“Can I eat it?” Bob ask all six of them turn around and yelled together “NO!” They all said “Come on just a little taste?” Bob asks Ray then dismissed Bob “Hey!” Bob said just before he vanished.

[Scene Change]

Alakshmi was walking out the complex with the worker carrying her chemicals “Just put it my van.” Alakshmi said looking at her phone “What van that van?” The worker asks Alakshmi look to see the van totaled “This is not happening.” Alakshmi said to herself.

She then heard a beep she went through the ally just in time to see Allie get in the car with her dad and the others and leave “Thanks for the rescue daddy.” Allie said to her father as the car drove off.

[Scene Change]

At school the six children were outside the principal’s office “You took up my time so I take yours detention for six of you!” The principal said as he slammed the door shut.

“Sheesh we were only half an hour late.” Allie said “This is my first detention it will go on my permanent record forever do you know why they call it permanent because it is forever!” Gabe shouted freaking out.

“Stop freaking out and being so dramatic Gabe I think you still have a shot M.I.T.” Ace said to his friend to try to calm him down Allie then pulled a armored ball. “Um what happen to Hissy?” Anna asks as the ball unfolded to reveal Hissy.

“He must of gotten scared and rolled up into a defensive position like armadillos.” Gabe said/explain “How cute is little hissy?” Allie asks as she nuzzled him and Hissy then bite her on her nose Ray phone then ringed.

[Scene change]

In the temple Chavez was on a rock surrounded by lava and sitting Indian style with his bluetooth in his ear listing to what Ray was telling him “Long story master but the gist we rescue a baby dune gecko from the Choten.” Ray said over the phone.

“You’re fortunate to have to have escaped unnoticed bring it in as soon as you can and Ray keep it out of sight.” Chavez said.

[Scene change]

“Sure thing master c.” Ray said as he hung up the phone and went over to the others who were playing with Hissy “That’s it I’m taking him you’re going to end up getting spotted by a teacher.” Ray said as he held Hissy.

“Allie then grabbed Hissy from him and ran over to Anna “Forget that it’s clear he likes use the best.” Allie said.

Rockex chuckled “Yay biting you two maybe right Gabe.” Rockex said Gabe then grabbed Hissy and ran off with Ace “Gabe, Ace?” Anna asks but the two of them were already gone.

“Oh, see what you two did!” Allie said “Now Ace and Dr. Gabenstein have him.” Anna said to her brothers Rockex and Ray put their hands up “See you two after detention.” Ray said as he and Rockex left.

A few minutes later school was out and it was storming outside so everyone brought their coats and umbrellas as everyone left Alakshmi was waiting outside as the rain poured down on her there was a flash of thunder and when it disappeared Zero was standing right behind Alakshmi.

“What are you doing here Zero?” Alakshmi asks with venom in her voice “I was in the area and the master sent me because you were taking too long.” Zero said. “I don’t need any help from a child!” Alakshmi shouted at him faster then she could blink she was on the ground with a blade at her throat.

“Watch your tone child you know what I’m cable of and I have no problem removing an obstacle in my mission so mind you’re tone and tongue or else you won’t be speaking again or do anything for that matter.” Zero said with no emotion in his voice just coldness as he removed his blade from Alakshmi’s throat “Now get up and summon your creature.” Zero ordered.

Alakshmi got up and ready her gauntlet “Razorkinder puppet!” Alakshmi said as she summons her creature “Welcome back my evil toy.” Alakshmi said. Zero went to the door and sliced the lock with his long sword.

“Spread out and find the creature.” Zero said as he enters the building with Alakshmi and Razorkinder right behind him.

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