Chapter 12 - Up Close and Personal, Miki

The team was hard at work going over the footage of Mothra's fight with Ghidorah and wondering what went wrong and why. Mothra actually had the dragon on the ground after shooting it in the eyes with the barbs from her stinger, but for some reason the dragon was able to remove them because the next time he stood up they were gone. Something had happened while it was down which allowed it to remove the barbs, and whatever was the cause of that was likely the cause of Mothra's downfall.

The team was left frustrated, however, as there was nothing beyond Ghidorah's roaring to look at or listen to on the footage. He didn't do anything beyond flail on the ground before he managed to get up, so what changed? What did he do? Akiko had practically grown grey hair racking her brain trying to figure it out, but like all the others she was left confused by what the footage displayed. There were no strange lights, no electricity, no signs of any kind that Ghidorah had managed to do anything other than blink them free from his eyes, but that alone couldn't possibly be all there was too it.

Akiko pushed her laptop away and put her head on the table.

"I'm done. I can't figure out what he was doing!" She moaned.

Ken walked by and patted her head as she closed her eyes to get some sleep. She'd been working hard for a few days to try and figure out what happened to Mothra, so the team decided to let her sleep. Miki, on the other hand, was hard at work trying to figure something else out for herself, and that was what to do about her abilities now that Godzilla was off limits. She could sense his presence without connecting to him, but he had managed to hide it from her and even the Shobijin for a good while when he was on approach to fight Ghidorah. She couldn't figure out how he did that, nor how or why he would reject her connection to him. Godzilla had no reason to really, because she meant him no harm and she had a feeling that he understood that. It was just a feeling so she could be wrong, but her gut told her that Godzilla would not outright reject a connection for no reason.

The Shobijin weren't able to sense him any earlier than she could, so obviously they were capable of making mistakes. Could they be wrong about Godzilla too? Miki could only wonder.

Keiichi had his own thoughts on the matter, as always, and he had suggested that Ghidorah simply willed them away. The dragon could stand up and jump into the air despite its bulk, and something else had to be going on there as well so he thought that it was something like willpower or some other kind of ability which allowed it to defy physics and gravity to be able to fly. A simple jump should not be enough to get it into the air and allow it flight, so the dragon must have had some kind of extrasensory ability to allow it to get off the ground and move about with the kind of speed it displayed during the latter half of his fight with Mothra.

The theory was regarded as on the right track, but otherwise still nothing but a theory.

Sayuri was fairly silent about the whole thing as she was still getting over the sight of Godzilla destroying Mothra. The girl was young and still rather fragile when it came to such violence, and she was having trouble coping with the image of Mothra's burning body in the wake of Godzilla's attack and departure. Miki had done what she could to help her, but Sayuri was still a bit shaky form the whole ordeal so the team decided to give her some space.

Miki thought to herself for a moment and decided it would be a good idea to get some fresh air. She walked out of the building passed the RV and down to the water's edge. The moon was high and shining down on the ocean which was a beautiful sight. Miki took in a deep breath and let it out on a sigh. She had always loved the smell of the ocean. Even as a little girl she would beg her parents to take her just so she could walk along the sandy beaches and enjoy the scent of the ocean.

As she watched the waves she began to think about Godzilla. He spent the vast majority of his time beneath the surface of the ocean, so what exactly did he do besides sleep? He could breath underwater which was interesting as she never saw any gills when she and Ken went below the ocean to check on him last time. But what else did he do and where did he go? He seemed to like deep sea trenches when it was time to rest, but did he feed underwater too? Did he have a home beneath the waves? He seemed so familiar to Miki for some reason, but at the same time he was a complete mystery.

Miki couldn't help but be fascinated with Godzilla and the mysteries surrounding his existence. Where did he come from? What exactly was he? How intelligent was he? How sensitive to injury was he? Did he experience happiness and sadness? Did he experience excitement? Ghidorah seemed excited to fight him the first time they encountered one another, but did Godzilla ever feel the same? Miki's mind was overloaded with questions about Godzilla which she didn't think she'd ever know the answer to, but hopefully in time she'd find answers to at least a few of them.

Miki sat down on the beach and leaned back on her heads as she looked up at the moon.

"It really is a beautiful night." She said quietly to herself.

As she said that she heard the ocean waves pick up in power a little bit, but as the ocean was unpredictable it was no surprise. She was high enough on the shore that even high tide would not reach her so she was not concerned. The sounds of the ocean were soothing even when they picked up intensity, and Miki closed her eyes and enjoyed the light breeze which was beginning to blow.

… However…

Miki suddenly felt the waters of the ocean brush against her feet, and her eyes opened.

I'm 20 feet behind the high tide mark… What was that? She thought to herself.

Her eyes trailed down towards the ocean and widened as she saw a large mound of water moving towards shore. The mound stopped moving a few hundred feet out, but another wave came at her. She was too stunned to move and was drenched by the oncoming wave before she finally shook off the shock of what was happening. She stood up and watched the water, but nothing happened after that. There was silence and stillness, but she then started to feel that familiar presence again and she knew who was in front of her.

Miki took a few steps forward, and as she did so she was greeted by the sight of Godzilla's head slowly rising out of the water. His eyes almost instantly found her on the shore, and they narrowed slightly as he came forward another hundred feet or so. He was not walking, but crawling on the ocean floor which didn't set off the seismic sensors Ken had set up around the bay as they were calibrated for a much stronger impact such as a footfall. Godzilla's head came completely out of the water with part of his neck as his spines also broke the surface while he stayed still and watched Miki.

She couldn't tell exactly what was on his mind, but she figured he was at least curious about the tiny creature before him. Miki decided that it would be safe to try her luck.

Just this once. She thought.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the image of Godzilla in front of her, and she felt a slow connection being made. Godzilla's mind was receptive to hers, and before long she was in. She could sense his curiosity and his surprise at her being able to connect with him like this. Godzilla let out a very subtle and soft growl. The growl was indicative of the same curiosity she could sense from his mind, and Godzilla inched closer foot by foot until he was only about one hundred feet from Miki on the shore.

Miki's connection with Godzilla was becoming stronger, and she could now feel the beating of his heart within her own chest. All of his thoughts and emotions were hers, and she could feel a mixture of interest and confusion on his part. This was dangerous, as any wild animal could become aggressive if frightened or confused. Miki knew to tread cautiously, so she decided to try sending a single thought to Godzilla.

Do not be afraid. She thought.

Godzilla's head tilted to one side as his eyes widened ever so slightly. He leaned in a bit closer, his nose about fifty feet from Miki as she stood there with her eyes closed trying to communicate with him.

I am Miki Saegusa. She thought, hoping against hope that Godzilla understood the concept of names.

Godzilla's head retreated about twenty feet or so as he let out another soft growl.

By this time, the team had wandered to the door, and as Akiko opened it and her eyes fell on the sight of Godzilla and Miki on the shore her mouth dropped and she froze in place. She couldn't even scream because she was so frightened by what she saw, but as she was about to leave Ken grabbed her by the arm and shook his head "no." Any sudden moves could get Miki killed, and Akiko knew that. Akiko cared too much about Miki to just let her get killed, so leaving her there at Godzilla's mercy was a painful choice to make, but she knew that if she ran out screaming that Godzilla's reaction could very well kill her.

She and the others gathered by the open door and slowly tip toed outside to get a better view. Godzilla was entranced by Miki's presence, and didn't notice them exiting the building to observe. Miki was too focused on Godzilla to notice the presence of the others as well, and so she kept her train of thought on Godzilla.

Can you understand me? She thought.

Godzilla's mouth opened and he let out a slightly louder growl which Miki could feel was a positive response, but Godzilla had no words for her. Miki realized that the idea that thoughts were universal was false, as Godzilla could understand her, but he could not communicate with her using his own "words" in his thoughts. However, Godzilla's reaction was more than enough for her to confirm that he understood what she was asking of him.

Do you mind if I call you Godzilla?

Godzilla himself let out a small roar which hurt Miki's ears a little, but otherwise her hearing was safe from harm. The roar was a mixture of feelings, and Miki had a bit of trouble deciphering what it meant. After a moment, she realized that Godzilla didn't really seem to mind the name, and she decided to leave it at that. Godzilla was getting agitated with Miki invading his mind like this, and she realized that his roar had also been a warning.

Please be safe, Godzilla. She asked as she let out a breath and released her connection.

Godzilla leaned his head back and started to slowly disappear beneath the waves of the ocean once again, but not before he let out another low growl as he disappeared beneath the waves. Miki's eyes opened and she released a sigh of exhaustion as she slowly sat down to rest. Maintaining a connection with Godzilla had been harder than she thought and was mentally draining for her, but she had managed to connect with him and actually communicate for a few brief minutes with him. The information she could now provide Akiko would surely go a long way to helping them understand him and further their research. Once Godzilla was gone, Akiko rushed down to Miki's side.

"Miki! Are you alright?!" She cried.

Miki responded with a weak "yes," still being slightly winded by her previous efforts.

"Come on, we need to get you inside. Don't forget that Godzilla is radioactive! We need to test you to see how bad your exposure was."

She picked up Miki and rushed her into the RV where they had a geiger counter at the ready. They ran it over Miki and got one or two tiny blips on it before it faded and stopped reading the radiation left behind by Godzilla's body. The team sighed in relief, but still took her to the doctors right away where it was confirmed that she had been exposed. However her body didn't absorb enough to damage her and it was revealed she would be just fine. The team took her back to the RV and had her lay down to rest while Akiko sat by her side and spoke to her about what she had experienced. When she found out from Miki that Godzilla accepted his name and that he understood that Miki and the team were no threat, she was incredibly pleased with and proud of Miki for what she had done. She admonished her for being so reckless, but never the less was happy enough to give Miki a hug before letting her go to sleep.

Miki slept soundly that night, content with finally having made such an intimate and meaningful connection with Godzilla.

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