Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 10 part 2

Chapter 10 part 2

In the music room Gabe was standing around looking it over “At least the music room isn’t too messy maybe detention won’t be so bad after all yeah systematically organize.” Gabe said as Hissy jump out of his back pack and began looking around with Gabe right behind him they were unaware that Alakshmi was behind the sound proof glass Razorkinder turn off the lights.

Gabe turn around to see nothing was there as thunder crashed outside Hissy hid behind Gabe “Its okay boy blackouts are common during thunderstorms nothing to worry about.” Gabe said to Hissy Gabe then saw something move on the ceiling he grabbed a nearby instrument.

“Ray … Rockex…. Ace…Allie…Anna is someone there?” Gabe asks frighten he then began looking for the lights “Come on lights where are you?” Gabe asks as he felt around on the wall Razorkinder came behind Gabe and struck the light switch Gabe tries to swing at Razorkinder but misses.

Alakshmi turn on the speaker in the room and spoke into it “Good afternoon music fan I like to conduct a classical piece for you do enjoy it.” Alakshmi said as Razorkinder began to attack Gabe with his claws trying to slice him in two Gabe rolled out the way and activated his gauntlet.

“Reef prince Glu Urrgle!” Gabe said as he summoned Gargle “Hey what’s up G Abriel?” Gargle asks “Time to duel.” Gabe said to Gargle.

“I’m up for a little practice though in your case it’ll be target practice.” Alakshmi said as Razorkinder attacked Gabe but Gabe blocked the attack with his shield “Gargle I need you to attack.” Gabe said as he blocked another attack from Razorkinder.

“Oh we’ll play some tunes.” Gargle said as he gather up instruments “Must a jam and rock his socks off!” Gargle said as he made some kind of long instrument cannon “This isn’t a battle of the bands.” Gabe said as Razorkinder broke through his shield and sent him back towards Gargle

“How is that thing going to help us?” Gabe asks looking at the instrument a mouth piece came out the instrument “Blow him away!” Gargle said as Gabe blows into the instrument sending out a sonic blast towards Razorkinder causing the puppet to slam right into the wall.

“A sonic amplifier brilliant!” Gabe said as he praised Gargle “Let’s give her an encore.” Gabe said as he pointed towards Alakshmi “Play it again sam!” Gargle said.

Gabe inhales deeply and then blows into the mouth piece of the instrument the instrument then explodes “Hum one hit wonder.” Gargle said as Razorkinder got back up and attack “Turn off the lights party’s over!” Gargle said as Razorkinder sliced him causing him to banish.

Gabe then pulled out his cell phone and dialed Ray’s number.

[Scene Change]

In the gym Ray , Rockec and Ace were cleaning up the gym “Man how we end up cleaning up the gym?” Ace asks as he picked up balls “Beats me bros.” Rockex said as he pick up some weights.

Ray was picking up dirty clothes “Man that is just wrong.” Ray said as his phone ringed he took it out to see it was Gabe calling “Oh the gecko thieve is calling to bad I have a mind field of stink to deal with.” Ray said as he canceled the call.

[Scene change]

“Come on Ray.” Gabe said as he dodged Razorkinder’s claws he fell to the ground dropping his cell phone he then saw Hissy hiding under a table “Hissy run go.” Gabe said to baby gecko.

Razorkinder then came in front of Gabe and pulled his face off while Gabe was out of it Alakshmi was looking through his back pack but found nothing she then saw the door was open and left.

[Scene change]

Rockex , Ace and Ray were trying to push in some bleachers but couldn’t “We need some muscle.” Ace said Ray then pulled out his gauntlet “Way ahead of you Tatsurion the Unchained!” Ray said as he summons Bob.

“Again I just sat down to roast some burnwip lizard so who we are dueling?” Bob asks “We are to duel those bleachers into a stack against the wall.” Ray said to Bob

But before Bob could say anything to Ray he was cut off by Ace “Easy Bob we just summon you because we wanted to talk and hang out and besides we have something important to tell you.” Ace said

“Like what?” Bob asks “Tell me do you know anything about the sixth civilization?” Rockex asks “I only heard they were a myth.” Bob said. Rockex’s eyes went silver and his markings appeared “We are no myth Bob we are real.” Ace said as red and black and silver markings appeared on his arms and the nuva symbol appeared on his hand his eyes went completely red.

Bob then turn to Ray “Did you know about this?” Bob asks “Yep they told me Allie and Gabe earlier today.” Ray said “I thought the sixth civilization didn’t exist.” Bob said “We do exist but me Ace and Anna are the last of are kind.” Rockex said.

“What do you mean?” Bob asks Rockex and Ace told Bob what happen to their family and clan “Humans turn creatures and a rebellion against your father and mother and a missing sibling I can understand all that but how come you don’t remember any of this.” Bob asks

“I don’t know I guess before we left mom must of locked away are memoires to keep us safe.” Rockex said as his markings disappeared “Well if it’s any constellation price are home is still there in the creature realm and Drax is guarding it.” Ace said

“But I still wonder what happen to Crow.” Ray asks

“Aqua Strider!” Zero said as a light portal open and a 20 foot tall water creature with gold armor covering his lower legs and his back and shoulders on his back seven gold tentacles flowed freely and on each of his arms were golden giant crab claws and his body was made of pure water and on top of his head were water dreadlocks he had red eyes.

Ray and the others turn around to see Zero summon Aqua Strider and jump from his perch on the bleachers “Who are you?” Rockex asks taking out his sword and preparing it for battle.

“My name is of no importance hand over the hatchling and I let you all live.” Zero said.

“Sorry we don’t have the hatchling but even if we did we wouldn’t give him up but you still get a prize.” Rockex said

“Bob show him what he won.” Ray said as Bob lifted up his arm and fired his wrist rockets at Zero and Aqua Strider.

“Please!” Zero said as he unsheathed his long sword and sliced all three rockets in half and defusing them in the process.

“Strider you can have the hybrid and his partner and the one with the jacket but leave the one with the sword me.” Zero said as he took off to attack Rockex while Aqua Strider went to attack Ray and Bob and Ace.

Zero brought his sword down against Rockex but before it could connect Rockex counter it with his sword the two swords crashed together creating an x the two held the position for a few seconds then broke apart Zero thruster his sword forward at Rockex but Rockex reversed his grip on his sword and came up with a horizontal slash and countered Zero’s attack knocking Zero off balance Rockex then took the chance and spin kicked him in the stomach causing Zero to skid across the gym a little.

“Not bad.” Zero said as he charged at Rockex and delivered a bunch of heavy slashes against Rockex , Rockex tried to dodge but he couldn’t dodged them all as zero got in a hit at his right shoulder Zero then grabbed him by his shirt and threw him across the gym Rockex crashed against the wall and onto the ground.

“Un.” Rockex said as he picked himself up he looked at his bleeding shoulder and back at Zero, Rockex put both hands on his sword as his expression darken and his eyes changed to silver.

Drax I’m so glad the three of us met you.” Rockex thought

[Flash back – before Rockex , Ace and Anna’s dream meeting ended]

“Drax I have something to ask you.” Rockex said as the others looked at the weapons

“How may I help you prince Rockex?” Drax ask “You said are father was a fierce warrior right?” Rockex asks

“Of course.” Drax said “Well can you tell me what made him so fierce?” Rockex asks “What made your father so cold during battle was that he could see an enemy’s moves before they even made them and counter them.” Drax said.

“You mean he could see the future.” Rockex asks “No nothing like that.” Drax said

“So how he do it.” Rockex asks “Simple he push them back.” Drax said “Them?” Rockex asks.

“His feelings they were a distraction.” Drax said

“It sounds so cold.” Rockex said.

“Don’t get me wrong you can’t get rid of emotions. Emotions are inescapable but you can lose yourself in them he was not going to lose everything outside his head due to something inside his head as such he had to push them back and it became clear all of it.” Drax said

When you push yourself back far enough you see all the variables you see what’s important and you know what will happen next. Now do you see what has to happen?” Drax asks/ explain

“I think I understand but it’s hard to keep up isn’t it?” Rockex asks “Yes you cannot yield even for an instant even your mother and I found this technique hard to grasp.” Drax said/explain.

“You and mom know this technique as well?” Rockex asks

“Yes your father trained us to use it. Listen when you use this technique you can’t keep it up forever. Remember that every force has a equal and opposite reaction so very quickly…” Drax explain/said but he didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“You have to see the move that gives you the most right?” Rockex asks

“Yes ….you knew I was going to say that didn’t you?” Drax asks

“Of course it was inevitable.” Both Rockex and Drax said together.

[End of Flashback.]

Zero charged at Rockex and tried to slice his legs but Rockex back flipped and landed on his feet “He is going for a rising slash, dodge then counter.” Rockex thought to himself.

Zero brought his sword down in a rising slash against Rockex but Rockex dodged the attack then counter with a horizontal slash to Zero’s stomach but Zero dodged it and kicked Rockex sword out of his hand Zero then brought his sword down against Rockex but Rockex threw his blade to the side and caught Zero’s blade in his hands with a flick of his wrist Rockex threw Zero’s sword out his hands.

[With Ray, Bob and Ace]

The fight between Aqua Strider and Bob, Ray and Ace was looking one sided Bob was almost out of manna and Ray didn’t have that much manna left himself.

Ace still has some manna but not a lot he has been using it to protect himself.

“This is crazy we can barley touch this guy.” Ray said “Tell me about it that shield of his is unbreakable not to mention he’s got some serious speed.” Ace said.

Aqua Strider launched a torrent of water at the trio but Ace put a shield to block but the shield broke at contact because Ace’s manna was low “Wo!” Ace said as he slammed into a bleacher “You okay Ace?” Ray asks his brother. “Does… wheezing… count?” Ace asks as he tried to catch his breath.

“We got to stop him Bob give him everything you got.” Ray said to his partner as Bob fired his missiles and cannon at Aqua Strider.

Aqua Strider dodged the missiles and cannon fire as he close the distance between him and Bob “Hope I have a enough manna for this?” Ace thought.

Aqua Strider punched Bob in the gut then he elbowed him the face followed by a left cross to the face he then grabbed Bob by the arm and threw him to the ground.

“Blade Seer!” Ace said as he summoned Blade “Hu Ace what’s going on?” Blade asks. Ace then pointed to the battle going on “I see.” Blade said as he charged at Aqua Strider.

Before Aqua Strider could banish Bob he was rammed by Blade Seer, Aqua Strider got back up to see Blade Seer bringing out his swords.

[With Rockex and Zero]

As Rockex and Zero fight continued both combatants were cover in bruises.

Rockex kick Zero in his side but that didn’t stop Zero as he decked Rockex with a right cross to the face but Rockex came back with a sledgehammer to Zero jaw Zero staggered but Rockex wasn’t finished yet he grabbed Zero and kneed him in the stomach then reared his left arm back launched it right in Zero’s stomach taking the breath out of Zero and causing him to spit out blood Rockex then grabbed him by his cloak and head butted him hard this caused Zero’s hood to fall off as he landed on the ground.

Rockex was panting hard as he tried to regain his breath.

Zero began to get back up as he stood he lifted his head and Rockex breath caught in his throat and his eyes widen not believing what he was seeing.

“Crow!” Rockex said to his brother.

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