Chapter 27 - Godzilla?

A cold and still air fell upon the city of Fukuoka, Japan. The morning light was only just peeking over the horizon and bringing a mild blue hue to the horizon line in the distance as an eerie presence began to creep up upon the unsuspecting city as it slept. Birds and other small animals were dead silent, not even a domestic dog barking as this presence drew closer. That unmistakable feeling of a dangerous predator approaching had them instinctively silenced and hiding for their lives.

Slowly, from out of the distance above the sea a massive jagged shape approached the city. Massive spikes all along the top almost looked like they could shred the sky itself into ribbons as it slowly came into view. It was a mass of white crystalline spikes atop a smaller and much darker form hidden beneath it. It flew with near perfect silence save for the slight sound of the air around it fleeing the monster's path. The mighty mass of jagged white crystals descended upon the city and began to change shape against the darkness behind it until the giant crystals were no longer visible, having seemingly been absorbed into the monsters body and fading to nothingness as its feet touched the ground and sent a tremor through the Earth upon which it stood.

The darkness hid it well, and only its glowing red eyes were easily visible in the night sky. It took a single step forward and a larger tremor shook the ground and awoke many of the surrounding inhabitants as lights came on inside of house windows and a few flashlights emerged on the ground. The monster took another step forward, releasing another tremor as it simultaneously trampled a small home beneath its feet causing the neighbors to start screaming at the top of their lungs.

Before long the entire city had been awoken by a chorus of shrieks and fearful panicked cries for help. The monster looked down to its feet and its eyes beheld the masses of people now flooding and running through the streets in an attempt to flee and the creatures eyes lit ever brighter as the crystal spines on its back began to flash red inside before a red light formed inside its mouth. As it released this attack, the light within its mouth exploded to life as multiple bursts of red lightning shot forth and destroyed the streets and all those running within them.

The creature looked about, satisfied with the lack of people around him and released a horrid roar of victory as he lumbered forth through the city. Before long, news choppers were on the scene as the military began mobilizing against it as it reached the Fukuoka Airport.

"We are here live above Fukuoka Airport as this new creature which bears a striking resemblance to Godzilla is now approaching. One source suggests that it is in fact Godzilla himself in a new form, perhaps influenced by the amount of radiation he's come into contact with over the last several years, but none can say. The military is mobilizing as we speak and-"

That was the last word out of the reporters mouth as the helicopter was suddenly engulfed in red light before it disintegrated in the air where it once flew. Those tuning into the channel were met with static and a grey screen until the news team brought it back to reporters inside the main headquarters.

As the creature arrived at the airport, numerous flights which had been coming in were diverted away as those who were previously scheduled to take off were cancelled and the citizens within were rushed to the exits in a desperate attempt to evacuate the airport safely. The monster, however, had other plans. Sensing the panic of the people within it charged its attack and let fly at the body of the airport and dragged the attack from right to left until the entirety of it had been destroyed.

The attack completely shredded the building and sent massive chunks of debris flying in all directions as the airport suddenly grew quiet and still. The creature came forward and smashed surviving several airplanes into the ground with its feet before making a final check of the area to make sure nothing had survived. It stared at the ground and the rubble for a long time and finally spied a single small body on the ground running away from the debris.

Lifting its foot, it brought it down on top of the insignificant spec of life which had attempted to flee and snuffed it out.

With its work here now complete the monster moved on. Moving through what was left of Fukuoka Airport, it made its way through on a collision course with the city of Asakura. About halfway to its objective it was intercepted by the military. Several dozen fighter jets descended upon it firing every weapon they had to no effect. Even their best fighters could only watch as their missiles exploded on contact with the creature's body but yielding not even so much as a flinch.

It was as if it was mocking them, standing perfectly still and allowing them to launch their attacks. It was a sight that burned at the fighter pilot's hearts as they renewed their attacks and tried to take aim at more delicate locations such as the eyes. However, as the missiles came within a certain distance of the eyes they seemed to hit an invisible barrier which was erected at the last possible moment that protected the creatures eyes from harm.

Tank battalions on the ground began to let fly at the creature as well, but each attack failed as spectacularly as the last. The creature appeared to have no end of endurance as strike after strike, blast after blast and missile after missile struck its body without producing so much as the batting of an eye. The creature looked down at the tank battalions and released a shrill roar which pierced the air and halted their attacks as the men inside covered their ears which now began to bleed.

The creature's eyes flashed red and several dozen of the tanks began to float into the air before being slammed back towards the ground and being crushed by an unseen force until the entire tank was nothing more than a squished pile of metal about two feet high. The men inside were crushed to death inside and blood flowed freely from within through what few tiny air gaps remained.

The monster looked to the skies as the fighters began to descend upon it once again, but it surprised them this time by bending its legs and pushing off just so as its body was suddenly and quite rapidly lifted into the air as giant crystalline spikes emerged from its back and filled the air. Several of the fighters crashed into the crystal objects while the others veered away, but as the creature circled around and faced the fighter squadrons it released a pulse of energy which fried the electronics within the plane and caused many of them to explode right away.

Those that didn't screamed towards the Earth as the pilots desperately fought to escape the planes, but without working electronics and a plane that was now beginning to catch fire and tear itself apart, none escaped their metallic tombs as they all crashed into the Earth below.

The creature landed, retracting the massive crystals at its back once again as it looked around for signs of life. Nothing moved. Nothing stirred. Nothing breathed. Once again satisfied with its work it released a cry of victory as it began its march towards Asakura. Upon reaching the city it was met with another wave of military attacks, but this time the military had some new toys waiting for it.

As it trudged through the city towards the waiting military it was greeted by the site of what appeared to be huge mounted satellite dishes. The dishes took aim and fired blueish white lasers at the creature which struck its body with tremendous force. These new maser weapons seemed to actually produce an effect as they caused the creature take a step back and shake its head in surprise, but the satisfaction was short lived as the creature's eyes flashed once again before a massive pulse of energy was released in their direction. As with the planes before, the electronics of the maser weapons were fried but the creature was not through yet.

It came forward and reared its head back as it released its red lightning attack and destroyed the masers one by one until none remained. The only thing left the military had to offer as resistance were more tanks and another round of fighter and bomber jets, but they now knew better than to stick around as they began a full scale retreat.

The monster had won, and it had barely even been worth calling a fight.

The creature roared in triumph as the humans withdrew and it took to the skies once more as the massive crystals emerged from its back. Chasing down the fleeing military, it destroyed every plane and vehicle it could see, even those which were not capable of launching attacks at it such as ground unit jeeps. As the monster flew away towards the sea, it launched its red lightning attack on the Earth below several dozen times leaving a tremendous trail of devastation in its wake across several other cities including Hita, Beppu, Usuki, and Tsukumi before it flew out to sea and disappeared. The creature's rampage was documented and its brief camera appearance recorded and played back on a news broadcast about an hour after its departure from Asakura.

Sitting in their own headquarters back in Tokyo, the team watched the feed with weary eyes. They knew that Godzilla would inevitably be drawn into conflict with this dark twin of his at some point, and if the Shobijin had been correct about how powerful it was then Godzilla would not stand a chance in his present state.

Even with Mothra, Rodan and Burtannus, it was uncertain if they'd be able to prevail or if they'd even be persuaded to help drive this creature away. Mothra and the Shobijin had powerful telepathic powers, but when it came to Kaiju there was no guarantee that they would be able to convince the monsters to take the fight to this new Godzilla copy cat. They looked at the brief footage clip which made it on the air one last time and froze the image when they reached a frame which held the clearest view.

"Dark blue, almost black skin. Large white crystals on its shoulders. A reddish/purple belly and chest, a crystal crown on its brow, white crystalline spines on its back and a large crystal spike on its tail… That's quite the impressive beast." Ken said as he took it all in.

"No kidding, not to mention that it's bigger than Godzilla by a minimum of twenty to thirty meters." Akiko remarked.

"How do you figure that Akiko?" Keiichi asked.

Akiko looked at him and pointed at the screen next to the creature.

"It's not that hard to see, actually. Just look a little closer at it in the previous shot." She said.

Keiichi rewound the footage and they all watched as it approached the airport before the camera panned to the reporter. Keiichi froze the frame right before the camera panned and they compared the size of the creature to the planes on the ground.

"Those are Boeing 747 planes. Each one is approximately 19.4 meters in height. That's slightly less than one fifth of Godzilla's height. When you see this creature standing next to one right before the camera turns, it's less than one sixth of his height. This leads me to believe that it's a minimum of twenty meters taller than Godzilla and possibly more since the camera angle isn't quite low enough to get a perfectly accurate representation, but there is absolutely no doubt that it's larger than Godzilla is." Akiko explained.

"Damn, that's a big brute." Keiichi said.

"So what now?" Miki and Sayuri asked.

Akiko and Ken exchanged glances for a moment and shook their heads.

"I wish I knew." Akiko said quietly.

"We can't do anything until we know more about it, and that means, unfortunately, waiting for it to strike again at a closer location so we can observe it for ourselves." Ken said to the girls.

Miki and Sayuri looked worriedly at each other before choosing to sit down as the team continued to listen to the news broadcasts.

… Meanwhile, beneath the sea. Godzilla was disturbed from his slumber by a dark presence.

His eyes opened and his growl filled the ocean floor as he slowly began to ascend towards the surface of the sea. What was causing this mysteriously evil presence, he did not know, but was determined to find out as it drew ever closer. Godzilla swam up through the trench he was sleeping in, passing by hundreds of deep sea lifeforms before breaking out into the open ocean on his way to the surface. As he drew nearer, the light of the sun illuminated the waters above him before his head finally broke the surface. He released a roar into the air as he looked around trying to figure out where this presence was coming from, and it didn't take long for him to find out.

A shadow fell upon him slowly, and as he looked up he was greeted by the site of a darker version of himself suspended in air with a giant mass of crystals surrounding its body as it glared down upon him. The two of them stared at one another for a good long time before the darker Godzilla made its first move. It sent a pulse of circular energy down at Godzilla which forced the massive Kaiju back under the water's surface before he fought to return.

As he broke the surface again he was greeted by the dark Godzilla's red lighting attack which tore through the air and struck Godzilla in the chest. The blow forced a cry of pain from Godzilla as he was once again thrown beneath the surface of the water with a horrible burning sensation now overcoming his body in the wake of that monster's attack. As Godzilla recovered from the attack he surfaced once more, a bit more cautiously this time, but as he broke the surface he saw the creature flying away towards Japan.

Godzilla remained still for a moment, but let out another roar and dove beneath the waves and started swimming after the creature as fast as he could.

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