Chapter 5 - A Disappointing Night

The night was silent save for the beeping of the sonar sensors inside the RV. Miki and Sayuri both stood outside watching the water as it calmed under the moons light. Though the waters were silent, the overwhelming presence of something beneath the waves was almost too much for the girls to bear as they both dropped to their knees in fear. Akiko, Ken and Keiichi all walked out of the RV's they were in as well and slowly walked up to Miki and Sayuri while watching the water like hawks for any sign of movement.

Keiichi walked a few extra steps forward and peered at the water from the shoreline with everyone else staying behind by the RV's a few dozen yards away. As he watched the ocean's surface, he could just barely make out the shape of something massive sitting beneath the waves. It was unmoving, and he couldn't make out its true form, but he had a pretty good idea what it was. There was no eye shine, no glowing blue light like in the pictures captured on the news from satellite images which the government tried to hide but failed, and there was no further movement. Keiichi backed away slowly and knelt down next to Miki as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Miki, try reaching out to it." He said quietly.

Miki looked over at him very slowly with wide eyes filled with fear.

"What?" She asked.

"Just try reaching out to it. You don't have to move, just… reach out." He said.

Akiko knelt down behind her and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"We're right here MIki. If something happens, we'll be ready to help." She whispered.

Miki looked over her shoulder and nodded. She turned to face the water and managed to stand up as she closed her eyes and slowed her breathing. Slowly her heart rate came under control and she was finally able to focus on the presence in the bay.

She reached with her thoughts, trying desperately to establish some kind of connection with it. Slowly but surely, Miki began to feel the emotions of the creature. At first she couldn't understand what the emotions felt like or what they meant, but as she allowed herself to relax she began to understand what was going through its mind.

"… It's waiting." She said quietly.

"Waiting?" Akiko whispered.

Miki nodded.

"It's waiting for... something. I can't tell what yet." Miki responded, halfway in a trance.

"Let's wait it out. Keep it up Miki, you're doing great." Ken affirmed.

Miki continued to analyze its emotions and its thoughts, but eventually they completely stopped. Miki tried over and over again to reestablish a connection, but it was as if the creature had blocked her off. She couldn't understand how or why, but she could no longer feel what it was going through. She opened her eyes and let out a sigh.

"Anything else Miki?" Keiichi asked.

Miki shook her head.

"No, it blocked me somehow. I tried, but I couldn't connect with him anymore."

Akiko looked to Miki.

"Him?" She asked.

Miki looked back, slightly confused by the question.

"You said him… Do you mean that you now know for a fact that it is male?" Akiko asked.

Miki looked back towards the water.

"… I think so." She said softly.

No sooner had Miki spoken than the sensors inside the RV began going haywire. Akiko and Ken ran back inside to check and see what was going on, and they found the seismic readings were off the charts as well as air density changes which were puzzling. Something was close by and was causing havoc with their equipment, but what was it and how was it doing this? The two of them could only look at each other in wonder and confusion as they ran outside to rejoin the others.

"What's going on?" Keiichi asked.

"We don't know. The equipment is going nuts, but we can't see or feel anything going on out here." Ken responded.

Sayuri watched the water still frozen in fear, but seemed to finally find her voice.

"He's calling." She said quietly.

Miki looked at her and gripped her shoulders again.

"Calling?" Miki asked.

Sayuri nodded.

"He's calling out to her." Sayuri said again.

"Her?" Akiko asked.

Sayuri nodded again as the calm air around the group was replaced by a mild breeze which seemed to come out of nowhere. The breeze picked up in intensity and turned into forceful gusts of wind which forced the group to gather back in the RV. They stayed in the doorway to try and make sense of what was going on as they then realized that the giant moth was now descending upon the bay. It approached the water and floated above it, calling down to it with a high pitched screeching sounds which forced the group to cover their ears. There was no audible response, but with the seismic activity still going off they figured that the creature in the water must have been using subsonic calls which the sensors picked up in the ground while the moth picked them up via some other sense.

Miki and Sayuri held each other close as they 'listened' to the conversation and tried to make sense of it.

The moth continued to call down at the water for several minutes before the water was suddenly disturbed. There was movement underneath the surface for a few seconds before the familiar mound of water began to move away from the shore and out to sea. The mound disappeared and the wake trailing it vanished as well while the moth hovered in place for a moment longer before flying higher into the sky and disappearing beyond the horizon.

Everyone in the group wandered outside and looked around with Ken and Akiko shrugging their shoulders in wonder and asking each other what just happened.

You must not pursue him any farther. A pair of female voices suddenly called out.

Everyone in the group froze in place and looked to each other.

"Did you say anything Miki?" Akiko asked.

"No, I didn't. Did you?" Miki responded.

"No." Akiko said.

The men knew they couldn't make voices like that, but who could? Sayuri was still silent as ever in Miki's arms and she couldn't sound like two people at once.

"Who's there?" Ken demanded.

Please do not pursue him any farther. He is beyond your understanding. The voices warned.

"Who are you? Why are you trying to dissuade us like this?" Keiichi asked.

Time is short and we haven't time to explain. Please just do as we say. For your safety and ours, do not pursue him. They warned one final time.

"Wait! Who are you?" Akiko called out.

… Silence.

The group all looked around in confusion. The two voices were never identified and the equipment suddenly seemed to stop functioning when the voices were done speaking. Something strange was going on and everyone was determined to figure out what. Everyone save for Sayuri who was still in shock and trapped in a state of fear from what she felt from the monster in the water.

Miki stayed by her side all night and laid down with her to try and help her fall asleep. It didn't seem to be any use though. Even with Miki wrapping her arms around Sayuri she wouldn't come out of that state. It was a restless night for everyone, but Miki especially as she tried to comfort Sayuri.

Come the morning she seemed to be back to normal, but she was still reticent to talk about what had happened and what she had felt from the monster beneath the sea.

As the morning came and went and afternoon settled in, Ken and Akiko went over the equipment to try and figure out where the monster in the water headed. They decided on definitively calling him Godzilla in accordance with what Miki had told them about her experience with the KOD, and they managed to trace a path he may have taken based on past reports and patterns. Despite the warning of the voices last night, both Ken and Akiko were adamant about getting a good look at him before they allowed themselves to rest. After a brief conversation with the rest of the group they all agreed to follow the trail and see if they couldn't make contact with Godzilla. Despite his numerous appearances, the world had yet to get a solid look at him or what he was capable of. For such a large creature, he had a knack for avoiding the spotlight.

The frustrated group finished their trip and returned to Tokyo to examine what data they had managed to salvage and poured over it for several days. Miki and Sayuri listened to the recordings of the moth and Godzilla's "conversation" and did their best to try and interpret what was going on, but as it was only indistinguishable audio they couldn't make the same connection they could make when the monsters were actually there. It was no different than listening to static at that point, and they had to give up on the idea. Akiko and Ken checked the different sensory equipment to see if they couldn't learn something from it. However, it turned out to be like trying to learn something from a dirt clod.

Throughout the day they continued to examine their data and try to learn what happened and why it was that the voices tried to warn them away from following Godzilla. They didn't have any intention of bringing him any harm or trying to interact with him beyond possibly getting Miki to communicate with him from a distance, so why were they being warned away? They also never got any recordings of the voices on their equipment either. All they heard on the audio was themselves asking questions of the silence which sounded ridiculous. Akiko actually laughed at the recording and they all began to wonder if they weren't just hearing things. However, if they were, then why did they all hear the same thing?

They had no answers, but they were left with many questions which in essence was something of a success. Never the less, they were all disappointed that they couldn't see Godzilla that night. Seeing the giant moth was all well and good, but they had their hearts set on Godzilla.

"Next time." Akiko said to herself as she studied some of the seismic graphs.

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