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Chapter 11 part 3

Chapter 11 part 3

Power of a Nuva

As the guards surrounded them Rockex kept his swords at the ready in the stance Crow and Saguru, Gabe watched “We got to get down there and help.” Gabe said but before he could jump Crow put his hand on his shoulder.

“You’re brave but you know it’s foolish.” Saguru said.

In his private box Skycrusher watched “No one spoils my entertainment and lives and how dare Bolshock betray me, guard’s burn them!” Skycrusher ordered.

All the guards attacked Rockex and the others.

Rockex blocked the guard’s strikes with his swords he then countered with a kick. Bob swung his tail and took out five guards Ace changed his sword to burst mode and fired it the guards got sent into the wall “What’s the hold up?” Ace asks.

“I told you I’m not leaving without Squeaky.” Allie said “What is a Squeaky?” Ray asks “This creature I met they got her in the palace.” Allie explained.

“Watch it.” Ray said as two guards came charging the first guard managed to nock Allie off of Bob’s back the second managed to knock out Anna “Bob, Shack get Ray and the others out of here.” Allie said as guards grabbed her and Anna.

Shack grabbed Rockex and Ace and took flight with Bob right behind him “Bob no.” Ray said “We can’t save them if we get caught to.” Bob said as he ran towards the wall and jumped it into the stands and ran out towards the rocky area with guard’s right behind him.

[Back in the arena]

“First things first we find your friends before the guards do.” Saguru said.

[Scene change]

“Who is foolish enough to hide in the barrel of a cannon?” Bob asks “Hey it worked didn’t it.” Ray shot back.

The door opens Bob growled but stopped when he saw who it was “Search result key word found “Gargle said “And how you do that squirt?” Bob asks

“Process of elimination this is the only spot large of enough to keep you out of sight.” Gabe said

“Speaking of out of sight where are Rockex and the others?” Gabe asks “Don’t know we got separated after we fled the arena.” Ray said

“I’m sure they are alright.” Gabe said “You see what happen to Allie and Anna?” Ray asks “They are alive and well brother but they are in the palace.” Crow said standing inside the barrel looking at the palace.

“The gates are defended by a legion of Drakon guards.” Crow said “If they are in there, we are going in come on.” Ray said “Ray we are going to need the others.” Gabe said as he followed Ray

Ray climbed over the cannon but his arm began hurting where that little creature hade bite him at Saguru looked at the wound “Humunkulon, see to the boy.” Saguru said to the creature in his eye as the little creature crawled on Ray’s arm he once he reached the spot that was hurt he shout out a web that wrapped around the area that hurt.

“Thanks.” Ray said as Humunkulon went back to Saguru.

“You have a creature living in your eye socket that’s either the coolest or the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.” Gabe said.

“Wow feels better already.” Ray said as he moved his arm.

Gabe whispered something to Gargle as he climbed out of Gabe’s back pack and went to go get some stuff.

“We have a idea.” Gabe said.

[Scene change]

The masters were looking around for the children “They were here.” Chavez said but before anyone could say anything else they heard a familiar roar they looked up to see Shack.

“Master C.” Rockex said as he and Ace got off of Shack as he landed.

“Are you alright?” Kimora asks “We are fine we need to go back and get Anna and Allie from Skycrusher.” Rockex said as he and Ace got back on Shack.

“Come on.” Chavez said as he climbed into Shack’s hands “You know the rules Chavez touching the creatures are forbidden.” Kimora said.

“Oh for the love of what are you so afraid of touching a creature is not going to harm you.” Ace said annoyed.

“Masters if you want to walk fine by us but we are going to get are sister and friend back with or without your help.” Rockex said.

Shack looked down at the two remaining Masters “I will keep you safe you have my word.” Shack said to the master who looked at him confused “Shack said that he will protect you and that you are safe riding on him.” Ace said as he translated for his partner.

“How do you understand him?” Jaha asks as she and Kimora got on “Long story.” Ace said “Hang on.” Rockex said as Shack took to the air unaware he is being followed.

[Scene change]

Gargle had made a ridding balloon with the help a Gasbag the balloon had two riding seats one on top and bottom in the middle of the balloon Gabe was pedaling.

“Gabe take us down, slow.” Ray said as the balloon descended they got in through a balcony.

[Scene change]

Nuva , bony morsel I have questions.” Skycrusher said as he got Anna and Allie attention “The one who dare try to free you who are they?” Skycrusher asks

“Nobody important.” Anna said “If you don’t know who they are then they must not be important right?” Allie asks nervously “

Skycrusher didn’t look pleased “Do not test me I know that Bolshock out there but who were the others!?” Skycrusher roared/ asks.

Anna just glared at him “Fine if you won’t talk then you will scream.” Skycrusher said as he put Allie and Anna into a cage.

[Scene change]

Bob , Ray, Gabe, Saguru and Crow have been searching the castle for Anna and Allie they were currently going down a hall “Dead end.” Ray said but before they could turn around Saguru and Crow jumped onto one of the gears Saguru fired Humunkulon eye laser creating a hole were Bob and the others stand causing them to fall.

[Scene change]

Back in the throne room the guards were about to fire at Allie and Anna until Bob, Ray and Gabe fell through.

Ray looked up to see Allie and Anna in a cage “Allie, Anna!” Ray said as he got up “Who dares!?” Skycusher yelled as he brought out his weapons Crow and Saguru decided to jump in

“My lord me and my partner bring you a gift.” Saguru said as Crow knocked the armor off Bob “Tatsurin the unchained.” Crow said “You betrayed us.” Ray said.

“Knew we couldn’t trust them.” Gabe said as Bob tried to swipe at Crow and Saguru but he missed “You avoided punishment long enough you wingless abomination.” Skycrusher said.

“Back off Skycrusher!” Anna roared as she used her spear and cut the bars and jumped out with Allie.

Two guards tried to attack Bob but Anna intercepted one Bob grabbed the other one and threw him into a wall.

Anna dodged the whips and jumped up and kicked the guard in the face sending him to the ground.

Bob and Anna charged at Skycrushers but Skycrusher raised his sword and fire surrounded it “Stop.” Skycrusher order and Bob stopped “Bob?” Ray asks

“Bow before lord Skycrusher.” Skycrusher commanded as Bob bowed. “The half-breed traitor Tatsurin the unchained in my grasp at last.” Skycrusher said.

“Fight it Bob.” Ray said as he gave him some manna “Fool no creature in the fire realm can resist me I wiled the sword of firey cataclysm now where are the two that delivered you to me?” Skycrusher explained/asks

“Right here my lord.” Crow said as he and Saguru approached “I heared rumors of a small one-eyed fleshed bounty hunter and I see you have a companion.” Skycrusher said

“We are at your service.” Saguru said.

“Why did you come back you were free yet you return for what the Nuva and this pathetic little thing?” Skycrusher asks

“For friendship, loyalty and family nothing you’d understand.” Bob said “You speak of loyalty you sided against dragon kind with some useless Beast kin you couldn’t accept you sentence with dignity though I doubt dignity is a word a vile grass eating monstrosity like knows anything about. Skycrusher said

Anna was beginning to lose her self control she wanted to beat the crud out of Skycrusher but she couldn’t they were surrounded “Hang on Bob we will get out of this and when we do I promise we won’t turn our backs on you.” Anna thought

“I invoke the Markananda Baru.” Bob said

“Gladiatorial Judgment you dare that’s only for dragon kind!” Skycrusher said outraged

“In the name of are fire king, whose sword you wield.” Bob said

“Let him fight for his life.” Anna said

“You don’t deserve it but out of respect for your father I will allow it.” Sky crusher said

“Wait let me join him.” Anna said “Why do you want to join him Nuva you have no right to anyway you are not a fire creature.” Skycrusher said

“My father was a three way hybrid I believe you know him.” Anna said

Skycrusher eyes widen there was only one three way hybrid in existence “Hailstorm.” Skycrusher whispered

Anna nodded “Very well daughter of Hailstorm you can join.” Skycrushers said

“I also invoke my right to combat with my sister.” Ray said as came to stand by Anna “Your sister?” Skycrusher asks

“Ray, Anna no.” Bob said “Very well ready them all for combat.” Skycrusher order as guards came to take Bob, Ray and Anna away.

“Lord Skycrusher my friend here would make a better meal then I would.” Allie said as she went to Gabe “You are right he has more meat on his bones.” Skycrusher said

“What are you doing?” Gabe asks “You’re the strategist you and Gargle will rescue Squeaky then figure out a way to save us.” Allie said as a guard came to take Gabe to a cell.

“You’ll think of something.” Anna said

[Scene change]

Gabe was thrown into the same cell with Squeaky after Squeaky greeted Gabe Gargle managed to fry the lock with that Gabe and Squeaky went to find a way to help the others

[Scene change]

In the fire realm Shack was going at full speed “We are almost there.” Ace said “Anyone else notice we being followed.” Rockex asks “Its Moonra .” Shack said

“Great that’s all we need.” Rockex said “What did he say?” Chavez asks “He said Bob’s sister is on are tails.” Ace said as Moonra opened fire on them “Shack take us down.” Ace said as Shack landed the masters got off as soon as they were off Shack with Ace and Rockex still on him took off to fight Moonra

[Scene change]

In the arena Bob, Ray, Anna and Allie came out Bob broke the chains that was binding him

“So who are we fighting?” Anna asks reading her spear “I lord Skycrusher regent of the fire civilization welcome my subjects and allies from nature and darkness to a evening of sport .” Skycrusher said but before he could say anything else Bolshock came crashing down into the arena with Ace and Rockex

“Un I’m going to be feeling that for a month.” Rockex said as he and Ace stood up along with Shack weapons ready

“You guys okay?” Anna asks as she came to her brothers

“Yay.” Ace said.

In Skycrusher private booth Moonra landed and Bowed “Lord Skycrusher.” Moonra greeted “You are welcome to join us Moonra.” Skycrusher said. “I see you have my mate and brother.” Moonra said as she looked at them.

“Yes I have granted the half breed the right to fight for his life with the daughter of Hailstom at his side let no one ever claim that Lord Skycrusher is without mercy.” Skycrusher said

“Hailstorm?” Rockex asks “Ace, Rockex are fathers name is Hailstorm.” Anna said as she filled them in on what happen

“She is the daughter of Hailstorm?” Moonra asks as she looks at Anna “She is.” Skycrusher said.

“Hey don’t forget about us!” Ace yelled as his and Rockex markings appeared.

“So the sons of Hailstorm are also in the arena.” Skycrusher said

“Who are we fighting?” Ray asks “Eachother.” Skycrusher said as he activated the sword

“What !” Anna exclaimed

“Tatsurion and Bolshock attack them.” Skycrusher ordered

Bob and Shack turn around headed towards Rockex and the others “Come on Shack fight it.” Ace said but Shack wasn’t listing.

Shack brought out his Gatling guns and began fire along with Bob Rockex brought up a shield but it didn’t last long the cannon fire and gun fire brought it down

“Forgive us my friends.” Bob said as he grabbed Ray and Allie and Shack grabbed Ace, Rockex and Anna and began squeezing

“Bob, Shack fight Skycrusher control.” Ace said

Before Bob or Shack could finish Squeaky jumped in with Gabe riding on her back Gabe fell off and Squeaky jumped onto Bob’s back causing him to let go and Drake jumped onto Shack’s face

“Drake.” Anna said as and the others got up “That’s Drake?” Ace asks “That’s Squeaky?” Ray asks as Bob tossed Squeaky off

“You okay Gabe?” Rockex asks as he help him up “I’m fine.” Gabe said.

Shack grabbed Drake and tossed him off “Drake.” Anna said as she caught him

“I’m okay.” Drake said “Here this should help” Anna said as she gave him some manna the manna went into Drake’s head jewel he jumped off Anna’s hand and right before everyone eyes a sphere of light engulf Drake the sphere grew bigger and bigger until it exploded what came out shocked everyone.

Before them stands a creature the same height as Shack and had the same body structure like Shack’s but there was a differences his body color grey his claws were white he two bat like demon wings on his back his face was a vanilla color he had glowing ice blue eyes on his head was three large red spikes that looked like it formed a crowned he had a jewel in the middle in it he also had white spiked hair.

The creature stomped on the ground and opened its mouth “ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR.” The creature roared

“Drake?” Anna asks as she steps towards the creature turns towards her and lowered its head and softly nuzzled her “Drake!” Anna said happily

“Wow!” Rockex said as he and the others looked at Drake before Bob could move Squeaky fire a sonic scream towards him Squeaky then changed into a darker version of herself “I knew there was more to Squeaky.” Anna said happily

“Yay witch I didn’t need to see.” Ray said as he covered his mouth.

Drake charged at Shack and slammed him into the wall Squeaky fire bats at Bob

“Things are getting interesting.” Skycrusher said.

Squeaky charged at Bob and bite on his back but ob grabbed her and threw her off him Squeaky managed to land on her feet and charged at Bob again but Bob knocked her away.

Drake delivered a haymaker to Shack’s jaw but he brushed it off and tail swiped Drake into a wall causing him to fall

“Drake.” Anna said as she went to him

“Finish them off.” Skycrusher said as Bob and Shack move in for the finishing blow but before they can Ray and Ace got in front of them “Shack stop.” Ace said but Shack knocked him out the way along with Ray “Guys.” Allie said

Bob and Shack approached them “Shack you and Bob can fight this your stronger then this remember Bob you are not a half breed you are a double breed half fire, half Nature.” Ray said as Shack and Bob raised their arms Ray and Ace closed their eyes waiting for the finishing blow but it never came they opened their eyes seeing Bob and Shack stopping halfway.

“What!” Skycrusher exclaimed

“Bob I can understand but how is Shack fighting the control?” Anna asks she then sees Rockex’s swords glowing “Rockex your swords.” Anna said

“So this is what they can do.” Rockex said as he looked at the swords

“That sword can’t control your nature side use as your strength” Ray said as Bob’s eyes return to normal

“The sword’s control is weakening thanks to Rockex but only you can make the final push use your will Shack that sword can’t control that.” Ace said as Shack’s eyes return to normal

“You never gave up on us.” Bob said as he and Shack helped their partners up “We didn’t come all this way just to find Allie and Anna just to lose you two.” Ray said.

“If I can’t control you I will call dragon kind that I can control Bolgash Dragon hear me!” Skycrusher said.

A 250 feet tall dragon with silver armor covering it body with two laser cannons attached to his shoulder the creature had blue eyes and red skin descended into the arena “Oh Boy.” Ray said

Bolgash fired its cannons at Ray and the other the blast missed them but it got Ace sending a few feet before landing on the ground “Ace!” Anna said as she and the others try to get to him but Bolgash wouldn’t let them.

[Scene change]

In a pure black we see Ace laying there motionless “Wake up my son.” Said soft female voice.

Ace open his eyes to see a beautiful woman looking to be in her late 30’s she had a hourglass frame she wore a black dress she had dark brown hair that came down to her back she had dark skin and brown eyes.

Next to the woman stood a creature that was the same height as Skycrusher the creature body was buffed he wore silver body armor with some gold patches on it the armor only covered his body and legs his skin was crimson red with some patches of white his arms weren’t covered his shoulders had spikes on them on his head he had two horns his face he had a short muzzle his eyes were a glowing gold on his back he had pair of wings the wings were big and red and had a black finish to them.

“Rise my son.” Hailstorm said his voice was powerful but it was soft “Father, Mother?” Ace asks as he stands up.

The woman nodded nervously “Mom, Dad!” Ace said happily as went to go hug his parents.

“My son it’s good to see you again.” The woman said “Mom, Dad I missed you.” Ace said as he hugged them “My son listen you must go back.” The woman said.

“Bolgash is to strong.” Ace said

“You are a nuva son you have more strength that dragon ever will.” Hailstorm said as he came up to Ace and pointed to his chest “You have so much strength locked away.” Hailstorm said.

“Dear we must take away the seal.” The woman said as she and Hailstorm came up to Ace the woman’s markings appeared and the nuva symbol on her hand her markings were silver and black.

The woman and Hailstorm began speaking in language he never heard before Ace’s eyed widen as the seal broke and memories began flooding his brain and his manna began rising.

“My son we are so proud of all of you.” The woman said as Ace’s manna continue to rise.

“Go give them hell Ace.” Hailstorm said as his voice faded.

[Scene change]

In the arena Rockex and the others weren’t doing so well against Bolgash his armor was to thick but before they could make a move they all turn to see Ace standing and glowing.

“Ace?” Rockex asks

Ace’s markings appeared and before anyone could say anything a flame pillar engulfed Ace’s body the flames began lashing out everywhere.

“What’s happing?” Anna asks as she shielded herself and the others.

“I don’t know but Ace’s manna is rising like crazy.” Rockex said.

The flames began to die down when they were gone in the center of the arena stood Ace but he was different.

Ace now stood about 6 feet and 5 inches his body color was crimson red his body was buffed he had a six pack on his back he had two pair of wings the joints to the wings were black and the inner part was red his shoulders had a scallop design on his lower arms his markings were glowing orange and white his markings covered a little of his upper body he was wearing black combat pants but they were cut off at the knee on his lower legs he had leg armor the armor was black with silver trimming his hair reached down to back his eyes were glowing a red orange color in his right hand he held his buster sword but his sword was different the blade was longer and it was silver the handle was red and the guard was gold with a scallop look.

Ace threw his head up and let a powerful roar “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Ace roared as his wings unfolded and rose to their full height.

All the creatures were stunned in awe and fear.

In Skycrusher’s booth he and all the rest was looking at Ace in fear. Skycrusher was trembling for the first time in his life he was scared.

Bolgash snapped out of his shock and roared at Ace but Ace wasn’t paying him any attention.

Bolgash fire his cannons at Ace.

Ace saw the cannon fire coming towards him but he didn’t move the rounds impacted on Ace creating a large cloud of dust “Ace!” Rockex said fearing his brother maybe hurt when the dust cloud cleared it revealed Ace standing in the same spot unscratched.

“Wow.” Ray said as that was the only thing he could think off.

“Ace doesn’t even have a scratch on him.” Allie said amazed

“How!?” Skycrusher asks/ yelled .

“My turn.” Ace said as he raised his sword and changed it to burst mode like before the blade on the sword turned and opened a little and the guard opened and the handle bends down a little.

Ace charged his sword with some manna and fired it the sheer force of the blast sent Bolgash through the wall causing the arena to rock a little when the smoke cleared Bolgash was lying on the ground out cold but the most shocking part was that the entire left side of Bolgash’s armor cracked and missing pieces not to mention on his left leg and arm he was bleeding a little and he was missing one of his cannons but he was alive.

Ace then pointed his sword a Skycrusher’s booth and fired Skycrusher and the others ducked and moved out of the way.

The sword of firey cataclysm fell to the ground with a clank Saguru and Crow saw the sword and retrieved it after they had the sword they went into the arena.

Ray and the others were looking for a way out amidst of all the chaos they saw Saguru carving a hole into the wall while Crow held the sword once the hole was complete they went through it.

“This way.” Rockex said as they followed Crow and Saguru through one inside Crow covered the sword with some cloth.

“You betrayed us for the sword?” Ray said annoyed “Your still alive.” Saguru said as he picked up the sword before anyone could say anything Master’s Chavez, Kimora and Jaha came running around the corner with guards behind them.

“Master Chavez?” Ray asks as Chavez stopped in front of the group “Two things one you’re in big trouble two what happened to Ace.?” Chavez asks/said.

“Explained later.” Ace said as he raised his wings to their full height and gathered energy “Get down.” Ace said as soon as everyone was out of the way Ace opened his mouth and released a giant stream of fire towards the guards sending them to the far end of the tunnel.

“Things got complicated thanks to these two.” Ray said as he turn to see only Crow there “Where is Saguru?” Ray asks “He finished his mission.” Crow said as Skycrusher and Moonra came crashing through the wall.

But before they could attack a portal open up and Brightmore came through “Come on.” Brightmore said as the others hurried through.

[Scene Change]

“You did well Saguru.” The Choten said as tech minion took the sword “Where is Zero?” The Choten asks as he looked around.

“He had some personal business he needed to take care of.” Saguru said.

“Very well here is your rearward I’ll give Zero his when he returns.” The Choten said as a Cyber Virus floated to Saguru hand.

“You may leave.” The Choten said as soon as Saguru was gone the Choten picked up his phone.

“It’s me…yes it has been awhile since we last worked together but now I need your help again.” The Choten said.

“It’s time we finished project Zero how soon can you get here?” The Choten asks.

“Good I will meet you tomorrow at the airport.” The Choten said as he hung up the phone.

[Scene change]

In the temple Arena everyone was gathered “Well it seems you and Squeaky have formed a bond.” Allie said as she observed Allie and Squeaky while she pets Drake in his dragon form.

“Yes I finally get it now I understand how you feel about Bob and how Gabe feels about Gargle and Ace feels about Shack and Rockex feels about Blade and how Anna cares for Leo, Drake and Drax I like how Squeaky turns inside out.” Allie said as she hugs Squeaky

“Only you and Anna would like waling nightmares.” Ace said still in his creature form.

“The children won’t stop touching the creatures.” Nadia said.

“Hey it isn’t all bad right Master Chavez.” Rockex said. “I will admit it was kind of good.” Chavez said

“On to more pressing matters.” Brightmore said looking at Crow and Ace.

“Ace how what happen to you and why did you bring one of the Chotens minions with you?” Chavez asks.

Ace and Anna looked at Rockex “Sigh it’s time we tell.” Rockex said as he told the masters about the nuvas

“Unbelievable.” Jaha said amazed

“A six civilization.” Nadia said.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Kimora asks

“Like I said before we are just now getting are memories back.” Rockex said

“Oh and Masters before you get any ideas we are going to say this now all information and matters that regard the nuvas we handle.” Anna said in tone that left to room to argue.

“We understand it is your right.” Chavez said respecting their privacy

“Crow.” Ace said getting his brother’s attention “hmm?” Crow asks

“We need to speak to you in private.” Anna said as Ace, Rockex and Ray followed her to a different part of the temple.

[Scene change]

As soon as they were in a private place Ace change back to his human form.

“Crow why didn’t you.” Anna began but Crow cut her off. “Not go back to the Choten.” Crow said

“Yay.” Anna said.

“Simple I need to find out how I was and you three answered my questions.” Crow said with a small smile on his face.

“So does this mean your finally coming home?” Rockex asks “Not yet the Choten is planning something big I will keep you informed when the time is right I will return.” Crow said as he open a portal but before he went through Anna hugged him.

“Be safe brother.” Anna said with tears in her eyes “I will sis.” Crow said as he went through.

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