Chapter 18 - To Trap A Kaiju

The day had been long and nobody even knew what to say. Akiko was locked in her room in the main building while Keiichi was blankly staring at the screen of his laptop trying to find Godzilla on sonar. Thus far, no luck. Ken was up and pacing about trying to figure out what he could do or what he could say to get Akiko out of her room, but nothing came to mind. Akiko had grown very attached to both Miki and Sayuri like a big sister and was incredibly upset that they weren't around anymore. On top of that, there was no guarantee that they'd make it home safely.

As Ken paced about, Keiichi looked to him and tried to make a suggestion.

"Something my father always said was that when life gets you down you should find something to work on. Why not help me try to find the big guy? It'd give us something to-"


Keiichi's eyes slowly made their way to the sonar indicator which showed that a large object was approaching shore very quickly off the coast of Sendai. Ken walked over to it as well and checked the screen to make sure it was reading correctly.


"If it's Godzilla he's moving much faster than usual." Keiichi remarked.

"No kidding." Ken agreed.


"He's almost off the radar already." Keiichi said.

"He has to be going at least sixty knots to be going through that quickly." Ken said.



"He's off radar already." Keiichi said slowly.

"Yeah, and we're not sticking around here." Ken said as he patten Keiichi's shoulder.

"Right behind you boss." He said as he closed his laptop.

Ken went to Akiko's door and knocked on it a few times.

"Akiko, Godzilla just showed up off the coast of Sendai and he's moving at about sixty knots. Whatever he's going for has to be important. Keiichi and I are leaving. You coming?" He asked.

There was silence for a brief moment before she opened the door and walked out, her eyes swollen and slightly red from how much she had been crying. Ken embraced her in a hug and rubbed her head as she buried her face in his chest.

"I know, I miss them too. We'll get them back somehow. I promise." He said softly.

She nodded against him and then backed out of the hug.

"Let's go." She said through a sob.

The crew piled into the RV and took off down the road to Sendai. The trip would be a few hours long, but they had a full tank of gas and Ken was paying very little attention to traffic laws on his way as he ran through a few red lights and sped through every street on the way to the highway before he floored it. Going down the highway at about 80 miles per hour, Ken raced towards Sendai. Remarkably there were no policemen who saw him doing this, and every time he saw one he slowed down just long enough to get passed them safely before he sped back up.

Back at the base, Harmony was laying down on her bed and was nearly asleep when a series of loud knocks came at her door. She started and got up immediately to answer.

"What's going on?" She asked as she opened the door.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry to disturb you but Godzilla has just made landfall on the shoreline." He said.

"WHAT?!" She yelled as she pushed him out of the way and ran to her command platform.

Godzilla was on the screen and was walking with great purpose as he made his way inland. He was heading on a direct collision course with their base, and Harmony knew that they didn't have the time they were hoping for and so she decided the time was now.

"Start phase one!" She ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Came a response from everyone present in the room.

Godzilla made his way through the rural areas and into the city as he made a beeline for the base. He headed through the city without any second thoughts or hesitations and made his way through to the Izumi Ward area before he stopped and looked around. He knew he was close, and all of a sudden he began to sense a vibration in the ground behind him. It was producing an uncomfortable rumble, so he moved forward a few steps. He looked around, but he still couldn't see anything. He started turning around and as he took a single step back the way he came towards the ocean he was hit with a barrage of ultrasonic waves. He stumbled back and the sounds stopped. He shook it off and turned away from where the sounds came from.

He took a few more steps inland and the ground started to feel different. Then, it started to open up beneath his feet. Godzilla stepped away from the opening ground, but it was no use as it opened up faster than he could move and he fell down a long deep pit. He fell for a good five seconds before hitting the ground, and when he did he could feel he had damaged his left shoulder in the fall. He stood up, taking care to keep all weight off of his now wounded shoulder as he looked around. There were no lights anywhere save above him, but those too were snuffed out as the ground closed and trapped him down below. He let out a roar of fury until the lights all came on at once.

Godzilla reeled from the lights and backed away from them, but when he did he ended up getting bombarded with more ultrasonic waves. He shrieked in agony as he backed away from them and shook his head to clear it. When he opened his eyes, he saw hundreds of humans around tiny lights on the ground and a blue light surrounding the surface he was standing on. He walked forward towards the blue light and was hit with ultrasonic waves once again as he stepped on it and he had to back away. He looked around and saw he was surrounded by the light which meant he was trapped inside. He tried walking the perimeter, but it was no use. Every time he stepped on the light, he was wrapped in pain so intense he could not stand it and was forced to back down.

Harmony stood on her control platform and looked up at Godzilla with pride as she closed her eyes.

Welcome Godzilla to your new home. I know it might not look all that comfortable right now, but you will get used to it.

Godzilla looked down at Harmony and growled while bearing his teeth.

"M-Maybe you shouldn't provoke him ma'am." One of her computer techs said.

"I know his limits. Have some faith. He's not going anywhere and he knows to behave. After all…"

That blue light can expand.

Godzilla let out a roar of defiance before laying down on the ground as carefully as possible. As he closed his eyes Harmony walked forward towards his enclosure and looked at him up close. She was amazed at how beautiful he was to her. It was even better than she had imagined. He was so regal and intense, she almost couldn't stand it. She was brought back to reality though when one of her guards told her to give him some distance as there was risk of radioactive exposure and sickness if she got too close. She backed away and went back to her control platform as she watched him sleep.

"I've finally done it." She said quietly to herself.

Godzilla slept soundly while Harmony marveled at her success, but while this was going on, something else was beginning to happen within the base.

Miki's mind was a blur of strange emotions which she knew weren't her own. With all of her will power she forced them from her mind and opened her eyes as she realized she was back in her room. She sat up slowly, shaking her head and clearing her mind of whatever that wretched woman had done to her. She looked around and realized Sayuri was not there. Immediately she began to panic, but she quickly realized that would get her nowhere. Instead she sat down and closed her eyes, letting out a single breath to calm herself as she reached out to Sayuri.

Sayuri, can you hear me? She asked.

Sayuri, can you hear me? She asked again.

Yes Miki, I can hear you. What do we do? They locked me in another room. Sayuri said.

Stay calm Sayuri, I have an idea. She told her as she opened her eyes.

She walked to her door and looked at it. She closed her eyes and focused on the lock which she knew was on the other side, and slowly, it turned before she heard the "click." She smiled to herself as she opened the door and walked outside very slowly and cautiously. Sneaking through the hallways, she slipped by the occasional guard patrol as she made her way to Sayuri's room using her thought waves as a guide to locate her. When Miki found her door, she unlocked it and let Sayuri out. The girl hugged Miki and the two of them made their way back through the corridors to the main room where they saw Godzilla laying down in the Kaiju containment area.

Miki's heart dropped the instant she saw him there, but she was not about to just leave him like that. Miki had Sayuri hide with her just around the corner behind some metal crates as she formulated a plan to get him out.

I have an idea Sayuri, but it's going to be dangerous. If I can make it to Harmony's control panel I can turn off the field of ultrasonic waves so Godzilla can get out.

You can't do that! You'd be caught before you got anywhere close!

No I won't, I have an idea remember? Look, just leave that part to me and you stay here and stay hidden alright?

What will you do once the field is off? You know he's going to get out of there as fast as he can once he realizes it's gone right?

Yes, I know… I'm working on that.

You're 'working on that?'… Be careful Miki, please.

I will, don't worry.

Miki crawled away and made her way towards the main floor as she began plotting her course. She was only 5', so she was small and could stay low to the ground. Everyone was so busy minding their computers that none of them noticed her crawling around on the side farthest from Godzilla. Everyone took occasional glances at him so staying on the side farthest from him was the best move. She moved slowly and silently until she reached the end of the room where she had a fairly straight shot to the control platform, but the problem was that Harmony was still sitting there and Miki couldn't wait there forever. She'd be spotted eventually, so she had to move.

Miki took her chance when one of the guards moved away and ran to the base of the control platform where she huddled down and hid beneath another couple crates like those Sayuri had hidden under. She waited for a few minutes as she tried to listen in on Harmony's conversations, but not much of it made it through to her. Instead, she continued to wait as she watched Harmony begin moving towards Godzilla again. She was walking slowly and looked to be going up real close to him to get a good look, so Miki stole her chance and made her way to the platform and tried to locate the controls for the field, but everything was foreign to her. She didn't know what to look at or why, and Harmony wouldn't be gone long so she made her way back down to the ground beneath the platform and hid as Harmony started walking back to the platform.

Frustrated, Miki could think of only one last option. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard on Godzilla as she let out a small silent breath.

Godzilla, can you hear me? She asked.

Godzilla stirred in his sleep, opening one eye just enough to glance at the platform.

This is Miki. Please let me help you. That blue field is generating the sounds that hurt you, but you can defeat it if you destroy the platform I am sitting under.

Godzilla closed his eye.

Godzilla, do not be afraid. I promise that if you destroy this platform the sounds will stop. Please, trust me.

Godzilla's eye opened once more and his head came up a little bit as he looked at the platform.

Trust me… She pleaded.

Godzilla slowly stood up, still taking care to keep weight off of his shoulder while he got to his feet. Miki took her chance and opened her eyes as she made a bolt away from the platform. Amazingly nobody saw her as she made her way back towards Sayuri's position while Godzilla began powering up his breath attack. Everyone in the room was immediately on alert and yelling things out incoherently as they all tried to find a way to get away from what was about to come. Harmony got off her platform as Godzilla started to let loose, but she was moving fairly slowly. Godzilla's breath attack went off, but blew up right in his face against the invisible wall of ultrasonic waves.

Harmony smirked.

Nice try Godzilla, but those waves are also attuned to the exact frequency of your breath attack. You'll not escape us that easily. She mocked.

Godzilla growled at her and began charging his attack again. She shook her head, but Godzilla was no fool. He leaned forward and winced against the pain of the ultrasonic waves, and though he could barely focus through it he was able to target the platform and let fly with his head just outside the field. Harmony's smirk slowly disappeared as Godzilla let fly wildly across the room through the pain of the ultrasonic field and the struck the platform and Harmony along with it. The platform blew up, Harmony was vaporized, and the areas of the room which were struck by the beam were destroyed as well. Miki and Sayuri on the other end of the room were fairly safe ducked behind their crates, although they were bounced around a little bit but suffered no serious injuries.

As Godzilla collapsed to the ground and shook off the shock of what he had just one, he realized that the field was indeed gone as Miki had said. He slowly staggered to his feet as the rest of the humans around the room scattered and tried to run away. Miki and Sayuri decided to simply get up and escape with them in the confusion as they knew the way out when the girls didn't. They all made it outside safely where Miki and Sayuri found a place to hide from the guards and other members of this underground organization. They waited until they had all disappeared and then started to walk away down the road towards Tokyo together as they felt the ground begin to quake. They looked over their shoulders and saw Godzilla's breath attack burst forth from underground and caused a large explosion which led to his freedom on the surface.

As the girls walked away, they looked over their shoulders and watched Godzilla walk away towards the ocean. Along the way, they saw the RV driving along the road towards Sendai and they waved their arms to the others who instantly skidded to a halt and pulled the RV over to rush out and embrace them. Akiko grabbed both Miki and Sayuri and hugged them both very tightly as she cried in happiness at their being alright. Ken and Keiichi waited until Akiko had her fill and gave the girls a hug as well before they all got into the RV and drove home together. Godzilla made it safely back into the sea, and all was right with the world for the time being.

Miki had a feeling it would not last though, as Harmony had mentioned that Miki and Sayuri actually were recruited by the government for their abilities but that she had gotten to them first.

They weren't out of this yet.

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