Chapter 11 - For the Fallen

Several days passed without any more activity from the world's Kaiju save for that dragon which Keiichi had since named King Ghidorah due to the sound it made. To Keiichi it sounded like it was crying "giddy" over a prolonged period of time, and given its size and gold color "king" just seemed to fit. The moth was revealed to be called Mothra from the Shobijin who claimed to speak for her. The creature Mothra fought was now called Burtannus due to its brutish nature and its quadrupedal, dinosaur-like appearance.

Since then Akiko and the team had analyzed the photos and footage of all the monsters they'd seen and that which they were sent by Hana. Mothra seemed to be the only Kaiju that seemed to be sympathetic to humanity, though she too had a few moments where she seemed upset about what they'd done.

Miki was going through a bit of a rough time trying to accept the warning to stay away from Godzilla. Though she knew he was still a Kaiju and that he was very dangerous, she had begun to understand the complexity of his mind and had since begun to unravel the mystery of who he seemed to be. He had a personality, feelings, and was a critical thinker. He may not have been the most subtle creature in the world, being 100 meters tall, but he was still a living thing and she felt for him given all he'd been through. Who knows what he'd gone through before she learned of him?

Miki was unaware of it, but her connection to Godzilla was about to be tested to its limit.

It started with a call Ken received while he was writing a report on the battle between Mothra and Burtannus. The call came in from a friend of his from his college days who told him that King Ghidorah had been sighted in Odowara not far away to the southwest. Ken and the others gathered their gear and hopped in the RV. Along the way they began seeing signs of the devastation the dragon was causing from numerous plumes of smoke which were rising up from the distance as they approached. They came within a couple miles and they saw the shape of the dragon flying around the city and blasting the bejeezus out of everything it could see. When they came to within about two miles of Ghidorah they stopped the RV and got out to find a safer place to observe.

For about ten minutes the dragon devastated the city unimpeded until Mothra appeared from the south over the ocean. The group was at first glad to see her, but when she got closer and they saw just how much smaller than the dragon she was they immediately grew concerned. Mothra was only about one fourth the size of the dragon and heaven only knows how much lighter. The dragon barely even acknowledged her presence at first until she started blasting it in the back with her antennae beams. The dragon brushed off the attacks once it felt them and one head spun around to blast her with lightning. Thankfully Mothra was nimble and managed to avoid the attack while she continued to press her own, but King Ghidorah continued to ignore her. This went on for about two long and aggravating minutes until the golden dragon finally turned and acknowledged Mothra's presence once the entire area was completely decimated.

The true battle was beginning with a standoff, Mothra and Ghidorah simply facing off without moving.

Ken and the others all watched with anxiety building with every second that ticked by. If Mothra was struck with that dragon's lightning attacks, she was not going to last long. Ghidorah roared out at Mothra who responded with a few cries of her own, but things only got worse from there.

Ghidorah lashed out with a lightning blast from each head. Two of them missed, but the third one struck Mothra in her left wing which momentarily interrupted her ability to fly. She faltered and teetered back and forth before she finally regained her balance and started flying properly. Ghidorah also began to move and started to chase Mothra around the skies above Odowara. The smaller Kaiju did what she could to avoid him, and thanks to her speed and maneuverability she was able to avoid him and his attacks before finally getting distance enough to turn around and press and attack of her own. Mothra had a new plan this time as her abdomen curled down and forward, and she then launched dozens upon dozens of tiny spikes out of the barb at the end of her body.

The barbs flew directly into Ghidorah's faces which struck his eyes and caused him to fall to the ground in pain. The resulting tremor was beyond any the team had felt before as Ghidorah's massive body fell from nearly four hundred meters in the air at full speed to hit the ground below. The resulting shockwave was beyond any the team had felt before and felt like an 8.0 earthquake. Ghidorah cried out in pain as it shook its heads around trying to dislodge the barbs from its eyes before Mothra continued her assault. Her antennae beams struck the dragon several dozen times as he writhed on the ground.

Friends, please do not remain here.

The team recognized the voices as belonging to the Shobijin, who had finally made their appearance before them. However, the team was not exactly ready for the sight which awaited them. They looked around and saw nobody at first, but then Miki's abilities altered her to a presence nearby. When her head turned, she was greeted by the sight of two tiny women standing on the hood of a destroyed car.

"Look!" Miki said as she pointed to the Shobijin.

The team looked to where Miki was pointing and their jaws dropped. The sight of the two tiny women standing on the hood of the car was like something out of a sci fi movie, and the team could not bring themselves to believe that what they were seeing was real.

Friends, you must not remain here. Mothra will not be able to hold back Ghidorah for long. Please, for your own safety, you must leave. They pleaded.

Miki was shocked, but her curiosity had trumped her surprise as she walked forward towards the tiny girls.

"You gave me a message before that if I continued connecting with Godzilla that there could be tragic consequences. What did you mean by that?" She asked.

Godzilla's mind and will are very strong. If you were to try and connect with Godzilla, and he were to reject your attempt, your mind could be overwhelmed by Godzilla's mental defenses and you could fall into a coma. Worse still, you may even be killed in this process.

Miki was shocked that something which seemed as simple as a mental connection could have such dire consequences. Being put into a coma or being killed were not exactly high on her list of priorities, so Miki decided to take their warning to heart and be more careful with her attempts at connecting with Godzilla. However, that was something that would have to wait as Mothra's fight with Ghidorah was taking a turn for the worse.

Mothra's beam attacks on Ghidorah were not having the intended effect, and Ghidorah managed to get to its feet and roared in fury before launching itself into the air and turning on Mothra with more speed than most would think it capable of. It blasted Mothra with its lightning attacks which knocked her from the sky and to the ground. With the tides turned, Ghidorah seemed to have something of a vengeful personality and began blasting Mothra with his lighting. Mothra's wings were getting burned and charred as Ghidorah continued to blast her over and over again, and the Shobijin winced at every attack which struck their beloved Goddess.

Ghidorah then changed tactics and allowed himself to drop from the ground directly on top of Mothra. Once again the Earth was struck with a massive shockwave from the impact and Mothra's wings we pinned to the ground. Ghidorah leaned forward and bit down on Mothra's front wings with its two outer heads while the third began inspecting Mothra's head and thorax. After a moment, it bit down onto Mothra's thorax and started squeezing its jaws shut drawing a yellowish liquid from Mothra which the team could only conclude was her blood. Mothra cried out in agony several times as Ghidorah's jaws continued to clamp down on her body and wings before she was then lifted off the ground. Having had her lower wings pinned to the ground by Ghidorah's feet, the pair of hind wings were ripped completely off as she was lifted into the air before the mighty dragon.

The two Shobijin cried out for Mothra, but there was nothing they could do. Mothra's hind wings were now gone as more of her yellow blood seeped from where they used to be attached as Ghidorah flung her into the air and again blasted her with lightning from his three heads. Mothra flew through the air and fell down on top of a building near the water and moved no further. The team at first thought she was dead until she let out a weak cry and moved her head, but Ghidorah was not finished with her yet. The powerful beast walked forward through the city and blasted her twice more which knocked her from the building towards the water and put the front half of her left forewing into the water with her head just feet away. Mothra's cries continued to weaken as Ghidorah continued his march towards her to finish her off, but as the Shobijin cried for their Goddess, Miki was alerted to something which had managed to hide from her until just that moment.

Ghidorah lumbered forward with purpose, completely oblivious to what it was that Miki now felt, and that was when Ghidorah looked up too late to see a bright blue light shining through the water of the ocean before him. The water exploded, a bright blue beam of energy flying straight at his center head which made direct contact and forced him to reel back several steps as he fell onto his back crying out in pain. As the water calmed, Miki's mouth curved into a smile as she felt a familiar presence in the water.

Sure enough, the infamous spines broke the surface as Godzilla approached the shore before finally breaking through completely to reveal himself to the golden dragon with a loud roar. The Shobijin seemed surprised, which had Miki wondering about something, but she let it go in favor of watching Godzilla approach the shoreline. Godzilla's sights were set squarely on the dragon, and he walked right passed Mothra's crippled form. Ghidorah managed to get to his feet as Godzilla reached him, but it was not in time to stop Godzilla from spinning around and whacking him in the back with his tail which knocked him forward and onto the ground again. Godzilla stomped onto Ghidorah's right tail which caused a cry of pain to come from the dragon before he charged his breath attack and let fly squarely into the center of Ghidorah's back in between his wings.

The dragon roared out and forced its body to roll which made Godzilla lose his balance and fall to the ground next to him as the dragon forced itself to stand up. Godzilla was halfway to standing when the dragon leaned down and blasted Godzilla in the side of his head at point blank range, knocking the mighty Kaiju to the ground and making him scream out in agony. Godzilla rolled to one side to put his back to the dragon and protect his face from further attacks as the dragon desperately blasted him repeatedly with his lighting attacks. Godzilla waited patiently for the pain in the side of his head to subside before forcing himself to stand up and charge his own breath attack while Ghidorah continued to blast him in the back. His spines lit up and his mouth opened to reveal a blue light gathering within as the air around his head swirled in response.

The dragon's lightning attacks intensified to try and stop him from turning to attack, but it was no use. Godzilla whirled around and blasted Ghidorah in the chest which knocked him back a few steps. The two Kaiju roared at each other for a moment before Godzilla charged him. Taking advantage of the fact that Ghidorah had no arms, Godzilla reached out with his claws and dug them into the dragon's chest. Red blood oozed from the wounds as Godzilla dragged his claws down slowly, but not before receiving two bites from the two outer heads who latched onto his neck and his left shoulder. Both bites drew blood of their own, but Godzilla was unfazed. He continued dragging his claws along the dragon's chest before pulling them free and grabbing onto the base of the dragon's center neck. Godzilla began squeezing for all his worth and the center head began convulsing from its inability to breath.

The two outer heads then did something drastic. They both blasted Godzilla with lightning attacks even while they were clamped onto him which finally caused Godzilla to roar in pain and release the dragon from his grip. The attack forced the dragon's heads to let go, as they too took damage from the attack, but not as much as Godzilla who's wounds were now gaping and charred. Godzilla retreated several steps back and growled at Ghidorah who was also beginning to back away. The Kaiju faced each other down for a moment before the dragon launched itself into the sky and retreated, flying off to the north as fast as its wings could take it. Godzilla roared in triumph at having forced the dragon to flee and then turned back towards the ocean.

As he came upon Mothra's crippled form, the moth let out two weak cries.

"What do you think is going on?" Ken asked.

"I don't know, ask the Shobijin." Akiko commented.

Miki came forward and knelt down close to the Shobijin as she whispered to them.

"What's happening?" She asked.

Just watch. They said sadly.

Miki looked up just in time to see Godzilla begin charging his radioactive breath. Her eyes went wide as she realized what he was aiming at, but before she could yell out to stop him Godzilla let fly directly into Mothra's body as she let out one final roar of pain before her body was incinerated and engulfed in flames by his attack. Miki and the team looked on in horror at what Godzilla had done, but despite her shock Miki could sense that Godzilla was not happy about what he'd done. As he lumbered off to the water, he let out no cry of victory as Mothra burned behind him. He waded off into the ocean and disappeared beneath the waves as the entire team was left to wonder just what happened.

"… Why did he do that?" Miki asked unconsciously.

Mothra was dying and could no longer fly. Godzilla showed her mercy and ended her life.

"I'm so sorry." Miki said as tears began to well in her eyes.

Do not be sad. Mothra is survived by her offspring back on Infant Island. She will take wing again in due time.

Miki's tears continued to fall, but the news she was given was happy enough to stop her from bawling. The loss of the beautiful creature known as Mothra was a heavy blow to her and the rest of the team, but the world over seemed to be rejoicing in her loss on the news as they considered it to be one less Kaiju to worry about. Miki and the others spoke with the Shobijin about Godzilla and the other monsters before the two tiny women took their leave and magically disappeared in a flash of light, and with the new information they'd been given they returned to their RV and went home.

Things were getting complicated.

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