Chapter 24 - A Kaiju's Revenge

"Son of a-"


"… Damn it all…" Ken grumbled.

Akiko knelt down and wrapped her hands around his as blood poured from a now gaping wound on the back of his right hand. Sayuri got the first aid kit as Keiichi started mopping up the blood on the floor while Ken and Akiko stood up to wash off his hand and get ready for Sayuri's first aid.

It had been a long week.

All of their resources, all of their connections, and yet they were unable to find anything that could lead them to the people who had attached the brainwave inhibitor to Godzilla and caused Miki to fall into a coma. Not a thing. Not even a spec of dust to follow which could lead them to the culprits responsible for the atrocities which befell their friends. Sayuri had done her absolute best, but Godzilla it seemed had a different agenda than the rest of the team and had broken contact with the young psychic about three days ago and had since disappeared. During that time the team had contacted the Shobijin and asked them if they knew anything, but they had no answers for the team aside from the fact that they were "following the wrong leads."

Ken had, in his frustration, slammed the back of his hand against one of their monitor screens which shattered and cut his hand when the glass shattered. Sayuri got to work cleaning and dressing his wound as he continued to let loose obscenities at his failure to find a trail to the people who had hurt Miki and Godzilla. The team all took blame, not allowing him to place all the responsibility on his own shoulders. They had agreed to talk to one last individual whom they were meeting in two hours in the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel lobby. It was an old friend of Ken's, and though he didn't promise any useful information he did say that he had heard of the incident and was willing to help out.

The team gathered everything they believed they'd need and headed out to find Ken's old friend Hideki Kobayashi. The trip down to the hotel didn't take long, but when they arrived they were about forty five minutes ahead of schedule. They sat down and waited until Hideki showed up, and when he did he was carrying a laptop with him as he and Ken shook hands and Ken introduced him to everyone.

"So Hideki, what do you have for us?" Ken asked as he and Hideki sat down.

"I think I may have found a lead. I did a bunch of research the other day after hearing from you about this incident and I found out that the company that began testing the brainwave inhibitor was bought out and then dismantled by a company known as NEA. The name supposedly stands for "Never Ending Analysis" which is the name they use in public as a scientific research organization. But thanks to a special source of mine I found out that the real name is "Neurological Experimentation Association." They were supposed to be shut down by the Japanese government over fifteen years ago for questionable practice and application of neurology. I'd say that place is a good place to start looking for information, but the problem is that you'll never get inside unless you're an employee since their security is tighter than a-"

"O… kay, Hideki. We get the picture. Thanks for the info." Ken said.

"Sure. Just be careful with it." Hideki warned.

Hideki got up and shook hands with Ken before turning and leaving as the team gathered outside and got in the RV to drive away back to headquarters. Along the way they discussed what to do, and it took all of Ken's mental strength to convince Akiko not to just ask Sayuri to sick Godzilla on NEA. Though he liked the idea, this was only a lead and not a confirmed identification of the ones responsible for what happened to Godzilla, Burtannus and Miki. When they arrived back at base, they gathered around the television set and watched a news report which had suddenly taken over most of the channels.

"Attention, this is an emergency broadcast. Please keep your television turned on at this time. We have just received a report which states that a monstrous bird has begun flying across Japan at tremendous speeds and has already attacked and destroyed seven cities. Its most recent victim was the city of Nara on its way towards Tokyo. The bird was reported to be acting in a very robotic like manner, and has since been assaulted unsuccessfully by the Japanese military. Citizens of Tokyo are advised to evacuate the city at this time while the military prepares a new strategy to be used against the creature upon its arrival in approximately two hours. We repeat, citizens of Tokyo are advised to evacuate the city in preparation for the massive bird's arrival."

The television broadcast then returned to the show which had been on before, but Ken turned it off as they all looked at each other.

"Robotic movements eh?" Keiichi asked.

"No doubt they got to the bird too." Akiko said as she bit down lightly on her thumb.

"What do we do?" Sayuri asked.

"We prepare for the inevitable." Ken said.

"Sayuri, try to get in touch with Godzilla. If you can't, then try the Shobijin. Maybe Mothra can help us if Godzilla can't." He said.

"I'll try." Sayuri said as she walked outside.

"What about us?" Akiko asked.

"We can't just stay here." She said.

"I know… We need to gather what equipment we have to keep safe and put it in the RV and get out of the city. Staying here would be suicide. Let's get moving." Ken said.

Keiichi and Akiko complied as they started gathering up equipment to pile into the RV while Sayuri continued her efforts to connect to Godzilla and the Shobijin to inform them of the situation. Ten minutes ticked by, and as everyone loaded the last bit of equipment into the RV and locked down the building, Sayuri waited quietly by the RV. When everyone was ready to go they all piled inside as Akiko looked to Sayuri.

"Anything?" She asked.

Sayuri shook her head.

"I can't reach either Godzilla or the Shobijin…" She said as she hung her head slightly.

Akiko patted her on the head.

"It's alright. If Godzilla is up to snuff then he can probably sense the bird's approach already. We should just concentrate on getting out of here."

Sayuri nodded as Ken fired up the engine and started driving south towards Chiba. It was just outside Tokyo's range but close enough to still be within range of the action to see what was going on. If Godzilla arrived they'd want to be close enough to give him whatever support they could even if it was as simple as cheering him on. Support was support, and Sayuri could communicate with him their support if necessary. But he'd beaten the bird before, so hopefully he'd be able to do it again if he arrived.

The team reached a safe distance just on the edge of Chiba and looked back towards their city for over an hour before the bird finally arrived ahead of schedule. It was faster than the news people had expected, and it had already begun attacking the section of the city right above their headquarters. Ken and Akiko looked at each other for a minute and then looked back at he bird.

"Does it know where our headquarters is?" Akiko asked.

Ken shook his head.

"I don't know, but we were close enough to Burtannus and Godzilla for anyone who was monitoring them to see us and they've had over a week to identify us if they wanted to. I wouldn't be surprised if they knew we were based here in Tokyo and decided to target it, using the other cities along the way to try and disguise its abnormal behavior. However, thanks to their control of the monster, it moves abnormally and the news seemed to catch that much. If the ones controlling the bird were smart enough to keep tabs on the news, they'd probably be taking extra care to make the bird look as natural as possible from here on out.

The birds attack was fairly random, but the pattern that it was still following was that it continued to circle around and fly around their headquarters. As the bird continued its rampage throughout the city of Tokyo, Sayuri began to experience a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked out to the east and saw Mothra approaching the scene.

"Look!" She shouted as she pointed at the giant insect.

The team looked over to see Mothra as she approached, and the bird had obviously noticed her as well as it began to fly in her direction.

"Oh boy… This won't end well." Keiichi said.

"Don't jinx her Keiichi." Akiko admonished.

"Sorry." He said.

Mothra and the bird then engaged in aerial combat with Mothra opening the fight with her antennae beams. The bird effortlessly dodged by rolling and banking to the sides as it bashed Mothra with its armored underbelly. The attack did little but disturb her flight path, and she quickly corrected herself and turned for another attack. The bird, however, was much faster and was already heading for her again and bashed her in the head as she came around. This time the attack worked and knocked her off her path completely and into a nearby building. Mothra shook it off and took to the skies as the bird flew up high into the air and began to dive bomb at her. The first dive missed, but the second one hit its mark and the top of Mothra's thorax was cut open causing a greenish/yellow liquid to ooze from the wound.

Mothra cried in pain, but steeled herself as she knew the assault was far from over. The bird dive bombed her again and she did her best to roll to the side, but as she did so the birds wing sliced into the underside of her abdomen causing another large wound to appear and ooze the same greenish/yellow blood as her first wound. Mothra fell to the Earth and landed hard in the streets with her wings covering up large sections of the underlying housing and small businesses.

"That's not good." Ken remarked.

"Thank you Captain Obvious…" Akiko retorted.

It was at that moment that the team was shaken by a very, very close encounter. As they watched the bird begin to dive bomb Mothra again in an attempt to finish her off, a blue beam of light shot passed them not more than one hundred meters off to the side of their position and struck the bird directly in the back as it dove towards Mothra. The bird was then thrown into another building a good distance away as Mothra took to the skies and struggled to keep herself in the air. The team looked over their shoulders and beheld Godzilla stomping towards the battleground. What surprised the team though was the distance from which he fired the beam. He was a minimum of one mile away judging by how small he was on the horizon, and yet he struck the bird with near pinpoint accuracy.

"He never ceases to amaze does he?" Akiko asked.

"No time for admiration Akiko, we need to move." Ken said as they gathered in the RV and drove to another location out of Godzilla's path.

Godzilla lumbered through the city towards the battleground. The bird recovered after a moment and started flying in circles above the city as Godzilla finally made it to the center of the action as the team got out of the RV a good distance away and watched the battle continue.

Mothra had taken some serious damage from the bird and had since begun to circle around to find a tall building to rest on as Godzilla began attacking he bird with his atomic breath again. The bird flew out of the beams way, but Godzilla kept the stream going as the bird turned away and nailed it in the back again sending it flying through the air against its will and into a tall skyscraper nearby. The bird flew through the skyscraper and out the other side as it was then smashed into another skyscraper on the other side as the building collapsed on top of it. Godzilla approached the rubble slowly and stayed a fair distance away as it waited to see if the bird would reappear. Slowly, the rubble began to shift and crumble as Godzilla looked on.

The bird's head emerged from the rubble and it looked a bit different than it did during its attack. It had stopped drooling and looked incredibly dazed, but Godzilla was not convinced. He reared his head back and blasted the bird and the rubble once more with his radioactive breath. The attack engulfed the bird once it destroyed the rubble surrounding it, and Godzilla did not stop his attack until he saw a small electrical discharge from the side of its head. Once that little disturbance had come and gone, Godzilla ceased his attack and watched as the bird writhed on the ground for about two solid minutes before going still. Godzilla walked forward to take a closer look and found the bird was still alive. Godzilla thought about ending it, but as he brought the thought to his mind he began to sense something nearby that caught his attention.

Godzilla began walking away with the team in hot pursuit until Godzilla reached a building with what appeared to be a person standing on top of the roof. Keiichi used his binoculars to confirm, and sure enough there was a male figure standing on the building rooftop staring unflinchingly at Godzilla as he approached.

Keiichi couldn't identify who it was who was standing there, but he could tell it was a male in a black suit with his hands clasped behind his back. The fact that the man was unafraid of Godzilla was strange indeed given Godzilla's size and power, not to mention that he just took down another monster not more than a few minutes ago. The team looked up to the skies above and saw that there was a news chopper team flying above recording the action as Godzilla approached the building and stopped in front of it. The team tried tuning into the news, but they couldn't find which team was broadcasting this event.

Godzilla waited in front of the building for not but a few seconds more before he reared his head back and unleashed his atomic ray directly at the man on the top of the building. The attack destroyed the upper levels of the building and took out a few of the buildings behind it as well before Godzilla ceased his attack and roared in triumph.

The mighty Kaiju then turned heading back towards the sea.

The team returned to the center of Tokyo where the battle took place and saw that Mothra was just taking off of the skyscraper she had been resting on as she too turned and began flying away to the sea. The team thought about asking Sayuri to connect to her, but they felt that both Mothra and Godzilla had been through enough recently and let them both go without any further trouble as they returned to find their headquarters was remarkably intact despite the devastation going on in the surrounding area.

The next morning they watched the news and found that the man on the rooftop had in fact been the CEO of NEA and the building which was partially destroyed beneath him was its headquarters. Now that the CEO was dead a new one was in the process of being selected which could go either way in the case of being good or bad for Godzilla and the others. If the new CEO was anything like the first, they likely hadn't seen the end of the brainwave inhibitor taking control of the monsters. And it was at that moment that Keiichi asked a very serious question.

"Hey… What would happen if they planted one of those things on King Ghidorah?" He asked.

The team turned and looked at him, but nobody said a word as the looks they gave each other were more than enough to explain back and forth the fear that thought brought to their hearts.

Meanwhile, less than 24 hours later, Godzilla had been resting beneath the waters in Tokyo Bay not wanting to be far away from where the majority of intrusions on his territory were occurring. However, he was awoken by a sudden feeling in his mind as he rose to the surface of the water and looked over towards the city of Tokyo. He remained silent for a moment, but then unleashed a roar towards the city where he felt a familiar presence beginning to stir.

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