Chapter 23 - The Depths of 'Connection'

… *beep*…

… *beep*…

… *beep*…

The silence in the hospital room was so pure that even the sound of a feather hitting the floor would have been audible. Ken, Akiko, Keiichi and Sayuri all gathered around Miki's comatose form as they tuned out the heart monitor in the background and watched her chest slowly rise and fall thanks to the breathing apparatus attached to her face. She almost didn't even look like Miki anymore. Sayuri held Miki's left hand and Akiko her right hand as they wept silent tears of worry while Keiichi and Ken looked on.

There were no words to be spoken now.

It was then that a light knock came at the door as a nurse entered the room with a clipboard in her left hand and a pen in the other. She walked over to the bedside and bowed to Ken who turned to greet her.

"Please excuse me, but I must document her status." She said quietly.

Ken nodded as he let her pass while she recorded all the numbers and readings on the numerous screens surrounding Miki's bedside. Akiko and Sayuri would not move for her, so she had to work around them before quietly leaving the room once her analysis was complete. Nobody else moved a muscle as she exited the room save for Ken who turned his head towards the heart monitor for a brief moment before looking back at his fallen friend.

The minutes ticked by, changing slowly to hours as the sun set beyond the horizon outside the window and a doctor entered the room to let them know that visiting hours were now over. It took some doing, but Akiko and Sayuri were finally convinced to let go of Miki's hands and leave with Ken and Keiichi as they all walked through the halls and outside the hospital where they all stood silent and still for several minutes.

They didn't know what to do anymore.

Akiko had always said before that no matter what happened they'd continue their research, but now that Miki was in a coma her determination and willpower had drastically decreased. She didn't see the point anymore. Miki had been so instrumental to her ability to understand Godzilla and the other Kaiju that Akiko couldn't see herself continuing on without her. Ken and Keiichi both had grown very fond of Miki as well, and neither one could imagine going to see Godzilla without Miki by their side to connect with the big guy. Sayuri had lost not only a fellow psychic, but a very dear friend as well with whom she shared a very strong sisterly bond with.

Ken was the first to find his feet and began to walk away without a word. Keiichi was the first to follow him, then Sayuri and finally Akiko. Ken didn't know exactly where it was he was going, but he knew that wherever it was would end up being an important location to him. Together the team walked in silence, not saying a word. They walked for nearly three hours before Ken finally came to a stop. When he looked up, he found himself looking at the waters of Sagami Bay where the team had all first encountered Godzilla on their sensors before the first Mothra managed to convince him to swim back out into the ocean. Ken walked up the edge of the water and kicked rock into the bay as the others stood alongside him.

Together they all looked out at the water and remembered that night when they came oh so close to seeing Godzilla for the first time. The waters of the bay were dead calm tonight though, not even a breeze to make the surface ripple. The moon above would normally be considered beautiful and be admired, but tonight it was not even noticed despite it being full and clear on this cloudless night. Everyone stared out at the water, waiting and watching for some kind of sign. They didn't know what they were waiting for, but they knew that they were waiting for something.

The minutes ticked by, and the silence was finally broken by the sound of Sayuri beginning to cry. Her tears fell like rivers from her eyes as she fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands. Try as she might she could not stop, and Akiko's own tears and sobs joined in the mournful chorus of the night as even the two men began to shed silent tears of sorrow in the wake of Miki's absence. Akiko put her hands around Sayuri, but it did nothing to stop the poor girl from crying as Akiko laid her head against the young psychic's and cried with her.

"I want… I want her back!" Sayuri cried out through her sobs.

"… I know Sayuri… I know…" Akiko said softly in agreement.

"Miki was the only one who understood me… She was the only one who shared my abilities and helped me to improve on them! Without her I'm… I'm lost!" Sayuri cried.

Akiko had no further words as she could not contain herself any longer. Akiko began to cry harder and was no longer capable of coherent sentences though she tried her best. Ken knelt down beside her and placed his hand on her back as he looked out at the water with Keiichi kneeling down beside Sayuri and putting a hand on her shoulder. They had nothing to offer but to remain silent and let them cry. Though they shared with the girls their tears, they could share no words as neither of them knew what to say. Miki's current condition was not something that any of them had ever expected or known was even possible, and the thought of losing her like this was more than they could bear. The team's morale was broken, and their hearts along with it.

As Sayuri and Akiko continued to cry, Keiichi turned his attention to the waters of Sagami Bay and heard a strange noise echoing out into the night. It was very faint at first, and he couldn't even identify it through the sound of the girls' crying, but it became clear after a minute or two that the source of the sound was something very big. The sound echoed out again, and the girls both stopped crying when they realized what that sound was.

"… Godzilla?" Sayuri asked quietly.

They watched the water and continued to listen as the sounds of Godzilla's cries echoed through their minds. At first they thought it was coming from the air around them, but it was not. The sound of Godzilla roaring out was coming to them from their minds, though none of them knew why.

… Friends… Came the voices of the Shobijin.

The team all started when they heard the tiny girls speak, but the sound of their voices was comforting in its own way

Tonight, you are not the only ones to mourn. Listen friends… Listen to and remember forever the sound of a Kaiju in mourning… They said, their voices fading away into the night.

"He's… Crying." Akiko said softly.

Godzilla's calls began to grow louder as they released into the hearts of the entire team the depths of his sadness. Godzilla's connection to Miki was one of the few connections to anything that he had ever made in this world, and now it was broken.

Godzilla may have been a Kaiju, but he was still a living creature with a heart and mind capable of experiencing emotion and all that it implied. Godzilla's voice resonated in the minds and hearts of the team, and they could not help but feel for him as he mourned the loss of his one and only human connection… His one and only friend. The team had no way to connect to him as Miki had. Even Sayuri, despite her psychic powers, had never been able to make that same kind of connection with him as Miki had. The bond between the two was stronger than even most human ties, and for the first time the team realized just how alone Godzilla truly was.

After a few minutes, Godzilla's cries of mourning were slowly replaced by silence. Three roars became two, became one, became none. Silence filled the air and as the team listened and tried to understand what Godzilla was now thinking. They received a rather quick answer though as Godzilla then unleashed a roar of fury. Thanks to the power of the Shobijin, the emotions Godzilla was experiencing had now become their own and every member of the team began to slowly comprehend that the sadness in their hearts had also been replaced by that same fury which now enveloped Godzilla's heart. They all stood up and glared angrily at the sea as they then looked to each other one by one and nodded.

"Time to find the bastards who did this to Miki!" Akiko declared.

"Yeah… If ever there was a time to make good on our word to Miki about making things right, this is it." Keiichi added.

"I'll make some calls and do some research to see if we can't pinpoint the top list of suspects who could make use of this brainwave inhibitor technology. Once we find out who's doing it, I think it's only right that we lead Godzilla to them and let him demonstrate his admiration of their work." Ken said with a slight growl in his voice.

Sayuri walked a bit closer to the water and clasped her hands in front of her chest as she closed her eyes and reached out to Godzilla.

… I'm no Miki, but I promise you that we will make things right. We're going to find out who did this to you… To both of you… And we're going to make them pay! She said to Godzilla.

Godzilla roared in response to Sayuri's statement, and for the first time she could feel a deeper connection being made between herself and Godzilla. If this was anything like what Miki had experienced, it was a glorious and empowering feeling which gave her hope and strength beyond anything she believed herself capable of. Her resolve returned, her tears wiped clear of her face, Sayuri looked back to the others and followed them as they made their way back to their base in Tokyo where they began pouring over their data and making calls to find out who it was who was responsible for Miki's comatose state.

Godzilla, meanwhile, was on the move as well...

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