Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 10 part 3

Chapter 10 part 3

Rockex couldn’t believe his eyes there stood before him was his brother Crow before Rockex could do anything he was hit with a blast of water from Aqua Strider and sent him towards Ace and the others.

Ray, Ace , Bob and Blade rushed towards Rockex “You okay bro?” Ace asks

Instead of answering them Rockex just pointed at Crow.

Ray and Ace looked to where he was pointing to and both their eyes widen “No way.” Ray said as he couldn’t believe his eyes “Crow?” Ace asks his brother.

“My name is not Crow.” Zero said as he pulled out his gloves and put them on and channeled manna into them the gloves changed they both were now covering half of his lower arm on the front of each glove were three holes the gloves colors were silver and gold.

“Its Zero.” Zero said as he raised his arm and fired three energy arrows at Rockex and the others.

Rockex and Ace took cover behind the bleachers before Bob could move he got hit with a jet stream of water and energy arrows causing him to slam against a bleacher and banish.

Blade grabbed Ray and dove behind the bleacher Rockex and Ace were taking cover behind “What the heck is Crow doing working for the Choten and why does he not remember us?” Ace asks

“Don’t know but we got bigger things to worry about.” Rockex said

“Like what?” Ace asks “I don’t think Crow came here alone.” Rockex said “You think Alakshmi is here to?” Ray asks his brother “Definitely.” Rockex said.

“So what do we do Bob gone and I’m nearly almost out manna I don’t even have enough to bring up a shield. Ray said “I barley had enough to call Blade.” Ace said “Ray you go and find sis and the others.” Rockex said.

“What about you two?” Ray asks his brothers “Don’t worry about us you just focus on finding the others and Hissy now go we will cover you.” Rockex said as he got up “Here bro you might want to take control of Blade.” Ace said as he transferred control of Blade to Rockex as the four them came out of there hiding spot.

“Blade think you can take on Aqua Strider?” Rockex asks his partner “No problem.” Blade said as he charged at Aqua Strider tackling him to the ground Blade grabbed Strider and threw him across the gym then took out his sword and rushed him.

Aqua Strider blocked Blade’s strikes with his arm shields and pushed him back.

Rockex and Ace were tag teaming Zero but to no avail as the two of them were being overpowered by their brother. Rockex punched Crow but he blocked it and grabbed Rockex arm and threw him into Ace causing the two of them to land by Rockex’s sword.

Rockex grabbed his sword and he and Ace moved as Zero began to shoot at them.

[ Scene Change]

In the cafeteria Allie and Anna were sweeping the place before they could do anything else Hissy came rolling in and jumped into Anna’s arms “Hissy I knew you like us the best.” Anna said as she hugged him she then looked into Hissy eyes and saw he had a terrified expression “What the matter Hissy?” Anna asks as thunder boom outside causing Hissy to get more scared.

“Take it easy little Hiss – Hiss its just thunder.” Allie said as she took Hissy into her arms the lights then went out and Razorkinder laugh could be heard.

“Alright witch one of you losers are trolling us?” Allie asks they then heard a clang this caused Hissy to jump out of Allie’s arms and went to hide.

“I don’t think that’s the others.” Anna said as she pulled out her gauntlet “Seriously who there?” Allie asks again.

Razorkinder then leaped in front of Allie and Anna “You’re terrifying.” Allie said as she and Anna back up to Alakshmi the two turn around and jumped back a few feet from her

“And yet you two aren’t frightened are you?” Alakshmi asks

“Please we don’t scare so easily and I have already had one of my worst fears come true and besides your little toy doesn’t scare me let me show you a true beast.” Anna said as she activated her gauntlet

“Death Liger!” Anna said as she summon Leo

Allie pulled out her gauntlet and activated it “Anna right you don’t scare us and besides I want some payback for you trashing my house.” Allie said

“Be glad I didn’t trash your family.” Alakshmi said as she sent Razorkinder to attack before Razorkinder could lay a hand on Allie Leo swatted him away with his tail causing the creature to slide across the floor.

Meanwhile Alakshmi was trying to find Hissy but was stopped by Anna who kicked her in the stomach “Sorry but Hissy can’t come out and play right now.” Anna said as Alakshmi got back up and charged at Anna.

Allie was trying to get a hold of Ray “Come on Ray.” Allie said as Ray didn’t pick up.

Leo grabbed Razorkinder by its arm and bit down causing the doll to howl in pain Razorkinder then used it strings to try and strangle Leo but Leo tossed Razorkinder to the before it could do anything at that moment Hissy came out of hiding and ran to the air vent.

Alakshmi saw Hissy running but she couldn’t go after him because she was fighting Anna at that moment Anna did a high kick to Alakshmi getting her in the chin.

“Allie let’s get out of here and fined the others.” Anna said as she spin kicked Alakshmi.

“Leo come on were leaving.” Anna said.

Leo dropped Razorkinder out its jaws and ran after his master.

“Where should we start looking?” Allie asks “Me and Leo will check the gym you go find Gabe.” Anna said

“Got it.” Allie said as they splinted up.

[Scene Change]

Rockex and Ace weren’t do so well against Zero so far Rockex had multiple bruises and slash marks his shirt had some cuts in them and his pants had holes in them also his right arm had been broken not to mention he had 5 broken ribs.

Ace was sporting a black eye and arrow wounds his body was cover in cuts so far most of the cuts were on his arms and stomach Crow had managed to break three of his ribs and dislocate his left arm.

Zero had his fill of damage as well his left shoulder was bleeding and he had about 7 ribs broke and his right arm was broken and he cuts going from his arms to his leg.

Aqua Strider had seen better days both of his shields were cracked and missing pieces and his armor was banged up pretty badly thanks to Blade Seer and not only that he was missing some on his dreadlocks he also had some bruises on his body you couldn’t see them because his body was made out of water but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t feel pain.

Blade was far worst then Strider most his armor had either been destroyed or damaged he only had one sword his second one was broken his body had cuts he was bleeding from his left shoulder and right thigh his white fur was covered in blood the only reason he was still standing was because of his master for giving him extra manna to fight he wish he could help his master but couldn’t he need to finish Strider and fast so he could assist his master.

With all the strength Blade could muster he charged at Strider with his only sword Strider saw this and stood his ground he gather whatever energy he had left into both his hands two orbs of light appeared he clapped his hands together and a sword of light appeared as Blade got closer Strider ready his sword.

Time seem to slow down as both creatures attack at the same time Blade went with a rising slash and Strider with a horizontal slash both swords hit their target and both creatures banish.

Ace charged at Zero with Rockex right behind him Zero tried to shoot them but missed Ace tried to punch him but Zero caught it and tossed Ace out of the way.

With Zero distracted Rockex tried to hit him with his sword but missed as Zero dodged and kicked Rockex in the stomach causing Rockex to cough up blood before Rockex could do anything Zero brought his sword down in a horizontal slash the sword hit dead on Rockex’s stomach leaving a gash mark on Rockex.

Ace recovered to see Rockex fall.

“Nooo!” Ace Roared as he charged at Zero but he met the same fate as Crow dodged his punches and kicks.

Zero then grabbed Ace and kneed him in the stomach the he shot Ace in the side Ace fell to the ground with his side bleeding

Before Zero could deliver the final blow he was hit with a sonic roar from Leo causing him to fly through the wall.

Anna rushed to her two down brothers “Ace, Rockex!” Anna said as she hurries over to them “Don’t worry about me get Rockex.” Ace said as he tried to get up

Anna went over to her little brother and saw the shape he was in “Hang in there bro.” Anna said as she took off her jacket and wrapped it around the gash Rockex had on his stomach to try and stop the bleeding.

“We need to take you two to the hospital!” Anna said to her brothers as she put Rockex on Leo’s back and getting on “No we go the temple besides Rockex isn’t the only one injured.” Ace said as he hoped on to Leo’s back.

“What about Ray and the others and that guy that was attacking you?” Anna asks “Sis I don’t know how to tell you this but that was Crow who was attacking us.” Ace said “What!?” Anna asks/shouted.

“Explain later lets go.” Ace said as Leo took off into the cloudy and stormy sky.

A few minutes later Leo landed at the dojo where Master Chavez, Kimora and Nadia where waiting as soon as Leo landed Nadia and Kimora grabbed Rockex and Ace and rushed them inside “Anna aren’t you coming?” Chavez asks “I got to go back for the others oh and master we are going to need a cover story.” Anna said as Leo took off back to the school.

[Scene change]

This was not a good day for Ray first they were late to school then they got attack and now he comes to find out that his two brothers were injured and to top this day off they lost Hissy and now here he is with his sister Anna two friends Allie and Gabe waiting for the status of his two brothers in the temple.

Ray broke out of his thoughts when Master Chavez came out of the clinic the four of them stood up “How are they Master C?” Ray asks

“Ace has suffered from a few broken ribs and we managed to put his left arm back in place and bandage up his wounds given a few days Ace should be back on his feet.” Chavez said

“What about Rockex?” Anna asks with concern in her voice

“We managed to close the wound on his stomach and bandage up his wounds his right arm is going to take some time to heal along with his ribs but out of all that Rockex will be fine but he still has not woken up yet.” Chavez said

“That’s good.” Ray said “I suggest that you call your mom and asks her If you guys can spend the night.” Chavez said

“Oh boy mom is going to have a heart attack when she hears this.” Anna said.

And Anna was as soon as Ray told her Rockex and Ace were hurt she was at the dojo in minutes luckily Master Chavez managed and Ray managed to make a cover story about how Rockex and Ace got hurt and so once they had the all clear Ray and Anna managed to stay at the dojo with their brothers overnight Allie and Gabe went back home Ray said that he given them a call later luckily for the siblings school got canceled for a few days thanks to yesterday events.

[Scene change]

“My you two seem to have eventful day.” The Choten said as he looks at Zero and Alakshmi.

“Mission accomplishes.” Zero said as he handed Hissy over to the Choten before leaving.

“Hold on Zero.” The Choten ordered

Zero stopped and turn around to face the Choten “Yes my lord.” Zero asks “Here your reward for a job well done.” The Choten said as a cyber virus floated into Zero hand.

“Thank you my lord.” Zero said as he left the Choten office to go to the medical wing of the ship to patch himself up.

[Creature realm]

On the outskirts of the nature civilization a wounded Blade Seer laid there out cold unaware that he was about to have a visitor.

As Drax approach the wounded Blade Seer he check to see if he was still breathing luckily he was wasting no time Drax picked up the wounded warrior and made his way back to Argon.

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