Chapter 3 - Another Kaiju?

Attention passengers, this is your pilot speaking. We expect to encounter some mild turbulence ahead so please fasten your seat belts until the turbulence has cleared. Thank you.

In one of the window seats just above the wing of the plane sat a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who watched the world outside go by with great interest and excitement.

"Mommy, what's that?" She asked as she pointed outside the window at something.

"Hmm? What's that sweetheart?" Her mother asked.

The girl pointed again outside the window at something in the clouds.

"I don't see anything sweetie. Are you sure you didn't just see a bird?" She asked.

The girl shook her head.

"Uh uh. I saw a big thing flying over there." She said with a big smile.

Her mother looked at her and chuckled.

"Sweetie, I think you've been watching too many cartoons lately." She said as she patted her daughter's head.

"But mommy, I really saw something." The girl insisted.

Her mother chuckled again and leaned her head back to rest her eyes as the girl pouted at her with puffed out cheeks and pursed lips. The girl crossed her arms and let out a breath of frustration through her nose. She looked outside and thought for a brief moment that she saw the thing again through a small gap in the clouds, but she couldn't tell.

The turbulence started not too long after as the plane entered a large cluster of clouds and it became a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride. The girl shook around in her seat until the turbulence started to ease up after a few minutes and looked out her window once again. She couldn't see the thing, but she could see that there was something going on with the clouds nearby.

"Mommy, what are the clouds doing? Are they dancing?" She asked.

Her mother opened her eyes with a sigh and looked out the window, and this time she saw exactly what her daughter saw. Not more than a few hundred yards from the plane in the clouds was something moving at high speeds. She couldn't see what it was, but it was creating a wake in the clouds which was larger than the plane. Her eyes widened and she subconsciously placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders in a protective manner as she watched the wake grow larger and larger. All around her were people noticing and talking about it amongst themselves while trying to discern what it was.

And then something amazing happened.

A large shape formed alongside the wake which pushed the clouds up and out before disappearing beneath them once more. The shape was round and impossibly large, but nobody could yet see exactly what it was. It appeared again, with a second identical shape appearing on the other side of the wake through the clouds. They appeared in unison several times, each time becoming slightly larger as the clouds began to thin out. A large mass was becoming visible beneath the haze, and whatever those large things were on the sides of the wake were slowly taking on bright and vivid colors.

Finally, the Captain announced that the turbulence would be ending as the clouds were breaking ahead into a clear blue sky. It was an announcement that filled the people aboard with dread.

Sure enough, the clouds finally broke away and gave way to a clear sky. There, flying alongside the plane was an enormous moth-like creature. The people on board started screaming in fear and started getting out of their seats in hopes of finding a safe place to hide away though it was in vain. Trapped inside a giant metal plane, where was there to hide if something went wrong after all? The mother and daughter remained in their seats and watched the giant moth. The little girl was mesmerized by its beauty and grace as it flew silently and smoothly beside the plane. The magnificent colors and shapes on its wings were absolutely gorgeous, and the little girl couldn't help but murmur in wonder to herself about it.

As the people began to panic, there was a strange sound filing the plane. Slowly, everyone took notice of it and found that they were becoming pacified by it.

It was music.

An exotic and tribal music began to fill the minds of the people which helped to calm them down. They all returned to their seats and sat down as the music slowly faded and the moth began to increase its speed and fly away. It veered off to the west towards the pacific ocean and disappeared into the distance as the plane continued on its course northwards. The little girl was a little sad to see the moth go, but at the same time she was happy to have seen it.

"Wasn't that pretty mommy?" She asked her mother as she continued gazing out the window in the direction the moth had gone.

Her mother had no words. She only sat there gently gripping her daughter's shoulders as she tried to comprehend what she had just seen. She had heard of the monsters sighted around the world, especially in Japan and throughout eastern Asia, but she never thought they were actually real. But there it had been, clear as day. A monstrous moth which was bigger than the plane she was on which had flown alongside them for several minutes before turning away and flying into the distance. She couldn't believe it, but at the same time she couldn't deny it. She sat back and looked at the ceiling of the plane as she tried to make sense of it all.

About an hour later the plane landed and the mother and daughter made their way through the airport to the street where the girl's father was waiting for them with a smile.

"Hey you two, are you alright?" He asked as he recognized that his wife was in shock.

"We saw a giant moth daddy!" His daughter exclaimed.

"A giant what?" He asked.

His wife was silent and seemingly staring into space as he gave her cheek a light slap to bring her out of it. The method worked and she blinked before shaking her head and looking at her husband.

"You alright hun?" He asked.

"I… Don't know." She said quietly.

"Mommy, tell him about the moth!" Their daughter said as she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet.

"Did you really see a giant moth?" He asked.

His wife nodded her head silently. In response, he shook his head slowly and let out a sigh.

"I've been hearing more reports lately about monsters, but I didn't think they were true. But if you two say that you both saw one, then I believe you. Plus, I've been hearing other people talk about the same thing just before you got here. Now come on. Let's go home." He said as he led them to the car.

On the drive home the daughter described the large moth to him and he drew a mental picture of what she told him. Being an artist, it wasn't hard for him to do so. The moth's body was primarily a beige coloration with orange stripes along its abdomen. The underside of the abdomen was black and it looked like it had a stinger on the end. The wings started off white, but quickly gave way to a myriad of colors. The hind wings were orange which gave way to red along the outer edge with small black markings around the middle and a small yellow oval shape with a red dot in the middle of it. The forewing was black with yellow markings streaking across the middle and purple markings along the upper edge. There was a red circle with a black ring just inside of it which in turn had a yellow ring and then another red circle. The moth had large glowing purple eyes and two small antennae on its head with a black horizontal "beak" on the front.

When they got home he painted a picture of what he had been told and asked if it was what they had seen. Both his wife and daughter affirmed that it was almost exactly what they had seen and that while it was beautiful it was incredibly frightening. Well, it was for his wife anyway. His daughter was practically in love with it and wanted to see it again. He laughed a little bit but at the same time he was just as frightened of the idea of a giant moth as his wife had been. There was no telling whether or not it was actually friendly. While the music which sounded in the plane was calming, nobody knew exactly where it came from.

Later that evening there was a television news report about the very moth they'd seen as it flew across the western United States coastline before turning away and flying off towards the pacific ocean. There was a single picture taken of it which was a little blurry, but it was enough for everyone to get a good idea of what it looked like. He looked at the picture and then looked to the one he painted earlier and found that it was remarkably similar. The moth was reported to have flown all the way from Central America up the coastline through to Washington State before it turned towards the ocean and disappeared. And when they said disappeared, they meant it literally. The moth was on satellite imagery until it reached a certain point in the ocean and then it just vanished according to the news report.

Not more than five minutes later another news report came in that the Japanese government had just unleashed a counterstrike against a monster that had been plaguing its shores for a the past four years. The counterstrike was still underway and there was no news yet as to whether or not it had succeeded, but everyone's hopes were high. Even one victory meant one less monster for the world to deal with. The news reports came to an end a minute or two later and no further updates as to the whereabouts or activities of the monsters around the world came in.

With the absence of news reports the man turned to a different channel to watch boxing while his wife tended to their daughter and tucked her into bed. When she was done she came out to sit with him and they spoke about what to do. They discussed what they'd have to do if a monster ever attacked their home, and they both eventually settled on going to stay with her parents who lived out in Wyoming. A common trait among the monsters was that they favored the coastlines and the sea so going inland made sense.

The next morning, the family was exposed to some rather dire news on the television. The counterstrike initiated by the Japanese government consisted of an entire fleet of Japanese naval vessels including aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines, and even a squadron of fighter and bomber aircraft. It was a rather desperate attempt to deal with the threat of the monster who had previously attacked Japan and its nuclear power plants, but it came with a terrible price. The entire fleet was annihilated and only one bomber aircraft and two fighter jets made it back to report on the battle. Thousands of soldiers had lost their lives in this fight and the Japanese government was now facing backlash from the people about having sent so many of their troops out to die. As the pair watched the news they could only wonder what kind of devastation the world would face next, and whether or not anything would arise that could stop it.

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