Chapter 25 - Awakening

The sun rose slowly and lazily on the morning of June 18, 2014.

The day was cloudy and the humidity was thicker than normal. The dry air was enough to make the team sweat as they stood on a rooftop and looked out at the city of Tokyo. A line of destruction trailed in the wake of something tremendous having come through. It didn't look like Godzilla's work, and no other monster that they knew about walked on the surface like this. The bird, finally given the name Rodan by Ken for his dinosaur-like appearance referencing the similarity to the pteranodon, and Mothra both flew and almost never touched the ground unless they landed to rest or were struck down by an enemy. King Ghidorah flew around most of the time and rarely landed save to fight with Godzilla or other monsters, and Burtannus spent the vast majority of her time underground.

Godzilla was still being monitored in the ocean just offshore in Tokyo Bay, so what was the team looking at?

Despite the trail of destruction, nobody had reported on what it was. No news coverage about any new creatures, no new seismic readings or audio recordings out of the norm… Nothing. As the team looked on, they carefully scanned the ground where the destruction had taken place, but they didn't see anything for the first several minutes due to how much debris was on the ground covering possible tracks. Taking their search to the ground, the team did what they could to analyze the destruction while moving what debris they could manage to try and find tracks or clues as to what had done this. There was an uncanny and almost eerie resemblance to Godzilla within the wreckage, but no tracks were visible despite the obvious size of whatever had done this as well as the fact that Godzilla was still out to sea.

The team was called back from their search by Sayuri a few minutes later who told them about Miki's condition and temporary change at the hospital. Everyone did a few last minute documentation of the area and headed off to meet Sayuri back at base where they discussed Miki's condition and what it could mean. The fact that it matched Godzilla's appearance and vocalizations after killing the CEO of NEA couldn't be a coincidence. Miki had managed to help Godzilla's heart to start after what they had done to him, so it held up in the minds of the team that Godzilla could be influencing her recovery with his own willpower. If Miki could start his heart, what could Godzilla do for her as a Kaiju with mental abilities? The possibilities were frightening as well as hopeful, but the team didn't want to jump to conclusions until they held a solid and irrefutable proof of a connection between the two.

As they poured over their data about the recent Kaiju activities and what had happened during Godzilla's time as a slave to NEA, Akiko came to the realization that the more the Kaiju's became active, the more passive the Japanese military seemed to become. Once NEA got involved with taking over Burtannus and Godzilla, the military had practically stopped going after the Kaiju. This development did not bode well for Akiko and the others. If whoever was controlling the monsters also controlled or held influence over the military, the chances were very high that the team would be facing very dangerous situations in the near future. Miki and Sayuri's kidnapping had been bad enough, but if things continued to develop like this there was no telling who would come for them and the data they'd acquired… Not to mention Miki and Sayuri for their ability to connect with Godzilla.

Still, the team had to continue their work. Akiko and the others had made a promise to each other that no matter what they'd continue to research and document the behavior of each of the Kaiju if possible. Their long term goal was to find a way to live together with them peacefully, perhaps finding an isolated area of the globe for them to inhabit away from humans so that there would be no fighting. While it was only a dream, it was one they all shared and were equally determined to accomplish together. Even with Miki still in the hospital in a coma, the others would press on until she recovered.

While the team was working, a television news broadcast came on the air urging the citizens of Tokyo to evacuate the area. Ken and the others paid no attention to it until the name "Ghidorah" appeared. Once the name of that wretched dragon was mentioned, their eyes and attention were glued to the screen as they watched a live feed of the monster as it flew towards the city. It didn't seem to be under any strange influences, but it was unusually docile with a news chopper flying beside it. Normally it would attack anything and everything that came near it, but for some reason it was leaving the chopper alone as it was being filmed. Such a strange deviation from its natural behavior could not be a good sign.

Ken and Akiko exchanged glances before they told Keiichi and Sayuri to get in the RV while they packed up a few things to take with them on their trip. The team raced to the hospital where Miki was being held and saw the hospital being evacuated, patients and all. The team waited to see if Miki would appear, but as time ticked by they never saw her being wheeled out of the building. Since she was in a coma and hooked up to life saving machines it was likely that she was just taking more time due to the complexity of moving such a patient, but still the team was anxious. Ghidorah was closing fast, and if it decided to attack the hospital there'd be nothing they could do to protect her.

The seconds felt like hours with the threat of Ghidorah's approach looming in the back of their minds, however, they were about to get a somewhat welcome reprieve as Keiichi ran out of the RV and up to their location by the entrance.

"Hey, I just got Godzilla on the sonar. He's booking it in our direction, and I mean booking it. He's moving faster than I've ever seen him move before." He said.

That news was both a reprieve and another worry. If Godzilla couldn't make it in time, if he was not strong enough to halt the dragon's advance and attacks, anything could go wrong at any time with or without him and it was incredibly frustrating and difficult for Akiko to find a silver lining. However, Sayuri called out to them as they all turned towards the entrance to see MIki's bed finally being wheeled out. They had portable power sources hooked up to the machines keeping her alive as it was sped towards an ambulance, but the uplifting feeling of seeing her being wheeled out soon gave way to unbridled concern as King Ghidorah arrived on the scene. The mighty dragon roared as it soared over and passed the hospital sending a wave of air down upon them. The force of the pressure knocked the bed carrying Miki over and also disconnected the breathing apparatus on her face.

The entire team went dead still in shock as they watched Miki's comatose form hit the ground as she fell off the bed to the ground as the medical team raced and floundered to recover her and reconnect her breather. The medical team moved as fast as they could to get her back on the bed and into the ambulance, but not before King Ghidorah raced by overhead again. This time the pressure was enough to knock over both the RV and the ambulance as the medical team and Miki were blown back several dozen feet. By some miracle they'd managed to hold onto Miki and keep her equipment in place, but it was of little comfort as they knew that Ghidorah was now deliberately targeting the hospital. The team raced over and shoved the medical team away as they raced Miki and her equipment over to a more sheltered area where they did their best to protect her from the wrath of the dragon. The medical team had no choice but to join them as the ambulance which had been Miki's lifeline to a safe escape was now unusable.

Akiko and the others all huddled over Miki to protect her, but even while hunkering down like that it was hard to keep her still through the pressure waves of air Ghidorah was sending their way. Wave after wave, it became harder and harder to stay put as their shelter was being torn away piece by piece. Ken kept looking at Keiichi with a questioning look which Keiichi knew all too well.

"I don't know, but I swear he's moving this way!" He yelled.

Ken shook his head as he looked back towards the skies to watch out for Ghidorah.

The monster's roars overhead shook the ground and shook their hearts as well. They had always held a respectful amount of fear towards this creature, but this day their fear overtook them as they all began to panic as they waited for the arrival of Godzilla. It didn't seem to be happening though, and with every flyby of the golden dragon above their hopes waned more and more until at last their shelter was completely torn away and they were forced to run for their lives through the streets to find a new one. The nearest building seemed the best place, but at the rate that Ghidorah was passing over their heads, they'd never make it without taking at least another good beating from the air pressure of its wings which could be devastating to all of them given how strong they'd been growing over each pass.

Still, they had to try.

As they ran out into the streets, they were greeted by what they described as a typical movie moment with Ghidorah appearing in the background in the skies and flying down towards them. If it was like the movies, Godzilla would save them at the last second but they couldn't rely on that now. They ran as fast as their legs would take them while wheeling Miki's bed away through the streets, hugging the buildings for as much cover as they could get, but it was no use. Ghidorah flew overhead and passed them while at the same time blasting much of the street ahead of them with its lightning attacks which created a lot of dust and debris. The force of the attacks knocked them forward and back, but thankfully Miki's bed had remained upright and the equipment was still holding on as well which was nothing short of amazing. The breather had come loose, but was still in tact and attached to her face as Akiko fixed it before they continued to run towards cover.

Their plans for shelter were once again thwarted though as Ghidorah hovered above them and roared down at them and blasted the area around them. The team leaned over Miki to protect her from the falling debris from blasted buildings and streets before the attacks subsided and the team looked around to find that they were standing in the middle of the street with Ghidorah floating overhead glaring down at them. Each flap of its wings was followed by a percussive blast of wind and air pressure which made it hard to stand up or even hunker down without getting knocked off balance.

As the team gathered around they heard a sound which they had dreaded in their nightmares: Miki's heart monitor went flatline.

The team was now in shock, and demoralized beyond anything they could imagine as the sounds of Ghidorah's roaring was completely tuned out. The only sound in their ears was that flatline tone from the monitor, the rest of the world around them having descended into nothingness as they looked at their friend. Ken and Keiichi managed to finally listen in to the world around them again to notice that Ghidorah was now ascending and beginning to fly backwards and away from them as it looked out towards the distance before that oh so familiar blue beam flew by overhead and struck the dragon in the chest which knocked it back and out of the sky. The body hitting the ground shook the earth beneath them, and despite that flatline monitor the team could not help but protect Miki on her bed as tears fell down their faces like rivers as the sound of Godzilla's roar filled the air.

Godzilla's head appeared above them from behind the roof of a building just across the street as he let out another roar towards Ghidorah. It didn't seem that he noticed them down below, and the team had to hightail it away as Godzilla ripped through the building before him as he made his way towards the dragon who was flailing and trying to get up. Godzilla marched towards the dragon with deadly purpose as he continued to roar and display his anger and power before the dragon righted itself and the two began a stare off. Godzilla's eyes were glued on the middle head of Ghidorah as the outer two heads seemed to look around before they looked back at Godzilla. It was unusual that Ghidorah's full attention was not on Godzilla, but then again it had been attacked by the military last time so perhaps it was just a precaution this time. Ken thought it was a viable idea, but there was no telling now a days with all the craziness that had taken place.

Godzilla snarled as Ghidorah prepared its lightning attack, and as the dragon let fly Godzilla let fly with a blast of his own. Godzilla's breath completely overpowered the smaller lightning attack from the central head and blasted the dragon in the face, but Godzilla suffered the consequences of being struck in the chest and side of his head by the other two attacks. Godzilla and Ghidorah both reeled back, but it was Godzilla who recovered first this time as he let fly with another blast at Ghidorah's chest. The dragon closed its wings with amazing speed which deflected the blast out to the sides of its body and avoided a direct blast, and as it opened its wings it blasted at Godzilla again. The blast hit Godzilla in the chest, but even though there were three blasts in total Godzilla managed to shrug off the attack with little effort.

The two monsters sized each other up again as they walked towards one another. Godzilla kept a distance as he began charging for another thermonuclear breath attack, but Ghidorah seemed to have a similar thought in mind as it charged another attack, but this time it was different. Ghidorah's attack this time was not the triple lighting beam, but instead was a blending of that attack with a strange new attack which it had never used before. The dragon's body glowed in a bright golden hue as it charged the attack, and as Godzilla's thermonuclear breath left his mouth and headed for the dragon. The blue beam struck the dragon head on, but it seemed to be either deflected or absorbed as the dragon's attack continued to charge and gain strength before it finally let loose. The attack looked almost the same as its normal attack, but this time it was obviously supercharged as the lightning blasts were thicker and much louder. The attack flew through the air and struck Godzilla in the chest and across the base of his neck.

Godzilla's flesh beneath his neck was rent, slicing open and spraying blood out in front of him as he roared in pain and fell backward and hit the ground. Godzilla's chest was singed, but remained in tact, but the softer flesh at the base of his neck was unable to hold up to the new attack the dragon had unleashed. Ghidorah walked forward a few steps but stopped short of Godzilla as the monster made it to his feet and turned around to continue battle. Godzilla was injured, but undeterred and determined to drive this beast away once and for all. Godzilla charged at Ghidorah with all the speed he could muster given his surroundings with buildings and such in the way of his feet, but he charged forward none the less and rammed his body into Ghidorah's as the dragons heads came down to try and stop him. Godzilla head butted the center head out of his way and used his left hand to grab the dragon's left head around the throat and clenched down as he slammed his body into the dragon's and knocked it backwards a few steps.

Still clenched in Godzilla's hand, the left head struggled to get free as the center head bit down on Godzilla's arm to try and release his grip. The head on the right leaned in close to try and blast Godzilla in the face, but Godzilla used the side of his head to bash the dragon's head away as the attack flew out into the open air before Godzilla bit down on the back of the center heads neck. The head on the right became frantic in its efforts to get Godzilla off of the center head and tried biting him, bashing him and blasting him at point blank range, but Godzilla would not let go. His claws were digging into the left head's throat causing it to bleed and choke while the center head could no longer retain its grip on his forearm as Godzilla's teeth and powerful jaws clenched down on the back of its neck. Godzilla had been blasted in the face a few times and was now bleeding above his left eye, but he would not let go no matter what the right head tried to do to him.

In one final desperate attempt to make Godzilla let go, the dragon's head came down and tried to line up its teeth with Godzilla's eyes, but Godzilla saw the attack coming in and turned his head away at the last moment which caused the dragon's head to bite down on his skull instead of his eyes. The dragon clenched down and tried to pull Godzilla away, but the much thinner neck didn't have the muscle to pull Godzilla's powerful head and neck away from the center head. The left head went limp in his hand and Godzilla let go, bringing his now free left hand around and digging into the center head as he bit down harder and pulled his head away while using his hands to push the other direction. A large chunk of the dragon's flesh came out in Godzilla's mouth sending blood everywhere as Godzilla stepped away while the dragon's center head flailed about screaming at the top of its lungs while the right head tried to continue the assault.

Godzilla dropped the hunk of flesh in his mouth and stared at the dragon before him as the air around his body, but mostly his head, began to swirl. Godzilla's spines began to glow their usual blue hue, but as everyone looked on the color began to change. The color slowly changed from blue to red as the thermonuclear breath in Godzilla's mouth took on the same color before he unleashed it at the dragon. Surrounding the central beam was a spiral pattern as the now red beam tore through the air and slammed into the dragon lifting it off the ground and sending it flying trough the air for several hundred meters before it came crashing down to the ground. The impact shook the ground, but it shook the dragon more as it was overcome by shock and pain. The dragons scales were seared and smoking as it tried to slowly right itself.

Godzilla made no move to chase the dragon as it slowly got to its feet and turned away. As the dragon took flight, it began flying straight up into the air, flying higher and higher before disappearing into the vastness of the skies above as Godzilla roared in triumph after it as a final reminder of just who it had been dealing with. Godzilla then made his way through the city and found Akiko and the others who were still hunkered down with Miki lying on her hospital bed. During the fight, the team had been relieved to find out that one end of the heart monitor had come off of Miki's chest which was the reason for the flatline. She was very much alive, but still comatose. As Godzilla approached the team and came to a stop a few hundred yards away, Akiko looked up him with eyes that practically begged him to do something about Miki.

She knew he was a Kaiju. She knew he wasn't magic. She knew that his power had limits. But regardless she was desperate for Miki to open her eyes and she was hoping beyond hope that Godzilla would have a way to open her eyes if even just for an instant. Ken and the others seemed to share in her hopes and desires as they all stared up at Godzilla who looked down on them all. The medical team had since abandoned them to save themselves and disappeared, so all that remained was the team and Miki who would die without proper help if she remained in this state on this temporary mobile lifeline that was her bed. Sayuri watched Godzilla for a moment, but she could not connect with him as had been her hope. He was blocking her, and it was fairly obvious as to why. He wasn't here for her, he was here for Miki.

Godzilla continued to stand there watching the team for several minutes, not a single person nor Kaiju moving a muscle. The silence was painful, but nobody dared do anything with Godzilla present. However, it finally became too much for Akiko as she came forward a few steps to speak. She was so overcome by emotion that she found it hard to speak, fighting back her tears which were still flowing as she tried desperately to reach out to Godzilla despite the fact that she had no psychic ability.

"Please…" She begged.

"Please, do something." She said as she fought against her sobbing while trying to regain control.

"This can't go on anymore. We need her back." She said as she finally broke down.

"Please… Please… We need her back." She said, giving in to her tears and dropping to her knees as she started crying.

Sayuri sensed a probing of her mind for a few moments while Akiko had been speaking. She knew that it was Godzilla, and he seemed to be using Sayuri as a method of understanding what Akiko was asking of him. As Akiko continued to cry on the ground with Ken walking forward to wrap his arms around her to comfort her, Godzilla reared his head back and roared towards the sky as a small shockwave struck everyone in the chest before Godzilla's roar ceased and he began walking away towards Tokyo Bay.

In the midst of Godzilla's departure, a very small but very special sound came from Miki's bed.

The first person to look back at Miki's bed was Akiko, and when she saw Miki's lips parting as her brow furrowed signifying her awakening, Akiko completely lost control. She got up and ran over to Miki and wrapped her arms around the young psychic as her eyes finally opened for the first time in weeks as Akiko cried harder and harder while holding her tight like a mother would a child after a near death experience. Sayuri followed suit as she wrapped her arms around Miki's head and kissed her forehead before resting her cheek against Miki's own. Ken and Keiichi watched and tried not to cry, but it was to no avail. Both of the men started to break down as they walked over to Miki while she looked around half dazed and confused, but none the less very much awake at last.

Ken looked over his shoulder towards the form of Godzilla who was now fast disappearing beyond the city roofline.

"Thank you." He whispered.

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