Chapter 21 - A Conflict Looming

It was everyone's worst nightmares come to life. Burtannus had simply been a test dummy for the device known as the brainwave inhibitor and had since been abandoned to its fate. What became of Burtannus after it waded out into the sea after Godzilla was anyone's guess, but many assumed that it was either dead or dying from the after effects of the brainwave inhibitor. Akiko and the others had a few theories about what was going on with Burtannus, but they were more concerned with Godzilla's fate since he swam off into the ocean with the same brainwave inhibitor tucked within his ear.

Akiko and Keiichi had been hard at work trying to figure out what to do about the brainwave inhibitor as Miki and Sayuri's abilities were now worthless so long as Godzilla's mind was turned to mush. Keiichi had come up with a rather dangerous suggestion of trying to blast it off with something, but the chances that Godzilla's head would remain still long enough for such a thing to happen was rather slim so the idea was rejected. Even if the military launched a full on assault on Godzilla, there was a very low probability that they would succeed in removing the device from within his ear canal.

"We have to do something." Keiichi said quietly.

"If I had a yen for every time I heard that…" Akiko muttered.

"Akiko, don't get snippy at Keiichi. We're all on edge here." Ken commented.

"I'm not being snippy, I'm being sarcastic. There's a difference." She snapped.

"A very minuscule difference." Ken remarked.

"Is it okay for you to do it to me then?" She asked as she looked over at Ken.

"I'm not doing it to you." He said.

"Not at the moment, but you've done it before."

"Not about this issue I haven't." He retorted.

Akiko grumbled as Ken looked to his computer while Keiichi got up and started pacing. Sayuri was sitting nearby trying to think of a way to make herself useful, and Miki was burying her face in her arms trying to avoid the conversation altogether. Miki's primary concern wasn't about how to get that device off of Godzilla, it was how to keep him safe while doing it. Anything involving the military was a mistake in her eyes, and putting the team in harms way by getting too close to Godzilla's radioactive body was also out. She had wracked her brain trying to think of some way to help Godzilla and her team, but she was left with more questions than answers in regards to a successful solution to the problem.

As everyone continued to try and figure out what to do, arguments continued to surface as the team members threw ideas and accusations out at each other for several minutes.

Friends… Can you hear our voices?

Everyone stopped.

We apologize for listening in, but we felt we had to speak to you about the current state of Godzilla.

Miki and Sayuri closed their eyes and calmed themselves as they listened to the Shobijin.

"Do you know something we don't about this?" Akiko asked.


"Well do tell please. The longer we waste time the more the world suffers because of Godzilla attacking cities around the world under the influence of this new brainwave inhibitor."

Indeed, and we have a potential solution to the issue. Your military is not powerful enough to destroy the device, but Mothra is. She is newly evolved and took to the air for the first time just this morning. Please leave everything to Mothra for now and Godzilla will be back to normal in no time.

"What about Burtannus?" Miki asked.

Burtannus recovered from the ordeal and is back underground where she belongs. You needn't fear for her safety.

"She?" Keiichi asked.

Yes. Burtannus is female.

"Oh… Well okay." Keiichi responded.

Be well friends, and stay safe. Mothra will engage Godzilla in combat this evening when he makes his way to Kyoto via Ise Bay. Until then friends.

"Wait, I have another question…" Ken said.


"Damn!" He exclaimed.

"What?" Akiko asked.

"I was going to ask how Mothra planned on getting to the device. It's not exactly sitting outside in the open like it was for Burtannus. Godzilla has an ear canal which is protecting the majority of it. Also, whoever put it there seems to have some kind of influence on Godzilla's actions like they did with Burtannus. If they know Mothra is aiming for it, they'll protect it however they can and that may be problematic for Godzilla." He said.

"… You're right. We need to get to Kyoto as fast as possible." Akiko said.

"We'll never make it there by tonight. We have no choice but to wait and hope for the best. I have a friend who lives there who I can contact to give us the play by play, but we'll never reach Kyoto by the time Mothra and Godzilla do."

"Son of a-" Akiko began.

"Maybe we don't have to contact your friend." Miki interrupted.

Everyone looked to her.

"I think I have an idea. Sayuri, could you come here please?" She asked.

Sayuri approached as Miki reached out and took her hands.

"I am not sure if this will work, but we may be able to tap into Mothra's thoughts. Godzilla's are scrambled, but we may be able to connect with Mothra. Our powers have developed quite a bit lately with our continued use of them, so I think we can do this." She said.

Sayuri nodded slowly, wondering silently if this would work.

"Well, give it a try." Akiko said.

Miki and Sayuri nodded as they closed their eyes and calmed their minds. They first connected with each other, then extended their thoughts to Mothra as they held the image of her last known form. Several minutes passed without anything happening, but as they were about to stop they finally felt Mothra's presence and managed to tap into her thoughts as Miki had said. After another minute or two of getting used to the change, they finally saw the world through Mothra's eyes. She was sitting on a massive altar with the natives praying to her from below as she waited for the right time to take wing.

"When they said she was newly evolved, they meant it. She looks completely different than before." Miki said softly.

"What does she look like?" Ken asked.

"Her eyes are a greenish blue coloration and her wings now have different patterns as well. It's almost like green fire over a black background with a few strands of orange and red, coupled with white and orange circles on the tips of her forewings. Her antennae are a bit thicker and her head has a black streak through it."

"I have an idea." Sayuri said.

"Everyone close your eyes and concentrate on Miki and I. I think you can see what we do if you relax yourselves and concentrate."

Everyone closed their eyes and took in slow and steady breaths. Surely enough, they were able to lock onto the vision which Sayuri and Miki were holding for them.

"… She's beautiful." Akiko said.

"Yeah… She looks like a completely new creature from her mother." Ken added.

"I like this one more to tell the truth. She looks cooler." Keiichi remarked, earning him a small punch in the arm from Akiko.

"What?" He asked.

"Don't disrespect the previous Mothra like that." She said.

"Sorry." He replied.

"Miki, keep tabs on Mothra from time to time and let us know when she's taken flight. We'll keep an eye out for Godzilla on our equipment to help you out." Ken said.

Miki nodded.

Everyone got to work on their respective job while Miki and Sayuri kept tabs on Mothra. It was several hours before Godzilla finally came close enough to landfall before Mothra took off and headed for Kyoto. It was at that moment that Miki had a thought. She closed her eyes and focused no the Shobijin.

Can you hear me? She asked.

. Yes, Miki. What do you need? Came a response.

How did you know Godzilla would head for Kyoto? She asked.

We have our ways, Miki. For your own safety we must keep that information to ourselves for the time being. We are sorry.

I understand. Miki responded as she focused again on Mothra.

Mothra was flying at a steady pace towards land as Godzilla continued to set off sensors around Ise Bay. Throughout the last several weeks Ken and Keiichi had pooled their finances and invested in several dozen extra sensors which they'd placed all along the coastline to prepare for the inevitable. Godzilla had tripped their two sensors already on his way through Ise Bay towards Kyoto. He made landfall at 7:30pm as Mothra found her way across the sea to Japan. She made it to land near Tokyo on her way towards Godzilla's location. If what Miki said about her speed was true, she'd reach him in about fifteen minutes.

"Not long now…" Akiko said as she and the others all closed their eyes to watch Mothra's approach to what was now a burning, exploding horizon.

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