Chapter 29 - Beginning Of A New Era

The air sizzled and cracked as two enormous powers collided in mid air.

Godzilla's thermonuclear breath and the dark Godzilla's red Corona Beam collided halfway between them as they each tried to outdo the other. The beams went back and forth slowly at first with Akiko and crew standing with white knuckles at the edge of their skyscraper rooftop overlooking the fight. Mothra, Burtannus and Rodan were all hovering behind Godzilla waiting for the collision to end and a winner to be decided. The light created by the colliding beams was immense, and it was almost like staring at a second sun right there on Earth as the beams continued their back and forth tug of war.

Then, the darker Godzilla took the upper hand. Gathering energy from the crystals around him through his shoulders he reared his head back and threw it forward as the attack was suddenly supplemented with power.

The beam seared through the air and pushed Godzilla's thermonuclear breath straight back until it nullified it completely and struck Godzilla across the face. Godzilla's head was engulfed in smoke and light as he fell backwards to the ground while the other monsters scattered to begin assisting Godzilla against this titanic foe. Mothra and Rodan flew to opposite ends of the enemy's peripherals and waited while Burtannus began digging underground. Godzilla, in the mean time, stood up and revealed that the flesh on his face was singed and smoking with a single small trickle of blood running down between his eyes from the top of his forehead. The dark twin roared at Godzilla mockingly as the Kaiju roared back and snarled at his opponent. The two titans began walking towards one another at a steady pace, but increased in speed as they got closer.

For the first time, the size difference between them was shown in full. Godzilla was a full head smaller than this creature, not to mention how much bigger the shoulder extensions made him look... Also not to mention the fact that he was also bulkier than Godzilla in relative size.

Godzilla lashed out with his claws trying to push and scratch at the taller version of himself but was pushed away by a single head butt to his chest causing him to stagger back and fall into a building. The light from the crystals shocked the skies as the dark twin continued gathering power as the other monsters got to work assisting Godzilla in his struggle. Mothra began firing her antennae beams at the evil creature while Rodan worked up some speed and began strafing runs trying to ram it off balance. Burtannus burrowed under the monster and tried to destabilize the ground beneath its feet to further assist Rodan's efforts.

Rodan's first attempt missed as the monster ducked his attack, but after being forced to focus on Mothra and her antennae beams for a moment Rodan got a lucky shot in and rammed the side of its head. The blow staggered him a few steps and his enormous foot fell into a small pit that Burtannus had dug nearby which caused him to trip and fall to the ground. The tremor released was immense, almost as bad as when Ghidorah struck the ground.

Godzilla took advantage of the momentary pause and blasted the monster with his thermonuclear breath not once, but twice. The first blast struck the monster along the back across the crystal spines, and the second attack struck it across the upper shoulder and along his neck as he tried to stand. The force from the blast knocked him forward to the ground again, and as Godzilla charged another attack the evil creature's red eyes locked onto him. Upon releasing the attack an energy barrier appeared around the dark menace which reflected Godzilla's breath right back into his chest.

Godzilla stepped back and shook it off, stunned momentarily by what had just happened as the evil menace looked to Mothra and blasted her with his Corona Beam. The blast had an immediate effect and charred a small section of the outer edge of her left forewing. The effected section turned black and was smoking which forced Mothra to land and assess the damage as Rodan swooped down and tried to ram the dark creature again to give her some time to recover.

Rodan was swatted out of the sky by the massive creature's tail, however, and hit the ground hard after falling into a nearby skyscraper. Burtannus burst forth from the ground and charged the evil entity with her horn, but he seemed to be expecting the attack and grabbed her horn in his right hand and pummeled her with his left before pushing her away and blasting her in the side with his corona beam. The attack wasn't enough to pierce her tough hide, but it was still enough to send her reeling since she still had her shoulder to worry about.

Godzilla's thermonuclear breath then came out of nowhere and struck the monster in the side of the face which instantly had the desired effect of forcing him to turn away and stagger off balance. Godzilla charged forward and rammed into his dark twin and both of them fell to the ground with Godzilla landing on top of him. Godzilla quickly regained his own balance and stood on the side of his opponent as he began raking at it in the sides and in the arm with his claws.

Mothra had also returned and started blasting the downed Kaiju with her antennae beams as Godzilla continued to bludgeon him with Burtannus charging in and biting down on the creature's thigh with her beak-like mouth which caused a spout of blueish purple blood to come forth from the monster's flesh. In that moment, Godzilla looked to Burtannus and she let go in order to give Godzilla room to blast the new wound with his thermonuclear breath, but the downed monster was be having none of that. Releasing a pulse of energy, Godzilla was thrown off balance before his attack could launch successfully and instead blasted Burtannus along the side of her body.

Godzilla went down and Burtannus with him as the dark Godzilla rose to his feet and blasted at Mothra again with his Corona Beam. She was able to dodge the first attack, but a quick follow up struck her in the face and the underside of her thorax which burned her quite badly. She flew around and landed nearby to try and get her bearings as Rodan took to the skies after his earlier fall and circled around and landed on a nearby rooftop to begin throwing powerful gusts of wind at his foe. The evil Godzilla closed one eye against Rodan's attack, but was otherwise unfazed as he was just too big and heavy for the gusting attack to be effective. Rodan was forced to abandon the strategy when he saw the devilish Kaiju charging his Corona Beam and took off from the rooftop just as it was destroyed by the evil monster's attack.

Nearby, Akiko and the others watched in amazement and horror at what was going on.

"This is… intense." Keiichi muttered.

Akiko and Ken could only nod and Miki and Sayuri watched with worried eyes.

Godzilla and Burtannus managed to make it to their feet, and Godzilla looked to Burtannus and gave her a single roar which she turned away from and began burrowing again. Godzilla stood up straight and roared at his dark twin to draw its attention as Rodan and Mothra both came together in the skies above to begin attacking from the air.

Mothra began using her special attack as she descended upon the evil monster. Flapping her wings and releasing a glowing golden powder into the air, the monster tried to blast her at point blank with his corona beam but it was bounced around and reflected right back into his face. He roared out in pain and turned away from Mothra as she continued to hover there throwing down powder and small bolts of lightning while Rodan circled around and used the confusion to ram the monster in the back of the head, just missing Mothra as he flew off to the side at the last moment while she continued her attack.

The evil monster's eyes glowed red as the crystals on his shoulders lit up and drew more power from the surrounding crystal bodies. The monster lifted its tail and threw it at Mothra who was forced to stop her attack to try and get out of the way, but she saw it too late. Mothra was hit hard in the side and slammed against a building by the creature's massive tail, but it wasn't over for her yet.

The evil Kaiju lifted its tail and bludgeoned her into the ground several times as Godzilla fought to make his way over and assist with Rodan doing the same. The dark twin managed to quickly counter their attacks by using his Corona Beam on Godzilla and by ducking his head under Rodan's ramming attack. It picked up its tail and swung it around to land it right on the side of Godzilla's head which knocked the proud creature to the ground.

As the evil monster turned and looked at Godzilla, he saw that his enemy was lying still with his eyes closed. The monster then let out a roar of victory and mockery.

Godzilla was out cold.

Ken and the others could hardly believe what they were seeing. Godzilla had been beaten down before, but never knocked out like this. They all had to admit that the dark twin was quite the fighter to be able to land such a blow so early in the battle. Despite everything which had happened up until now, it was only about three minutes into the conflict and it the physical condition of the monsters involved was any indication it would not last much longer unless something drastic took place.

The dark Godzilla continued its fight with Mothra, Rodan and Burtannus as Godzilla remained unconscious on the ground. Mothra and Rodan were both taken down and left for dead after a few more blasts of the Corona Beam as well as a follow through with a few tail swipes and a stomp of his foot against each of them for good measure. Burtannus had finally surfaced and fought valiantly against the evil Kaiju, to no avail. Burtannus was defeated as well and beaten down beneath Tokyo Tower to the point where she could fight no longer from her injuries and a lack of energy to continue.

The evil monster roared in victory towards the skies as it reveled in its accomplishment, but as it did so its roar of victory was interrupted by another sound nearby.

Mothra was still in the fight.

Her call had stopped the evil Kaiju's victory celebration short as she struggled to lift her wings and take to the air. The massive form of Godzilla's dark counterpart lumbered towards her slowly, not bothering to rush as it knew she was on her last limbs to just defy him. She could barely lift her head, let alone her wings, and ended up exhausting herself in the process as the monster approached her and looked down upon her.

A single roar escaped the evil Kaiju, almost as if to ask her if that was all she had. Mothra cried back at it, which earned her another massive whack from the creature's tail before he turned around to face her again. The blow had picked her up off the ground and thrown her several hundred meters through the air before she landed on the ground upside down. Her cries grew weaker each time she opened her insectoid mouth, and the light in her eyes began to slowly fade as her energy waned.

The dark Godzilla began approaching Mothra once more, and Miki could finally stand it no longer. Miki shut her eyes and extended her thoughts out to this evil entity and forced her way passed its mental defenses. Doing so nearly overwhelmed her, causing her to collapse to the ground on her knees, but she would not falter. The previous Mothra had died already and Miki would not allow it to happen again to her offspring.

Miki's thoughts broke through as she angrily reminded the gloating creature that the fight was far from over so long as Godzilla drew breath. The wicked Kaiju had stopped in his tracks during Miki's mental intrusion and turned to face the building she and the others were standing on. The monster was a good distance away, but it knew exactly where they were now. Miki knew it was a calculated risk to expose herself like this, but she couldn't sit by as Mothra was to be slaughtered like this.

The evil Godzilla began walking slowly and confidently towards their building as Miki disconnected her thoughts from it and focused instead on Godzilla. The mighty Kaiju was still down for the count, but she reached her thoughts out to him regardless and began beseeching him for his help. Attempt after attempt failed as Miki's thoughts hit some kind of unknown barrier within Godzilla's mind. It was almost as if his unconscious state had blocked off all outside stimuli and left Miki's thoughts and pleas for help in limbo until he awoke. Miki opened her eyes just in time to see the massive dark twin cross the battlegrounds towards them as he came within about a half mile of their location. She closed her eyes and continued to try and wake Godzilla before a familiar pair of voices entered her mind.

Miki, can you hear us?

"… Yes." She whispered.

We will assist you with all of our power. They said.

Sure enough, Miki's thoughts were joined by a chorus of chants and prayers sung by the Shobijin. It was a similar melody to the Mothra song they'd sung before to help her hatch from her egg, but the lyrics and parts of the melody were different as they sang for Godzilla. The proud Kaiju's body began to glow in a greenish-blue light as his eyes shot open. Confused, they looked from left to right, and he slowly realized where he was. Standing up with great care and shaking the feeling of having been knocked out from his head, Godzilla looked over to see his dark twin heading towards Miki and the others. Godzilla roared out with all his might, instantly attracting the other monster's attention as he turned and faced Godzilla.

… However, there was a moment where the evil twin turned his head just enough for his eye to land squarely on Miki as she glared up at him. The monster wasn't speaking or communicating with her in any way, but she knew the look in his eye all too well. If there ever was a single glare that meant "you are next," that was it. Miki was not intimidated though as she had all the faith in the world that Godzilla would prevail, but in the back of her mind she was frightened out of her mind about the prospect of this evil entity turning its attention on herself and the others.

Those thoughts would have to wait though as the two Godzillas faced each other once more. Without the support of the other three monsters, Godzilla now stood alone against his oversized and evil twin as the two glared at each other menacingly.

Both Godzilla and his evil counterpart didn't move a muscle for what seemed an eternity before the first move was finally made. Godzilla began charging forward towards his evil twin who watched him without moving. As Godzilla came in close his darker counterpart the menacing monster sent out a pulse of energy to stun Godzilla before it then proceeded to use its Corona Beam on him again.

As the beam struck its target along the side of his body, Godzilla looked up and blasted at the creature's face with his thermonuclear breath. The monster was forced to bring up his energy barrier which also worked on his own attack much to his surprise. The attack was reflected around and struck him in the head near the eyes which caused him to shake his head and back away a step.

Godzilla watched as the monster began charging power once more through its shoulders, and Godzilla began to realize the meaning of all the crystal objects around him. Godzilla charged his thermonuclear breath and began blasting each and every one of them that he could see. The evil Kaiju didn't let this go unchallenged and tried to blast Godzilla with his Corona Beam to stop him from executing his strategy, but Godzilla's willpower forced him to endure the attack as he destroyed the last of the crystals.

The crystals which were destroyed released energy into the skies which rose up into the atmosphere and disappeared as the evil monster continued his assault on Godzilla. As Godzilla concluded his attack he finally started feeling the effect of the Corona Beam being used against him and he roared in pain as he staggered backwards against the attack before the dark Kaiju ceased and rested for a moment as Godzilla reeled. Tokyo Tower had been a major source of his energy thus far, but without the crystals around to channel power through it the tower was now all but useless. Out of spite, the evil Kaiju blasted the midsection of the tower and watched it fall to the ground.

As the tower struck the ground the monster turned just in time to catch Godzilla's gaping mouth in his field of view before the feeling of Godzilla's teeth clamping down around his mouth shocked him back into reality. Godzilla held tight, not allowing it to open its mouth to attack with the Corona Beam as he tightened his jaws to the point where his evil twin began bleeding. Godzilla was finally forced to let go as the wicked monster struck him on the side of the head with his claw and then head butted him away.

The dark Kaiju followed the attack by ramming Godzilla to the ground and once again blasting him with his Corona Beam as he struggled to right himself. It was then that a new thought struck the monster's mind as he stopped his attack and instead looked to the skies and took off. Its massive crystal guard coming out around it, the monster flew circles overhead as Godzilla stood up and watched him.

Circle after circle, the monster watched Godzilla and then dove down towards him. Godzilla leaned back and began firing his thermonuclear breath at him, but the attack struck the crystal objects and did little to halt the monster's attack. As the giant monster dove down on his counterpart, the jagged crystals surrounding it were aimed at skewering the proud Kaiju. Godzilla knew what its evil twin was aiming to do and ducked down as low as he could as the monstrous creature flew over just barely missing him on the way.

Godzilla turned as fast as he could and blasted again, but again it struck the crystals surrounding his foe and yielded little effect. Godzilla watched as the monster turned in the air and chose this time to aim for a new target. Godzilla dug in and charged up his thermonuclear breath, drawing on almost every ounce of power he had to focus it into this one attack. Taking careful aim as the monster dove on him again Godzilla released the attack while aiming for the dark Kaiju instead of just trying to stop the mass as a whole. The attack struck home and hit the massive creature in the face and across his chest which threw off its concentration and caused it to crash into the ground.

The tremor released was beyond even that of Ghidorah hitting the ground and knocked the entire team off their feet. Even Godzilla struggled to keep his balance as he tracked the monster's descent and impact point. The crystals slowly retracted, and Godzilla was already approaching as fast as he could to continue the fight. The stress, however, was showing as Godzilla's steps had slowed and his chest was rising and falling faster than before which indicated his level of fatigue.

Being a Kaiju, he had massive stores of energy. But against an enemy of this level he had no choice but to go all out which was quickly draining him. As the team stood up again to look out at the now slowly standing twin of Godzilla, they were amazed that it was relatively undamaged by the fall. No new cuts or signs of injury at all as it rose to its feet and turned to face off with Godzilla once more.

"This is insane. Even without all those crystals giving it power it's still not taking much damage." Akiko said quietly to herself.

Ken heard her comment and nodded.

"This sucks." Keiichi muttered.

Sayuri clasped her hands together and prayed for Godzilla as Miki looked on. She was silent and unmoving, watching Godzilla as he struggled to remain in the fight against this monstrous foe. Its power seemed to have no end despite the lack of crystals around it, and Godzilla was fast using up what little remained of his power. The outcome was going to be painfully obvious if something extreme didn't happen, but there was nothing at all that Miki could do. She had no power or energy to give to Godzilla that would be worth anything. All she could do was watch, wait, and pray.

Friends… Came the voices of the Shobijin.

All went quiet.

We have one last hope to defeat this creature. Please, lend us your courage as we sing one last time for Godzilla. We're certain that Godzilla could use the encouragement as well as us... They said.

Ken, Akiko, Keiichi, Sayuri and Miki all listened to the plea and silently joined their hands together in a circle as the voices of the Shobijin began to sound once more.

The Shobijin sang an altered version of the song of Mothra, extending their power to her and giving her the energy to take once more to the skies. As she slowly rose from the Earth she flew straight up into the air and away from the battleground. The evil Godzilla seemed to notice her ascension and tried to stop her, but she was already too far away for him to be accurate with his Corona Beam.

Mothra flew higher and higher into the sky until she found what she was looking for. While it was invisible to the eyes of humans, the energy released by the exploding crystals which Godzilla destroyed were clearly visible to her eyes as she slowly flew in circles to gather it in one place before absorbing it into her body. Newly empowered by the energy she'd collected, Mothra dove back down towards the battlegrounds as Godzilla was knocked to the ground by his darker twin. Mothra used a single dose of her new power to strike the evil Kaiju on the head with her antennae beams which made him stagger back a few paces as she landed on Godzilla.

Godzilla initially struggled, but a cry from Mothra stilled him as her eyes began to alight as the energy she'd collected was then transferred to Godzilla via his spines. Glowing a bright blue hue, Godzilla's body readily absorbed the energy from Mothra as the evil entity looked on and began desperately blasting the pair with his Corona Beam. Mothra was able to leap into the air at the last second and use her powder attack to reflect the attack at the cost of no longer sending her energy to Godzilla. At that moment, Rodan had also managed to rise and used what remained of his energy to fly as fast as he could into the back of the monster's head and knock him to the ground. Mothra resumed her transfer of power, and as the last of her energy was released Godzilla stood up and roared out with such ferocity it shook the ground all the way to where the team was gathered, hands still clasped together in their circle as they looked out at the battlefield.

Rodan was tossed aside as the evil Godzilla stood up to see himself now face to face with a newly energized Godzilla. Once again at a seeming standstill, the two watched each other silently before the evil twin launched his Corona Beam. Godzilla's spines erupted in a red light as he released his red spiral ray which easily overtook the evil twin's attack and knocked him to the ground.

Godzilla charged his attack and blasted the monster twice more, the force and energy of the attack causing the ground and buildings around it to explode and catch fire even though not directly struck by the attack. Godzilla used the attack once more and the entire area burst into flame. The sounds of the evil Godzilla roaring out was weak and fading as the area was engulfed in hundreds of small particles of light which rose into the air and, like the energy released from the crystals, flew up towards the atmosphere. Godzilla watched them warily, but never the less released a roar of victory.

Mothra, Rodan and Burtannus all had almost no energy left, but never the less they had managed to release a single cry each to sound with Godzilla's own. The team watched in amazement at the sight, slightly bothered by the massive fires still burning where the dark Godzilla had since disappeared from, but still incredibly happy about Godzilla's victory.

Godzilla stopped roaring after a few moments and slowly began walking back towards Tokyo Bay as the other monsters continued to rest and regain their energy now that the fight was over. They would all soon be leaving themselves to recover from their injuries elsewhere, but for now, they had to take advantage of the quiet and peace now surrounding them.

Godzilla lumbered through the city towards Tokyo Bay as the team made their way to the RV as fast as possible and followed him on his journey home. As they reached the coast and watched Godzilla wade out knee deep into the water they all got out of the RV to say goodbye.

"Well, there he goes again." Akiko said.

"Yep. But I wonder what became of that dark version of him." Keiichi remarked.

"Not sure, but I doubt that it could simply disappear." Sayuri said.

"… I was able to feel its presence up until Godzilla's roar." Miki said quietly as the others all looked to her.

Friends… The Shobijin said as everyone looked up to the skies.

The monster is not dead, only temporarily vanquished. It has retreated to the depths of space to regain its power, and will undoubtedly be back in the future to finish what it started. Godzilla has won this battle, but the war against this evil is far from finished.

"… Spacegodzilla!" Keiichi said.

Ken and Akiko looked at him, wondering if he'd hit his head or something.

"It retreated to space and it looks like Godzilla, so why not call it Spacegodzilla?" He asked.

Ken was too tired to disagree and only shook his head as he released a sigh.

Miki took a few steps forward and watched Godzilla as he waded out into waist deep water and smiled.

"Sayonara Godzilla." She whispered.

Godzilla roared in the distance and turned his head to look back at the shore where she and the others were standing. After a moment of silent connection, Godzilla turned and continued his way out to sea.

"So what now?" Keiichi asked.

"We go back to work, what else?" Akiko asked.

Keiichi chuckled to himself a bit at Akiko's remark.

"Akiko never changes." She laughed.

She walked forward and stood beside Miki.

"Godzilla sure is a wonder isn't he?" Sayuri asked.

Akiko and Ken looked at her and then at each other as they all stood together on the shore.

"He sure is." Akiko whispered as she rested her head on her fiancé's shoulder.

"He's without a doubt the strongest Kaiju the world has ever seen." Ken added.

"Yep, he's the king!" Keiichi said happily.

Ken looked at Keiichi for a moment and smiled as he looked back to the sea as Godzilla slowly began to disappear beneath the waves of the ocean.

"The King of the Monsters." Ken said quietly.

Before disappearing beneath the waves, Godzilla unleashed one final roar to finalize his supremacy.

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