Chapter 16 - Taken

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The door of the main building rattled against the force of the knocking, which was promptly followed by the sound of someone yelling behind it.

"Open this door!" A male voice yelled.

Akiko and Ken were awake, but still sleepy as it was 5am in the morning. Ken unlocked the door, and once it was unlocked it was forcibly opened from the other side as a man in military attire scowled at them.

"Are you Ken Inouye and Akiko Nakazawa?" He asked.

As Ken started to actually wake up, he noticed that there were several other men in military attire standing behind the one in the door.

"Where are Miki Saegusa and Sayuri Okumura?" He demanded.

"They're asleep in the RV… If they haven't been woken up by the racket already." Ken replied.

The military officer turned towards the RV and knocked loudly on the door.

"Open this door!" He yelled.

The door to the RV opened and revealed Sayuri who was rubbing her eyes and asking what was going on. Before she was provided with an answer she was yanked out of the RV by her arm as one of the men went inside and started to drag out Miki as well. Both of the girls were crying out asking what was going on, but they were being pushed away towards a military vehicle nearby as Ken was held back by the first military officer when he tried to help the girls.

"What the Hell is going on?!" Ken yelled.

"Watch yourself Mr. Inouye. These women are being recruited by the Japanese Military due to the importance of their abilities to sense the presence of the Kaiju. Civilian interference is a severe offense Mr. Inouye, so step back inside and stay there until we have departed. Any other actions will be treated as hostile!"

He gave Ken a shove back through the door and closed it behind himself as he went to the vehicle the girls were in and closed the door. The vehicle fired up and drove away, followed by a few others the rest of the soldiers had come in and they disappeared down the road. Ken, Akiko and Keiichi all walked outside and looked at each other in sheer and utter confusion as to what had just happened.

"Can they do that?" Keiichi asked.

Ken shook his head but shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. I don't think so, but there's nothing we can do now." Ken said.

"What do you mean nothing we can do now? We have to find them and get them back!" Akiko yelled.

"There's nothing we can do. I don't know if they can just take them, but civilian interference in government and military affairs is in fact a crime. We don't have a choice but to wait this out." He said.

Akiko kicked the wall and went back inside to get dressed properly before starting their day. Now that they were down two of their more important members, the team was going to have a very difficult time moving forward with their research.

Meanwhile, in the military vehicle, Miki and Sayuri were sitting together as two soldiers glared at them. They didn't need words to know they were in trouble, but for what they didn't know. They hadn't done anything wrong, so why were they being taken? Neither Miki nor Sayuri were able to tell what these men were thinking, but they could sense that there was something wrong with what was happening. They weren't who they said they were, and that was made all the more apparent as the man who said they were being "recruited" sat in the front seat and took off his "military" hat and looked back at the girls with a wicked smile.

The girls looked at each other and avoided eye contact with all of the men in the vehicle throughout the trip.

When the vehicle came to a stop, the girls were pulled out and escorted into what looked like an abandoned warehouse, but as they walked through the doors they were led to a removable floor which opened up to reveal a staircase leading down beneath the ground. They were escorted down the stairs through a long hallway, down several other corridors and twists and turns until they finally came to one final metal door where they were stopped until the man who took them from the group pressed his hand to a fingerprint recognition pad and the door unlocked. They walked through the door and entered a room which looked like it was ripped out of a comic book.

The door opened up into an impossibly large room which looked like it was nearly one thousand yards wide, at least five hundred yards to the ceiling, and well over one thousand yards in length leading back into the distance. The far right side of the room was sectioned off by a blue light emanating from somewhere beneath the floor. The rest of the room was divided up into sections by large glass walls with hundreds of people working on computers and dozens of television sets monitoring the monsters around the world. How they managed to locate them all and keep tabs on them was beyond Miki, but as she looked around she was horrified by what she saw. While it was on the one hand fascinating and almost mesmerizing to look at, it was also terrifying to know that these people had been able to locate and monitor the monsters with this much technology at their disposal. There was no telling what they'd be able to do.

Miki and Sayuri were led to the back of the building where a monitor the size of a movie theater screen was waiting for them with a live feed of Godzilla sleeping soundly on the ocean floor. Standing beneath the screen was a woman in a black lab coat with black pants and boots who turned around to look at the girls. She had her hair done up in a ponytail and had a pair of glasses on her face. Miki and Sayuri looked at each other for a moment and then looked back to the woman who then smiled at them with the slightest of nods of her head.

"Welcome ladies." She said.

She had a silky and warm voice despite the sinister vibe the room and most of the personnel gave off, but there was something oddly familiar about her to both of the girls.

I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing here. Came the woman's voice in their minds.

The girls' eyes both snapped fully open as they looked at her. The woman's smile widened slightly as she continued to look at the girls.

Yes ladies, I have the same abilities you do. Call me Harmony. It was I who hacked your network and leaked your data and research documents to the government. I was also the one who convinced them to "recruit" you, though our team managed to reach you first which I'm very pleased with. Your friends are likely being arrested for trying to hide you away as we speak, so don't get any ideas in your head about returning to them. The chances you'll see them again are quite slim unless you do exactly as I say.

Miki's eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed in anger as she frowned at the woman before her. She didn't seem intimidated by Miki's facial expression, as she walked towards her a few paces.

Now, now miss Saegusa, try to be reasonable. I only need your services for a short time, then you will be free to go and I will give you my word that your friends will not be harmed. If they have been apprehended by the police, then I will take measures to ensure their release. But until such a time as I have everything I need, you will remain here and assist me in my own research on the beautiful creature you see on the screen behind me.

She turned around to face the screen.

"Isn't he magnificent? A near perfect specimen with unrivaled potential!" She said as she opened her arms out to emphasize the point.

"The government would see him destroyed, but they will never be able to accomplish such a task. Godzilla is invincible, and not even the power of King Ghidorah could bring him down despite the difference in their size and physical brute strength. If they did not have any special abilities, many would say that King Ghidorah would overpower Godzilla in every fight. But we know better, don't we ladies?" She asked as she turned around.

Miki's scowl remained on her face as Sayuri stayed behind her.

"Miki… Tell me, have you bonded with Godzilla?" She asked.

Miki tried to keep her exterior from changing, but inside she became worried as to where the conversation was going.

If you think I can't read your heart, then you're wrong my dear. I happen to know, thanks to your online journal, that you hold quite a bit of emotional attachment to Godzilla. You care for him as a living creature, more so than almost anyone else I'd imagine save for myself.

Miki softened her expression but kept the frown.

"Miki, tell me to my face that you don't want Godzilla to be able to live in peace in this world." She said as she stood right in front of Miki.

Miki remained silent.

"Very well then, keep trying to be strong and defiant for your friend Sayuri. It doesn't matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is that I will be able to utilize your powers to lure Godzilla to this underground lair and contain him indefinitely… Do you think I'm insane?" She asked.

Miki only nodded her head.

"I shouldn't be surprised. But allow me to show you something new and, I must say, unique. Come." She said with a single gesture of her arm towards the giant section of the floor which was blocked off by the blue light.

"I believe you noticed this section when you came in, yes? This is our Kaiju containment zone where we will keep Godzilla once we've used your power to lure him here. The light you are seeing is a field consisting of a combination of ultrasonic frequencies which Godzilla cannot stand to hear and will avoid at all costs, and also of anti-radiation particles which will instantly begin balancing the unstable radiation within his body thus draining him of strength and power. It is concentrated through the gaps in the floor so that it will only affect him when his body comes into contact with it, so he will remain within the field so long as it is active which is how we'll keep him here. If you need proof of how the field works, just watch the screen." She said as she turned her head back towards the screen.

As Godzilla slept, a small mechanical arm came into view holding a small device emitting that same blue light as in the ground. The arm pressed a button on the device and Godzilla instantly awoke and started shrieking in pain as he writhed beneath the sea. Miki's heart dropped as she watched it take place, and she ran to the woman and grabbed her coat.

"Stop it! Stop it right now!" She screamed.

Harmony looked back to the screen, and the device stopped. Godzilla shook off the pain in his ears and his head for a good thirty seconds before settling back down to try and rest.

"Well then, now that you know I speak the truth about the field, just know that you are doing Godzilla a favor. We have one of these bases for each Kaiju, and before long we will own them all and they will be safe from the surface world's prejudice and hate forever."

Miki looked back to Godzilla on the screen, her heart aching as she thought about what they were going to do to him once he was here. If the woman's power was as strong as Miki thought it was, it was almost a certainty that Godzilla would end up here before long.

Stay safe Godzilla… Miki thought.

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