Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

chapter 7

Chapter 7

Gabe’s and Allie’s tests didn’t go so well now the six of them were waiting outside the council chambers for the masters

“Befriending creatures would prove fatal the four of them do not respect their power.” Nigel said “They respect them they treat them like they are intelligent beings.” Chavez said “Intelligent is what I wouldn’t use to describe that beast.” Nadia said

“But you forgot that the other one summoned a hybrid as well he knew it and it knew him the same way the dragon knew Ace when it save us in the creature realm and when he summoned it you can’t not denied the fact that these kids have a bond with the creatures and can communicate with them.” Chavez said.

“The boys knew the rules for touching the creatures and willfully broke it.” Nigel said. “True but their willingness to share the creatures pain and fate inspired it to invite them onboard this way of theirs is different but intriguing.” Kimora said

“There way is not the kaijudo way.” Nigel said “Well perhaps kaijudo should expand.” Chavez said “Are dueling art has proven quite effective over the century’s however I just watched four children with no experience beet a duel master we can’t not know of there way is worthy unless we explore it the unknown is like a dark place freighting until one sees what lies within.” Jaha said

“Once we are accepted we will have plenty of time to train.” Ray said “Cut it out dude.” Allie said “You four are the naturals I don’t think they like us.” Gabe said.

“We had some beginners luck and won but I feel like I found where we are suppose to be all this just feels right.” Rockex said as he turns around to face Master Chavez “Follow me.” Chavez said as he led into the council chambers where the other masters were waiting.

“Step forward you four.” Nigel said. Rockex Ace Anna and Ray step forward “What’s the matter Brightmore looking for a rematch?” Anna asked “Its master Brightmore to you child.” Nigel said. “First off the name’s Anna and second if you’re a master then explain to me why me and my brothers just kicked your butt that’s not so posed to happen to a master is it.” Anna said/ taunted Nigel was livid he was about to step forward but Rockex and Ace got in between him and Anna

“Try it Brightmore.” Rockex said with venom in his voice “You touch Anna or Ray we are going to send you flying creatures or no creatures got that.” Ace said with fire in his eyes “Enough!” Jaha said slamming her cane down “We called you all here not fight but to talk.” Jaha said “We are listing.” Ace said Chavez then handed the four of them a dueling glove “You four have potential you will join are ranks as acolytes.” Jaha said.

“Present your gauntlets.” Chavez said to them as they held out there hands the masters then sent their manna to the four gauntlets transforming them

Ray’s gauntlet was red green and black. Ace’s gauntlet was red and black. Rockex’s gauntlet was green and silver and gold. Anna’s gauntlet was purple and blue and black and had claws for finger tips.

“Welcome to the order of kaijudo duel masters.” Chavez said

“We made it!” Ray said excitedly to Allie and Gabe “Not all of you.” Nigel said “What do you mean?” Ace asks “Your friends lack what we need.” Nigel said as he and the other masters started walking “Allies, Gabriel I’m sorry.” Chavez said “Here are some coupons for a free class upstairs.” Master Kimora said as he handed the two the coupons.

Ray and Anna ran in front of the masters to block their path “Give them another chance.” Ray said to the masters “Don’t sweat it dude.” Allie said “We are not duel material.” Gabe said “I don’t believe that masters if are friends are not good enough then nether are we.” Anna said as she took off her gauntlet along with Rockex Ace and Ray and through them on the ground.

“Anna I don’t think you four realize the opportunity you have been given.” Chavez said to her but Anna didn’t listen she and Ray walked to the others. “They have made their choice.” Nigel said.

Master’s Chavez and Nadia were leading the children back to the library “Really guys you shouldn’t quit because of use.” Gabe said to them “I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Gabe but he right this is all you guys.” Allie said “But why can’t it be you guys to I can’t believe you are giving up so easy.” Ray said to them

When they got into the library they heard a noise “Hello.” Nadia called out she then place her fingers on her head Fingers then came backing up out of the archive with a long blue like eel creature with purple on top of its head and with golden eyes “Fingers what are you doing?” Nadia ask him “I’m just doing some research for Tojie I was just leaving.” Fingers said as he left the library.

“So what are we doing here?” Ray asks. Nadia then called forth a few little blue fish that rose out of the water of the library “If I recall those things were cold Cyber viruses what do they do?” Gabe asks “Quite simply they attach to your heads and absorb the memories that you no longer need.” Nadia said/explain “You’re going to erase our mines!” Gabe shouted “There’s no way I’m letting those things touch my brain.” Allie said “Why are you doing this?” Ace ask

“Anyone that discovers the tempo and the truth has that knowledge deleted for their protection don’t worry you won’t remember the pain.” Nadia said as the Cyber viruses began to swarm around the children

I won’t let them erase are memories I won’t let it happen!” Anna thought furiously as purple, black and blue stripes started to appear on Anna’s arms and legs and her eyes turn pitch black and a strange symbol appeared on her hand which look like a x and a cross combined glowing purple “Death liger!” Anna said she summoned her creature a darkness portal open and said creature step out.

“What how’s that possible she summon a creature without a gauntlet.” Nadia said as she and the others stood there shock “Death liger get rid of these viruses.” Anna said and with a swipe of its tail the Cyber Viruses were on the floor Death Liger then put his paw on the ground crushing them Death Liger then took a step forward towards Nadia growling.

Nadia was about to call her creature but Death Liger beat to it by vanishing it before she could call it “Don’t even thing about Nadia.” Anna said with a voice that promises internal pain to anyone who crosses her Nadia felt a chill go down her spine as Anna step forward “If you want to wipe someone’s memory you should start with Carny and his goons.” Anna said.

Nadia then looked to Chavez who turn his head towards her “Yay several other children witness a veil breach by a Terrasaur.” Chavez said Ray finally decided to speak up “I can tell you where Carny and his goons hang out.” Ray said

Anna looks at her brother then back at Nadia “Harm him and you become Leo’s next meal.” Anna said as she went and stood by her creature after Ray told Nadia where Carny and his goons were she left to go take care of them Chavez then look at the children more importantly Anna after he saw what she was able to do he didn’t want to get on her bad side Rockex then came up to his sister she turn around to face him “You okay sis?” Rockex asked her “Yay.” Anna replied as her markings faded away and her eyes turn back to normal and the symbol remained on her hand Anna then went to Death Liger “I’ll call on when I need you Leo.” Anna said as Leo licked her cheek Anna dismissed Leo and the symbol on her hand disappeared.

Ray then approached Chavez “Please give my friends another chance.” Ray said “No thank you.” Gabe said “Hated it.” Allie said “Help me changed their minds.” Ray said.

Chavez led them to the stables “This is the stables where we keep various creatures for.” Chavez didn’t get to finish his sentence as Allie cut him off “Petting zoo.” Allie said as and the others rushed to one of the cages “No petting is not allowed.” Chavez said as he went after them.

“It’s beautiful.” Ray said as he and the others looked at the creature in the cage was a green creature that had a female figure its wings were orange it wore a leaf for a makeshift skirt it had blue eyes “A Essence Elf like many nature civilization creatures tree kin strive for growth and community.” Chavez said the Essence Elf looked up to see a floating blue blowfish with spikes come over the wall the Essence Elf then tried to attack it but it missed the blow fish retreated “That wasn’t very friendly.” Ace said “Nature way is the law of the jungle survival of the fittest.” Chavez said as he and the others move on to the next cage where a blue tentacle came and touched Rockex “Water creatures like this Buoyant Blowfish are obsessed with knowledge and information.” Chavez said/explained.

“So slime here was just curious?” Allie ask the Buoyant Blowfish then sent a mind blast towards Allie “Oww oww thanks for the headache.” Allie said “sonic attacks and telepathy are among their primary battle tactics and they may not like being call slime.” Chavez said/explained.

“Wow.” Ace and Gabe said as they stared at the creature it had a metal body its body was shaped like some kind of lamp with four floating lights “A Solar Enforcer light creatures are very organized and mythical they think very highly of themselves.” Chavez said/explained “That would explain Brightmore.” Anna said “Notice the symmetry and elegant shape.” Gabe said. “Dude.” Ray said “Guys it’s a flying flashlight.” Allie said.

The Solar Enforcer moved to in front of the cage then went back into the corner “What happen to him.” Ace ask “It was rescued from the Choten who you can see injured it we are still unsure why.” Chavez said “The more I hear about this Choten guy the more I’m going hurt him for what he did to these guys.” Ace said then one of the cages was blown open and Kenina flew out “Hey its Kenina.” Ray said as Ace held out his hand and Kenina landed on it “What is it with you guys and touching?” Chavez ask “Hey there not all bad and besides I like hanging out with my friends.” Ace said “As you can see fire creatures of the fire civilization are proud and always ready to fight no matter how big or small they are.” Chavez said as Kenina almost bit his finger “Ha ha you’re a strong creature aren’t you Kenina.” Ace said as he petted her head and which Kenina nuzzled him back and then left and went back into her cage Allie and Anna then went to the next cage in the darkness of the cage a pair of red eyes was looking at them “What is that?” Allie ask “That is a skull Cutter residing in the deepest shadows darkness creatures are known for secrecy be careful.” Chavez said as the Skull Cutter step out into the light it was a little skeleton creature but on his left it had a knife for a hand Allie then placed her hand on the Skull Cutters head “isn’t he the cutes.” Allie said as she continue to pet the Skull Cutter “Yes he is I think we should call him Skulle.” Anna said “Only Anna and Allie would think a waling nightmare is cute.” Ray said as Ace and Rockex and Gabe nodded.

“Hello remember rule number one don’t touch oh I’m going put a sign.” Chavez said “Hey if the holes in the bars are big enough for hands petting zoo.” Allie said as Ray Ace Rockex and Gabe made their way to a giant door with a lot of locks Rockex then placed his ear to the door to listen he then backed up as hired a roar “The vault were we keep the monsters creatures corrupted by The Choten some have developed a taste for humans.” Chavez said as the children looked at one another “But there is hope I believe there behavior can be corrected.” Master Kimora said as he fed Skull Cutter “It’s getting late.” Chavez said “But we just got here.” Allie complains “Yeah.” Gabe said “So you will give me a day?” Ray ask “Yes but if they don’t change their minds or make the cut you four must promise me to return to the temple and train without them.” Chavez said as he handed the four siblings back there gloves which they took.

[Scene Change]

Carny and his goons were getting their minds wiped by Nadia who was still a little shaken up by Anna’s power she then reclaimed the viruses and left “Hey how my burger get cold.” Carny asked.

[Scene Change]

The four siblings return home to their apartment as Ray was trying to open the door “Please don’t home yet please don’t be home yet please don’t be home yet.” Ace chanted “Dream on you four.” Janet said as all four of the siblings froze “Mom hey.” Ace said as they all made their way in “You four were supposed to be here to check on your grandfather.” Janet said to them “Grandpa does not need watching grandpa is folding.” Oij San said “You four missed the bus again didn’t you all are so dirty what happen the bullies?” Janet ask “Don’t worry there in worse shape than we are mom we made sure of that and besides we have a solution.” Rockex said as he pulled out the five paths flyer which Oij San took from Rockex.

“Ah martial arts’ training this is exactly what you four need remember bob and weave.” Oij San “We know grandpa bob and weave a moving target is harder to hit.” Ray said “Right.” Oij San said as he passed the flyer to Janet who looked at it “I don’t know fighting is not the way to solve problems.” Janet said. “When one stands up for himself no fight is needed sometimes.” Oij San said “Okay if you four want to do this.” Janet said as all four kids hugged there mom “Thanks mom.” Anna said.

Later that night after Allie got home her Dad was in panicked at the destruction to his house but Allie told him she was okay and went to her room as her father talked to the police men “I’m pressing charges.” Allie father said. “On the bear or the coyote?” The Police men ask. Allie turned on her computer then went to lie on her bed “Allie I know your there I need you to try again for us.” Ray said to her “Ray I almost got stomped on by a giant flew with a dragon and a big starfish tried to melt my face and maybe I want to get my mind wiped and speaking on said topic what happen to Anna back there?” Allie ask as she crossed her arms “Your guess is as good as mine right now she asleep along with Ace and Rockex I don’t know what happen I tried to asked her but she said she don’t know and besides she looked drained as soon as she hit the bed she was out.” Ray said to Allie “Weird but I’m glad she stuck up for us.” Allie said “Yay me to but you have to try again besides I saw you and her with that little Skull thing.” Ray said to Allie as she got up “Allie I know everything comes easy to you, you get invited to any club you want at school but for this club you really have to try.” Ray said.

[Scene change]

“Where am I?” Rockex asked as he woke up in what appears to be a graveyard there lot bones big, small and so on the ground was purple “The creature realm but what part?” Rockex ask “The nexus.” Blade Seer said as Rockex turn around to face him “The nexus what’s that Blade?” Rockex ask “The Nexus is the center point in creature realm this place usually drains creatures of their manna I don’t know why you chose to meet here.” Blade Seer said before Rockex could reply he was beaten to it “We didn’t choose this Blade.” Ace said as he and Bolshack came along with Leo with Anna riding on his back “Are we supposed to meet some other creatures or something?” Anna ask before anyone could reply the ground began to light up and the symbol that appeared on Anna’s hand appeared on the ground “What’s going on!?” Ace said “Don’t know but hang on.” Rockex said as the light engulfed them all.

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