Chapter 4 - Fast Approaching

Dear Diary,

Today is March 22nd, 2014 and I discovered a few months back that I can hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of not only plants, but also animals and even humans. It was rather scary when I discovered I could do this, but over these last few months I've honed my abilities quite well to the point where they take almost no effort. The psychic organization I found last year contacted me about the possibility of my learning to study from them, but at this stage I didn't think I needed it so I declined. Since then I've been searching for a job, and I think I may have found one.

Ironically, the job is working as part of a team which was doing more or less the same thing as those KOD people were doing. This team is attempting to study Godzilla, but they are a small, tight nit unit as opposed to an organization so I think that helped my decision. They said that communicating with Godzilla or other monsters might in fact be a good opportunity for me, but for the time being trying just doing what I can to help understand the monsters is the job description. Hopefully this will not come back to bite me later, but only time will tell.

The leader of the group is Ken Inouye, a graduate of Tokyo University like my brother who majored in animal behavior and minored in biology. He is thirty three years old and very handsome. He looks younger than he is, actually, but he's engaged to the second in command who's named Akiko Nakazawa. Akiko is twenty seven and majored in engineering in Osaka. She is the one who designed the tracking and analyzation equipment the team uses. Without Akiko and her special equipment, we'd know next to nothing about Godzilla or any of the other monsters.

Another member of the team is a psychic like me. Her name is Sayuri Okumura, and as a psychic her ability is focused less on feeling emotions like me and instead focuses more on being able to sense the presence of the monsters. Sayuri is unsure of whether or not she feels their energy or if she is sensing their aura, or whether or not there's really a difference between those two concepts, but whatever is going on she can detect the monsters when she comes within a certain distance of them. The distance varies with each monster, but she knows for a fact that she can sense Godzilla from at least a half mile away.

The final member of the team is Keiichi Ueda, and he specializes in foreign languages so that when the team travels abroad to study the monsters Keiichi can get the team through customs and speak with authorities who don't speak Japanese. I haven't seen him use these skills yet, but he seems well versed in reading Akiko's inventions as well so he's had some kind of engineering education, I think.

All in all, the team is somewhat strange, but being a psychic I really don't have room to talk do I? Either way I'm happy to be working towards a cause that's meaningful like this even if I wasn't ready for it last year. The idea of getting close to the monsters scares me greatly, but if it can help us understand them then we might be able to avoid the destruction that they bring. Maybe in time we can learn to communicate with them as well, though I have my doubts about that one. With luck I will be proven wrong, but until such a time I will remain skeptical about communication and focus more on learning to read their emotions and hear their thoughts.

Love, Miki Saegusa

"Hey Ken, anything on radar yet?" Akiko called out.

"Nothing yet dear." He replied.

Akiko was monitoring one of her newest inventions which combined seismic surveillance with air pressure monitors to make sure that both land and air were covered. Godzilla's bulk and the giant moth's wing beats both created very sizable ratings even from a distance, so it only made sense to her to make some customized equipment to monitor them. There were only two or three other reports which did not match Godzilla or the moth's description worldwide, but just in case they had set up underwater sonar along the coastlines to make sure that the sea was covered as well.

Miki had just arrived for the day at 6:30am when Akiko nearly collided with her in the doorway to their big RV which held most of their equipment. If there was one thing Akiko was, it was mobile.

"Whoa, Miki. I almost didn't see you there. How's it going?" She asked.

"Good morning Akiko, I'm doing well. Am I late?" She asked.

Akiko shook her head.

"No, we're just going trough final preparations and getting ready to move out. Keiichi and Sayuri will meet us at the location and we'll see if we can't find anything."

"Akiko, just out of curiosity, what is the location?" Miki asked.

"We're taking a trip south to Sagami Bay. It's going to be a pretty long ride so make sure you have everything you need before we set off. We'll be on the road for another two days after that along the coast as we travel to Shimoda. The radiation from Godzilla's body has been detected along this route lately. He hasn't made landfall yet, but we know that he must be close by. If we can either get him on radar or possibly get Sayuri to sense his presence then we'll get to work. If we don't get anything, like last time, we'll head back here and draw up some new plans."

Akiko started to walk outside agains to pick up and load some more of her equipment into the RV to get ready for the trip.

"Akiko, what do I do if we find him?" Miki asked.

Akiko glanced over to Miki as she picked up a monitor.

"Well, do what you do I guess. Try and make a connection with him. See if you can feel his emotions or try to read his thoughts. Anything you can manage would be great, so just do your best. If you can't get through, then don't worry about it."

Miki nodded and walked inside the RV.

"Hi Ken." She said as she walked in and sat down.

"Hello Miki. Did you get some good rest last night?" He asked.

"Yes." She responded.

"Good, because you'll need it for the road." He said as he continued monitoring the screens which were set up.

Miki looked over Ken's shoulder at the screens, but she couldn't make out what they were depicting beyond the sonar. She knew that a ping on sonar meant something was there, but beyond that the screens were foreign to her.

"What are you watching for right now?" She asked.

"I'm keeping an eye on the seismic activity along the edge of Sagami Bay. Keiichi set up a few sensors along the coastline so if Godzilla comes within about a mile and a half of shore we'll pick him up here. The other screen over here is sonar which is reading the response from sensors placed about thirty yards off shore in the water. The sonar has a five mile range because it's all we could afford, but it should be more than enough for picking up Godzilla. He's a hard target to miss."

Miki looked around the RV and took note of the food and water around the kitchen area and realized that aside from eating and monitoring the equipment, the RV wasn't set up for much else. There was no bathroom on board, so if anyone needed to use the restroom they'd have to stop somewhere. There were enough chairs for everyone on the team, but it would be cramped quarters for most of the trip. Miki was not claustrophobic, but she didn't enjoy tight spaces.

Akiko walked in and finished loading up her equipment before taking to the driver's seat and firing up the RV.

"Alright you two, take a seat and get ready for a road trip!" She called out.

The RV took off and Miki watched the world go by outside the windows for over an hour before the RV came to a stop at a gas station. Miki and Akiko got out and Miki used the restroom and bought some snacks while Akiko filled up the gas and got ready to move again. Once they got back on the road Akiko had Ken take over the driving while she and Miki sat down and played a few board games while they kept an eye out for the monitors.

"So Miki, what is your plan if we do run into Godzilla?" She asked.

"Well, I don't know. I guess I'll do what you said and do my best to make some kind of connection with him. I don't know if I'll be able to though, as Godzilla isn't exactly a cat or a flower." She said.

Akiko laughed to herself for a moment before she looked back to the monitors when she heard a beeping sound go off. She was silent for a moment, but the screens were then blank for about thirty seconds before she returned her attention to Miki.

"Well I'm glad you're on board to try at least. I know that if I had your abilities I'd probably be in the same boat as you. Godzilla scares me to be perfectly honest, and I can't say with any certainty that I'd enjoy getting close enough to make a connection… Speaking of, I remembered Sayuri telling me that she needs to be within a certain distance of the monsters to make a connection. Do you know if that's true of your ability as well?" She asked.

Miki was caught off guard by the question as she'd never thought about it before.

"I don't know, but I hope not. The farther from Godzilla I can be, the better." She said with a nervous chuckle.

Akiko watched Miki's reaction with interest, but smiled to herself and laughed a bit with the young girl before returning her attention to the screens. The two girls chatted for a while longer about some random topics until Akiko got a call on her cell.

"Hello?… Yes, we're on our way now… About an hour and a half away, why?… Okay, we'll be there." She said as she hung up the phone.

"That was Keiichi. He wanted to let me know that two of our sonar units are out of order and that he's going to be fixing them up before we get there."

"Is it safe to do that?" Miki asked, obviously concerned the Godzilla had been in the area recently.

"Yes, don't worry about him. All he has to do is swap the sensors which will take him all of two minutes to do. The radiation levels are very low, so as long as he doesn't linger he'll be just fine." Akiko said reassuringly.

Miki nodded to her as she started watching the seismic equipment.

"I think I just saw it get a reading." Miki said.

"Really?" Akiko asked as she scooted her chair over to take a closer look.

"Hmm… Yep, there sure is a reading. It's really weak, but something just tripped one of our sensors. I can't say that it's who we hope it is, but I'd say it's a good sign. Let's keep our eyes on it a while longer and see if there's any change." She said.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and no further sensors were tripped along the way. When they arrived at location, Sayuri was waiting to greet them outside the smaller RV which she and Keiichi had used to get there. Akiko and Ken had a few words with Keiichi about the sensors he replaced and found out that one of them had actually been damaged by something and wasn't a simple malfunction. The sensor had ben retrieved and it looked like it had been hacked with a knife or something. Thankfully the sensors were all disguised so the others were safe, but still, if someone was trying to stop them monitoring for monsters then the team knew they had problems. It only took one person to ruin such an experiment after all, so the group decided to take a few extra security measures for the remainder of their outing.

The day came and went, and as nighttime descended upon the group Ken and Keiichi stayed awake monitoring the screens while Sayuri had gone to bed. Akiko and Miki stayed outside to watch the ocean as the two had begun forming sort of a sisterly bond. Akiko was definitely the maternal type and already felt comfortable enough around Miki to give her hugs and call her a "little cutie" whenever she said or did something that Akiko thought was cute. Miki was a little embarrassed by it, but it felt good to know that Akiko liked her and that she had a place on board the team.

"It's a nice view isn't it? I almost forget that I'm here to track a monster as I watch the waves on the shoreline." Akiko said calmly.

"Yes, I get that feeling too. Looking out at the ocean you can completely forget that they even exist." Miki said in return.

They stared out at the ocean with the moon overhead when Ken and Keiichi told them that they were going to go to bed. Keiichi went to the small RV while Ken went to his bunk in the big RV. Akiko gave her fiancé a kiss goodnight and returned to Miki who was standing with her feet in the water. Akiko kicked off her shoes and joined Miki as they watched the moon on the water for a few silent minutes together.

"Miki, what do you think will happen if any other monsters besides the two we know about start showing up?" Akiko asked.

Miki had honestly not thought about the possibility of even more monsters showing up. Godzilla was bad enough, not to mention the fact that there was a giant moth out there somewhere plus an unknown wandering around which had yet to be identified. If even more monsters arrived it could be even more of a disaster.

"I really don't know what to think about that Akiko… But if it comes to that then I guess I'll just take it one step at a time."

As Miki and Akiko began approaching the RV, there was a very distinctive sound coming from the big RV. Akiko and Miki stopped just outside before Akiko ran in with Miki close behind. Ken was already out of bed and staring at the screen of the seismic equipment with Sayuri observing the sonar as a massive blip appeared on the edge of it and began approaching their position. It didn't take much longer for Sayuri to start shivering and breathing erratically. Miki wrapped her arms around Sayuri and asked if she was okay to which the girl responded with two ominous words: "It's here."

Miki turned her head and walked outside with Sayuri still in her arms as they watched the water in the distance. There was a very small mound of water beginning to form near the horizon as the waves began undulating out to all sides. As the mound of water drew within about a quarter mile of shore it stopped and disappeared. The two young psychics watched the water with wide eyes as they both felt the powerful presence of the creature which had just arrived. Sayuri could feel the presence better than Miki could, but Miki could still sense the power of the monster in the bay. It was a terrifying feeling for Miki to be able to feel the creature's presence like this, but at the same time there was a strange comfort in being able to do so as well. At the moment, however, Miki was too scared to really appreciate the feelings in her heart and mind.

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