Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 11 part 2

Chapter 11 part 2

“I knew I smell your traitorous stink Tatsurin I almost missed you.” Moorna said as let out a stream of fire towards them but before it hit a pair of wings blocked it as the fire subside to revealed to be Shack.

“Thanks for the save partner.” Ace said.

No problem.” Shack said as he looked up towards Moorna.

“Bolshock why are you helping the traitor?” Moorna asks.

“I am helping my partner Ace and his siblings.” Shack said back

“You would help a weak human?” Moorna asks.

“He is not weak he is a nuva.” Shack said as Ace’s and Rockex’s markings appeared.

“Impossible they are nuvas?” Moorna asks not believing what she seeing.

Before Moorna could say anything else Bob attacked her with his chains but Moorna caught it and swung it back at him and the chains tied itself around Bob trapping him.

Moorna put her foot over Bob’s back and looked at Rockex and the others “Tell me nuvas did Bob tell you how he earned these chains and, much worse betraying his family?” Moorna asks/yelled.

“It doesn’t matter what he did in the past I trust Bob with my life and I won’t let you harm him!” Ace said as fire surrounded his hands.

Ace channeled the fire in his hands and sent out a giant fireball towards Moorna the blast connected and sent her into the lava.

Bob broke his chains and got up he went towards the edge where Moorna fell “Where are you going?” Ray asked. “I’m going to finish her!” Bob said preparing to jump in after Moorna.

“She’s your sister.” Rockex said.

“Has your own kind ever tried to execute you?!” Bob asks/shouted but he stopped realizing what he just said. “Yay and they almost succeeded if it wasn’t for my mother and father.” Rockex said as he placed a hand on Bob’s arm.

“Listen I know you want to settle the score and believe me I would do the same thing if I ever found the person who started the rebellion in my home but I can’t since he or she is dead please Bob just let it go we came here for Allie and Anna.” Rockex said.

Bob sigh as he turn and began walking with Ray and the others on his hills “Ace how you do that?” Ray asks. “No Idea but I think are creature abilities are beginning to show them self’s” Ace said as he and Rockex began to walk with the others.

“So with a price on your head are we going to have to fight every creature here?” Gabe asks

“We came here to get Allie and Anna and if we have to fight every creature here to do it so be it we are not leaving without them.” Ace said.

As the group came upon the down armored creature Ray looked at it and then Bob a few minutes later the creature’s armor was now on Bob who was on all fours walking with a makeshift carriage attached to him carrying Ray and Gabe Rockex and Ace hitched a ride on Shack.

“This is humiliating I’d have been happier letting Moonra finishing me off.” Bob said as he grumbled to himself. As they traveled Rockex saw something shine of a mountain.

“Did you see that?” Rockex whispered “Yeah keep your eyes open.” Ace said.

[Scene change]

In the castle’s kitchen a fat Viking like creature was busy preparing food the creature had green skin and his right hand was a mace he looked in at book that had a darkness creature in it.

“The Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow to roast or grill?” The creature asks him self

In the cell at the back of the kitchen was Allie as she peaked through the bars “This is not happening.” Allie said as she repeated the same thing over and over again but before she said anything else a sudden rustling sound brought her out her thoughts she turn around to see a pair of yellow glowing eyes looking at her.

“Who’s back there?” Allie asks as she activated her gauntlet and turn on the light to see what’s back there.

In the corner was Scaradorable the creature was as tall as Allie but it towered over her a little.

“I know you’re scared Scaradorable but you won’t hurt me right?” Allie asks as she held out her hand for Scaradorable.

Scaradorable sniffs her hand he then let’s his head down to let Allie pet him “It’s okay.” Allie said as she pet him “Oh who a good Squeaky critter you are that right you’re the good Squeaky critter.” Allie said happily as she pet’s him she stop as she hears a clanking sound.

[Scene change]

A creature skeleton wrapped in bandages hung from the ceiling in Jaha part of the temple “No sign of the girls, but the other humans trading boast quite destructive.” The creature said to Jaha “I should have known the boys would get Tatsurion to take them across.” Chavez said.

“But now they are all trapped in the fire civilization we must go after them.” Kimora said to Chavez

“Fire is not like nature Kimora without the proper coordinates we could materialize in the lava flow. Chavez explained.

[Scene change]

As Bob and the other made their way to blast forged city Ray decided to make small talk “So sister….. Moorna’s a dragon?” Ray asks “Half sister.” Bob corrected.

“Blended family is still family.” Ray said “Dragons are very vain about their pure blood they don’t like to blend.” Bob said as he pulled the carriage “Hey are father was a hybrid and he managed to earn respect of Infernos.” Ace said

“Your father must have been a powerful warrior.” Shack said “You bet he was too bad we don’t remember him.” Ace said a little sad but Rockex cheered him up.

“So Shack what is your connection to Moorna?” Ace asks as he look up at his partner.

Shack’s face went red “Well she is sort of how you humans say my girlfriend.” Shack said quickly. It looked like Christmas came early because Ace had a huge smile on his face “I’m sorry but can you say that again I didn’t hear you.” Ace lied he heard what his partner said clear as day “She is my girlfriend.” Shack said as he tried to focus on flying “You have a girlfriend and you never told me?” Ace asks as he still had grin on his face. “What you got to say to this Bob?” Ray asks.

Bob didn’t say anything he just raised an eyebrow “I never knew you were such a ladies’ man Shack?” Ace said.

“Why did she call you a traitor?” Gabe asks

Bob sigh “Some time ago, a dragon- hunting party attacked a Beast kin family. My mother’s kin charged in horns first saved the day wounded a dragon in the bargain I was branded a traitor to the fire civilization and chained up to be executed.” Bob explained.

“Wait your mom is not a dragon then you you’re a….” Ray began to say didn’t finish. “Half-breed….abomination born of two civilizations wanted by neither I bring shame to them.” Bob said as he continued to walk.

“Even if your family doesn’t like you Bob you still have a place with us in the nuvas we look out for one another.” Rockex said

Bob wouldn’t tell anybody but he is glad he has a family like this he knows they wouldn’t abandon him in his time of need nor will they judge him for being a half breed.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed that you are half dragon and half something else.” Ace said.

“Thorns, flying tail spikes, fire plus nature.” Ray said trying to cheer up his partner

“You’re not a half breed Bob you’re a double breed.” Rockex said excitingly

“Ray, Ace and Rockex know what they are talking about Bob all three are of two races just like you.” Gabe said.

Bob and Shack stopped Bob looked up he could see two figures on the mountain moving.

“What are they?” Ace asks. Bob sniffs the air “Its Zero and he brought someone else along with him they are tailing us.” Bob said.

“I knew someone was falling us.” Rockex said as he pulled out his swords “Why is Crow here anyway?” Ray asks as they began to move again.

“If I had to guess I say it has to do with where we are going.” Rockex said as he pointed to Blast forged city in distance.

[Scene change]

Anna was in the room Skycrusher had left her in so she decide try to bust out she pulled out one of her hair pins and worked on the lock after a few seconds she heard a click and the door open Drake leaped onto her shoulder as she walked around the castle after a few minutes of wandering she found the kitchen she ducked and saw Allie she quickly move to the cell.

“Anna your okay.” Allie said relived as she saw Anna “Yay I’m fine I see you made a new friend.” Anna said as she began to work on the lock “Meet Squeaky.” Allie said as the cell open “Come on.” Anna said as they sneaked past the creature as he went to go look in the cell.

“Allie open the steel door and it clanked the creature turned around to see Allie, Anna and Squeaky trying to escape “Let’s go!” Anna said as they began to run.

Two guards were right behind them Anna and Allie got on Squeaky’s back as he dodged the guards in front of him Squeaky turn the corner and came upon a wall of spikes Anna and Allie turned around to see the guards coming closer.

Anna and Allie closed their eyes but the nothing happen the guards were standing there not do anything Anna and Allie looked to see Squeaky’s eyes went big and the guards were in some kind of trance.

“Oh my gosh who could resist that adorable face.” Allie said as Squeaky open his mouth and bats came rushing out and attacked the guards “Come on.” Anna said as they made their way down the hall they went through some doors and enter Skycrusher throne room “Crud.” Anna said as she pulled out her chained spear.

“So nice of you to join me nuva.” Skycrusher said as he pulled his sword and sent a blast of fire towards them Anna blocked the blast with her shield as he markings appeared “Death liger!” Anna said as a darkness portal open and Leo came out.

[Scene change]

“So what’s the plan?” Ace asks “Get Anna and Allie and get home.” Ray said as Bob rammed into a guard.

“Your cart has no seal rules say we have to impound it.” The guard said as he looked at Bob “Kind of scrawny.” The guard said Bob growls and knocked the guard out “Who’s scrawny!?” Bob snarls as he blows his cover.

The second guard blows the horn after that he charged at Ray but before he even gets a feet to him Ace jumped and from Shack and talked him Rockex dealt with the reinforcements that was coming even though he beat them more kept coming.

[Scene change]

Anna brought her spear down against Skycrusher’s sword “Give up Nuva you have no chance.” Skycrusher said as he pushed his sword against Anna’s spear Leo defended Allie from the creatures that was trying to get to her.

[Scene change]

Shack and Ace helped Bob fight but even with Shack they were still outnumbered Rockex sliced another guard and kicked him he they were wasting time dealing with these guards Rockex wasn’t paying attention as guar came up behind him and hit the guard grabbed him and threw him across the field.

Before the guard could finish him of a blast knocked the guard out the blast continue and took out the guards Crow leaped in with his swords drawn with Saguru right behind him Crow sliced a guards weapon in two then he kicked him into a nearby guard.

Saguru took his staff and swiped the feet from under a guard causing him to fall.

Once the fight was over Crow came up to Rockex “You were right my name is Crow.” Crow said with no emotion in his voice “I’m glad you remember do you know who I and Ace are?” Rockex asks with hope in his voice.

“That’s what I need to ask you.” Crow said “Excuse us real quick.” Ace said as he Rockex and Crow moved away from the group.

“Crow you are our brother we have sister name Anna and we are trying to save her.” Rockex explained.

“If you two are my brothers why don’t I remember you?” Crow asks “What can you remember?” Ace asks.

“Nothing really.” Crow said as he headed back to the group.

“So what brings you six to Blast forge?” Saguru asks “Rescue my friend and sister is being held by Lord Skycrusher we are going to get them back.” Ray said as Rockex and the others rejoined them.

“I see you meet my partner Saguru.” Crow said as he join his partner.

“Bro will you help us save sis?” Ray asks Crow “They are your siblings?” Saguru asks.

“Rockex, Ace and Anna are my adopted siblings.” Ray said “And Crow is are missing brother.” Rockex said.

“Follow us.” Crow said as lead the group into the city.

“Coming Shack?” Ace asks “I will take to the air.” Shack said as he took off.

[Scene change]

A portal open in a cave in the fire civilization and Masters Jaha, Kimora and Chavez came out as they made their way out of the cave they saw Blast Forge city in the distance

“Welcome my friends to the fire civilization.” Chavez said.

[Scene change]

As the group walked through the sewer Bob stopped “They are close.” Bob said as they began to climb the latter.

“Can we trust Crow and this guy?” Gabe asks “Something is different about Crow I don’t know what the Choten did to him when he found him but we got to help him.” Ace said.

“Don’t look at me I don’t trust anyone maybe you guys.” Bob said.

[Scene change]

In the blast forge city arena Anna and Allie were busy defending them self’s how they got here Skycrusher managed to knock her out and he banished Leo so here she and Allie are trying to survive against some Fire civilization robots that are using her for target practice.

“Man how are we so post to find Allie and Anna in this crowd?” Ace asks as he looked around.

“Guys.” Bob said as the others looked in the direction he was looking in they saw Allie and Anna fighting the robots.

“Come on!” Ace said as he pulled out his sword and changed it to burst mode and fired it at the red Robot the others jumped down.

“Anna, Allie are you alright?” Rockex asks

“Thanks for coming for us.” Anna said as Drake jumped on to Rockex’s shoulder “Who is this?” Rockex asks as he looked at the little creature.

“That is Drake my new partner.” Anna said “Come guys let’s get out of here.” Ace said as Shack came and destroyed the gold robot.

“No we can’t leave without squeaky.” Allie said as guards surrounded them.

“I don’t think we are leaving at all.” Bob said.

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