Chapter 10 - Conflict, and a Warning

"Ken, I just got a call from an old friend of mine in Kitami! There have been some really strange seismic activities there over the last several hours, and I think it might be the same monster which tunneled under Godzilla but never surfaced." Akiko called out.

"How are we supposed to get there Akiko?" He asked.

"We don't have to, she's a photography major and she agreed to take as many photos as she could and film it if possible when and if the monster shows up. She's getting in contact with a friend of hers who's an expert field tracker who's agreed to take her out to the Sounkyo Gorge where the occurrences have been most frequent."

"Well alright then, what do we do?"

"Nothing. Just sit tight and wait I guess unless you want to work on getting us some plane tickets." She joked.

Ken scoffed and went back to work writing a report on their last encounter with Godzilla under the sea while Akiko got back on the phone with her friend and wished her luck.

"Thanks Akiko, I'll do my best." She said as she hung up the phone.

A few minutes of gathering up her cameras, checking the lenses and other equipment she had with her, and she was out the door of her apartment and on her way to meet her friend Takayuki Kitagawa. She took the bus down to the edge of the city where Takayuki was waiting for her.

"Hello Hana. Ready to head out?" He asked.

"Always. Let's go film us a monster!" She cheered.

They got in the car and took off towards Sounkyo Gorge, and along the way they spoke about several things. They spoke about Takayuki's equipment and how to read it, Hana's gear and possible positions for her to film from and how to reach them, school and work just to pass the time. As they entered the gorge they pulled the car over off the road and began a half day hiking trip. The trip took them up the north eastern face of Mt. Daisetsu where they found Hana a near perfect perch to set up her photographic equipment while Takayuki checked his seismic gear to see if the underground monster had been active lately.

The two kept in contact via walkie talkies, but the rest of the day saw no new action.

As morning crept up on them with the sun peeking over the horizon Takayuki was woken up by the sound of his seismic alerts going off. He instantly got on the walkie to Hana to wake her up and make sure she was ready. Hana woke slowly as she was not a morning riser, but thankfully the news of the seismic readings was enough to wake her up and help shake off the sleepiness. She got her camera ready and made sure that her other gear was ready to record as Takayuki kept an eye on the seismic readings. They went silent after a moment, and there weren't any dust trails to lead them to believe the monster was moving around anymore, so they relaxed and tried to wake up a bit more.

As the day wore on the two kept a careful eye on the gorge as the seismic readings came and went, but not as actively as they had first thing in the morning. Hana received a call from Akiko asking if anything had happened, to which she painfully responded "no." When she set the phone down her walkie went off.

"Hana, we've got some serious activity going on out there just off to the northwest. Can you see anything from there?" Takayuki asked.

Hana looked up and out at the gorge, but she couldn't see anything. She decided to climb a lone tree which sat up in her perch to see if she couldn't get a bead on anything out there, and when she was about fifteen feet up she saw the makings of a very large dust trail beginning to rise up from the ground beneath the trees which littered the floor of the gorge.

"There's a dust cloud gathering out there. What do you think is going on?" She asked.

Takayuki didn't have time to answer though, as the dust cloud started moving southeast along the gorge into their field of view. Hana got down out of the tree and started recording as the dust trail settled in the middle of the gorge. It was almost too convenient that it stopped there, but Hana wasn't about to second guess her luck or the opportunity the monster was presenting her with.

Just then, her walkie kicked on again.

"Hana, don't look now but there's a giant moth approaching from the south east." He warned.

Hana was not a fan of insects, and as she looked southeast she saw the giant moth approaching just as Takayuki had told her. It was beautiful, but Hana was still frozen for a few seconds before getting a grip on herself as it began hovering a few hundred yards away from where the dust had settled. The moth floated there for a few moments before beginning to cry out, seemingly trying to communicate with the monster underground. There was no sound coming back, but there were a few rumbles from underground throughout the moth's cries. Hana was hard at work recording and taking photos as this continued for several minutes before the moth began to become aggressive.

Without warning the moth's antennae began to glow and it fired a reddish orange beam from each one into the ground where the dust had settled. The beam struck the ground with great force causing a small tremor which nearly knocked over one of Hana's cameras. She managed to catch it and put it in a more stable position before returning her gaze to the gorge where the moth fired another bream into the ground. There was a very long rumble from the gorge before the ground exploded and sent dust and debris flying into the air for several hundred feet in every direction. Hana and Takayuki took cover temporarily as the debris and dust went away and the air began to clear up.

As they watched the gorge they managed to make out a very large and bulky form taking shape inside the dust. The moth was still floating in the air and letting out the occasional cry as it waited for the monster to respond to it. There was silence for a good long time until the dust settled to the point where they could all finally see what was sitting in the gorge beneath the moth.

It was immense, dense, and heavily muscled. The creature's body was a deep brown coloration with short spikes all along its tail. Its flesh was thick and armored with a lighter brown underneath on its belly. Its lower jaw was something of a square shape with one large tooth on each corner while its upper jaw was in the shape of a bird beak with a spike rising up at the top of its nose like that of a rhino. If this creature ever tried to bite or headbutt something, it would completely skewer it with either method. The creature was quadrupedal, walking on all fours as it lumbered out to meet the issued challenge.

The new creature stared up at the moth and uttered a deep, guttural, bellowing sound as the moth cried back at it and started flapping its wings a bit faster and more aggressively. Hana guessed it meant the moth was agitated, but she was no expert on animal or insect behavior so she didn't want to make any assumptions. It didn't seem she was very far off though as the moth used its beam attack again at the creature which made it roar in anger and retaliate by firing off a blast of purple lightning from the horn on its beak. The lightning struck the moth who reeled back from the attack and backed off to gain some distance before circling around and trying to attack it again.

The creature retreated underground as the moth came back around, but the moth was not having any of that. The moth fired its beams ahead of where the monster had been heading and caved in the ground which had already been disturbed which then forced the creature to come back to the surface again. As the monster turned around the moth flew in close and blasted the creature at point blank range in the side of the head.

The monster fell over to the ground and flailed about for a minute before righting itself and taking aim to hit the moth with its lightning attack again. The moth, however, knew it was coming and banked hard to the side as the lightning flew passed it and through the air. The moth then flew in close as the monster let loose another blast of lightning, but the moth had a new strategy to use as it began hovering in place while flapping its wings at the creature.

As the moth flapped its wings a small cloud of yellow spores began forming in front of it which both trapped and redirected the blast of lightning back at the creature causing it to roar out in pain. The moth then fired its beams through the cloud at the creature which then fell to its side and continued roaring in pain as it tried to escape. The moth was relentless as it continued firing its beams at the creature for almost two solid minutes before it stopped and started backing away.

The creature on the ground stumbled to its feet and shook itself off as it dove into one of the holes it had dug earlier and disappeared into the ground again. This time, however, the moth did not pursue it. Instead, the moth simply floated there for a few minutes before it turned towards Hana and Takayuki. The moth approached their position and hovered in the air a couple hundred yards away.

"… Is that thing looking at us?" Hana asked on the walkie.

"I don't know, but I'm getting a very strange feeling from all of this." Takayuki responded.

You are friends of Akiko Nakazawa, Ken Inouye, Miki Saegusa, Keiichi Ueda and Sayuri Okumura, correct? A pair of voices suddenly asked.

"… Did you say something Hana?" Takayuki asked.

"No, I didn't." She responded.

We are the Shobijin of Mothra. We speak for her to you now through the power of telepathy. Please answer our question.

"…. Yes, I am familiar with those people." Hana answered.

Please send a message to the one known as Miki Saegusa. She must avoid further contact with Godzilla at all costs.

"What? But why?" Hana asked.

Please. Miki Saegusa's life is in great danger. If she continues using her abilities to connect with Godzilla, she and her friends could face tragic consequences. We do not wish for this to occur, so please deliver our message.

With that, the moth began rising into the sky and flew away. Hana tried calling out, but the moth was already long gone. She sat there questioning what had happened for a minute before Takayuki called out to her on the walkie to meet back up with him and head back.

Now that they had their photos and recordings, it was time to return to civilization. Hana gathered her equipment and met back up with Takayuki before packing it up and making their way back to the car and driving back to Kitami. Once they arrived back in civilization Hana poured over her photos and the footage she had acquired before making digital copies of them and sending them off to Akiko.

In typical Akiko fashion, she was elated when she received the pics and the recording and sent back a message full of hearts to Hana and ordered her a box of chocolate which she had delivered to Hana's apartment. Akiko and the crew watched the footage and looked at the photos while they tried to think of a name for the new monster. It was unlike any of the others they'd seen so far. They analyzed its body shape, its attacks, its movements and vocalizations and saved them in their databases while they tried their best to think of a name for it. They'd gone with Godzilla thanks to the name Miki had heard from the KOD, but they hadn't named any of the other monsters. before. Before they thought about that, however, they made sure to tell Miki of the Shobijin's warning about Godzilla.

Miki was none too pleased about the warning as she didn't see any foreseeable consequences in just trying to learn about Godzilla, but these Shobijin obviously had stronger powers than she did and she wasn't about to question their knowledge. Still, it seemed a shame that she had to resist connecting to Godzilla.

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