Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 11 part 1

Chapter 11

It was a beautiful Saturday morning It’s been a few weeks after the battle at school Rockex and Ace were badly injured but they are making a full recovery the only problem is that Rockex has not woken up yet luckily school was cancel and was under repairs.

Ray and Anna took turns to watch them in case anything happen.

During the second week Ace had a dream meeting with a new creatures called Haunted Mech turns out this creature was a fire and darkness hybrid after the meeting Ace was felling much better to move around but was told to take it easy during that time he decided to see what Shack was doing and to meet his second partner.

After Ace got out of the medical wing of the temple he made his way to the arena and summoned Shack.

To say his partner was shock to see him in this condition was an understatement Shack nearly went berserk when he heard Rockex was hurt as well but Ace calm him down and explained what happen from start to finish after that Ace summoned his second partner.

A fire portal open and a creature standing about 20 feet tall his entire body was a robot his armor was a faded purple his left was a cannon his face was a blue glow and floating around him were two blue T-Rex heads.

“Nice to meet you.” Ace said to his new partner “Same to you Ace.” Haunted said his voice sounded metallic and like two people were talking.

“Mind if I just call you Han from now on?” Ace asks

Han just nodded his head the trio just spent the rest of the time talking until Anna came to get Ace for they could go get their weapons from Tojie.

[In the Armory]

“Hey Tojie are the weapons ready?” Anna asks?

“Yes they are ready.” Tojie said as he brought out the weapons “For you Anna I decided to combine your two weapons.” Tojie said as showed her a black and blue spear with a purple finish “When you swing the spear it will separate and can reattach because the chain is in there I call it the chain spear.” Tojie explain as show Anna her weapon.

“Nice.” Anna said as she took her weapon and changed it into a little claw Anna got some string and tied it around the claw and made her a nice little claw necklace the claw was black.

“Hey Tojie have you fixed Rockex sword yet?” Ace asks

“It is difficult Rockex’s sword is in bad shape it might take a while to fix.” Tojie said.

“For you Ace I improve your buster sword and chakrams.” Tojie said as he pulled out a black and red buster sword with a silver guard and two chakrams that were circular and sharp the two chakrams were silver and red.

“What do you think Ace?” Tojie asks

Ace picks up his sword and admired it “Nice.” Ace said

“Also Ace I added a burst mode to your sword.” Tojie said

“Burst mode?” Ace asks but before anyone could say anything the guard on Ace’s sword turns and bends down then the blade on the sword splinted open a little and stopped.

“Wow so this is burst mode how I use it?” Ace asks.

“Simple you channel how much of your manna you want into the blade then you fire.” Tojie explained.

“How do I fire it?” Ace asks “Simple you concentrate on firing and it will fire and remember the more manna you put into the sword the more powerful the blast will be.” Tojie explained.

While Tojie was telling Ace how to use his sword Anna was admiring her weapon but then she felt a slight headache she change her weapon back to her necklace and put on her gauntlet and activated it.

“Draxar the Soul Crusher.” Anna said as she summon Drax

Drax came out of the portal carrying a human size sliver sword case “What’s in the case Drax?” Anna asks.

Before Drax could answer Ray came into the armory “Ray what’s wrong?” Anna asks

“Rockex is beginning to waking up.” Ray said as he and the others left to go see Rockex.

[In the medical wing]

Rockex open his eyes to see his siblings standing right in front of his bed “Un…guys what happen?” Rockex asks as he tried to get up but Anna gently pushed him back down on his bed “Easy bro you are still recovering from that beating you took from Crow.” Anna said.

“Good to see you awake Rockex how are you feeling?” Ray asks his brother

“I’ve been better.” Rockex said but before anyone could say anything else Master Chavez came in.

“What’s up Master C?” Ace asks

“Two of the Choten’s tech minions have been spotted by the pier.” Chavez said “We handled it Master.” Rockex said as he was getting out of bed but was stopped by Anna “Easy bro me and Ray got this you and Ace still need to rest.” Anna said as she and Ray left after they left Drax came in.

“Hey Drax.” Rockex greeted “Hello Prince Rockex and Ace how are you feeling?” Drax asks.

“We’ve been better.” Ace said as he and Rockex notice the case Drax was carrying.

“What’s in the case Drax?” Rockex asks.

“Only two out of three most prized and treasured artifacts of the Nuvas.” Drax said as he pulls out two swords.

The first sword had an Iron Age hilt and an emerald green blade.

The second sword had a cross shape hilt and a jet black blade.

“Where is the third sword?” Ace asks

“The third sword was lost during the great rebellion I have tried to find it but I have had no luck in finding it these two swords were the ones your mother used in battle.”Drax said as he handed the swords to Rockex.

“These were mom’s swords?” Rockex asks “Yes in her will if anything were to happen to her and your father the three artifacts were to be passed on to you three.” Drax said

“If that’s the case then you take one Ace.” Rockex said as he handed the black blade to Ace but Ace pushed it back to Rockex.

“Ace?” Rockex asks his brother.

“You keep the swords bro I already have my weapons.” Ace said “Thanks bro.” Rockex said.

“Hey Drax what are these swords name?” Rockex asks

“They do not have names.” Drax said

Rockex picked up the black sword “I will call this one Dark Tempest.” Rockex said as he named his sword he then picked up the green one “And I will call this one Howling Typhoon.” Rockex said.

“Nice names.” Ace said to Rockex but Rockex looked at the wall he was worried about Blade Seer.

“Don’t worry prince Rockex Blade Seer is fine he is in Argon recovering as we speak I found him on the outskirts of the Nature civilization.” Drax said as he knew what Rockex was thinking.

Rockex face lit up in a smile when he heard his partner was okay “Thanks Drax.” Rockex said.

[Council chambers]

A few minutes later Ray and Gabe came back but Allie and Anna weren’t with as they made their way to the council chambers unaware that Rockex and Ace were following them.

“We have rules for a reason and this is one reason for are rule do not touch the creatures!” Brightmore said

But before anyone could say anything they were cut off by Ace “Who cares about rules at a time like this Anna and Allie are in the creature realm we need to get them back now!” Ace said as he came storming into the council chambers with Rockex right behind him in toe look downright murderous.

“You two should be resting.” Ray said to his brothers but his words reached deaf ears “Calm down you two.” Brightmore tried to say but was silence by Rockex “If you want to keep your head on Brightmore I suggest shutting up before I lose all my remaining patience with you and slice you in two.” Rockex said with no emotion in his voice just coldness and bringing out Howling Typhoon.

All the masters shivered at Rockex voice as it sent a shivers down their spines

“Well what are you all sitting around for you know were Anna and Allie are so let’s go get them.” Ace said

“The fire realm is vast and deadly one doesn’t just go over there.” Master Jaha said

“Trying to rescue Anna and Allyson with no idea where she is without a plan is courting disaster.” Brightmore said.

“I show you disaster Brightmore!” Ace said as his markings appeared but what really startled everyone except for Rockex was that Ace’s hands were on fire.

“You know what you fools can take your rules and info and shove it if you don’t want to help us find just say so as for the fire civilization we can find our own way there and besides in case you forgot Shack can take us there or Bob.” Ace said as extinguished his flames and left with the others right behind him.

[Scene change]

“Ray you and Gabe meet us outside in the back with Bob.” Ace said as he and Rockex made their way back to their room to change clothes

Once there Rockex and Ace put on their new clothes that Anna had gotten them while they were still recovering.

[Fire Civilization castle in Blastforge city]

Things were not going well for Anna and Allie when they first arrive in the fire civilization they were greeted by this Drakon and since Allie was still out of it and Anna didn’t have that much manna but she was going to protect Allie.

Anna pulled out her chain spear and her markings appeared the Drakon seem startled but luckily there wasn’t a fight but now here she is in some kind of room separated from Allie waiting for some creature called Lord Skycrusher.

“I hope Allie is okay?” Anna thought she knew that Allie was somewhere in the castle probably in a dudgeon somewhere but a sudden yelp brought her out of her thoughts Anna turn to see a small creature come out of hiding from behind the queen sized bed.

Anna held out her hand “its okay I am not going to hurt you little one.” Anna said as the creature jumped into her hand.

The creature was little it had clawed feet and its arms were skinny attached to its skinny arms were black wings and it had a circular head on its head it had three red spikes that looked like a crown in the middle spike was little diamond and it had blue eyes and silver spiky hair

The creature looked up at Anna “Hello little guy my name is Anna.” Anna said as she introduces herself to the creature.

“Hello.” The creature said back.

“What’s your name?” Anna asks

“I don’t have one.” The creature said.

“Well I will just give you a name.” Anna said the creature looked up at her with happiness “You will?” The creature asks

“Yep.” Anna said as she thought of a name for her new friend.

“How do you like Drake?” Anna asks

“I like it.” Drake said happily as he clime up onto Anna’s shoulder and nuzzled her “Your welcome little guy.” Anna said.

“Hey do you have a family or clan?” Anna asks

Drake looked down “No I don’t have a family and I don’t know what I am.” Drake said.

“Well you can be a part of my then and be my partner.” Anna said

Drake looked up at her with happiness but before he say anything two guards came in and right behind them was a creature the creature was about 20 feet tall he was dragon but he had no wings he had green scales and he was wearing gold armor the armor cover all his body except for his feat and arms and head he had blue eyes and he carried a sword the sword was thick and long and was red and gold it had a gold open circle hilt.

“Leave us.” The creature said to his guards the guards left and closed the door.

“I take it your Lord Skycrusher.” Anna said

“Yes I am.” Skycrusher said as he took a seat in the chair along with Anna

“So how can I help you lord Skycrusher?” Anna asks nervously.

“I have a few questions.” Skycrusher said.

“Okay asks away.” Anna said.

“My first question is are you truly a Nuva?” Skycrusher asks.

To answer his questioned Anna’s markings appeared and her eyes turned jet black “Dose this answer your question?” Anna asks.

The look on Skycrusher’s face was priceless but after a few seconds his poker face slammed right back into place “Okay my second question is where have you nuvas been hiding all this time?” Skycrusher asks

“We do not hide we have just been busy.” Anna said as she tried not to tell Skycrusher that she was one of three last remain nuvas.

“Busy doing what?” Skycrusher asks.

“That’s classified.” Anna said.

Skycrusher didn’t look to please with that answer but he regain his cool “Okay these are my final two questions.” Skycrusher said.

“Ask away.” Anna said.

“Tell me if there was a war who would you side with and would you like to make a alliance with the fire civilization?” Skycrusher asks.

Anna didn’t know what to say she wasn’t ready for these questions and Skycrusher look like he was going growing inpatient.

“Well Nuva what is your answer.” Skycrusher asks.

“I need time to think it over.” Anna said.

“Very well you have an hour to think it over.” Skycrusher said as he left with his guard’s right behind him.

[Scene change]

Rockex and Ace step outside and went to the forest that was right behind the dojo and found Ray, Gabe and Bob waiting for them.

Ray, Gabe and Bob notice Rockex’s and Ace’s new looks.

Rockex was wearing black combat pants with a emerald green tunic but the left sleeve was missing and on the right shoulder was a silver metal shoulder guard and on Rockex’s right hand he was wearing a black fingerless glove and on his left was his dueling glove Rockex wore his emerald green bandana and around Rockex’s neck was a necklace on the necklace was two claws one black the other silver.

Ace was wearing black pants with to crimson red flames at the bottom of them and he wore a red muscle shirt and black long jacket with metal shoulder guards on both shoulders his jacket had two red lines running down the back on both of Ace’s arms were two silver bracelets these bracelets were his chakrams and around Ace’s neck was silver necklaces with a red cross on it.

“Wow I like the new look bro’s.” Ray said.

“Let’s go.” Rockex said.

Ray dismissed Bob but before he completely vanished Ray, Rockex, Ace and Gabe grabbed on to him.

[Outskirts of the fire civilization]

“So this is the fire civilization nice.” Ace said.

Ray turned to Bob “Bob you said you could find them right?” Ray asks

Bob then sniffed the air “This way.” Bob said as he got on all fours Rockex, Ace and Ray climbed on but Gabe didn’t “Come on Gabe.” Rockex said as he held out his hand Gabe got on as soon as Gabe got on Bob took off.

The Drakon that got Anna and Allie was looking for more creatures but he stop as he notice something coming.

“Bandits?” Drakon asks.

The dust move aside to reveal Bob coming at full speed he stop as soon as he got close to the trailer he look inside but it was empty.

Bob growled “They were here.” Bob said

“You just missed them.” Drakon said as he ready weapon and the other creatures growled.

“Where are they?” Bob asks

“I know you does the bounty on Tatsurin the Unchained specify dead or alive?” Drackon asks as the creatures move in.

“There’s a price on your head?!” Gabe asks/ shouted.

“We do not have time for this crap!” Ace said annoyed as his markings appeared he grabbed his buster sword and changed it to burst mode ne pumped some manna into it and fired it at the creatures the creatures were sent flying into a nearby wall .

“Unn.” Drackon groan in pain.

Ace and Rockex came up to the Drackon and placed there blades to his throat “If you want to live you will tell us where you took are sister and friend now.” Rockex said but before he could get a answer a blast of fire separated the three.

“What was that?” Rockex asks as he looked into the sky to see a dragon fly over head.

Bob took this chance and grabbed the Drackon by the throat “Where are they?” Bob asks as he tightens his hold on the Drackon’s throat.

“Blast forged city.” The Drackon answer Bob threw him to the ground.

The dragon roared again “Wow who is your friend?” Ray asks

“Moorna and she is not my friend.” Bob said as Moorna slammed him to the ground and took back off.

Moorna was about 30 feet tall she had two legs and her wings big and wide her outer skull was the same shape as Bobs on her back she had two cannons and on her legs she gold armor.

Ray, Rockex , Ace and Gabe rushed to Bob “She’s my sister.” Bob said.

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