Chapter 14 - Through the Eyes of a Kaiju

Explosions shook the Earth as clouds of dust and debris completely blocked out the sun's light on the city of Fukuoka. Tank rounds, mortar shells, land based missiles, rocket launchers, bombs planted in the streets, bombs dropped from bomber aircraft and missiles fired from fighter jets were all being used in a desperate attempt to stop the massive Kaiju lumbering through the streets. Time after time the explosions went off and the dust cleared only to reveal that the Kaiju was completely unaffected. No injuries, no blood, and his pace never slowed.

From his own vantage point the Kaiju looked down upon his attackers as each round struck his body and felt like a little more than a stone being thrown at him. Some of the larger rounds stung, but otherwise did nothing to stop him. He watched the troops scattering beneath his feet, the tanks rolling back to get out of his way when he got too close, and the planes staying at a distance to try and escape his breath attack. Two planes had already been shot down by his atomic breath with another full battalion of tanks having suffered the same fate not long before. New equipment was brought to bear against him in the form of maser weapons which fired powerful lasers at him. These weapons, however, were also useless as they did little more than annoy him.

The monster leaned his head back and let fly with his breath attack which destroyed two of the masers set against him while the others backed away and tried to find a better firing point. One of the masers fired at his eyes but thankfully it missed and struck him in the cheek instead. The blast still stung, but once again he powered up and let fly with his breath to destroy the masers. He continued on his way until he reached the edge of the city and found the nuclear plant he had been looking for. After destroying part of the plant and digging around inside he found the core of the reactor and pulled it free releasing the radiation which he then began to absorb. As he fed on the radiation released from the core his spines began glowing blue until he had drained it of all its power. Dropping the core, he turned and walked back towards the sea.

As he neared the ocean he was once again set upon by the human military forces which tried to attack and destroy him. Again he brushed them aside and blasted their forces with his breath which was freshly charged and more powerful than before. Once they had been dispatched, he continued along his path to the ocean and waded out into the sea. He disappeared beneath the waves and after about thirty minutes he began hearing a strange pinging sound. The sound was beyond irritating, and he was of a mind to silence it. He made his way towards the sound and discovered large black objects swimming around with other black shapes on the surface of the ocean.

That irritating pinging sound continued and his anger began to mount until one of the large black shapes launched something at him. He waited for a few seconds until it struck his body and exploded. He was taken aback by it, but otherwise unharmed. He started swimming towards the strange object which had attacked him as it launched several more explosives at him. The attempt to stop him was futile as he reached the vessel and began ripping into it with his claws. It started letting out strange noises and flashing red lights from within before he blasted it with his breath attack and watched it explode and start sinking in several hundred pieces. The pinging sound, however, did not disappear. He couldn't tell which of these strange objects was producing the sound, but he knew that if he destroyed all of them it would stop.

He set about attacking all of the objects which attacked him under the water first before turning his attention to those on the surface. He decided it would only be fair to engage them on the surface, so he breached the surface and looked around to see what was waiting for him. The water's surface was littered with military ships which all started locking onto and firing at him. Missiles and bombs were launched at him to no effect as he floated on the surface and let them fire for a few minutes before he blasted them with his breath attack. When the surface of the water was cleared of the wretched ships, the annoying pinging sound had stopped. Finally without that irritating sound in his ears, he disappeared beneath the surface of the water and continued on his way.

He swam for hours through the vast ocean. He saw many things along the way including pods of whales, enormous schools of fish, sharks and other fishing vessels trailing large nets full of fresh catches. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the fishing vessels with their nets, but he continued swimming by as he enjoyed the quiet serenity the ocean provided. No serious drama ever happened in the open ocean away from shore, it was just a quiet and endless expanse of open water where the occasional wandering creature could be found. Otherwise it was a watery desert devoid of life. Despite the lack of other life forms, he rather enjoyed the peace and quiet where he could just swim and not worry about being attacked by anything.

As his weariness increased, he descended down to the ocean depths where he found a nice comfortable spot on the ocean floor to lay down and get some rest. He settled down in between some large rocks which formed a near perfect bed for him and closed his eyes. He slept soundly for almost an entire day before he opened his eyes again and realized that something was wrong on the surface world. He looked up and started swimming with great speed towards the faint light of the sun above until he broke through and took his first breath of fresh air in over twenty four hours. He looked around until he managed to figure out which direction his senses were warning him about and started making a beeline for the shore. Along the way he was once again attacked by military ships which he promptly dispatched before arriving on the shore of an island (Yakushima Island) on the southern end of Japan.

Something was going on within the heart of the island and he didn't like what he was sensing. He lumbered through the small human habitations on the eastern edge of the island and made his way towards the mountain at the islands center. As he approached the mountain he started hearing strange calls echoing around the island. The sounds were somewhat high pitched, but still held a depth to it which gave the impression that it was a rather large beast. He circled the mountain, but still never saw anything. As he reached a certain point along the northwestern edge he'd had enough and blasted the mountainside with his breath attack. After a few seconds, the calls began echoing louder and more aggressively as a giant birdlike creature rose into the sky and started descending towards him.

The Kaiju was a reddish brown coloration with a long neck, sharp beak, enormous wings and wicked claws on both of its feet. The massive creature's body was just a little smaller than his own and his wings were almost as long as his entire body. The creature roared down at him and circled overhead, demanding retribution for his attack on its home. He watched it circle above and was not impressed by the display, and so he charged his breath attack and let fly. The flying creature just barely managed to dodge the attack and then promptly dove down on top of him clawing at his face and trying to use his enormous wings to batter him into submission. He ducked his head and shut his eyes as the claws raked across them before he opened his mouth and bit down on one of the creature's feet causing it to cry out in pain.

He released his grip on the creature and blasted it near point blank range with his breath sending it flying into the side of the mountain. The creature shook its head and tried to clear it of the surprise, and as it recovered it leaped into the air and started flying away. He roared after the bird creature before it disappeared beyond the horizon. He looked around as he tried to make sense of it, but before he could figure anything out he heard a very high pitched noise. He looked around, but he still couldn't find anything. There was a loud "bang" in the distance, and as he looked out towards where he heard the sound the bird creature flew at him and then right passed him at such a speed that he couldn't hear anything until almost a full second after it had passed him by. The wind and resulting shockwave knocked him to the ground as he stumbled over his feet.

The bird flew passed him several more times before it flew up high into the skies above and then turned and dove straight down onto him. The bird opened up his claws and dug them deep into the flesh of his mid and lower torso as he released a shriek of pain. He was then lifted into the air slowly and steadily before the bird dropped him onto the peak of the mountain. His body hit the ground with great force and he rolled down the side of the mountain before coming to a stop near its base. He stumbled to his feet at felt the bird ram the back of his head with its stomach which knocked him to the ground again. He shook his head and got to his feet as he was rammed in the back of the head again and knocked to the ground. Again he got to his feet, and as he felt the bird try the attack again he ducked his head and avoided the attack.

The bird flew passed him and had to correct its flight pattern as he charged his breath attack and blasted him in the back. The bird hit the ground before it took to the skies again and circled high overhead again. The bird took up a static position and started aggressively flapping its wings at him causing hurricane level winds to hit him head on which forced him to stagger back several steps before getting his footing and digging in with his feet to stop himself from moving back any farther. He looked up through the winds and charged his attack again, but the bird creature knew what was coming and stopped his own attack to try and retreat but it was too late. He let fly with his breath attack and struck the creature in the chest which knocked it from the sky one last time. The bird fell to the ground and he walked forward and stomped its chest a few times before backing away.

The bird writhed for a few seconds and then went still. He watched it for a few minutes, making sure it would not get up, but its eyes opened and it started writhing again. He cocked his head to the side and watched as it slowly managed to flip itself onto its stomach and start flapping its wings to try and take to the skies, but it was too weak to get the lift it needed. He had made his point, and the bird knew it as well as he did. He turned and walked away as he made his way towards the ocean once more.

The bird would live. He knew that much. But now that the bird knew which of the two of them was stronger, he doubted that he'd have to prove the point again anytime soon.

He waded back into the water and disappeared beneath the waves, content in his dominance over the world above for the time being.

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