Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

As the four siblings made their way to the arcade Ace decide to do a few tricks on his skateboard which consist of flips and Ollie’s.

Rockex then decide to put his two cents in there was a stone stairwell and a metal guard rail Rockex then went head of his siblings he pick up some speed and jumped on the rail and grind down it before Rockex reached the end of the rail he tilted his board up a little then jumped with some altitude Rockex did a complete 180 spin and landed perfectly.

“Nice landing Rockex.” Ray said as he and the rest of his siblings praised him on his performance.

A few minutes later the four siblings made it to the arcade they left their stuff bikes and skateboards outside and went in when they got in they saw a boy about the same height as Rockex he had dark skin he wore a blue long sleeve shirt with black shorts and he wore a tan hat and shoes.

“Hey Gabe.” Ray said. “Hey Ray how are you and who are your friends?” Gabe asked. “Gabe I like you to meet my new brothers and sister Rockex, Ace and Anna.” Ray said as he introduced Gabe to his new siblings.

“Nice to meet you three.” Gabe said. “Same to you dude.” Anna said.

A few minutes later the five of them made their way out of the arcade and went their separate ways the four siblings return home

“Welcome back you four how was the arcade?” Janet asked. “It was good we had fun.” Anna said as all of them sat down at the table for dinner.

A few minutes later everybody was getting ready for bed “I had fun today thanks for taking and showings us the arcade Ray.” Rockex said.

“Yay thanks bro.” Ace said. “No problem besides what’s a brother for.” Ray said as the three of them climbed into their beds.

“Night bros.” Ray said.

“Night bro.” Ace said.

“Night.” Rockex said.

[Scene change]

“Where am I?” Rockex asked as he looked around it was black everywhere he turn “Rockex is that you!” Rockex turns around to see Ace running to him coming right behind Ace was Anna

“Ace, Anna what are you two doing here?” Rockex asked

“We could ask you the same thing little brother.” Anna said before she could say anything else there was a bright light and three orbs of light appeared right behind Anna each their own color the one to the right was red the one in the middle was green and gold and the left one was purple.

“What are those things?” Ace asked.

Rockex then step forward to the green and gold one but before he could touch it Ace put his hand on his shoulder

“Rockex what are you doing we don’t know what those things are.” Ace said.

“Trust me Ace I know what I’m doing and besides you’re not going to hurt me are you Blade seer.” No sooner than Rockex said that the green and gold orb changed to said creature.

“So this is Blade seer.” Anna said as she looks at the creature “so that means your Rockex’s partner.” Anna said Blade seer nodded his head Anna then turn her attention on the purple orb.

“So you must me my partner but I don’t know your name.” Anna said then a image flashed in her head showing a lion with horns and a blue mane and wings “Your Death liger.” Anna said and just as she said his name the orb transformed to a large white bone lion with two horns on its head and a blue mane and wings.

“Ace approached the red orb and placed his hand on it “Bolshack Dragon.” Ace said the orb transformed into a large red dragon with horns and wings it wore silver battle armor.

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