Chapter 15 - A World Without Monsters

*Bzzzz* … *Bzzz*

The television powered on and lit up as the screen brought up the news.

"Tonight, we take a look at the devastation caused throughout the city of Odowara by the golden dragon before it faced off against a giant moth and a large lizard with spikes on its back. As you can see behind me, the entire city is in ruins. There isn't a single building left standing, even in the smaller rural districts."

The camera panned around to the devastated city and back to the man speaking.

"The city is gone, and everyone who used to live in it either perished in the unforeseen attack or is now living somewhere without a home. Entire lives were ruined for the sake of what can only be described as an unprovoked attack meant to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible. The dragon's attack has left the entire area completely dead."

The camera panned left a little as a previous resident of the city was brought forth.

"I am joined now by Mr. Takeda Furukawa who lost his family and his home in the attack. Could you describe for us what happened through your eyes that day please?" The newsman asked as he turned the microphone towards Takeda.

"It came from out of nowhere. Just… Appeared in the sky. Before I knew it the damn thing was blasting houses and entire sections of the neighborhood with its lightning attacks. I tried to rush my family out of the house, but in the confusion my house was also attacked. I was just barely able to escape death myself, but at this point I wish I hadn't. I lost my wife, my two sons, and everything I owned. Thanks to that dragon, I've got nothing left to live for." He said as tears began to well in his eyes.

"Thank you, Mr. Takeda." The newsman said as the camera panned to the newsman and Takeda walked away.

"Now we take you live to the island of Yakushima just off the southern coast of Japan. My fellow news reporter is live on the scene. Midori, could you please fill us in on what took place earlier today?" He asked.

The screen switched to one of a young female Japanese reporter standing on the island just a little ways off from the destruction caused to the mountain and the landscape during the fight.

"Thank you Daisuke. The island behind me is battered and beaten, the scene of a gruesome battle between a giant red reptilian bird and the massive lizard creature responsible for driving away the golden dragon and burning the giant moth before it left Odowara. The destruction caused to the island has left several dozen families without homes or a livelihood, as during the lizard's approach and departure, he crushed dozens of houses in his path. I have here with me Mrs. Haruhi Tateyama who witnessed the fight first hand while on a camping trip in the forest at the base of the mountain. Could you describe the fight for us please?"

The camera turned towards Haruhi.

"The fight was started by the lizard. It seemed to wait for the bird, but it didn't show up so it blasted the mountain with a bright blue beam of light from its mouth. The bird came out and the fight started. At first it seemed like the bird had the advantage, but the lizard quickly turned the tide and beat the poor thing down."

"Do you believe that the lizard did this for a reason? Or do you think it was unprovoked?"

"I believe it was unprovoked as we didn't even realize the bird had roosted here on the island until the lizard came along. It was living quietly and keeping to itself without an issue."

"Thank you, Mrs. Tateyama. Back to you Daisuke." Midori said as the screen returned to Daisuke in Odowara.

"Thank you Midori. We bring you now a live update direct from the mouths of the Japanese Government. The creatures have all been given names thanks to an anonymous source which claims to have recorded, photographed and documented these creatures. Hence forth, the giant lizard is named Godzilla. The dragon is named King Ghidorah. The giant underground monster is called Burtannus, and the moth is Mothra. As the bird was only recently discovered and remains undocumented it does not have a name, but we will keep everyone up to date on the changes as they occur."

The camera panned slightly to the right to reveal a military figure dressed in full military attire and decorations.

"I would like to present General Ichirou Yamamoto who is head of the efforts to stop these creatures. General, could you please give us a few words sir?"

"The monsters are a menace to our civilization. We are prepared to do anything and everything to stop them. We have already collaborated with foreign governments and have established the United Nations Kaiju Defense Organization. The organization's purpose is to bring together the top minds from around the world to help figure out a way to bring an end to these monsters once and for all. That's all I can give you for now. Good day." The general said as he turned and walked away.

Daisuke returned his attention to the camera.

"There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The United Nations Kaiju Defense Organization is henceforth watching over us and planning ways to defeat these monsters. If even just the lizard or the dragon could be brought down, it would mean a huge sigh of relief for the world. We'll be right back after these messages from our sponsors."

The screen faded temporarily before going to commercials, and was promptly shut off.

"… How the Hell did ANYONE know about our research?!" Akiko yelled as she threw the remote across the room.

Ken grabbed her arms and tried to hold her down, but Akiko fought vigorously to escape his grip and pushed him away.

"Don't touch me Ken! Someone has leaked our information and data to the government without our permission!"

"I know, I am not blind Akiko. But there's nothing we can do now. We can't just take it back. The government is now protecting the information they were given. I don't know who did this, but it must have been some kind of hacker because nobody on our team would do such a thing."

"Can you prove that?!" She yelled.

"No, I can't." He said in defeat.

"Then don't try to use it to calm me down!" She yelled as she pushed over a chair.

Miki and Sayuri were sitting nearby in shock and horror that somehow the information they'd all worked so hard to collect was now in the hands of the government and being used to find a way to kill the Kaiju. Despite the devastation they caused, Godzilla and Mothra were beautiful creatures worthy of further study and analysis. The dragon probably should go, but only because it seemed more aggressive and actually felt evil to both of the psychics. They wouldn't ever say it out loud, but they feared and loathed the creature with immense prejudice.

Akiko's fit was brought to a standstill when she sat down in another chair which hand't been thrown or flipped over and she buried her face in her arms and cried. Ken sat next to her and rubbed her back, trying to help her relax as she let her tears wash away her anger. Keiichi was sitting quietly in the corner staring at his computer which held their data and was shaking his head, wondering how someone could hack through the encryptions Akiko had put in place.

Nobody knew what happened or how, but someone had gained access to their information and sent it to the government. But who? Nobody they knew was a hacker or had the skills to steal their information. Their data was kept under lock and key, both literally and electronically. Who knew about their operation well enough to be able to tap into their systems and hack their data? Keiichi's fists tightened as he angrily closed his laptop and let out a sigh of frustration. Miki and Sayuri sat together in silence, Sayuri taking comfort in Miki's arms as they tried to make sense of what had happened.

Ken turned the television back on just in time to catch more news with a few more interviews.

"I'm here with Naoki Shimizu of Odowara who is yet another victim of King Ghidorah's rampage. Could you please describe for us your experience and your thoughts on the efforts of the world's governments about the Kaiju?"

"Ghidorah, and indeed all of those monsters are a threat to humanity and should be wiped out. I say it's about time our government got serious about these threats and finally took the step to ask the rest of the world for help. The sooner the monsters die, the better!" He said with a "humph" and a nod of satisfaction.

"Thank you, Naoki. On my left we have Mrs. Chiyo Tanaka who witnessed the fighting between the monsters that day and lived to tell about it. Could you please describe your experience and your thoughts on the governments course of action?"

"To tell the truth, I don't remember the battle very well because half the time I was looking away. When Mothra's wings were torn off, I had to look away because I thought for sure it would rip her body in half next. When Godzilla arrived, I was relieved when he began attacking Ghidorah and managed to drive it away. I was sorry to see him kill Mothra, but without the ability to fly I think she'd have died anyway. In my opinion, the government is rushing to conclusions about the monsters and thinking only of the damage they've caused instead of the individual actions they've taken. I don't want to see Godzilla destroyed because in my eyes, it saved Mothra when you get right down to it. Godzilla's actions against Ghidorah also saved all of us who survived its initial rampage, and I am grateful to Godzilla for that. I do think that the monsters need to be controlled somehow so they don't cause damage, but destroying them would be a waste."

As she finished, there were a few howls from people in the background who were booing her and shaking their heads while making inappropriate gestures towards her.

"Thank you Mrs. Tanaka. We're going to take another short break and be right back after these messages."

The television was shut off and Ken looked back to Akiko who was still silently sobbing to herself as she tried to come to grips with the grim reality set before her. Her team's research and hard work had been stolen and sent to the government before it was ready. Her team was likely now on the government's watch list, as it was unlikely the thief withheld information about the team as well including their names and faces. And above all, the government was now out to kill ALL the monsters.

Ken decided it would be a good idea for them to all go to bed, as it was getting late and they all needed to get some sleep. Before the long the government would come knocking, and when they did they'd likely be shut down since the government wouldn't want them continuing their work or interfering in government affairs. He escorted Sayuri to bed while he asked the others to turn in as well. Sayuri and Miki went to the RV where they stayed up and discussed for a while what they would do if the government came to shut them down. If they were allowed to continue their work then that would be wonderful, but there was little chance of that happening if the government was really intent on using what was stolen from their team to kill the Kaiju.

Before long the entire team fell asleep, and if they only knew what was ahead...

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