Kaijudo rise of the dule masters fusion

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Un is everyone alright?” Rockex ask as he open his eyes the light that engulfed them was gone “Yay Bolshack you and the others alright.” Ace asks as he got up “We are fine Ace I think we are underground.” Bolshack said “Where’s Anna and Leo?” Rockex ask as he looks around the cave “Guys over here quick!” Anna shouted Rockex and Ace took off towards Anna’s location with Blade Seer and Bolshack right behind them when they got to Anna’s location they were out of the cave what they saw took their breath away there was a city and in the middle of it was a giant castle.

“How did this get underground?” Anna ask “I think it’s been here by looks of it let’s check it out.” Ace said as he and the others made their way towards the city “You guys notice the symbols on some of the buildings.” Rockex ask as he look around “Yay but it’s strange I thought there was only five civilizations does this look familiar to you Blade?” Rockex ask his partner

“No I never saw this place whatever it is not part of the nature or light civilization’s.” Blade Seer said

Then a sixth civilization but how some of these structures look creature made.” Bolshack said. “They look man made to I think Chavez forgot to tell us this.” Anna said “I don’t think Chavez knows about this Anna.” Ace said as they continue walking when they got to the castle they made their way in.

As they continue walking they stopped as they heard a roar “What was that?” Anna ask “That sounded like a creature it came from down there.” Blade Seer said as they rushed off to the sound when they got to the end of the hallway they were stunned to finned a arena and in said arena were two kids the first was a dark skin girl she had black hair with purple and blue streaks in it she look about 5 and her arms had purple, black and blue stripes on it she had the exact same symbol on her hand like Anna did.

The boy had dark skin he had black hair with a gold streak in it his hair came down to his neck and his arms had gold stripes on it he had the exact same symbol on his hand like Anna did but it was gold.

The creature the boy was using was 20 foot tall it had blue and gold armor it had clawed hands and white angel wings it look like a armored angel.

The creature the girl was using was 20 foot tall it had a humanoid build its body was covered in what look like to be blue and silver demonic bone like armor its eyes were cover buy a crimson red visor it weapon was a giant white hammer which look to be made out of bones.

“Is that me?” Anna said shock “Who else do you know with your hair color Anna more to the point what’s going on?” Ace asks but before anyone could get another word out they headed the younger Anna and the boy.

“You ready Crow?” The younger Anna asks “I’m ready sis.” Crow said to his sister. “Draxar the soul crusher, Alcadeus Winged Justice fuse!” Both young Anna and Crow shouted as they used their manna to create a blue portal and the two creatures went into what came out of the portal shocked everyone except Young Anna and Crow.

“Come forth Alcadeus Crusher!” The both called out.

The creature was at least 40 foot tall its body was covered in dark blue bone like demonic armor with golden highlights the creatures feet were razor sharp and its hands were silver metal claws and its wings were a dark purple color on each sides of it head it had what look like long sharp dark blue metal covered bat ears its eyes were cover by a dark purple visor and on its back the creature was carrying a blue and purple demonic hammer.

[Scene change]

Rockex shot up in his bed in a cold sweat “Rockex.” Ace called out to him Rockex turn his head to see Ace was sweating as well he then turn to his clock to see it was 8:59 am he then turn his head back to his brother “Get Ray and Anna.” Rockex said as Ace got out of his bed and went to go get his siblings a few seconds later Ace came back with Ray and Anna Ace then closed the door and looked it.

“Guys what’s going on?” Ray asks his siblings “Bro you might want to have a seat for this.” Anna told him as Ray sat on his bed “Okay listen we had another dream.” Ace started off “Did you see another creature?” Ray ask “No more like a glimpse into are past which we did not know about.” Anna said

“What do you mean.” Ray ask “What Anna means is that we may have been born in the creature realm.” Rockex said “What!” exclaimed a shocked Ray “Hold on there’s more it seems we may also be part creature and have a missing sibling.” Ace said “Slow down there what do you mean part creature and who is this missing sibling?” Ray ask.

Rockex then told Ray about the dream “That would explain why Anna changed but who is Crow?” Ray ask “Good question but all we know is that we have a missing brother out there and we are going to find him.” Ace said “We are with you Ace we stick together we will find out what we are and we find Crow.” Anna said.

“Come on we got to go to the temple today for Allie and Gabe retest.” Rockex said as he left to get ready.

A few minutes later the four siblings met their friends outside the dojo doors waiting for them “You guys came.” Anna said overjoyed “Well you guys did kind of get us through yesterday and we owed Anna for saving us.” Allie said “It was nothing.” Anna said “Besides the least we can do is stand with you all.” Gabe said

“Raimundo and his naturals return.” Chavez said walking to them “Actually their names are Rockex, Ace and Anna and Ray actually his name Raiden the same from the Japanese thunder bear pantheon gods.” Gabe said “And Gabriel and Allison.” Chavez said “There in and you said you give them another chance.” Ace said “Fair enough.” Chavez said as he and the others walked into the dojo and went to the temple.

Chavez brought them down to the stables again to choose some creatures “We will choose some creatures from the stables for training.” Chavez said as he and the others put on their gauntlets “Is it usually this quiet in here?” Allie ask as she and the others checked the cages “Something has these creatures spooked.” Ace said Chavez then turn to see the vault doors have been open “Oh no the vault doors have been open.” Chavez said as he went to check it out but didn’t get far as a 10 foot tall werewolf creature standing on two legs with brown fur and tan skin with green eyes smashed into him and sent him to the ground “Run Gilaflame the Assaulter!” Chavez said as he summoned his creature Gilaflame then sent a straight left at the wolfs face followed by a right then another left and a right uppercut sending the wolf towards the ground.

The vaults door was blasted off as a 40 foot tall creature that appears to made out of lava and rock “Come on!” Rockex said as they began running the skull cutter came up behind them Allie grabbed him and place him in her bag “How the masters let this happen?” Allie ask “Not a accident the lock was smashed.” Anna said as they made their way out of the stables “If this was on purpose this could be a diversion.” Gabe said “My thoughts exactly but a diversion for what?” Ace ask “I don’t know what’s the most valuably thing in here?” Gabe ask “Tablets in the library come on.” Ray said Rockex and Anna stopped “What are you two doing?” Allie ask “We can’t let thing run loose in the temple me and Rockex are going to try and stop it.” Anna said “Okay be careful you two.” Ace said “We will come on Rockex.” Anna said as she and Rockex ran back to the stables.

“Where are those two going?” Kimora ask “They went to go see if they can stop that thing.” Allie said “They can’t fight Flametropus on their own they need help Mighty Shouter!” Kimora said as he summoned his creature which was a 10 foot tall green elephant with a club.

“Blade Seer, Death Liger!” Both Rockex and Anna said as they summoned there creatures “Leo show him who the true king of beast is.” Anna said as Leo took to the sky and used it sonic roar to try and stop Flametropus but it didn’t do anything as Flametroups used its hand and swatted Leo to the ground “Blade!” Rockex said Blade Seer charged at Flametropus joined by Mighty Shouter and began to slice at his legs to trying to get him on the ground Leo managed to get back up he then flew at Flametropus gathering energy in his claws when he was close enough he let loose with the energy in his claws and sent a shadow claw strike at Flametropus making the big creature fall to the ground with a thud “That got him.” Anna said come up next to Leo “Are you two alright?” Kimora ask them “We are fine master.” Rockex said but before he could finish Flametropus got up shout his flame breath at them “Look out!” Rockex said as the three of them put up there shields.

“You think Rockex and Anna are okay?” Ray ask as the four of them made their way down the stairs to the library they stopped as they saw master Jaha “Black Feather of shadow Abyss.” Jaha said as she summoned her creature which was a creature skeleton in a purple cloak a blast of fire made its way through the council chambers as Kimora, Rockex and Anna got sent flying along with Blade Seer Death Liger and Mighty shouter they landed on the ground next to Jaha “You guys all right?” Ray ask “Un I’ve been better bro.” Anna said standing back up with the others.

Flametroups then came through the hall crouching down on all fours then sprang at them they moved out of the way as Flametroups landed “Okay enough of this Bolshack Dragon!” Ace said as he summoned Bolshack “You called Ace?” Bolshack ask as he looks down at his partner Ace then pointed at Flametroups as he got on Bolshack “Yay we got a problem a big one.” Ace said “Hang on.” Bolshack said as he lunged at Flametroups and tackled him to the ground Black Feather moved in to attack but Flametroups threw Bolshack off him and then shot a jet of fire at Black Feather banishing it “What’s going on here!?” Nigel ask/shouted as he rushed in with Nadia “That’s a stupid question what does it look like Brightmore we are up to our necks in trouble now stop standing there and start helping!” Anna yelled as she rode on Leo’s back.

“Of all the -” Nigel didn’t get to finish his sentence as Ace cut him off “Less talk more work we can sort out the details later after we clean up this mess okay.” Ace said as he blocked a stream of fire from Flametroups.

Rockex then ran up to Master Kimora “Ace, Anna!” Rockex yelled “hu.” They answered “Two pronged attack you and Anna by air me and Kimora ground.” Rockex said “Got it.” Ace said as he and Bolshack took to the air with Anna and Leo “Master Kimora.” Rockex said “Right.” Kimora said “Blade Seer attack his legs!” Rockex ordered Blade Seer ran at Flametroups and unsheathed his swords and began to attack with Mighty Shouter, Bolshack unleashed a torrent of flames at Flametroups with Leo unleashing a sonic roar Nigel than had Ra Vu attack Flametroups with its lighting “Master Jaha cast your spell of banishment on the Flametroups.” Nigel said “Did you forget just what a nightmare it was getting it into the valut?” Jaha ask.

Flametroups then swatted at Both Bolshack and Leo sending them to the ground then he shout flames at Blade Seer and Mighty Shouter “Blade Seer.” Rockex said as he rushed to his down partner “You okay?” Rockex ask “He’s too strong.” Blade Seer said as he got up “I’m not giving up.” Anna said as her markings appeared on her and her eyes went jet black and the symbol appeared her hand glowing purple “Me nether.” Rockex said as emerald green and silver and black stripes appeared on his arms and his eyes went silver and the same symbol appeared on his hand glowing green “Blade Seer, Death Liger fuse!” Both Anna and Rockex shouted as they used their manna to create a blue portal and the two creatures went into it.

“Come forth Death Seer!” They both shouted

The creature that emerged from the portal was at least 35 foot tall it had a humanoid structure its body was covered in white demonic bone like armor with gold highlights its left hand had razor sharp claws while its right hand which appears to be a bone lion’s head with a blue mane its feet were demonic looking bone paws claws extended on its shoulders were two gold horns and on its back it had long razor sharp blue bone wings and it had a tail with a blade tip at the end of it and its head was a demonic looking tiger head in bone like armor.


“What in the name of kaijudo did you two do!?” Nigel shouted/ask “Explain later Jaha prepare you’re your spell Ace with us.” Rockex commanded. Death Seer threw its left hand out as a long gold sword slither out of its lion’s mouth and charged at Flametroups.

“Bolshack heavy artillery.” Ace said as Bolshack’s shoulder armor retracted and his cannons came forth “Fire!” Ace said as Bolshack laid down a barrage of cannon fire at Flametroups.

Death Seer brought its blade down on Flametroups as he left a giant gash across Flametroups’s stomach then he brought his left arm back then launched it straight at Flametroups’s face sending the giant creature towards the ground.

[Scene change.]

As Ray, Allie and Gabe made their way into the library they stopped as they saw fingers “Fingers what are you doing here?” Ray ask “Collecting tablets for the Choten duh I thought you were smart.” Fingers said as he was getting ready to leave but Ray stopped him fingers then swung his bag at Ray sending him to the ground “Why?” Ray ask

“I am so tired of pretending to be lame little fingers to these hero duel masters.” Fingers said “Won’t let you do this.” Ray said as he got up Allie and Gabe ready there gauntlets “Don’t get stupid what makes you think you can beat me?” Fingers ask as he looks at the children Allie then put her arm down and turn towards her friends

“You know guys we don’t know much about the masters and the Choten besides what they told us let’s and besides can we trust the masters one tried to erase are mines and she and the other was this close to being at deaths door by your sister Ray for threatening us and Brightmore was going to be dead if Jaha didn’t stopped your brothers from putting Brightmore in the hospital let’s hear what he has to say maybe we are on the wrong side.” Allie said.

“Ha ha so you are the smart one here there is a war coming us against monsters these tablets are of the most powerful creatures we will use to win the war.” Fingers said “Nice to know the plane go job on making him spill Allie now its three against one give up.” Ray said as Gabe and Allie came to his side.

“Ha not so much.” Fingers said as he lift up his hand there on his hand was some kind of gauntlet made of metal “Terradragon Regarion Doom!” Fingers said as the tips of the fingers on his gauntlet shout out and open a portal and pulled out a 20 foot tall green scaled dragon with horns. “Gabe strategy please?!” Allie ask/panicked

“Um run.” Gabe said as he and the others took off towards the other side of the library “Ha you should see your faces.” Fingers said as he commanded his creature to attack the Terradragon landed on some bookcases “Tatsurion the Unchained!” Ray said as he summoned Tatsurion “Again I am taken where am I now!?” Tatsurion ask/shouted at Ray “Hey Bob and weave remember me?” Ray ask “Bob and weave is not my name!” Tatsurion shouted “I owe that thing some pack back.” Fingers said

“There is a duelist here steeling tablets with information about thousand of creatures like you he is going to enslave them if we can’t stop him.” Ray said “Forget it kid you can’t stop me and your brothers and sister are not here to help you this time and even with Tatsurion you can’t stop me.” Fingers said “Never tell me can’t.” Tatsurion said as he lunged at the Terradragon but was swatted down by the Terradragon’s tail Tatsurion crashed into Ray and slide into a wall.

“Not so easy when my monster is more powerful than yours.” Fingers said.

Tatsurion then grabbed Ray and threw him on his back once Ray was on his back Tatsurion then wiped out his chains and sent them towards the Terradragon the chains wrapped around the Terradragon’s neck Tatsurion then pulled back and the Terradragon fell towards the ground the Terradragon swatted it tail and release three arrows at Tatsurion Ray put his shield just before the arrows made contact they hit the shield exploding on impact.

“We got to change tactics you’re smaller but faster when he attacks bob.” Ray didn’t get to finish his sentence as Tatsurion cut him off “Don’t say bob and weave.” Tatsurion said as he climbed up the wall avoiding three more arrows from the Terradragon, Tatsurion jumped from one book case to the other he then jumped off the nearest one by Fingers right before Tatsurion landed he slashed at fingers gauntlet with his gauntlet damage Fingers lost control of the Terradragon for only a moment.

“Wow Fingers controls the dragon take out the duelist and we win the duel.” Ray said as Tatsurion ran from the Terradragon “Gabe, Allie you have to duel.” Ray said to them.

Gabe and Allie looked at one another and nodded “Blinder Beetle!” Gabe said as he summoned his creature. The creature had a bug shape but it had no legs its whole body was made out of metal.

“I did it, it worked.” Gabe said amazed at himself.

Allie took off her backpack and pulled out the Skull Cuter from her bag and sat him on the ground “Skull thingy do something hurt that guy.” Allie said as the Skull Cuter went to attack fingers with its sword but Fingers blocked it Blinder Beetle then fire a beam at fingers breaking his shield Tatsurion then lifted up its arm and from its wrist armor it fired multiply rockets at the Terradragon as soon as the rockets hit the Terradragon was banished.

Fingers made dash for the exit “Um you have rockets quick question why didn’t you do that sooner?” Ray ask “They are a last resort.” Tatsurion said as he put Ray down “I must say little one you have a warriors spirit for one so small and weak and lacking claws or horns and fangs and any weapons at all really I am pleased to battle alongside you and your brothers and sister as long as I last.” Tatsurion said “Thanks Bob.” Ray said

“We won.” Gabe said as he and Allie high fived “We won a duel.” Gabe said “Yay we did pinch me yay don’t pinch me ill hit you.” Allie said “Wait where’s Fingers?” Ray ask.

[Scene change]

So far the battle between Flametruops and Death look one side as Flametroups body was litter with slashes from Death Seer blade and claw marks from Bolshack’s claws lava dripped from its wounds.

Death Seer landed another punch to Flametroups followed by a round house kick to the side and a horizontal slash to the stomach before the finishing blow could be made Flametroups shout out a jet of flames at Death Seer.

Bob and Ray came out the library to witness the chaos outside but they didn’t stop they had to go after Fingers so the two of them took off after him Chavez saw them he and Gilflame followed right behind them Fingers was almost at the exit but Ray grabbed him from behind but only manage to get the tablets “Well done Raiden.” Chavez said to him “Is that thing still loose down there are my brothers and sister okay?” Ray ask “Don’t worry your brothers and sister have the situation under control.” Chavez said

“Anna lets ended this.” Rockex said “Right.” Anna said. “Ace cover us.” Rockex said “Got it.” Ace said

Bolshack tackled Flametroups and landed a few feet away Death Seer landed as soon as he did his wings rose to their full height Death Seer opens it mouth and began to gather energy a ball of darkness energy gather at Death Seer’s mouth.

Bolshack was holding off Flametroups as best he could even though he wasn’t hurt as bad as Flametroups he still taken some serious damage to himself but he couldn’t give up now.

“Ace move!” Rockex shouted. “Bolshack!” Ace shouted at his partner. Bolshack got off of Flametroups just in time as Death Seer released the energy it build up in a shadow blast aimed right at Flametroups the blast collided with Flametroups sending him right into a wall as soon as the blast ended Flametroups dropped to the ground bringing down a statue or two with him.

“Flametroups be gone!” Jaha said as she cast the spell of banishment the darkness consumed the Flametroups taken it back to the veil.

“Guys that was amazing!” Ray said as he and Bob came up to his siblings “Thanks bro.” Anna said as she and Rockex’s markings and symbols were still glowing.

“You should probably go Bob I mean Tatsurion the unchained.” Ray said “You can call me Bob.” Bob said as Ray dismissed him “You should get some rest buddy I’ll call you when there’s trouble.” Ace said as he dismissed Bolshack .

“un.” Jaha said as she almost fell but Ace and Rockex caught her “You okay master J?” Ace ask “So You six were responsible for this!” Nigel shouted before Nigel can say another word Anna stopped him and slapped him “Do you even think before you open your mouth idiot why would we release that thing to kill you then turn right back around and save you seriously are you trying to prove that you can reach a new level of stupid Brighidiot that vault of yours was tapered with the locks were smashed and you should be thanking me and my friends and brothers for saving your sorry hide and protecting your tablets you almost got killed if weren’t for us and DeathSeer!” Anna yelled at him

“She right Nigel the vault was tapered with and these three prevented a theft in the library it was all Fingers working for the Choten.” Chavez said “We must be careful of who we trust.” Kimora said.

“Speaking of trust these six have proven most trustworthy today.” Chavez said. “True the children came to our aid in battle and were effective but I must ask how in the world did you two fuse your creature no master has ever done that.” Jaha said.

“Sorry master that’s our secret and as far as we know we are the only ones that can do it no one else can speaking of fusing Rockex come on.” Anna said

“Some talent and technique and full of surprises they have promise.” Nadia said Anna came up to Nadia “Sorry about you know but never threatened my brothers and friends okay.” Anna said to her “Deal all is forgiven.” Nadia said.

Rockex and Anna went to Death Seer “Death Seer defuse.” Both Rockex and Anna said as a light surrounded Death Seer’s entire body when the light was gone Blade Seer and Death Liger were back to normal “Thanks Blade see you later.” Rockex said as he dismissed Blade Seer “You two were awesome boy get some rest.” Anna said as she gave Leo a hug and dismissed him as her and Rockex’s markings and symbols disappeared.

“Then it is decided.” Nigel said

A few minutes later everybody was gather in the council chambers “Acolytes present your gauntlets.” Chavez said to Gabe and Allie, Gabe and Allie presented their gauntlets the masters sent there manna towards there gauntlets once it was done there Allie and Gabe activated there gauntlets.

Allie’s gauntlet was purple and Gabe’s gauntlet was blue and look it a circuit pattern in it.

“Welcome to the order of the Kaijudo duel masters.” Nigel said to them “Welcome to the club guys.” Ace as he high fived Allie and Gabe “We are all in this together.” Anna said.

[Scene change]

In a lab somewhere the Choten , Fingers, Alakshmi and a boy about 5/8 feet with dark skin wearing black sweat pants with gold stripes down the sides and wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up walked on to a platform where a water creature bowed to them the Choten pulled a lever and at the far end of the lab was a wall and on each side of the wall was three giant metal claws the claws activated and tore open a portal in the veil.

Down below was a Rumbling Terrasaur with some kind of machine on its back the machine had a claw attached to it the claw fired into the breach Fingers was controlling the Terrasaur Out of the breach came the same Flametroups the masters had banished some the wounds on the Flametroups had healed but not all of them the Flametroups dropped to one knee as it was still hurt and weak a machine in the corner of the ceiling fired a beam at the Flametroups head a four finger claw mark appeared on the Flametroups head

“So Fingers mission wasn’t about getting the tablets.” Alakshmi said “It was about acquiring creatures whether by tablets or by freeing those the duel masters held prisoner my army grows.” The Choten said as he looked at the boy “Something on your mind Zero?” The Choten ask “I’m curious on how this Flametroups got so injured.” Zero said.

[Scene Change]

It was Monday and Rockex, Ace, Anna, Allie Gabe and Ray were sitting at the bus stop Ray and Rockex were drawing in there sketchbooks “He needs a little more red.” Allie said “He needs some gold on his shoulders.” Anna said.

To spoil the peaceful moment Carny and his goons came up them “Looking for another beat down Carny I’ll be more than happy to beat the crud out of you again.” Ace said as he and the others got up some of Carny’s goons back up a little “Scared?” Anna ask “I don’t have time for you today.” Carny said as he and his goons left. Ace and the others sat back down to finish their drawings Ray was drawing Bob and Rockex was drawing Death Seer.

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