Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chavez led the children to mountain clearing “Where are we?” Rockex asked. “The creatures Realm to be more specific were in the nature civilization.” Chavez said to Rockex.

The nature civilization was beautiful they saw down below them a few Rumbling Terrasaur’s “Wow this is wow.” Ray astonish “My thoughts exactly.”Gabe said.

“Everyone be careful.” Chavez said before they could do anything else a giant fist slammed down a few inches from them the fist belonged to a giant creature that appeared to made out of stone it red lines over its body and green eyes something then flew over them they looked up to see a dragon.

“Ace that’s.” Anna said to Ace “I know Bolshack Dragon hey Bolshack over here!” Ace called to Bolshack.

Bolshack turn around and landed where on the cliff where Ace was “How do you know him?” Chavez asked Ace “I will explain later come on.” Ace said as he climbed into Bolshack’s hands “What are you guys waiting for come on.” Anna asked as she and Rockex climbed into Bolshack hands with that the other climbed in as well Bolshack took the air before the giant could grab him.

“Man I’m glad to see you Bolshack.” Ace said to the dragon “As am I Ace.” Bolshack said to his partner but it came out as a hiss “You can understand him?” Chavez asked Ace. “Yay cant you.” Ace asked but before he can get an answer a creature rose up out of the water it look like a snake but it had arms and it had one eye the creature shot a stream of water at Bolshack “AAAAAA!” Bolshack screamed in pain. “Bolshack take us down.” Ace to Bolshack.

Once they were on the ground Bolshack took back to the air to fight Bolshack landed on a mountain and both of his armor shoulder plates retracted and two Gatling guns came out Bolshack open fire on both creatures with his weapons and flame breath.

“He’s buying us time hey cant you open a portal out of here.” Allie asked “Cant my manna hasn’t recharged yet.” “Your what who are!?” Ray asked they ran “Watch out!” Rockex shouted as the giant almost crushed them “Bulshack can’t hold them much longer.” Ace said Chavez’s gauntlet glowed Chavez then open a portal then leaped through it with the others right behind him.

The portal open up by the store and all seven of them came out and hit the ground Chavez closed the portal and went to the sidewalk where the others were waiting “So not a dream.” Gabe said as he and the others crossed their arms looking at Chavez.

“He he he oh come you still have all your limbs attached.” Chavez said trying to lighten the mood “I can’t say the same for my sanity.” Rockex said. “I know what exactly what you need.” Chavez said.

Chavez took them to the store right across the street to get them something to drink they all got some sloshes and sat down at a table.

“Earth to Ray are you actually zoning out or are you in shock because I’m in shock.” Allie said to Ray “it’s just kind of déjà vu didn’t that remind of you something?” Ray asked.

“Yay your sketchbook and 80 horror movies and speaking of reminding Ace you mind telling me how you knew that dragon back there.” Allie asked Ace as all eyes turn to him.

“Well it’s hard to explain Rockex, Anna and I met them in a dream.” Ace said “Time out what do you mean by them?” Allie asked.

“Well Ace isn’t the only one that know a creature me and Rockex met ours mine turned out to be a white lion made out of bone and has wings and horns and a blue mane and Rockex’s is a fifteen tall white tiger with golden armor wielding two blades.” Anna said to them

“Okay hey monster man mind telling us what’s going on?” Anna asked Chavez

“I think its best I show you follow me Chavez said as he left the store with the others right behind him.

[Scene change]

“Well?” the figure asked Alakshmi. “I’m sorry lord Choten a duel master interfered he reached the children before I did and took them through the veil.” Alakshmi said.

“Interesting at least they won’t be talking the masters would want to keep them quiet.” The Choten said “These youths are beneath you my lord helpless babies.” Alakshmi said but the Choten stopped her.

“Move on.” The Choten said to Alakshmi she bowed and left.

[Scene change]

Chavez had brought them to a martial arts studio “What are we doing here?” Gabe asked “This is where I work.” Chavez said “You work at a martial arts studio.” Anna said not sounding very impress.

“Given what we just went through I say smart career choice.” Rockex said.

They followed Chavez to a back room where a man wearing a green and brown coat he had black hair and he wore some kind of kimono the two men bowed “Master Kimora I’m taking these young people for a private lesson.” Chavez said

Chavez pressed a button the mirror retracted “Guess you can go through the looking glass.” Ray as he about to follow but Allie grabbed him “Ray do I have to remind you the last time we went down some stairs with this guy.” Allie said

“He did save our lives.” Ray said “Yay and nearly got us pulverized if it wasn’t for Bolshack saving us.” Ace said “If we want answers we follow and if you guys don’t want to come I won’t blame you.” Rockex said “Were behind you bro.” Anna said “All of us.” Ray said.

With that the followed Chavez down “So you battle using those beast?” Ray asked “It’s called dueling and we call them creatures.” Chavez said as they exited the tunnel

“What is this place?” Ace asks “Welcome to the tempo of the kaijudo duel masters.” Chavez said

“Follow me.” Chavez said as he walked down the stairs Ray pulled his phone out and started texting “Mom we are going to be late getting home.” Ray texted on his phone as he putted it in his pocket and went to go catch up.

“Let me guess the markings on the ceiling are some kind of history?” Anna asked.

“You are correct this is the history of are order and the secrete history of are world thousands of years ago creatures that could be only describe as magical or monsters roamed the earth each belonging to one of five civilizations there was the proud warriors of fire the cyber intellect of water the beastly tribes of nature the living nightmares of darkness the mysterious sky dwellers of light these creatures gave rise to are myths of dragons sea monsters ghost giants and even ufos man and creature kind lived mostly in peace but it wouldn’t last some creatures felt man have grown to powerful and decide he should be enslave great kaiju wars raged for century’s until five great shaman used kaijudo and pulled all the manna they could from them and created the veil and just like that the war was over.” Chavez said.

“So what happen to the rulers of the creatures?” Ray asked “They are here they were put into a deep hibernation.” Chavez said.

“So you guys were the great shamans.” Ace asked “order of the kaijudo duel masters we dedicated are lives to protecting the veil.” Chavez said. “So why are we here?” Anna asked “I invite you here to see if your worthy of joining us.” Chavez said.

The group passed by a row of statues

“He looks familiar.” Allie said as she pointed to one of the statues “The Choten he abandon our ways to enslave creatures for his own gain his statue remands for reminder that no one is beyond corruption.” Chavez said “Guess there bullies everywhere.” Gabe said

Chavez led them to a library of some sort that a little river in it and a waterfall “A library.” Gabe said “Unlike any other in the world.” A woman wearing a black jacket and a blue body suite she has pink hair and blue eyes “This is master Nadia she over see the collection.” Chavez said “I am the keeper of the order’s history and knowledge I wasn’t aware we were giving tours to children.” Nadia said.

“These books are extraordinary but I can’t get it open.” Gabe said “Not books tablets on which information is put on about the thousands of creatures that reside across the veil.” Nadia said.

“Well if that’s the case you got anything on my partner Bolshack dragon.” Ace asked Nadia “What do you know about that creature?” Nadia asked at that point Chavez intervene “Trust me he know the creature he’s one that called it to help us when we went through the veil he not only knew the creature but he understands it.” Chavez said

Nadia looked at Ace “You find the information on the dragon in the fire civilization look in armored dragoons.” Nadia said a she pointed to the part of library with the fire creatures

“You got anything on death liger?” Anna asked “Darkness civilization shadow champions.” Nadia said to Anna Rockex then came up to Nadia “Blade seer.” Rockex said.

“Nature civilization beast kin.” Nadia said to Rockex “Thanks.” Rockex said

Ray then went into the fire archives and saw a tablet glowing “Hey bro found one you like?” Ace asked Ray “I think so.” Ray said “What’s his name?” Ace asked.

“Tatsurion the Unchained.” Ray said “Cool name.” Ace said then Nadia then pushed the tablet Ray was looking at back in the shelf “Tablets here represent creatures you can’t handle.” Nadia said as she lead the two of them back down Chavez then handle Ray Allie and Gabe some tablets of creatures “Learn the creatures name and powers you will be summing them later.” Chavez said

Chavez led them to a smithy of some sort in the temple “Hello master Chavez new recruits?” The smithy asked

“Maybe meet Ray Allie Gabe Rockex Ace and Anna meet Tojie is are gauntlet maker.” Chavez said. “Tojie we need six practice gauntlets.” Chavez said to Tojie Fingers grabbed two boxes of the shelf and placed it on the table the six of them each grabbed a glove.

“Use your will to activate the glove.”Chavez said to them with that they focused and they activated their gloves “Sweet.” Allie said. “Where are the batteries?” Gabe asked.

“You are the battery your kaijudo gauntlet is powered by one’s own manna a magical energy.” Tojie said “Hum you got a boat full and you three have a lot more than he does.” Tojie said to Ray Rockex Ace and Anna.

Chavez took them to a practice field “Your gauntlet is what connects the duelist to the creature.” Chavez said “Like a leash for a dog.” Ray said. “You got to show these beasts whose boss or they will make you pay.” Fingers said as he open the cage in the cage was some kind of bird it was gold and it had black eyes and red lines on its body and it was on fire “Dude is that bird on fire?” Ace asked.

“Yes it is it’s a fire bird its name is Kenina the Igniter the essence to controlling a creature is to focus your manna through your gauntlet observe a dueling command Kenina attack.” Chavez said/commanded with that Kenina unleashed a fireball at the target destroying it.

Allie went first she tried to get Kenina to do as she commanded but Kenina wasn’t following orders after a few more tries Allie gave up next it was Gabe’s he didn’t fare much better than Allie did next was Ray he controlled Kenina perfectly like he did it for years when it came Rockex’s turn he did good just as Ray Ace and Anna did good as well.

“My turn hey Kenina attack!” Allie commanded Kenina attacked but she aim at Allie without thinking Ace jumped in front of Allie and raced his gauntlet hand win the attacked collided a shield formed around Ace

“You activated your gauntlets manna shield with no help.” Chavez said astonished “Hey why didn’t you tell us we had a shield?” Anna asked “Forgot.” Chavez said Kenina then landed on Ray’s arm “Shoo!” Chavez said “Hey.” Ray said “Rule one never touch creatures they are not pets nor friends.” Chavez said.

“Hey did you forget that Bolshack save us he could have left us there to die and but he didn’t he is my friend.” Ace said Chavez couldn’t argue on that Ace was right and from what he got from there last conversation the three siblings have a bond with the creatures.

[Scene change]

Master Jaha an elderly woman wearing a purple dress and a weird shape cane was instructing a group of students on portals Rockex Ace Anna Ray Allie and Gabe were in the group of students “Now acolytes practice!” Jaha commanded with everybody practice on how to open each portal Master’s Chavez and Jaha turned to see Rockex Ace Anna and Ray open portals Rockex open a nature portal Ace a fire portal and Anna a darkness portal

In the council chambers are were the duel masters meet “I’ve never seen such a group with any more natural dueling talent even Tojie senses their abilities as did the Choten.” Chavez said “If he somehow created his own tablet and managed to summon a Rumbling Terrasaur and can communicate with creatures that should be a enough.” Master Kimora said.

“If that’s what occurred Master Kimora my observation shows that these four lacks focus I am unimpressed.” Master Nadia said “I watch them with the fire bird talented yes but to allow the creature to land on him is forbidden and disturbing.” Jaha said “Spying from the shadows again master Jaha?” Chavez asked “spying on their talents is logical but what Chavez said about the Choten is true I say we test them.” Master Nigel said.

[Scene change]

Everybody gathered at the Arena the gate open Ray and Rockex step out Fingers stood there on the side lines while everybody else was in the stands “Don’t worry kids if you can’t control your creatures old fingers got your back.” Fingers said to them “show what you got guys!” Anna cheered.

Rockex and Ray step up they looked at their tablets then a image of blade seer and Tatsurion the Unchained appeared in their heads they both dropped the tablets.

“Blade Seer, Tatsurion the Unchained!” Ray and Rockex both said in unison as they summoned there creatures for the first time two portals open up one fire and the other nature.

A 15 feet tall white tiger cover in gold armor wielding two swords the armor cover half his lower legs and his midsection with two sheathes on each side and the armored cover half of his upper body and two pieces of armor on his lower arms and shoulders and he wore a helmet with three long thin spikes out on the top of it the helmet had no face guard came out of the nature portal

A10 feet tall creature with red skin and yellow eyes with armor only covering his body and wrist armor covering both his wrist and his head looked like some kind of skull and he had horns on his face and a horn on top of his nose came out of the fire portal.

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Both Blade Seer and Tatsurion roared “They both summoned a hybrid.” Jaha said amazed “And a powerful ones to.”Kimora said.

“Blade Seer?” Rockex asked Blade seer nodded his head “It’s good to finally see you Rockex.” Blade Seer said “Likewise pal but first let’s give Ray a hand.” Rockex said.

Who ever brought Tatsurion the Unchained here will pay.” Tatsurion said as he advanced on Ray “Hey back off!” Rockex said as he and Blade Seer came to Ray’s aid Tatsurion turned his attention to Blade Seer and charged at him Blade Seer went head to head with Tatsurion but Tatsurion won the battle of strength as he rammed into Blade Seer and sent him flying into a wall.

“Blade Seer!” Rockex said as he went to his downed partner “Get away from that creature Boy!” Mater Nigel said but Rockex ignored him “Hey you alright partner?” Rockex asked as he tried to help Blade Seer up. “I’m alright.” Blade Seer said as he got up “You guys alright?” Ray asked his brother “Yay I’m alright.” Rockex said as tried to help up Blade Seer

“Seal the Arena!” Master Nigle said he jumped in to the arena “Come on sis!” Ace said as he and Anna jumped in with Master Nigel “Ra Vu seeker of Lighting!” Master Nigel said as he summoned his creature the creature looked like some kind of robot it had no legs it floated its arms and head wear blue and gold.

Tatsurion charged at Ra Vu but Ra Vu fired lighting at Tatsurion witch stopped him “Blade Seer get him!” Rockex said as Blade Seer attacked Ra Vu but Ra Vu batted him away Blade Seer landed on the ground next to Tatsurion Ray and Rockex rushed to their downed creatures “Get clear you two!” Nigel commanded “No way.” Rockex said Master Nigel then commanded Ra Vu to attack them but Rockex and Ray put up their shields even though they blocked the attack they got sent back and collided with their creatures.

Ray and Rockex got to their feet so did Tatsurion and Blade Seer “Then let you two’s first duel begin.” Master Nigel said “Step aside small ones.” Tatsurion said to them as he unchained his chains and used them like a whip the chains wrapped around Ra Vu Tatsurion then swung Ra Vu into the wall “Blade Seer attack don’t give them time to recover!” Rockex ordered Blade Seer as he took off to attack Ra Vu he unsheathed his swords and attacked Ra Vu Blade Seer got in a few good hit but the rest of them Ra Vu blocked with his staff Ra Vu pushed Blade Seer Back and then fired lighting at them.

Ray got to close to the attack and landed on his stomach “Are you going to stay on the floor all day or fight?” Tatsurion asked Ray as he helps him up with his horn Ray then climbed onto Tatsurion’s back and Rockex did the same “They know that is forbidden.” Jaha said “Why is that a big no no?” Allie asked “No human has ever ridden such a creature and lived.” Master Kimora said “Get off of those things.” Master Nigel said but they didn’t listen.

Tatsurion charged at Ra Vu and caused him to lose balance and then Blade Seer kicked him and sent him into the ground Ra Vu got back up and started shooting at them Tatsurion went head to head with the attack but Ray blocked it “Dodge, Dodge.” Ray said but Tatsurion didn’t listen “Ray evasive action.” Gabe said “Tell him that!” Ray said as he pointed to Tatsurion Rockex and Blade Seer were doing the best they can as they tried to avoided Ra Vu’s attacks but Ra Vu got in a lucky shot and sent Rockex and Blade Seer to the ground and Blade Seer vanished in a puff of green and pink leaves.

“Rockex you okay bro?” Anna asked as she and Ace came to their downed brother “Yay I’m okay.” They then turned around to see Tatsurion and Ray on the ground “That’s it I’ve had it with this Anna.” Ace said to his sister “I’m with you Ace.” Anna said

“What are you two doing here?” Nigel didn’t get to finish his sentence as both Ace and Anna called out there creatures

“Bolshack Dragon, Death Liger!” Ace and Anna said in unison as two portals appeared one fire and the other darkness out the fire portal step out a 30 feet tall red skin dragon with horns on its head and wings on its back and wearing silver battle armor and stepping out the darkness portal was a 20 feet tall lion which appeared to made out of bone it had two yellow horns on its head and blue wings and a blue mane

“Bolshack teach Ra Vu a lesson.” Ace ordered Bolshack “You to Leo.” Anna said to Death liger Ra Vu didn’t stand a chance as both creatures rushed him Bolshack hammered Ra Vu with his fire breath and Death Liger used his sonic roar to say that the masters were speechless was a understatement they were in shock especially Nigel that he just got beaten by mere acolytes.

“Yay who’s the master now huh?” Anna asked a she had a big grin on her face Ace just smiled as he helped up his brothers once the masters got out there shock Chavez came up to Rockex and Ray “Blade Seer and Tatsurion are not dead once a creatures looses all its manna in battle it returns to the creature realm.” Chavez explained Allie then came up to them hugged them “Guys that was awesome you did great.” Allie congratulated her friends.” It was nothing Ray and Rockex did all the work.” Ace said “No it was team effort.” Rockex said to his siblings “So we go next right?” Allie asked.

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