Chapter 13 - Mothra O Mothra

After her exposure to Godzilla, Miki was feeling especially bold. She had taken it upon herself to continue pushing her connection with Godzilla so long as she didn't overstep the boundaries he'd set for her. He had allowed her to feel his thoughts and emotions, but once she tried communicating he became defensive. He was not familiar with her yet, so it was only natural for him to shy away from a stranger and a potential threat. Miki was no threat though, and she knew that he would come to understand that in time so long as she gave him his space while remaining connected.

Meanwhile, everyone continued to wonder what was to become of Mothra. The Shobijin had said that she was survived by her offspring on Infant Island, but they had no idea where that was and how could they be sure that her offspring was safe? They tried searching for Infant Island online and by calling some of their connections, but nobody had ever heard of it or even knew it existed. Wherever it was, it was very well hidden and likely could only be found with help from the Shobijin or Mothra herself.

"Ugh, I wish they'd at least told us how to contact them!" Akiko groaned as she hit her head on the desk.

"Calm down Akiko. If they wanted us to know where Infant Island was, they'd have told us. We just have to be patient." Ken replied.

"Yeah, Ken's right. I know you want to find the island, find the offspring of Mothra, and be the one to document it all but we can't force the Shobijin to reveal their location just because we think it's scientifically important." Keiichi added.

"I know… I know…" Akiko moaned with her face still planted on the desk.

Sayuri raised her hand.

"I think I might have an idea." She said softly.

"Whaddya have?" Akiko asked, face still down on the desk.

"What if Miki and I tried reaching out to them? If we both use our abilities we might be able to make them hear our thoughts." She said.

Akiko's head rolled to the side and she looked at the girl.

"I guess that could work, but if you're going to do that then you should be careful. If the Shobijin don't like what you're doing, there's no telling what lengths they'll go to in order to make sure you don't do it again." Akiko said grimly.

"I don't think they'd do anything to us except ask us not to do it again. They don't strike me as the violent type, or they would have done something already." Ken said.

Akiko's head went back to being face down on the desk.

"Alright, go for it." She said with a lazy wave of her hand.

Sayuri chuckled at the gesture, as she knew that Akiko was just tired and a bit grumpy. She looked over towards Miki who nodded at her. The two of them walked outside trailed by Ken and Keiichi who wanted to make sure they would be alright. Together they held hands and closed their eyes, synchronizing their thoughts and doing their best to reach out and speak to the Shobijin.

Can you hear us? They asked.


Shobijin of Mothra, this is Miki Saegusa and Sayuri Okumura. Can you hear our thoughts? They asked.

Still there was nothing.

Shobijin of Mothra, this is Miki Saegusa and Sayuri Okumura. Can you hear us? They asked again.

There was silence for several seconds, but then a breakthrough.

Miki…? Came the tiny but familiar voices of the Shobijin.

Miki's mouth curved into a smile which temporarily broke her concentration and desynchronized the girls thoughts. Sayuri gave Miki's hand a squeeze which helped her to shake off the joy of the connection and return to her concentration. The girls resynchronized their thoughts and called out once more.

This is Miki Saegusa and Sayuri Okumura, can you hear our voices? They asked.

Yes, we can hear you. Came a response.

Our entire team was greatly saddened by the loss of Mothra and we are greatly concerned about her offspring. Is it alright? The girls asked.

It brings joy to our hearts that you care so much for Mothra. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mothra's offspring is fine, but as of now it's still only an egg. We, along with the natives of Infant Island, are waiting for it to hatch which should occur anytime now. The Shobijin responded.

Is there any way that you could help our team come to see you? We'd love to visit Infant Island to pay our respects to you, Mothra, and the natives of the island.

We are very sorry, but we do not feel safe in the idea of allowing outsiders to set foot on our island. We apologize.

We understand. As long as we know you're alright we will be able to rest easy. The girls responded with joy.

There was silence for a long moment.

Is there something wrong? They inquired.

We cannot allow you to set foot on our Island, but there is a way to allow you to see the world through our eyes.

Really? How can you do that? The girls asked.

Bring your team together and concentrate on our voices. We will show you our world. The Shobijin responded.

The girls opened their eyes and called to Ken and Keiichi to get Akiko and all come outside with them. They ran inside and brought her out and all stood in a circle as they closed their eyes and relaxed.

We are ready. Miki and Sayuri said.

Very well then. Welcome friends, to Infant Island.

There was a bright flash of light despite their eyes being closed and they were all suddenly sucked into a trance. The team all opened their eyes and looked around, and when they looked down they found they were floating above the water of the ocean. Miki was the first to see the Island and pointed it out to the group who all looked at it in wonder. The Island itself was fairly small, isolated in the middle of nowhere, but nevertheless was filled with life if the greenery was anything to go by. The group was then propelled forward through a rather lucid warp effect and were suddenly on the Island with the Shobijin standing on a rock just in front of them.

The Shobijin curtseyed

Welcome, friends, to our home. They said.

Everyone looked around in wonder.

"How did you do this?" Akiko asked.

Telepathy has multiple uses Akiko. We can read and understand your thoughts, or make you see our own. Right now you are all still standing exactly where you last remember outside your home in Japan, but your minds are here on Infant Island with us. Please, this way. The tiny girls said as they started jogging away.

The group followed, and despite their tiny size the Shobijin managed to continually appear great distances away. Most of the team guessed that it was because this was a mental projection and they could put themselves wherever they wanted, but then again they were able to literally disappear after Mothra's death so who knows what they were capable of. The team followed for what seemed an eternity before finally coming to a gigantic shrine. Two large statues stood on either side of a large stone tablet with ancient tribal writings carved into it at the top of a small flight of stairs. In front of the shrine was a large circular stone floor where dozens of natives were gathered and sitting on their knees praying towards the tablet.

"This is quite the sight." Ken whispered.

They pray to our Goddess Mothra. Her egg is up there. The Shobijin said as they pointed above the rock wall behind the tablet.

The group looked up and their mouths dropped. Sitting in an alcove above the tablet was an egg nearly forty meters in length and at least thirty meters tall. It was covered in colorful markings and patterns which mirrored the colors on the previous Mothra's wings. The crew was completely dumbfounded at what they saw, but they were called out of their wonder by the voices of the Shobijin.

The egg of Mothra is close to hatching. If you would remain for a while longer, we will allow you to witness this event. They said.

"Absolutely." Akiko said quietly, still somewhat mesmerized by the egg.

The Shobijin bowed their heads and turned around to face the egg. The natives continued their chanting and praying for a few more minutes before the Shobijin made their way down to a tiny altar made just for them. The natives all turned towards the Shobijin and bowed to them before turning back to the egg. The Shobijin looked back to the crew and smiled with a curtsey before turning back towards the egg. Along the outer edges of the lower level were several natives with musical instruments who began playing. Slowly, the music built up as a wooden flute began playing a beautiful melody which seemed to perfectly fit the atmosphere of the Island.

Then, the Shobijin began to sing.

Mosura ya Mosura

dongan kasakuyan indoo muu

rosuto uiraadoa,

hanba hanbamuyan

randa banunradan


kasaku yaanmu

Mosura ya Mosura

dongan kasakuyan indoo muu

rosuto uiraadoa,

hanba hanbamuyan

randa banunradan


kasaku yaanmu

A brief break in the singing was filled by the flute once again taking over the melody. It was exotic and mystifying, and the entire team was completely entranced by what they were hearing as the egg began to glow and flash in bright colors as the Shobijin's song continued.

Mosura ya Mosura

Tasukete yo te, yobeba

Toki o koete, Umi o koete

Nami no yo ni, yate kuru


Mosura ya Mosura

yasashisasae wasure

arehateta, hito no kokoro

inorinagara, utaitai

Ai no uta

Mosura ya Mosura

dongan kasakuyan indoo muu

rosuto uiraadoa,

hanba hanbamuyan

randa banunradan


kasaku yaanmu

Mosura ya Mosura

dongan kasakuyan indoo muu

rosuto uiraadoa,

hanba hanbamuyan

randa banunradan


kasaku yaanmu

Mosura ya Mosura

Mosura ya Mosura

Mosura ya Mosura

Mosura ya Mosura...

During the song, mystic lights began flashing about the egg. As the song neared completion the lights came to a climax and became almost too bright to look at. The egg was now shaking violently and began to crack everywhere around as the body of a large brown worm suddenly burst forth from the egg and let out its first cry to the world. The natives stopped playing music and the Shobijin were overcome with joy at the sight. The crew was slightly taken aback by it at first, but at the same time they felt the same sense of joy at the birth of a new Mothra. The large worm crushed the remainder of the egg around it and looked out at the natives and Shobijin and let out another cry as they watched it with great happiness and began praying once again.

The Shobijin returned their attention to the group and bowed their heads.

Friends. It greatly pleases us that we could show you this wonderful event. Mothra is reborn, and we now know that she has friends beyond Infant Island. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They said with a curtsey and a bow of their heads once more.

The crew bowed back with large smiles on their faces.

"We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sight than this. I must admit, it's really hard for me not to cry right now…" Akiko said as tears started to well in her eyes.

Ken put his arm around her and nodded.

"It's wonderful to know that Mothra is back." He said quietly.

"How long until it becomes an adult?" Keiichi asked, which earned him an elbow from Akiko.

"What?" He asked.

"Don't worry about him. But I am curious as to whether or not the newborn will be safe here. We might not be able to find it, but what about other monsters like Ghidorah or Godzilla? He may have shown the previous Mothra mercy and put her out of her misery, but how do we know that he won't attack the newborn if he gets the chance?" Miki asked.

The Shobijin looked at each other and then back to Miki.

Godzilla is not a threat to Mothra at the present time. If she were to stand in his way, he would surely not think twice about attacking her. However, on this Island the baby is perfectly safe as the Island itself is cloaked from the world around it thanks to a field of energy the ancestors of the natives placed on it millennia ago. Godzilla has swam by this Island numerous times over the years, but he has never once noticed its presence. Do not fear friends. We are in no danger here.

"Well that's a relief." Miki said.

"Well, I think we've stayed long enough." Ken said as he looked to the Shobijin.

"Thank you for showing us this event, but I think it's time we went back. We wish you and the newborn luck, and hopefully we'll see Mothra take wing again before long." He said with a bow of his head.

She will take flight soon, rest assured. Thank you again friends, and be safe. The Shobijin said as the group was suddenly thrust back into the real world.

They all opened their eyes and had to sit down after the experience as it was quite the trip, but overall the group was satisfied about what had happened and what they were shown.

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