Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It Thursday 9:56pm

A couple was walking down a path enjoying them self’s when they passed the bench a green rift began to open. The wind picked up the couple braced them self’s for the wind.

Through the portal came out a rhino like creature but the top part of the rhino was dark brown and on its sides it had spikes the bottom half of the rhino was tan and it had blue eyes and it’s most defiant feature was it big sharp horn.

The couple turns around to see the rhino charging at them the couple began to run to their car when they got their they tried to open the car door but they couldn’t the couple manage to get out of the way before the rhino smashed into their car sending it flying into a nearby tree.

The rhino then turns its attention towards the couple but before it could do anything. “Hey Rumbling Terrasaur!” The Terrasaur turns around to the person who called its name.

The figure wore red sweat pants and a red jacket with green on the on shoulders and on his left hand was a gauntlet the gauntlet was red with a little bit of orange you couldn’t see the figure’s face because his hood was up.

The Terrasaur charged at the figure right before the Terrasaur made contact the figure raised his gauntlet hand and the Terrasaur ram right into a blue barrier causing the Terrasaur to fly back a couple of feet but it somehow manage to land on its feet suddenly a ten foot tall red lizard standing on two legs appeared behind the figure wearing silver and black armored covering it’s hold body and both arms were 3inch blades.

The lizard hissed at the Terrasaur this caused the Terrasaur to back up a little “Herd him back home Gilaflame!” the figured ordered Gilaflame with that Gilaflame took off like a shot from behind the figure towards the Terrasaur

As Gilaflame ran towards the Terrasaur he put his blades on the ground creating a blazing trail behind him as soon as Gilaflame reach the Terrasaur he unleashed lighting fast punches which began to make the Terrasaur back up to the portal he came out of.

As soon the Gilaflame got the Terrasaur back in the portal he took a knee as the figure walked past him to the portal the figure began to close the portal by some movements.

When he was done the figure pull out his cell phone and began calling “Its Chavez another creature got through but I return it and sealed the breached but these incidents are growing more frequent…okay see you back at the temple.” Chavez hung up his cell and turns back to Gilaflame he then pulled a piece of meat from his jacket “Well done.” Chavez said to Gilaflame as he tossed the meat to Gilaflame who ate it.

“Ostia no way go.” Chavez said as he dismissed Gilaflame who disappeared in flames Chavez’s gauntlet the changed into a black fingerless glove he then took the glove off and put it in his pocket he then began to walk back to the temple but he was unaware that he was being watched by figure wearing a black suite and had a blue and silver glove.

[Scene change]

Oij San and Rockex was making paper cranes while Ray was drawing in his sketchbook Ace and Anna were sitting on the couch playing cards.

Janet then came into the living room “It’s almost bed time you four.” Janet said to the four siblings.

“Okay mom.” The four of them said Janet then came beside Ray to see what he was drawing “ooh what are we drawing tonight mister talent?” Janet asked as she looks down at Ray’s drawing “ooh Ray scare monsters again how about superheroes or one of those change o bots things.” Janet said Rockex chuckle a little at their mom antics.

“Change o bots mom?” Ray asked with some amusement in his voice “How about a video game it looks nice and violent.” Janet asked as she held up two games “I’ll take one.” Ace said from his position on the couch.

Oij san tapped his hand on the table getting everyone’s attention “A craning manna turtle won’t come from an egg but only one will fly.” Oij san said. “Of course grandpa that was wise right?” Ray asked/whispered to Rockex.

Rockex just nodded his head “Okay Raiden, Ace, Anna and Rockex pierce Okamoto floss, brush, and bed.” Janet said “everyone went to go get ready for bed except Ray as he stayed to finish his drawing “Drawing to figure out what to call you roaring…Rumbling.” Oij san then put a pape rhino that look like Rays drawing in front of him “Hey that look like my drawing.” Ray said.

“This egg will hatch when it’s ready but not in till it gets enough sleep now bed.” Oij san told Ray. “Yes Oij san I’m going.” Ray said as he went to get ready for bed but before he does he stops at the shrine and prays “Night dad.” Ray said as he put his fingers on the picture of his dad.

[Scene change Friday]

The four siblings were in the car as Janet drove them to school “Sorry mom.” Ray said. “I’m not mad at you Ray or the others but you guys have been missing the bus a lot lately want to talk about it?” Janet asked.

“Not really thanks.” Rockex said as he turns his head to the window. “Those bullies again yes.” Oij san asked “Grandpa.” Anna said. “Is that true Guys?” Janet asked “It’s no big deal.” Ray said. “Your father used to avoid as well doesn’t work you four must stand up for yourselves.” Oij san said. Oij san.” Janet said. “The trick is don’t get hit got to bob and weave jab, jab Hard to hit moving target.” Oij san said.

“So we will unpack more boxes and settle in we will be fine.” Janet said as the car came to a stop in front of San Campion Middle school the four siblings got out “Have a great day.” Janet said. Ray and Ace pulled up their hoods the four siblings made their way into the school.

A girl with ginger blond hair wearing a purple blue shirt and dark blue pants and on both arms she wore purple long sleeves and on her neck was a purple sweater and she had green eyes the girl was walking through the school’s court yard.

“Dudes, Yo rock on.” The girl said to a group of boys she was passing by then two stop in front of the girl “Hey.” The two girls said in unison “Allison don’t tell me you going to the leopard table again?” The blond girl asked Allie “You’re welcome to.” Allie said the two girls walked past her Allie made her to the table that Ray and the others were sitting.

“I bet it took hours to spin that web.” Ray said looking at the spider with Gabe and Rockex while they were looking at the spider Ace and Anne were passing the time by playing cards while he wasn’t looking Ray was pushed to the ground.

The boy wore tan shorts and a blue shirt and had blond hair in some style Ace and Anna stopped playing and saw the boy pushed their brother to the ground Rockex went to go help Ray up.

“What is that thing a spider hum not for long?” The boy said as he prepared to stomp on it but Allie stopped him by standing in front of him “Dude that is an innocent creature it has a right to live.” Allie said to the boy “Back off Allison.” The boy said to Allie.

Before anyone could do anything else Allie grabbed the spider and took off with it Ray was about to go after her but the boy punched Ray and sent him to the ground “I’m getting tired of this.” Ray said as he got back up and to go catch up to Allie with Rockex, Ace, Anna and Gabe right behind him.

“This is so gross.” Allie said to herself as she ran with the spider in her hands but before she could go any further the boy stopped her “What do you think you’re doing it’s just a dumb bug and your dumb to help it, it would probably bight then you really look like a leopard.”

“Not my problem and fyi Carny everyone’s watching you being mean to me.” Allie said to Carny . Carny then turned around to see everyone staring at him.

“If he was smart he knows that the spider is not harmful.” Anna said. “What was that?” Carny ask as he took a step forward to Anna “Leave my sister alone Carny.” Ray said. “Or what half Japanese and Half white boy going to go ninja on me?” Carny asked.

“Wow Carny I thought you were just a loser but you are actually a racist half stupid half despicable halfwit.” Allie said to Carny “its okay Allie I got this.” Ray said before anything else can happen the principal walked up to the two boys.

“Is there a problem here boys?” The principal asked them “No sir I got no problem at all.” Carny said as he and his friends walked away all the other students were still looking at Ray and the others.

“You okay?” Allie asked Ray “I’m fine besides we saved a life oh I forgot this is my brothers and sister meet Ace, Anna and Rockex.” Ray said as he introduced his siblings to Allie “Nice to meet you all.” Allie said “Same to you Allie.” Anna said.

A few minutes later school was out and Ray Allie Gabe Rockex Ace and Anna got off the bus and started walking home “Sweet short day and its Friday things are looking up.” Allie said as they continue walking but they stopped when three of Carny’s friends blocked their path “That’s it I’ve had enough.” Ray said before Carny up behind him and knocked him down.

“You sure because I got a lot more for you.” Carny said Rockex then tackle Carny to the ground before his friends could help him Anna and Ace jumped on them.

Rockex grabbed Carny by the shirt and punched him in the face then he head butted him Rockex tried to punch Carny in the face again but he dodged and struck Rockex right across his face Rockex brushed it off and kicked him in the stomach.

Anna and Ace were doing okay the boy Ace was fighting was that good and Ace was running circles around him the boy Anna was fighting was easy Anna got him in the stomach then in the face the fourth boy grabbed Ray and put him in a headlock Ray’s sketchbook fell open on the ground Ray saw the picture he drew last night “Rumbling Terrasaur!” Ray shouted and then a portal open up and said creature step out of it everyone stopped what they were doing and saw the creature come out everyone took off Ray and the others ran to the nearby construction site to hide the Terrasaur was on their hills.

Chavez was sealing the portal the Terrasaur came out of he then saw Ray’s sketchbook on the ground Ray and the others was hiding behind some bricks “Think we lost?” Ray asked they then heard stomping and the Terrasaur smashed right through the bricks and sent them flying “You had to ask didn’t you.” Anna said on the ground “Run.” Ray said “Can’t move feet.” Allie said the Terrasaur then charged at Ray but he stopped and sniffed Ray.

Ray then put his hand on the Terrasaur’s nose to pet it “Well that interesting but a problem.” The figure said as he came out if his hiding spot the figure wore a black suite with a blue tie he had blond hair he had a blue gauntlet on his left hand “but I have the solution. The figure said as he raised his arm and the fingers on hi Gauntlet shot out and a blue portal was open the figure pulled back his arm and a blue long serpent with two tails came out “Now Rapids Lurker attack.” The figure commanded the Rapids Lurker.

The lurker attacked the Terrasaur but the Terrasaur pushed it back by ramming it into a wall the lurker then wrapped itself around the Terrasaur and put its two tail tips on the Terrasaur head and shocked it the Terrasaur then tried to ram the Lurker of it but smashing it through things when the lurker let go off it the Terrasaur then stomped both feet into the ground and sent the lurker flying.

The Terrasaur started charging at the figure but he jumped out of the way The Lurker then wrapped itself around the Terrasaur and shocked it the Terrasaur then fell to the ground “Wait sir don’t kill it I don’t think it was going to hurt us.” Ray said to the figure “Young man this beast is extremely dangerous but I have no intention of killing it.” The figure said to Ray “Who are you?” Ray asked the figure “I could ask you the same question.” The figure said to Ray.

A silver van pulled up by the Terrasaur a girl wearing purple pants and a long sleeve shirt step out she had silver hair and she had brown eyes two men followed her both wearing what look like greenish flight suits “Containment.” The girl said “Come on Ray time to go.” Allie said grabbing his arm and leaving with the others “Shall I eliminate the witnesses my lord?” the girl ask the figure “Alakshmi their children you might encourage them about the experience.” The figure said to Alakshmi unaware to them Chavez was watching them from atop of a building.

[Scene change]

“Okay for real’s what was all that.” Allie asked “Who was that man and that wired fish creature?” Ace asked “Hello you drew that giant horn thing before we even saw it.” Allie said to Ray “What you mean Rumbling Terra.” Ray didn’t get to finish because Allie stopped him by placing her hands over his mouth “That’s it you said the name and it appeared I mean how did that happened how did you know its name?” Allie said “I just blurted it out.” Ray said. “Okay so you were gone the last two years at wizard school and now you bring drawings to life in your sketchbook.” Allie said

“Speaking of which where is your sketchbook?” Gabe asked “it must still be in the ally I have to go back.” Ray said as he left out of Allie’s room “We will come with you.” Rockex said as he and the others got up to follow Ray. “I say we make a pack and don’t talk about ever especially the monsters name.” Allie said everyone nodded their heads.

Allie went to go open the door when she did Chavez was standing right there with Ray’s sketchbook “Hello I am Hector Chavez may I asked which one of you drew the Rumbling.” Chavez didn’t get to finish his sentence because Allie stopped him “Don’t say it.” Allie said “It takes a lot more than just saying a name interesting pendant perhaps we can talk.” Chavez said as he pulled out his own Pendant which was red.

“Ray that creature could have trampled you why didn’t you run?” Chavez asked Ray. “I just felt he wasn’t going to hurt me.” Ray said to Chavez “I’m surprised it didn’t.” Chavez said.

Chavez then turned around to see Alakshmi outside with some kind of scorpion creature “She going to be trouble.” Chavez said. “We called the police?” Allie asked “Try the army.” Anna said “No one will get here in time do you have a back door?” Chavez asked before anyone could answer the scorpion busted through the window. “Not anymore.” Gabe said. “This way.” Allie said as she ran to some stairs once everyone was through Rockex slam the door and continues down the stairs the scorpion went to the door and started to tear through it on the other side “That girls was with that man what does she want with us?” Gabe asked.

“It seems I’m not the only one curios about you stand back.” Chavez said as he activates his gauntlet “Gilaflame the Assaulter.” Chavez said as he summon Gilaflame the scorpions broke through the door “Gilaflame invizerate.” Chavez commanded Gilaflame the scorpion tried to attack Gilaflame but Gilaflame was to fast got behind the scorpion and sliced it with his blades the scorpion disappeared.

Alakshmi dodged Gilaflame’s attack “Razorkinder puppet come.” Alakshmi said as she summoned him Gilaflame was about to turn around but the second scorpion tackled Gilaflame.

A three foot tall creepy clown puppet with sharp claws for hands and a two mouth face came out of the portal “Invizerate him!” Alakshmi commanded “Gilaflame cover our escape.” Chavez ordered Gilaflame.

Gilaflame then grabed Razorkinder and the scorpion and pinned them against the wall Chavez then open a portal “Time to go.” Chavez said as he went through the portal with Rockex Ace Anna Ray Gabe and Allie right behind him.

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