Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 12 part 1

Chapter 12

Part 1

It’s been five days since the whole fire civilization event Crow has been keeping the gang updated on the Choten’s plans as best he could.

[Scene change]

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and the Choten stood at the airport by the taxi area waiting for the two plains to land he didn’t have to wait long a midnight black CRJ200 with a gold finish landed the second plane to land was a cargo plane.

After the planes taxied in the door to the black CRJ200 opened and unfolded itself to a stair ramp the first person to come out was an old man he wore a grey cloak that covered his whole body except his head he had dark skin and he had grey hair and a grey beard.

The second person to step out of the plane was a boy he was about 5/9 in height he wore black sweatpants and an orange muscle shirt also tied around his waist was a gold jacket his skin had a light tan color to it.

The third person to step out was a boy he was about 5/6 in height he wore black jeans and a red dress shirt his hair was smooth and black he had white pale skin.

The fourth person to step out was a girl she was about 5/6 in height she looked like the boy who just step out they looked identical except they were different genders the girl wore a black skirt and a red and black dress shirt she had white pale skin and her hair was long and black her hair came down towards her back.

The Choten came up towards the old man and shook his hand “It’s good to see you again Xavier.” The Choten said.

“It’s been awhile my friend tell me do you remember Evo?” Xavier asks as he pointed towards the tan skin boy.

“How could I forget I also see you brought the twins with you.” The Choten said as he looked towards the boy and girl.

“Yes I brought Kim [the girl] and Kam [the boy] with me and also I brought a few of my prototypes with me.” Xavier said.

As soon as Xavier finished speaking the cargo plane’s hatch open and the men began to unloaded it three rectangle shape contains were unloaded followed by two animal size cages the last cage was big after that boxes were unloaded.

“I see also I think you should see this.” The Choten said as he handed a photo over to Xavier.

Xavier looked at the photon and his eyes widen at what he saw but he calmed down and a smirk appeared on his face “Well it seems I have preparations I need to take care of bring the supplies to my mansion.” Xavier said as he, Evo, The Choten, Kim and Kam got in a limo and drove off.

[Scene Change]

The siblings were at home eating breakfast.

“Where is Rockex?” Janet ask as she got ready to go to work.

“Must still be in bed I’ll get him.” Ace said as he went to go get his brother out of bed.

“Oh boy I’m late Ray would you and the others mind picking up grandpa’s medicine today?” Janet asks.

“It can wait I’m fine besides the children have better things to do on the weekend.” Ojiisan said as he ate.

“We don’t mind grandpa.” Ray said happily.

“It’s the least we can do for are Ojiisan.” Anna said.

“Thanks guys have a good day.” Janet said as she left.

[Scene change]

Rockex was standing in the middle of a large forest he looked around trying to see if he can find anyone “Hello?” Rockex called out he then heard a growl from some bushes.

Rockex turn to see a green dragon step out of the bushes.

The Dragon was the same height as Bob also it skin color was green with a gold patch on its underbelly and it walked on all fours its wings were attached to its front legs the wings were a little transparent and had little gold lines on them it also had some green and gold spikes on its body. Its claws were gold in color and its tail was brown and had a tree like appearance and on top of its head has silver horn like blade it eyes were yellow.

Rockex approached the dragon cautiously once he was close enough he tried to placed his hand on the dragon’s head to pet it but the dragon gave out a warning growl “Easy I’m not going to harm you HornBlade Dragon.” Rockex said as gently placed his hand on HornBlade’s head and began petting him.

HornBlade nuzzled into Rockex as he continue to pet him HornBlade was careful of his horn for he didn’t want to hurt Rockex.

[Scene Change]

“Un...Morning Ace.” Rockex said tiredly as he woke up “Morning sleepy head what took you so long to get up?” Ace asks. “Met a new creature called HornBlade Dragon.” Rockex said as he went to brush his teeth and change clothes

“A new partner creature huh cool well breakfast is on the table and mom already left for work we need to go get grandpa medicine today.” Ace said as he left out their share room.

[Scene Change]

Crow made his way towards the Choten’s office once inside he go went to his desk and found his private computer “Let’s see what Choten is up to.” Crow said to himself as he began to hack into the laptop as Crow broke through Choten’s firewalls he found more and more of his plans

“What’s this?” Crow asks as he clicked on a file called Civilizations once open he saw a whole bunch of other files but the ones that caught his attention was the one labeled six civilization, texts and Nuva Beast.

“How does he know of the Nuvas?” Crow asks as he open the files he scan through them after he got down reading he decided to copy the information he found and delete the original.

Unknown to Crow he trip a silent alarm when he hack The Choten’s computer.

[Scene Change]

Xavier’s mansion was on a hill it was black also it had the latest’s in security it’s color was black with red trim.

The mansion’s living room was big it had black leather couches and red table and a 45 inch flat screen T.V. on the wall and there was some pictures hanging on the walls were the couches were “Nice mansion.” The Choten said as he looked at the pictures.

“Thank you.” Xavier said

The Choten cell phone went off he grabbed it out of his pocket to see what’s wrong “Its seems curiosity is about to claim another victim.” The Choten said as he saw the recording of Zero hacking his computer.

Xavier look at the phone to see Zero face “Kam.” Xavier said. Kam nodded and went to go grab his gear.

“Should we go to?” Evo ask as he and Kim came up behind Xavier “No I don’t want to reveal you two just yet.” Xavier said as Kam back.

Kam was now wearing white pants with extra pockets on them he wore a black shirt with a dark purple blazer attached to his right pants leg were four little gold pods and on his head he wore gold sunglasses.

“Zero is on the move capture him but don’t kill him.” Xavier said as Kam left

Kam made his way towards the garage were his motorcycle was waiting.

Kam’s motorcycle was a 2014 Kawasaki with a black and white, purple paint job. he got on and took off out of the garage.

[Scene Change]

Crow speed down the freeway dogging traffic and doing 65mph “Damn I knew Choten wanted power but this is crazy!” Crow thought furiously as he sped up but before he can change lanes Kam cut him off.

“Who the heck?” Crow asks himself as Kam tried to force him off the highway “I don’t have time for this.” Crow said to himself as he got off the freeway and went toward the city with Kam right behind him.

[Scene Change]

Ray and the others were at the dojo with Allie and Gabe the reason they were there was because they saw a gold robotic Owl fly by so the gang had to talk to Brightmore.

“Master Brightmore! We just saw this weird thing zipping through the air!” Ray said as he and others came running in.

“Let me guess—you think you saw a U.F.O.? It may interesting you learn that most U.F.O.s are actually Light Civilization creatures that have breached the veil.” Brightmore said.

“Aw no little green men.” Anna whispered to Gabe.

“I have Stalker Spheres position all across the city it will give us a look at your mystery creature.” Brightmore said as he moved some images out of the way.

“Odd there are several spheres missing.” Brightmore said.

“Want to know what else is odd is there are reports of several strange robberies.” Gabe said as he looked on his phone.

“Here is the last transmission from one of my stalker spheres.” Brightmore said as the image showed the image of a gold Owl flying.

“That’s the same creature we saw.” Ace said as he and the others looked at the image.

“Interesting it appears to be a Thunder Guardian should be moderately powerful interesting.” Brightmore said as he looked at the creature

Rockex’s cell phone beeped as someone was trying to call him “Hold that thought.” Rockex said as he answered his phone.

“Hello…Crow?” Rockex asks surprised as this drew everyone’s attention “Where are you?....Okay hang tight bro were coming.” Rockex said as he hung up his phone.

“What’s going on?” Anna asks “Crow has found out something about the Choten’s plane but the Choten now knows Crow is a spy so he sent someone after him.” Rockex said.

“So what do we do?” Ray asks “Well someone needs to track down that creature while the others go help Crow.” Ace said but before he can say anything else Brightmore cut him off

“You may assist me in tracking down the creature as for your brother we need a plan.” Brightmore said.

Rockex got annoyed at Brightmore “Look Brightmore do whatever you want but we are going to save our brother!” Rockex said as he went past Brightmore.

“Ace, Allie with me Gabe and Ray, Anna stay and help Brightmore.” Rockex said as Ace and Allie nodded.

“Hold it I will tell you how we will.” Brightmore didn’t get a chance to finish as Rockex cut him off. “Anna can you tell Master C to meet us at this place something tells me we are going to need all the help we can get.” Rockex said as he Ace and Allie left.

Anna went to go give Master Chavez the message. Brightmore turn to Ray “We must clear something up.” Brightmore said as he led them to the training area.

[Scene Change]

“Why can’t I just summon Bob and go after it?” Ray asks.

“First, because you can’t have Tatsurion the Unchained stomping around the city in broad daylight.” Brightmore said with force in his voice

“So what that’s why we have Cyber Viruses for.” Anna countered “Second a true duel master can summon whichever creature is suitable to the task.” Brightmore said as he ignored Anna’s outburst.

That’s it!” Anna thought furiously as she activated her gauntlet.

“Try this creature bro Alcadeus Winged Justice!” Anna said as she summoned the armored Angel.

“Who dares summon me?” Alcadeus asks as he looked around “I do.” Anna said getting the angels attention.

“Princess Anna how is this possible?” Alcadeus asks as he bowed “Long story but right now I need you to be my brother Ray partner.” Anna said as she transferred control over to Ray.

Alcadeus turn to face Ray “It’s a pleasure to meet you Master Ray.” Alcadeus said.

“You don’t have to call me master just call me Ray Al.” Ray said as he loosen control of Alcadeus.

“Al?” Alcadeus ask. “Your nickname.” Anna said.

[Scene change]

Crow turn into the construction site.

Crow stopped his bike and got off and put on his gloves as soon as he did Kam came into the construction site Crow turn around and began firing manna arrows at him.

Kam jumped off his bike before he got shot. Kam’s bike explode as it got hit with manna arrows

Kam landed on the ground he then grabbed one of the pods he hand on his pants leg and pumped some manna into it the pod glowed and transformed into a double bladed sword

Crow pulled out three kunai and threw them at Kam as he charged at him. Kam avoided the kunai and brought his sword down against Crow who barley dodged it Crow then kicked Kam in the stomach causing to kneel over in pain this gave Crow time to pull out his sword he had strapped to his back the sword had a silver blade and the guard was square shape.

Crow and Kam’s weapons crossed both of them were trying to break the struggle “RAAA!” Crow roared as he pushed Kam back breaking the struggle he then proceed to attack Kam with light and heavy sword strike Kam managed to block all the strikes he then grabbed Crow by the shoulder and tossed him a few feet away.

Kam brought his sword down on Crow but Crow blocked with his arm his cloak was torn to reveal than on Crow right arm was samurai armor on his shoulder and his lower right arm the armor was silver in color with blue highlights.

Crow kicked Kam in the stomach and sending him a few feet. Crow got up and took off the rest of his cloak to reveal his outfit he wore the same clothes except this butterfly swords were gone and on each leg was a holster for a kunai on each leg were five holsters and on his left arm was the same samurai armor and on his thighs were samurai thigh armor and on his back was a sheath for his sword.

Kam got back up and ready his self for combat him and Crow circled one another. Kam made the first move and went for a rising slash but Crow counters and delivered a right haymaker to Kam’s jaw followed by a headbutt.

Kam shook it off and dodged Crow’s sword strike and kicked him and then spin kicked causing Crow to slide across the ground.

“Un…” Crow groaned in pain as he tried to get back on his feet. Kam came charging as he was about to bring down his sword down on Crow but was blocked by a huge buster sword “Not so fast chump you want my brother you go through us.” Ace said as he punched Kam in the face then the stomach followed by a round house kick to the abdomen.

“You okay Crow?” Rockex ask he and the others came to help him “I’ll live.” Crow said as Allie helped him to his feet.

Kam grabbed one the pods on his leg and channeled some manna into causing to transform into a gun lance the lance was white and gold trimming on it on each side of the were three little holes the barrel of the was made out of metal.

Kam channeled his manna into the lance and fired it. “Look out!” Ace said as he and the others took cover. “That guy’s weapon is like your buster sword Ace.” Rockex said as he and Ace hid behind some of the construction equipment.

“That weapon may be like my buster sword but let see if it can compare in power.” Ace said as he changed his sword to burst mode and came out of his hiding spot and charged his buster sword.

Kam ready his gunlance one both weapons were charged Ace and Kam fired at the same time causing the two beams of energy to collided creating a circle of energy as the beams struggled to push the other back. Ace pumped more manna into his sword trying to break the struggle. Kam pumped more of his manna into his gun lance as he secured his footing.

A fireball collide with the circle of energy causing Kam and Ace to fly backwards.

A large claw hand caught Ace.

Ace looked up to see Shack and Rockex “Thanks for the save guys.” Ace said to his partner and brother. “No problem let’s go.” Rockex said as the others left but not before Master Chavez grabbed Crow’s bike and took off.

[Scene Change]

Brightmore, Ray, Gabe and Anna peeked their heads out behind the wall to get a look at the jewelry store that was guarded by police examining it.

“Where is Al?” Anna ask Ray pointed to the sky Anna looked up to see Al flying high up “Stay here I will investigate.” Brightmore said as he went to go look at the store.

“Hmm there is unusual residual strong manna in the area.” Brightmore said to himself.

“There it is!” Ray said as the Thunder Guardian flew past them “After it.” Anna said as Al came down beside them “Get on.” Al said as he picked up Ray and flew after the Thunder Guardian with Anna and Gabe, Brightmore right behind them.

The Thunder Guardian land on a glove hand that belong to a white skin man that brown hair and beard he wore dark green combat boots and light green pants that had multiply pockets on them and a red short sleeve button up shirt with a vest over it and on his right arm was green tattoo.

“Hmm an armored angel caring a kid now I’ve seen everything.” The man said as he sent the Thunder Guardian to attack Ray and Al.

Al took off with Ray in his arms as he bob and weave through buildings as he dodged the attacks from the Thunder Guardian “I think we lost him.” Ray said as he looked back and didn’t see the Thunder Guardian chasing them but before Al or Ray could reacted the Thunder Guardian was right in front of them and blasted them sending Ray and Al onto the top of the building.

“I don’t care what Nigel says I’m calling Bob.” Ray said to himself.

“Al are you okay?” Ray asks as he got up to check on Al “I’m fine but my wings are a little beat up.” Al said as the Thunder Guardian came back around and fire a shining blast on Ray and Al.

Anna and Gabe busted through the door just in time to see the blast “Cover your eyes.” Gabe said as he and Anna took cover.

“Talk about Shock and Awe hey maybe we should call it that.” Gabe said as he and Anna got up “Not bad, I guess for you.” Anna said teasingly

“There he goes.” Gabe said as the Thunder Guardian and the man escaped.

“I think we have bigger problems.” Anna said as she went to check on her down brother “Ray did you see that?” Gabe asks

“No..i can’t see anything.” Ray said as he show them his eyes which were white.

[Scene change]

Rockex and the others made it to where Crow lives “Nice place.” Ace said as he looked at the building “Hold on.” Crow said as he step in front of his home “Shield down.” Crow said as the manna shield around his home dropped.

“Come on.” Crow said as he and the others went in to his home “You can put my bike right there.” Crow said as Chavez brought his bike in.

Rockex and the others notice several boxes “You already prepack?” Ace ask “Yay.” Crow said as he picked up his backpack “WOLF!” Everyone turn to see Yuki coming “I could never forget you Yuki.” Crow said as he picked up his little wolf.

“Is that a Wolf pup?” Allie ask “Yes I founder her when I was out shopping one day.” Crow said as alarms went off in his house “Looks like your friend is back and he bought company with him.” Ace said as he looked out the window to see Kam with 20 tech minions with him.

Rockex open a portal to Argon and Drax came out “Drax help Crow with his stuff and get it to the castle.” Rockex said as he and Drax help Crow move. “It’s going to take them awhile to break through that shield.” Ace said.

Outside Kam put a finger to his ear to answer his Bluetooth “Kam the S2 is ready. summon it.” Xavier ordered “Roger that.” Kam said as his eyes glowed dark purple and a symbol appeared on his hand the symbol on his hand was a circle and inside the circle was three black lines.

“What the!” Allie said in shock “NO way!” Ace said “He …He….a.” Rockex couldn’t finish his sentence. “Nuva.” Crow said.

“He’s a Nuva?” Chavez asks “No the symbol is different.” Crow said.

Outside Kam opened a black portal and a creature step out the creature was about 16 feet tall the creature looked like an Europe knight suit of armor but different the legs were thicker and had clawed feet and the arms were thick square shape and had claw hands its shoulders were oval shape and had black spikes on them the head was rectangle shape and had a big t shape opening in the front for its green eye on its back it carried a silver double edge great axe the creature’s body was silver.

“I never seen a creature like that.” Chavez said as he looked at the creature.

The creature pull out its axe and swung at the barrier causing the first shield layer of the barrier to be destroyed.

“Crow how many layers does this barrier have?” Rockex asks “Five and that creature just destroyed one four more hits like that and were done.” Crow said.

“Come on.” Ace said as he and Rockex went outside to face Kam.

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