Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Blade seer!” Rockex shouted as he shot up in his bed in the orphanage looking around “Huh it was just a dream.” Rockex thought. “Hey Rockex you okay bro?” Ace asked “Yay I’m fine.” Rockex told Ace “Hey Rockex who is Blade seer?” Anna asked. “Some kind of creature out my dream.” Rockex said. “Come on guys back to sleep.” Ace said as he laid back down on his pillow with that Rockex and Anna went back to sleep.

[New Day]

Rockex woke up to the sound of his alarm clock he groggily open his eyes and look at the time it was 8:23 am getting out of his bed with his pillow he went over to Ace’s bunk and whack him hard.

“Okay okay I’m up.” Ace said.

Rockex smiled and put his pillow back on his bed and made it Rockex then went into their bathroom and got changed Rockex put on his black sweat pants with two green lines on each side and a gold shirt he grabbed his emerald green bandana and put on his head after that he headed down stares for breakfast. Its Saturday so we have eggs and bacon.

Rockex grabbed his food and sat down at their table a couple minutes later Ace and Anna arrive with their food and sat down with Rockex.

“Hey look it’s the monster trio.” A girl snapped at the three. Her name is Cathy she picks on a lot of people.

“Back off Cathy who wants to talk to a rude person like you!” Anna snapped back.

Rockex, Ace and Anna got up from the table then left the cafeteria.

As three walked they weren’t watching where they were going and bumped into two people.

“Are you three ok?” A woman asked. Rockex looked up to see a woman in her late 30’s and boy somewhere around fourteen years old standing right next to her.

“I’m Janet Pierce and this is my son Ray.” Janet said.

“What are your names?” Ray asked.

“My name is Rockex and these two are my brother and sister Ace and Anna.” Rockex said as he introduces the three of them.

“How would you three like to be adopted?” Janet asked.

The three of them stood there in shock Anna then went up to Janet and hugged her.

“I take that as a yes.” Janet said. Anna was very much overjoyed as she ran down the hall to meeting room with Rockex and Ace behind her with Janet and Ray right behind them in toe when they got there Janet learned more about the three luckily she didn’t asked about their family death because they couldn’t remember what happed to them she signed all the documents she said the two of them would be back for them in a week.

The three of them couldn’t wait.

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