Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 12 part 2

Chapter 12

Part 2

Ace and Rockex made their way outside the moment they step out they came face to face with Kam and his creature.

“Let me introduce you to my partner S2-Night, surrender Zero to us and you can leave with your lives.” Kam said as he took out his sword.

“Not going to happen, Blade Seer!” Rockex said as he summoned Blade. Through the portal Blade step out fully recover armor repaired and both swords at his side.

“RAAAA.” Blade Seer roared “Welcome back Blade.” Rockex said with a smile he was glad that Blade was alright “Its good to be back.” Blade said.

“You think your little kitty cat can stand up to S2? pathetic S2 kill them.” Kam said as S2 charged at Rockex and the others.

Blade intercepted S2 with his swords drawn “Me and Blade can handle this you deal with those techminnions Ace.” Rockex said as he drew his swords and went to go help Blade.

“With pleasure.” Ace said as he pulled out his Buster sword and charged at the techminnions.

Blade and S2 weapons clash S2 had the upper hand as he push his axe against Blades swords Blade held his ground as he broke the struggle and kicked S2 in the stomach followed three swords strikes witch S2 blocked and swung his Axe at Blade in a horizontal slash but Blade blocked it with one of his swords and used his left one to try to stab S2 in the head but S2 caught it.

Kam fired his gunlance at Rockex who dodged it but the shot hit barrier but it didn’t break any layers. “Crap I got to keep his fire on me and away from Crow and the others!” Rockex thought furiously as he intercepted a shot and blocked it with his shield. Rockex then charged at Kam with both swords drawn Kam pulled out his on sword and met Rockex’s charge

Blade and S2 broke their struggle and got some distance from one another “Something’s not right with this creature…. Could it be…no it can’t be.” Blade thought as he intercepted Kam right before his and Rockex’s swords met.

“What’s wrong Blade?” Rockex asks he stood by Blade and S2 return to Kam side “That thing is not a creature.” Blade said as he pointed to S2. “What do you mean?” Rockex asks.

“That thing has the scent of a dead creature and something else.” Blade explained.

“What.” Rockex said shock at what his partner said.

“Your friend speaks the truth at one time this was a light creature but me and my allies capture it and well we need to make room for some special programing.” Kam said with a small smile on his face

“You kill it!” Rockex roared as his markings appeared and his eyes glowed “No I wasn’t the one that kill it. my S2 was.” Kam said

“What do you mean?” Rockex asks “Well you S2 and the rest of his kind are special creatures they don’t have a physical forms they are just balls of light they are called specters you should know this Nuva because these creatures belong to your kind.” Kam said

“That’s a lie we Nuva’s would never house creatures like that!” Rockex roared as he and Kam’s swords met once again.

Ace finished the last techminnion he then turn to see Rockex and Blade needed help. Ace pulled out his chakrams and threw both of them at Kam who blocked them with his sword and threw them back at Ace.

Ace caught his weapons and return them to bracelet form “Rockex you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ace asks as his markings appeared “Oh Yeah.” Rockex said getting the hint

“Haunted Mech!” Ace said as he summoned Han

“Blade Seer, Haunted Mech fuse!” Ace and Rockex said as they created the portal and both creatures went in.

“Come Forth Mech Seer.” Rockex and Ace said

The creature that came through the portal looked like blade Seer with a few differences his lower legs were heavily armored his Right arm was a cannon his shoulders were box shape on his head he had Han’s helmet and covering his mouth was an battle mask his eyes were a light blue color on his back was a sword.

Mech Seer ready his cannon and his shoulders open up revealing rows of missiles.

“Fire!” Rockex ordered as Mech Seer unleashed his payload on S2 and Kam.

Rockex and Ace decided they had bought enough time so they withdraw back to Crow home with Mech Seer not too far behind them as he laid down cover fire for them.

“Let’s go!” Rockex said as he, Ace and Mech Seer came in to see Allie and Master Chavez go through the portal to Argon.

“Crow come on.” Rockex said as Mech Seer and Ace went through the portal “Right behind yay.” Crow said a he jumped through with Rockex.

Once gone the front of the building was blown open and Kam and S2 walked in along with some techminnions “They’re gone.” Kam said as he looked around he heard a beeping noise.

Kam’s eyes wide he and S2 quickly left the building just before it exploded.

[Scene change- Argon]

“We made it.” Allie said with a sigh of relieve as Rockex and Ace defused Mech seer.

“Welcome home Prince Crow.” Drax said as he help move his stuff into the castle

“It’s good to be home.” Crow said as Chavez open a portal back to the dojo “Come on lets get back.” Ace said as he went through the portal followed by Rockex, Allie , Chavez and Crow.

[Scene change]

When Rockex and the others return they were greeted by Anna telling them what happen Rockex and the others made their way to the med wing to see Ray.

Nadia was checking him “How is he?” Rockex asks “he is lucky that this was an attack to his mana and not his optical nerve he will be fine.” Nadia said as Master Kimoura came.

“How’s are patient?” Kimoura asks “He will be fine his sight will return soon.” Nadia said as she left out “Here Ray this will help.” Kimoura said as he took out a plant and placed over Ray’s eyes as it began to move “You will be back to 20/20 in no time.” Kimoura said cheerfully.

“Plants aren’t so post to move.” Allie said a little creeped out “These are they are heeling plants.” Crow said.

“That’s just wrong.” Gabe said “What’s wrong is that you didn’t stay where I told.” Brightmore said.

“Back off Brightmore Ray did what he thought was best and now we know someone is controlling Shaw K’Naw.” Rockex said as he stood in front of Brightmore.

“One of Choten techminnions?” Brightmore asks “No some guy.” Anna said as she told them about the person she saw.

“Ring any bells Crow?” Ace asks “No I don’t know anyone by that description but we have bigger problems.” Crow said.

“Bigger problems like what?” Ace asks. “Choten knows about the Nuvas.” Crow said as everyone faces turn to a look of shock “How.” Anna asks.

“I don’t know but on this flashdrive I got everything his agenda, plans everything and I deleted the original.” Crow said as he showed them the flash drive.

“Getting use to this won’t be easy.” Ray said as he tried to move with Rockex help “Maybe we can get you a seeing eye creature.” Ace said

“Sure, hey mom I got blinded by a bird from another dimeson just ignore the giant spider on the leash.” Ray said sarcastically

“This is no time to make jokes bro what if they are wrong what if you stay like this forever?” Anna said.

“I may know a remade but it will take some time.” Crow said as he exit the infirmary

“Okay in the meantime let’s get back home.” Rockex said as he and Ace helped Ray walk.

By time the siblings got home it was night Ace quietly open the door and went in followed by the others they saw that the T.V. was on

“Up next the san campion Museum has a new exhibit gems, gems and more gems this exhibit is renowned throughout the world.” The Ancher man said as Ojiisan turn off the T.V. and continued to work on his paper crane.

“Your mother already went to sleep I told her that I would stay up and wait for you all.” Ojisan said.

“Thanks Ojisan.” Anna said as she handed him his medicine

“You spend a little time in the dark and discover it’s not so scary. Rockex, Ace, Anna and Raiden I don’t see so well anymore but I can still hear if you all need to talk I be happy to listen.” Ojisan said

A small smile appeared on the kids’ faces “Thanks Ojisan.” Rockex said “Good night.” Ace said as he and the others made their way to their rooms for some sleep.

[Scene Change]

Xavier led Kam to an elevator in the mansion “So how was the mission?” Xavier asks.

“Zero is good but he had help from his siblings and others I must say his brother Rockex is skilled with a blade.” Kam said as the elevator stop and the doors open to reveal a big metal hallway Xavier and Kam made their way down it to a large metal door.

“Just as I expected from my daughter’s children.” Xavier said as he type in the code and the door open revealing a large lab in the lab were many big holding cells “But soon even they won’t be able to stop me. Kam I’m sending you out tomorrow I want you to observer them and test them also I want you to use the S2 and S4 to their full potential and if they have one of the key’s or keystones take them.” Xavier said as he left Kam and continue to walk through the lab.

“Yes sir.” Kam said as he went to one of the cells.

Xavier went to the far side of the lab and type in the code the triple reinforced door. When the door open some cold steam came out and Xavier went in.

The room itself was big and circular it held 31 human size capsules and in the center of the room was a capsule and a glass case in the glass case was what look like a sword but it didn’t look like a sword it had a handle but the rest of it looked like a lot of tiny moving pieces that didn’t go together.

[Scene Change]

Today the siblings went to the dojo to see if Crow found a solution to Ray’s problem they went to Master Jaha’s room.

“Instead of fighting light with light how about darkness.” Ray said as they made their way down the stair of master jaha’s room “Bad Idea.” Anna said “why?” Ray asks

“Because Leo may be strong but he is still a darkness creature and darkness creatures are weak in light even if me and Rockex fused Leo and Blade and made Death Seer. Death Seer will only be at halve strength even though Death Seer is part light creature and nature he still need his dark half.” Anna explained/said

“What about Drake?” Ace asks as Drake popped out of Anna’s pocket “You called?” Drake asks “Hey little guy how you been?” Anna asks as she petted him “Good.” Drake replied

“I am glad you guys made it.” Crow said as he yawned and pulled out an old book “Hey bro you looked tired and what’s with the book?” Rockex said/Asks

“I was up all night going over the files I got from Choten and this book is one out of three journals from one of are clansmen when they first discovered Argon and the rebellion I found it in the castle Library.” Crow said.

“What did you find?” Ace asks “Well for starters Drake is actually a Nuva beast.” Crow said

“Nuva Beast?” Anna asks as Drake came out “Yes he is part of the Nuva clan.” Crow said as Anna grabbed Drake and hugged him

“Also that creature that you face yesterday was something called a Specter and what that boy said was true they are Nuva creatures but they were created during the rebellion and in Argon there is a place called Oblivion Cave I don’t know what’s down there I haven’t got that far in the files or journal all I can tell you is that there are two doors down there.” Crow said.

“Well this is all good but did you find anything to help Ray get his sight back.” Anna said as Master Jaha came out.

“I have summon something special from the darkness realm to help you.” Jaha said as she led Ray to a creature that was made out of living mud that had glowing yellow eyes “This is a Mudman just don’t touch it.” Jaha said as Ray tried to feel the creature but his hand went into it.

“Ray you might want to wash your hands.” Gabe said “Like a thousand times.” Allie added

“I think we should call him Fumes.” Anna said as she and the others covered their noses

“Even when your site returns you must be able to work with darkness care to help me train the Tarborg?” Jaha asks

[Scene Change]

In the Arena Jaha was teaching Ray how to handle Fumes.

Ray walked right into Fumes and fell down backwards with mud getting on him “You walked right into him” Jaha said.

“Yay that will happen since I can’t see.” Ray said “You must use your other senses don’t just rely on your site brother.” Crow said as he and the others watched

“You must feel it smell the air now you do it take command.” Jaha said as she helped Ray up and Ray’s glove connected to Fumes.

“But why do we have to Stomp and yell and boss them around why can’t we treat them like friends?” Ray asks as Fumes did what he did and accidently fired two sludge bombs at the others but Rockex and Ace blocked it.

“Because there not friends!” Jaha said

“Yes they are.” Ace said

“Shack, Blade Bob, Leo, AL they all have free will they can ignore us and not help but they choose to because they are our friends they are not just simple beast they are more than that.” Crow said surprising everyone

“A true duel master takes command of their creature and attack.” Jaha said as she gave Fumes the command and he sucked up all the light in the room.

After practice Ray was sitting down with others beside him “Its not fair me and Bob can catch that crook and his bird.” Ray said.

“You know what would help? If we can find that guy and his bird before they strike.” Allie said

“I can do that” Gabe said as the others looked at him.

[Scene change]

Gabe and the others were by the freeway hiding behind a dumpster.

“Based on the various robbery’s and mana fluctuations from Nigel’s Stalker Spheres I was able to triangulate the probable location of the crook and his bird.” Gabe explained

“Uhh there is nothing here Gabe” Anna said “Don’t bet on it.” Crow said as he and Gargle looked out of binoculars to that guy getting in his truck.

“Found him Ray.” Gabe said

“Tatsurion The Unchained!” Ray said as he summon Bob

“Blade Seer!” Rockex said as he summoned Blade

“What’s with the goggles?” Bob asks “Long story tell you later let’s stop that truck.” Rockex said as he got on Blade and Ray got on Bob and went to attack.

“Are you kidding me?” The guy said as got out of his truck and released Shaw K’Naw and sent him to attack “Look out!” Rockex said as he and Blade dodged at the last minute but Bob got hit and he crashed into the wall.

Standing on one of the buildings Kam was watching them “This should be fun.” Kam said to himself as he jump of and went to join the battle.

“Crud.” Allie said as she prepared to summon Squeaky but was stopped by Anna “Bad idea Squeaky wouldn’t be able to help us he and Leo are both darkness creatures and the light weakens them.” Anna explained

“What do we do?” Allie asks as she wanted to go help Ray “I got it covered.” Anna said as Drake popped out of her pocket “Ready Drake?” Anna asks as Drake got on the ground “Ready.” Drake said as Anna sent mana into Drake and he transformed to his dragon form.

“There’s more of you!” The man exclaimed as Drake charged along with Blade and Rockex, Anna as Ace and Crow went to check on Ray and Bob.

“Gargle we need some fire power.” Gabe said as Gargle started building a weapon.

Blade and Drake tried to hit Shaw K’Naw but they missed Shaw K’Naw did a power dive towards them and delivered a powerful blast to Blade and Drake sending them along with Rockex and Anna a few feet away.

“Eat this!” Gargle roared as he brought the out the blaster he just got done building and started firing on Shaw K’Naw but the bird avoided every shot and blasted Gargle banishing him Allie grabbed Gabe before he got hit.

“You guys alright?” Ace asks as he helped up Ray “Were fine.” Ray said as he rubbed his head a little

“Sorry Ray without my site I don’t think I will be of much in this fight.” Bob said as he stood up “Its okay Bob you will heal faster in the creature realm.” Ray said as he dismissed Bob “What do we do now?” Ray asks

“You’ve done enough!” Brightmore said as he came with Ra Vu came charging in.

“I don’t think so the party is just getting started Duel Master.” Kam said as he fired his gun lance at Brightmore and got a direct hit on him and Ra Vu.

Ra Vu was banish and Brightmore flew a few feet and land on the ground hard he was bleeding and some parts of his clothes were burnt or destroyed.

Shaw K’Naw and the man took the chance to escape and left “Who are?!” Rockex asks/roared as his markings appeared and his swords at the ready with Blade standing right beside him along with Crow, Ace and Anna

“The name is Kam and we have some unfished business.” Kam said as he summon S2 along with a new creature. This new creature had the appearance of raven only difference was that both its wings were metal and it had sharp metal talons and its neck and head was metal to it was the same size as Bob it was silver and black and its eyes glowed Purple.

“I like you to meet S4-Dark.” Kam said as he pulled out his double bladed sword and his markings appeared.

“Are you a Nuva?” Anna asks spear at the ready.

“No but I am something similar. S2-Night and S4-Dark FUSE!” Kam commanded as he created a purple portal and S2 and S4 went into it Rockex and the others could only watch in shock and horror “COME FORTH MY DARK NIGHT!” Kam roared as a new creature came out of the portal it had S2-Night’s body but it feet were claw talons on its back it had large metal raven wings its lower arms were large black gauntlets its head was that of a raven its eyes glowed purple it was the same height as Death Seer if not more.

“Allie, Gabe get Ray and Brightmore out of here we will handle this.” Ace said as he change to his creature form.

Blade and Drake charged at Dark Night. Drake and Blade attack at the same time but Dark Night caught Drake’s punch and Blade’s sword with ease and sent them back. Dark Night charged at the two.

“Take this!” Ace said as he sent a large fireball towards Kam followed by a blast of his Buster sword. Kam intercepted the projectiles with a shot from his gunlance Crow, Anna and Rockex were at Kam’s sides and brought their weapons down on him but Kam blocked the blades with his sword holding all three of them off he then fired his gunlance with his free hand at the air born Ace. Ace closed his wings around him and threw up a manna shied right before the blast hit.

“Ace!” Anna said as she called out to her brother

Kam took the chance to push Rockex, Anna and Crow off of him he was about to fire his gunlance again but a stream of fire blocked his path he looked up to see Ace descending towards them he didn’t have a scratch on him.

“You are going to better than that to take me out.” Ace said as he threw several fireballs at Kam forcing him to back up a few feet.

Meanwhile Blade and Drake were on the defensive as Dark Night fought both of them in hand to hand combat so far they have only landed scratches on Dark Night.

Dark Night on the other hand is landing hits on them. Drake blasted Dark Night with his white flame breath but Dark Night dodged it and sent out a purple blast of energy at Drake and Blade causing them to fly a few feet before hitting a pillar and landing on the ground hard Drake reverted back to his original form.

“Drake, Blade!” Anna called out alarmed “Anna we need Leo!” Rockex said as he and Anna broke off from fighting Kam and went to there down partners.

“No you won’t!” Kam roared but before he could move dodged at the last minute as shot from Ace’s buster sword nearly got him. “Were done yet pal.” Ace as he and Crow blocked him from the others.

“Death Liger!” Anna said as she summon Leo “Ready?” Rockex asks as his eyes glowed and his markings appear along with the nuva symbol.

“Ready.” Anna said as her eyes glowed and markings appeared along with the nuva symbol.

DEATH LIGER, BLADE SEER FUSE!” Anna and Rockex said in unison as they created the portal Leo and Blade went into it “COME FORTH DEATH SEER!” Anna and Rockex commanded as Death Seer came through and landed on the ground.

“RRRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!” Death Seer gave off a powerful roar “Sick him.” Rockex said as Death Seer drew his sword and charged at Dark Night.

Dark Night’s left arm shifted into silver blade and he met Death Seer’s blade with his own the two fused creatures struggled but it was obvious that Dark Night had the advantage as he forced Death Seer to kneeling on the ground as Death Seer used his hand to hold his blade arm. Death Seer managed to force Dark Night off him with the little strength he had but when he tried to stand he fell to his knees.

Anna and Rockex rushed to Death Seer’s side “You okay guys?” Rockex asks as he checked them “Not good Rockex Death Seer only at half strength he won’t be at full strength until it like dusk or night.” Anna said

Dark Night came charging in at full speed as soon as he was close he threw a punch but It was caught by Rockex. Rockex’s eyes and markings were glowing brighter he grabbed Dark Night’s other arm and tossed him but Rockex didn’t stop there he closed the distance between them and delivered a powerful right cross to Dark Night’s face followed by a kick to the stomach he then backflip off of Dark Night and landed on the ground he grabbed his swords and channeled manna into them he swung his swords and created a shockwave that went straight towards Dark Night and hit.

Crow knocked Kam’s gunlance out of his hand and spin kicked him sending him into a nearby crate. Kam answered his Bluetooth “Fall back Kam I got all the data that I need.” Xavier said on the other line “Roger that.” Kam said as he stood up he pulled four tiny balls and threw them on the ground causing a large cloud of smoke to appear surrounding the area “Can’t see.” Anna said.

“Hold on.” Ace said as he raised his wings and flapped them sending out a strong gust of wind getting rid of the smoke once it was gone Kam and Dark Night were gone as well “He left.” Crow said as Rockex and Anna defused Death Seer and dismissed Leo and Blade Ace changed back to his human form “Come on let’s get back to the dojo.” Rockex said he picked up Drake and handed him to Anna who attended to him.

[Scene Change Dojo infirmary]

Rockex, Ace and Anna made their way into the infirmary and saw master Jaha by Brightmore’s bed he had a bandage over his head that covered his right eye and a cast on his right arm and left leg

“That duelist weapon managed to take me and Ra Vu out with a single shot it reminds me of Ace’s buster sword in all my years I never seen anything like that and that ruffian that was controlling the thunder guardian .” Brightmore said but was interrupted by Ace.

“Don’t worry about Kam we took care of him he retreated.” Ace said. “Kam?” Jaha asks “That’s the dude’s name.” Anna said.

“How you feeling Master?” Rockex asks “I’ve been better.” Brightmore said with a groan. “Don’t worry about the Thunder Guardian we will deal with it.” Jaha said.

Outside Ray and the others were listing in. Ray decided to he heard enough “Ray slow down.” Allie said as she grabbed him and kept him from hitting the wall

“I know I can fight Shock N’ Awe my way and win. You think that guy is stupid enough to hang around now that he knows people are on to him?” Ray ask as Allie and Gabe helped him walk

“Well criminals aren’t very bright and it’s extremely likely target San Campion museum Gem exhibit.” Gabe said “Yeah, Yeah grandpa was watching a show about that we need to get there fast.” Ray said “Then what all are creatures have struck out and not to mention what if we run into Kam there you heard what your siblings said.” Allie said “Not all of them.” Ray said.

[Scene change council chambers]

Crow was currently having a meeting with the other three Masters. “You can’t be serious?” Nadia asks

“Very serious let me train the others in weapons and hand to hand combat are enemies aren’t just relying on creature power they are using there on skills they are raising the stakes look at what happen to Brightmore your old ways don’t work anymore it’s time for a change.” Crow said

“I agree with Crow.” Kimora said. “I also agree.” Chavez said.

“We still have to inform the others.” Nadia said.

“How soon can you start?” Nadia asks

“Immediately.” Crow said as he went to get started.

[Scene change]

Brightmore and Jaha made their way towards the practice field once they got there they see Crow training some of the other students in hand to hand combat with Anna, Ace and Toji, Chavez helping him.

Crow dodged another punch he then grabbed the student arm and pinned him to the ground “You can’t just punch wildly you need to focus and be calm.” Crow said as he let the student up

“What’s going on around here?” Brightmore asks “Training.” Crow said simply.

“This is not are way.” Brightmore argued “You nearly died today Brightmore are enemies are playing for keeps now.” Chavez said as he came to the field

“If you want to die early be my guess but I’m going to teach those that want to be taught how to fight your old ways aren’t working anymore times have change.” Crow said ending the argument

“Where is the Tarborg?” Jaha asks looking around.

“Don’t worry master J Rockex and the others have it.” Ace said as he continue to show the other students some weapon techniques.

[Scene change. San Campion Museum]

Ray, Rockex, Allie and Gabe arrived to see that it was already in the progress of being robbed Ray and the others made their way inside so far the casings housing the gems have been broken open.

As they walked Ray was in front with Rockex guiding him from behind as they continue to walk Ray and Rockex stopped “Look out!” Ray said as they took cover just as a blast from Shock N’ Awe nearly hit them.

“How did you two know?” Allie asks “I felt it.” Rockex said “A manna surge.” Ray said.

“Keep im busy.” The man commanded as Shock N’ Awe fired multiply blast Rockex and the others dodged them.

“What now?” Allie asks “Four prong attack.” Rockex said “I agree.” Allie said as they split up

Gabe summoned Gargle as he came through the portal Gargle didn’t look so good “Gargle don’t feel so good.” Gargle said not fully healed from his last run in with Shock N’ Awe “I know but we need some extra protection from those blast.” Gabe said as Gargle got to work.

“Blade Seer!” Rockex said as he summoned Blade “You okay Blade.” Rockex asks “Un I’ve been better but I’m ready for round two.” Blade said.

“Skull Cutter!” Allie said as she summon Skully. Skully jumped up and hugged her “Good to see you to.” Allie said happily.

“Now charge!” Allie said as she sent Skully to attack “Right behind you.” Rockex said as Blade joined Skully on his attack.

Shock N’ Awe sent out a powerful blast that hit Skully banishing but missed Blade as he jumped up and took a swipe at Shock N’ Awe but missed Blade backed flip as he dodged a blast.

Fumes came up behind Ray and Rockex and tapped them on their shoulders “Okay Fumes it’s you and me.” Ray said as he jumped into Fumes “You okay Bro?” Rockex “Gross.” Allie said as gags.

“Hey fumes I can see what you see even though I can’t see. Let’s do it.” Ray said as Fumes roared in agreement.

Fumes began to absorb all the light in the room making everything go dark without light Shock N’ Awe couldn’t see and crashed into a chandelier. Shock N’ Awe fell to the ground and fire a light blast hitting the man but he blocked it his glove got torn off reveling a techgauntlet.

“Tear this place down!” The man Ordered as Shock N’ Awe fired a blast at the ceiling the ruble from the ceiling fell on Ray and Fumes “Ray!” Allie yelled concern for her friend.

The ruble began to shift as Ray and Fumes emerged unharmed Ray got out of Fumes “Okay mister what’s your game were you a duel master?, Do you work for the Choten?” Ray integrated.

“I don’t know what you talking about.” The man said “Then how did you get that?” Rockex asks as he pointed to the techgauntlet. “One night I saw some goons using gloves like this in an alley so I appropriated this from their truck tried it on managed to snag dodo bird here through some hole in the air turns out I got a knack for controlling the stupid thing.” The man explained

“A light creature wouldn’t do any of this by choice your forcing him to commit crimes for you.” Ray said

“Uh Yeah…You mean like this.” The man said as he commanded Shock N’ Awe to attack “Ray catch!” Gabe yelled as he threw the modified shield to Ray.

Ray caught the shield and deflected the blast back “Let’s get that glove off him before anyone else gets hurt.” Ray said “Way ahead of you brother.” Rockex said as he had his swords out and close the distance between him and the man Rockex sliced the techgauntlet then he grabbed the man’s hand and took it off and crushed it.

Without the gauntlet Shock N’ Awe was free he looked at the man with rage and rammed him off the stair causing to fall to ground Shock N’ Awe landed on him ready to finish him “Revenge is not the way of the light.” Ray said calming Shock N’ Awe down “Your better than that.” Rockex said

Shock N’ Awe got off the man and went to Rockex’s shoulder “I know the feeling.” Rockex said as he petted Shock N’ Awe “Come on let’s send you home.” Rockex said as he opened a portal “We all aren’t bullies.” Ray said as Rockex dismissed him.

“Jaha and Nigel aren’t going to be happy how you handle that.” Gabe said

“I see you got your site back.” Rockex said “Yay it seems that mud bath did the trick.” Ray said as Allie, Gabe and Rockex gaged a little “Not as good as a real bath.” Rockex said as they the Man tried to escape but Blade intercepted him and punched him knocking him out.

“We let the police find him.” Ray said as he turn to Fumes “Thanks Fumes.” Ray said as he dismissed him “You did good Blade.” Rockex said as he dismissed his partner.

[Scene change]

“Welcome back.” Crow said as he got done sparring with a student “What’s going?” Ray asks “I’m teaching everyone how to defend themselves “Where’s Fumes?” Ace asks

“Back home we took care of that guy and freed Shock N’ Awe.” Rockex said.

“Guess we better go tell the masters.” Ray said as he and the others went to the counsil chambers

[Council chambers]

It seems Ray’s way of fighting has worked.” Crow said “I admit your approach did achieve a favorable outcome this time but that does not change the facts.” Brightmore

“Give him a break Brightmore he won what more do you want.” Ace said defending his brother.

“Including the fact that you took the Tarborg without permission and bounded with it.” Jaha asks “Hey if Ray didn’t bond with Fumes he wouldn’t have gotten his site back and we couldn’t have stopped that without Fumes.” Rockex countered

“We can’t have one set of rules for you all and another set for the others.” Brightmore said “Hey your rules nearly got you killed today Brightmore so back off.” Anna said.

“That’s why from now on I will be training you guys on how to fight people like Kam.” Crow said as Ray, Allie and Gabe looked at him shocked “You serious?” Ray asks.

“We have already agreed to it.” Chavez said.

“Your training begins tomorrow.” Crow said.

[Scene Change]

In prison the Man was lying on his bed “Good Moring Mr. Heller.” The Choten said approaching Heller “Do I know you?” Heller asks

“No but I know you. You took my new techgauntlet prototype and used it to control a very powerful creature and used it to steel things Mr Heller you are a greedy man.” The Choten said.

“What are you going to do to me?” Heller asks fearfully “I’m going to offer you a job.” The choten said.

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