Chapter 28 - Desperation

An overwhelming sense of dread had covered the city like the plague as Tokyo was hastily evacuated leading well into the twilight hours.

The city was empty and without life, the complete opposite of its normal everyday routine. The monstrous dark twin of Godzilla had made its way towards Tokyo from the sea, and as it arrived in this empty and dead combat zone it landed next to Tokyo Tower crushing everything beneath its feet without a second thought or care. The evil creature looked around and decided it would be an ideal battle zone to kill its simplistic counterpart, and unleashed a roar which shook the ground as dozens of crystals emerged from the ground around it. Not only did Tokyo Tower now provide it with a source of energy, but the neighboring structure of The Prince Park Tower Tokyo functioned as something of a backup unit though it was not nearly as tall or efficient. Still, all the extra energy it could gather would be worth it if it meant killing its counterpart.

The team, led by Ken, remained in the city about three quarters of a mile away from where the action would be taking place. They were perched atop the roof of a skyscraper with a clear view of the battlegrounds and they didn't like what they were seeing. From what Keiichi could gather through his binoculars there were nearly one hundred separate crystals in the ground around the dark Godzilla, and if each one could help to provide energy to that monstrosity then Godzilla would have his hands full. Ken and Akiko watched the dark Godzilla feeding off of the energy its crystals were gathering and looked at each other with dread in their eyes.

"If he fights that thing, what do you think will happen?" She asked him.

Ken shook his head.

"Nothing good, I'm sure." He responded.

Akiko sighed as she looked over to Miki.

"Hey, Miki. Are you alright?" She asked.

Miki didn't take her eyes off of the dark Godzilla but responded all the same.

"I'm alright, but that's not the issue. What I'm worried about is whether or not Godzilla will be alright when he gets here." She said softly.

Akiko nodded and looked over to Sayuri who was in the same state as Miki.

"And you, Sayuri?" She asked.

"I don't know how I am to be perfectly honest… I just hope that Godzilla will be alright." She said.

Keiichi finished looking through his binoculars and heaved a sigh before looking over towards Ken.

"Not looking too good out there. It's got way too many of those things giving it power for it to be even close to a fair fight. If Mothra and the others do show up, I doubt they'll make much headway." He said grimly.

Ken nodded, looking out over the city as he and the others all waited for that moment when Godzilla would arrive to face his evil twin. Judging from their earlier sonar readings he was still about two hours out to sea which meant that this darker twin had more than enough time to gather power and prepare for its assault.

Powerful as it was already this dark Godzilla didn't seem to think it could ever have enough power. Miki and Sayuri could both sense its desire to kill Godzilla and be done with it, but they could also sense another emotion brewing deep within this darker twins heart. They looked each other and held hands as they closed their eyes to try and probe its mind, but they were met with fierce resistance. Still, the dark Godzilla was unable to fully suppress its emotions and as Miki and Sayuri opened their eyes and let out a breath they both looked back at Akiko.

"It senses a challenge in Godzilla that it cannot resist… When they do fight, the battle will be anything but quick." They said in unison.

Akiko looked at Ken, slightly bewildered.

"Why would it care about a challenge?" She asked.

Ken let out a breath and thought to himself for a moment, and then seemed to come to something of a realization as he looked back to Akiko.

"Well, think about Godzilla for a moment. Now that I think about it as well, I could see Godzilla being one to enjoy a challenge. His power among the monsters of earth is nearly unmatched, but whenever he senses the presence of another powerful creature he goes to check it out. If Godzilla didn't see or think there'd be a challenge in fighting with Rodan and Burtannus, I doubt he'd have gone looking for them as he did. And even then, he only backed down from fighting Burtannus because of the injuries he received during the fight. Since she was being controlled by humans who could force her to fight better than she could naturally, the fight was unfair to begin with. If Burtannus had fought on instinct and natural ability alone then I seriously doubt that she'd have inflicted damage like that and the fight would have lasted much longer."

Akiko nodded.


"Still, that is only a theory. Godzilla may well have simply been acting on animal instinct during those encounters rather than acting on the desire to take up a challenge. This creature is made of his DNA, but it's not Godzilla. It's its own being, and it has its own mind and its own thought process. There is the distinct possibility that this creature simply wishes to fight Godzilla because it knows that he is the strongest monster on Earth and that if he goes down, its reign is all but assured."

Akiko huffed.

"Thanks for the positive energy Ken." She mumbled.

Ken laughed a little to himself.

"Just trying to be realistic Akiko." He said.

She nodded, rolling her eyes sarcastically as she chuckled a bit to herself as well. Despite the nature of the situation facing them, the team felt oddly optimistic. The idea of Godzilla facing this larger and more powerful version of himself felt like just another day in the life of this team of Godzilla researchers, and they even had their recording equipment at the ready for when the battle began to document and analyze when it was over.

Minute after minute passed by as the dark Godzilla continued to gather its power and prepare for the fight against Godzilla himself. The skies turned darker as night fell and the lights within the crystals surrounding the dark Godzilla grew brighter and lit the city surrounding it. Normally, such a thing might very well have been considered a beautiful sight, but in the face of this evil entity it was a frightening and ominous sight to behold. The sheer size of this dark version of Godzilla was made all the more apparent by nightfall with the lights surrounding it as it stood beneath Tokyo Tower.

The massive structure stood majestically at 1,093 feet, and this dark Godzilla stood just over a third of its height. Ken took a picture and did a quick calculation since they finally had something to scale its size against accurately, and he calculated that this creature was between 380-400 feet in height putting somewhere it between 118 and 122 meters. Godzilla was approximately 100 meters, so as Akiko had predicted before this creature was indeed a good 20 meters taller than him. It seemed that no matter how they looked at it, Godzilla was at a serious disadvantage. Still, the optimism had not waned and the team continued to wait patiently for the arrival of Godzilla in the battle against this creature born of humanity's ignorance.

The first monster to arrive, however, was not Godzilla at all. Instead, the first monster to arrive on the scene was none other than Rodan. The team was alerted to his presence by the high pitched sound of its wings cutting through the air at ultra high speeds. The dark Godzilla seemed alerted as well as it began to look at the skies to try and find its new opponent. The team watched the skies and caught brief glimpses of it through some of the gaps in the clouds which were now beginning to slowly glide over the city, and they were so brief that they guessed he had to be moving close to the speed of sound. The dark Godzilla didn't seem to worried, as it watched the skies rather casually which irritated Keiichi a bit.

Then, the unmistakable sound of a sonic boom echoed throughout the skies and made the team cover their ears. Rodan had just gone supersonic beyond the clouds, and the position from which he had was visible as the clouds beneath it were suddenly thrown to the sides in the wake of the blast. Rodan was invisible as it flew beyond the clouds, but then it dove upon its foe with extreme prejudice. Rodan's rough underbelly rammed into the dark Godzilla's head crest causing a small series of sparks to fly out into the air around it, but otherwise had little more effect than to make the monster lean back and take a step or two to correct its balance before it turned to face the flying reptilian bird again. However, Rodan was gone. As it looked around, Rodan appeared and rammed into the back of the monster's head in a similar fashion as to how it did against Godzilla during their first right.

The move had the intended effect and caused the the monster to stagger forward several steps and shake its head to clear its mind before turning once more to try and face the monster fighting against it. Once again, Rodan was gone. Using the clouds was a clever idea, but it would only work for so long. Each time Rodan dove through the clouds, a little bit more of its cover was lost due to the speed in which it flew passed. Rodan seemed to understand this concept though as its attacks became less and less frequent.

"Just what is he up to?" Keiichi asked.

"… He's buying time." Miki and Sayuri responded in unison.

"Buying time? For what?" Keiichi asked in return.

"Not what, Keiichi. Who?" Ken answered.

No sooner had Ken responded to Keiichi's question than Burtannus appeared on the scene by bursting through the ground beneath the dark Godzilla's feet and knocking it to the ground. Burtannus did a quick 180 and gave itself some distance before turning again to face its monstrous foe. As the dark Godzilla struggled to rights its tremendous weight, Rodan dove down upon it and rammed its body into the monster's chest causing a massive tremor in the earth beneath. The bird launched itself off of the dark entity and flew away, but not before suffering the wrath of the evil creature's red lightning attack. Rodan was thrown from the sky and crashed into a nearby skyscraper as Burtannus charged at the downed creature.

The dark Godzilla looked to the side as it made it to its knees and threw its spiked tail towards the charging Burtannus. The monster tried to stop its charge, but was met with the crystal spikes on the tail just above the left shoulder which pierced its tough hide causing a spout of blood to emerge as Burtannus shook violently against the attack and released itself as it retreated back several steps.

The dark Godzilla made it to its feet and looked back towards Burtannus as it turned away to try and find its burrow, but the evil monster blasted Burtannus's back with its red lightning attack which threw Burtannus to the ground and singed its hide along its lower back and hips. Burtannus bellowed in pain as Rodan took to the air and tried to begin building up speed for another attack, but the dark Godzilla turned on it and launched its attack once more. Rodan was just barely able to dodge the brunt of the attack but was still caught the whiplike ending to the violent and unpredictable attack in the left wing singing the flesh and causing his flight pattern to falter.

The dark Godzilla was about to unleash another attack, but as it did so it was struck in the back of the head with a pair of golden twin beams. The team looked out to the source of the attack and found Mothra flying towards the battlefield with great speed.

"I can't believe it…" Ken whispered to himself.

Friends, we have succeeded in convincing the monsters to aid us in this fight... Came the voices of the Shobijin.

"Thank goodness!" Akiko cried.

"Hell yeah!" Keiichi exclaimed.

Ken nodded his head and looked out at the three monsters as they formed up around the dark Godzilla and gave a grunt of affirmation.

"Come on guys. You can bring this thing down!" He said.

"Just stay calm and work together… We believe in you." Sayuri whispered as she closed her eyes and brought her hands together in front of her chest.

Miki remained silent, but was obviously moved by the sight as she smiled to herself while watching the sight.

Rodan and Mothra circled each other a few times, each one crying out to the other before they split paths and took turns flying over Burtannus to make sure she was alright. While not what anyone would call pristine condition thanks to the now gaping wound on her shoulder, she was still in the fight and ready for more.

The dark Godzilla roared out in defiance as it faced its three foes and began to once again draw power from the crystal objects around it. The evil creature's eyes glowed red as it sent out a shockwave of energy towards them. Rodan and Mothra flew out of the way, but Burtannus's bulk meant she could not avoid the attack and was knocked back several steps by the force of it. The electronics of the city were overloaded which caused hundreds of electronic appliances to explode around her. While non of this harmed Burtannus, it did still manage to hurt her sensitive eyes and cause her some degree of discomfort.

Mothra and Rodan dove upon the dark Godzilla, Mothra firing her antennae beams and Rodan preparing to ram it once again as Mothra's attack struck its target. Mothra had aimed for the creature's head crest, but the evil monster had turned its head at the last moment diverting the attack to the side of its head instead and as Rodan came down it turned its head forward again and gashed his stomach against the crest.

The gash wasn't horribly deep, but was enough to draw blood and cause Rodan to cry out in pain as it struggled valiantly to right itself as it flew by. The dark Godzilla's eyes flashed red as it released another blast of energy which knocked Rodan from the sky, but in exchange it was struck once again in the back of the head by Mothra's beam attacks. As it turned to face Mothra, Burtannus charged it from the side and rammed into it which knocked it to the ground.

It would not go down quietly however and managed to grab Burtannus's horn on its way down and pulled her down with it. As it dragged Burtannus towards itself it charged its red lightning attack. The red light within its mouth was intense and reminded Ken of a corona effect when there was an eclipse of the sun. He then decided to call it the Corona Beam in his note pad as he watched the evil monster blast Burtannus in the face with it.

Burtannus's flesh was seared, but remained otherwise in tact as she pulled away and tried to shake it off. The dark Godzilla began rising to its feet but was blasted by Mothra's antennae attack once again with Rodan chiming in with a series of gusts from his wings from a perch on a nearby skyscraper. The evil monster struggled against the attacks to stand, but it only managed to get about halfway before it fell forward onto its stomach once more.

Burtannus lunged forward and used its sharp, beak-like mouth to chomp down on the monster's tail in a similar fashion as she had Godzilla's when she was under human control. The attack pierced the monster's flesh and caused it to cry out in pain as it continued to try and right itself. Its body began released small sparks of red electrical current which zapped Burtannus and forced her to release her grip on its tail as it slowly propped itself up on its hands and knees to stand up.

On its way it was continually blasted by Mothra and Rodan, but it would not be stopped this time as it made it to its feet and it released a greenish light from its crystal extensions on its shoulders. A few of the crystal objects around Tokyo Tower began flying into the air and began chasing down Mothra and Rodan as they flew through the air. More of the crystals began flying into the air around them as well to try and cut them off, but thankfully the skilled flyers managed to evade the attacks and destroy them as they came in close.

The dark Godzilla was far from finished with its attack as it waited for Mothra and Rodan to destroy the last of the crystals before charging and blasting them with its corona beam. This time the attack was larger and more wide spread than before and struck both of them down in a single shot.

Mothra and Rodan hit the ground hard, but avoided many of the larger buildings around them which could have caused a lot of trouble had they been hit by falling debris. Burtannus launched a purple lightning attack of her own at the large monster, but the attack yielded little effect other than to draw its attention to her. Luckily that was the plan as it gave Mothra and Rodan the seconds they needed to get airborne and prepare for a new assault.

Burtannus paid a price for its bravery, however, and was struck down with the corona beam from the evil Godzilla creature once again as it aimed for the wound on her shoulder. The attack struck its target and threw much of the surrounding flesh away which opened the wound even wider as Burtannus screamed out in pain as she fell backwards to the ground.

The sinister creature roared out as it gathered power from the crystals surrounding it before Mothra and Rodan could continue their assault. The monster managed to draw quite a bit of power from the crystals during that time, and before Mothra or Rodan could do anything it used a new ability to lift Burtannus into the air and threw her halfway across the battlefield into a large building.

Mothra and Rodan tried to double team the monster but were greeted with another concussive blast of energy which threw them off their flight path and forced them to circle around and regain their momentum. The large creature then leaped into the air itself and formed its giant crystal guard as it flew about the airspace while tailing the two much smaller flying monsters. Rodan was able to evade it with ease thanks to the speeds with which he could fly, but Mothra was slower and only just managed to evade a few ramming attacks. Rodan then did something drastic. He flew upside down and under the monster and raked at its belly with his feet which caused a few scratches in his hide, but drew no blood.

Rodan and Mothra were then struck down by the corona beam a few moments later and plummeted to the earth below as the monster flew overhead and admired its work. Almost as if it was gloating it flew in a circle above them, practically daring them to rise. All of a sudden Miki gasped and everyone turned to look at her. Miki's eyes shot towards the east, and as everyone followed her eyes they saw a familiar and oh so welcome sight.

Lumbering through the city on a collision course with the flying monster was none other than the one they'd all been waiting for... Godzilla.

Roaring out in challenge and fury, and smashing everything in his way as if it didn't exist, Godzilla made his way to the battlefield as Mothra, Rodan and Burtannus looked over at him. The evil twin also halted its flight path and floated in place to watch its ultimate foe approaching the scene with what appeared to be a sort of twisted smile. It descended and withdrew its massive crystal guard as it landed on its feet to challenge Godzilla on equal footing as the monster made his entrance to the battle with one final roar.

"… Now the fight truly begins." Akiko said quietly.

Everyone nodded slowly as Godzilla and his dark twin squared off. One standing beneath the Tokyo Tower, the other standing in the ruins of the city where the fight had taken place already with the other three monsters rising behind him. Mothra floated over his right shoulder, Rodan his left, and Burtannus walked up behind him. Godzilla roared and the other monsters seemed to roar along with him as the dark Godzilla roared in defiance at the threat standing before him. As they continued to square off, Godzilla's spines began to flash and glow with that infamous blue light which the team knew so well. The dark Godzilla's crystal spines began to flash red as it charged its corona beam.

All at once the world went silent and still as the two most powerful monsters in the world faced off for what would be their first, and likely final, battle against one another.

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