Chapter 26 - What Is It?

It had been nearly three days since Miki's return, and already things were getting back to normal save for Miki's rehabilitation. Her body was weak from the lack of proper nutrition she received while in the coma, and so she spent many hours of the day walking, stretching and jogging to ensure that her body recovered its musculature and stamina so that when she next went out with the team to find Godzilla or another Kaiju, she'd be ready. Akiko took charge of Miki's rehab and stayed close to her at all times to ensure that she didn't hurt herself. It was almost like having an overprotective mother, but Miki didn't mind it much. In fact it annoyed the others more than it annoyed Miki.

As everyone gathered around the television for the news, a new bulletin came on with an important announcement. Apparently Godzilla had been through Kyoto recently, but the team knew full well that he had not left the sea since King Ghidorah's departure. Godzilla had his own wounds to worry about after all, and though his healing ability was second to none it was not instantaneous. That supercharged attack Ghidorah had launched did a real number on him despite his ability to continue battle that day.

This time though the news did in fact have photos of tracks left by the Kaiju responsible and they matched Godzilla's down to the exact size and shape. There were also a few eye witnesses who had testified that it was Godzilla, though they did also testify that he looked a little different than usual. What was different, they couldn't say, but his roar was most definitely not the same and one witness was lucky enough to have caught a recording of it he caught on his phone. It was quite high pitched compared to Godzilla's normal roar, but according to Miki it was a menacing and wicked sound. Though Godzilla's roar was indeed intimidating, it was more of a simple and primal sound rather than one of wickedness.

The team all looked to each other and wondered what in the world was going on. Could there be a second Godzilla out there somewhere? And if there was, did it really have wickedness in its heart as Miki claimed?

Everyone decided that the best thing to do would be to go check out the prints for themselves, so they loaded up into the RV and took off for Kyoto. As they arrived at their destination they found the military blocking off direct access to the streets where the prints were. The team was not about to give up, so they drove around and found the tallest building they could within reach of the prints and brought out Keiichi's favorite pair of binoculars.

Once Keiichi found the prints in the streets he handed the binoculars over to Ken who compared them to pictures of Godzilla's own prints. The prints were an absolute match right down to the last detail including the depth of the print. If someone out there was trying to fake this, they were doing a fantastic job. The fact that the witnesses were all rather dubious about details other than "it looked like Godzilla" was also a red flag.

Still, the team was wary about leaving such a detail unattended.

They gathered up what pictures they could of the evidence and drove back to Tokyo as quickly as they could. Along the way they were asked by the military if they'd seen or heard anything unusual about the appearance of this monster. The team said "no" and continued on their way, and upon their arrival in Tokyo they poured over their new photos and compared them side by side with extreme awareness trying to find even one difference between them.

But no matter how hard they tried, there was no difference from one set to the other. They had no choice but to believe that this was either Godzilla, or some new kind of creature of the same species. The chances of finding another Godzilla were beyond astronomical as the entire team believed him to be one of a kind, but it was there in living color before their eyes that there was now proof to the contrary.

Regardless of how strange this new development was, Godzilla was not responding to it in the slightest despite the apparent consequences that it could bring about. The entire team put their heads together to try and figure out why it was that he wasn't responding, but there were no reasons which they could come up with as to why. Anytime a threat appeared he was there to take it on. This time though he was completely ignoring it. That or he was completely ignorant to its existence which was not a likely scenario. Whatever this thing was, Godzilla either couldn't sense it or was too focused on his recovery to face this threat.

At that moment, Miki felt a connection being made in her mind and she instantly focused on it.

Miki, can you hear our voices?

Miki nodded.

"Yes, I can hear you." She whispered.

There is something you must know. We had hoped to keep this to ourselves and find a solution before having to involve humanity in this struggle, but it seems that we can no longer face this threat alone. Therefore, we ask of you now, will you help us?

"Of course. Why do you need to ask?" She asked them.

Because in our eyes, were we in your situation, we do not believe we could extend our trust so easily to those who had kept the truth from us for so long.

"Don't worry. You have our trust." Miki said.

At this time the team had noticed her conversation and were gathering quietly around her waiting to see what would happen.

Thank you, Miki.

"Not a problem." She whispered.

Godzilla, as you and your team have thought, is indeed the only one of his kind. However, in recent months, a new creature has appeared. Born from dangerous scientific ventures on the part of human scientists, this new monster is genetically designed to rival and outclass Godzilla in every way. Larger, stronger, and more powerful with abilities Godzilla himself could never make use of, this new monster is by far the most powerful this world has ever seen.

"… What is it?" Miki asked.

As we said before, it is the product of dangerous human experimentation. A strange entity was discovered in space not far from Earth in recent years. It was a life form which could only survive in a crystalline state when exposed to Earth's atmosphere, but when it was combined with Godzilla's DNA via a special form of fusion by Earth scientists, it began to grow at an alarming rate and soon took on Godzilla's appearance and overall abilities. However, this new monster is no Godzilla and has a mind to kill his counterpart and completely dominate this world once he's finished. Unlike any Kaiju before it, this creature is well and truly evil.

"What can we do about it then?" Ken asked.

We wish we knew. Mothra is no match for this creature, but neither is any single Kaiju on its own. It is likely that once Godzilla finally realizes this monster's presence he will track it down and attack it. But doing so alone will lead to only one inevitable result: his death.

"How can it be so much stronger than Godzilla that you're certain it will kill him?" Akiko asked.

This creature can create and harvest its own infinite power supply via crystalline structures which it can produce at will almost anywhere. So long as it remains close enough to the crystal objects, it can draw power from them and continue to fight indefinitely.

"So it has an infinite power supply? That's not fair! It's like a final boss in a video game that has infinite health!" Keiichi growled.

We... agree? But this is the reality we are now faced with. When this creature does decide to engage Godzilla it will do so on its own terms, and it will do whatever it must to gain and hold the advantage. It is very intelligent, calculating, and has no interest in fighting fair.

"What can Godzilla do then?" Ken asked.

If Godzilla can destroy the crystals surrounding it during the fight then he has a chance, but even if he wins the battle it is highly unlikely that he will be able to kill it. We observed Godzilla's fight with Ghidorah through your eyes and saw his new red spiral breath attack, but by our estimation even that powerful attack will not be enough to kill this beast.

"… Holy…" Keiichi muttered.

"That's his strongest attack by far and you're telling us it's useless?" Akiko asked.

Not necessarily useless, just not enough to kill it.

"So what do we do then?" Miki asked.

As we said, if Godzilla can destroy the crystals it generates he has a chance. It's a slim chance, but a chance all the same. We will beseech Mothra to assist Godzilla in this endeavor, and we will also do our best to convince Rodan and Burtannus to take up arms against it as well. The more monsters we can unite against it, the better.

"But that's a pretty big if isn't it?" Ken asked.

It is true. The other monsters have little love for Godzilla after having lost to him in combat already, but all the same Mothra may be able to convince them to put their differences aside this one time to battle this new foe. But you're right Ken. It's a very big "if."

"What do we do in the meantime?" Akiko asked.

Please continue to observe Godzilla. If he encounters this foe before Mothra can find and communicate with the other monsters, try to get Godzilla to retreat. As powerful as he is, standing alone against this foe drops his chances of survival to almost none.

"Don't worry, I'll keep him safe." Miki said.

Thank you friends. Good luck to you.

"And to you as well." Miki whispered.

With the conversation with the Shobijin now over and the identity of this new creature revealed, the only question now was when would it make its grand appearance?

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