Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

chapter 3

Chapter 3

It’s is Saturday again. Today is the day for the three siblings to live with their new family.

Right now the three siblings are hanging out in there room they already have their bags packed so they were just waiting Rockex has his green headphones on listing to his music and Anna has her navy blue headphones on listing to her music and Ace is on his reading his book.

The three stopped what they were doing when they heard a knock on the door Ace put his book up and went to open the door.

“Hello Rockex, Ace and Anna are the three of you ready?” Janet asked the three siblings nodded.

Rockex and Anna put their headphones back in there bags the three siblings put their bags on their backs and walked out there room with Janet right behind them.

“Hey look it’s the monster trio, Rockex, Ace and Anna.” A female voice said.

Janet turns around and the four look at Cathy. Her friends laughed. Anna had it she charged over to Cathy and slapped her then kicked her in the shin.

“Oh my mother….!” Cathy mumbled. Anna put her hand over her mouth before she could finish after a few seconds Anna felt two hands on her shoulder Anna turn her head to see Ace and Rockex.

Anna removed her hand from Cathy’s mouth the three girls got up ran away.

“Anna you should not have done that.” Rockex said. “Sorry.” Anna said.

“You need to learn to control your temper sis.” Ace said.

The four of them walked outside to find a blue car parked outside Janet got in the driver seat along with Ace, Rockex and Anna got in the back of the car.

“Where’s Ray?” Anna asked. “He’s back at home with his grandfather Oij San.” Janet said.

A few minutes later

The car stopped at an apartment complex “This is where we live I know it’s not much.” Janet said.

But to the three siblings it was home their home they could care less if it was big or small it didn’t matter to them they finally had a home and a family to care and love for them and all three of them swore they would protect their new family.

“It’s perfect mom.” Ace said. Janet just smiled with that the four of them made their way up the stairs and into the apartment when they got in they were greeted with sight of Ray drawing in his sketchbook and his grandfather was making a paper crane.

Ray stopped drawing in his sketchbook and turns around to see his mom and his new siblings coming in the door.

“Hey guys welcome home.” Ray said. “It’s good to be home bro.” Anna said.

“Rockex, Ace.” Janet said to get their attention “Yes mom.” The two brothers said at the same time “Ray will show you to your room Anna follow me please.” Janet said.

“Yes maim.” The four replied.

Ray showed Rockex and Ace to his room when they got in there they saw it had a bed and a bunk bed.

“Well guys this is our room what do you think.” Ray asked.

“Little small but its good.” Ace said.

“I like it.” Rockex said.

Ray then got out his cell phone and began dialing Gab’s number

“Hey guys want to hit the arcade?” Ray asked his new siblings

“Sure what about you Rockex?” Ace asked his brother. Rockex nodded his head.

“Cool I’ll go get Anna and tell mom.” Ray said as he left out of there room.

Meanwhile Janet showed Anna to her room turns out Janet and Anna are sharing a room and that was okay for Anna.

While Janet helps Anna unpacked Ray came into the room “Hey Anna want to come with me Rockex and Ace to the arcade?” Ray asked.

“Sure.” Anna said.

“Hold on you two how are you going to get there you only have one bike Ray.” Janet said.

“Relax mom we have that under control.” Ace said as he and Rockex came into the room holding skateboards Rockex then went over to his sister to give her, her skateboard.

Rockex’s board is green and black

Ace’s board is red and silver

Anna’s board is blue and purple

“Alright be careful you four and be home before nightfall.” Janet said

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