Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Un…where am I?” Rockex asked as he woke up to fine himself in a giant forest as Rockex got up he started to wander through the forest he wasn’t aware of the pair of eyes watching him

“Hello can anyone here me?” Rockex called the bushes rustle “Hello?” Rockex asked suddenly a creature sprang out of the bush the creature had a spider shape it had four spider like legs and two more legs coming from its back its head had a reptile look but it had no scales its skin was grey and purple.

“What the.” Before Rockex could say anymore the spider creature took a swipe at Rockex with its claws Rockex dodged and ran the chased after him Rockex tried to lose it in the tree’s as he ran he turn his head to see if the spider creature was still following him but it was gone.

Rockex stop and turn around “Where did it go?” Rockex asked before he can do anything else there inhuman screech and before Rockex could move he wrapped up in some kind of thick web Rockex fell to the ground he tried to break free but the web was to strong.

The spider creature jumped off the tree and land right in front of Rockex.

Rockex closed his eyes and braced himself for death but when it didn’t come Rockex open his to see a 15 feet tall white tiger cover in gold armor wielding two swords the armor cover half his lower legs and his midsection with two sheathes on each side and the armored cover half of his upper body and two pieces of armor on his lower arms and shoulders and he wore a helmet with three long thin spikes out on the top of it the helmet had no face guard.

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