Chapter 6 - Too Close For Comfort

"It's been two months since we got to within an inch of seeing Godzilla, and now we're royally screwed!" Akiko yelled.

"I know Akiko, I know. But we don't have a choice anymore!" Ken responded from across the room.

The two continued their bickering as Miki cautiously approached the building they were in and walked through the door. Neither of them noticed her entrance, so she made her way to a chair and sat down quietly as they continued.

"How did this happen?" Akiko asked.

"I don't know who, but someone managed to find all of our sensors and destroy them. Not only that, but someone snuck into the RV's and trashed most of your gear. Does that answer the question for the fifth time?" Ken yelled back.

"Don't yell at me Ken! You can't pin this on me!"

"I'm not trying to pin it on you!"

"Then stop mentioning me and my stuff because it's not all my gear that was trashed, it was yours too!"

"I know! You don't have to remind me when I'm holding some of my trashed gear in my hands right now!"

"Oh just shut up and put it down! Maybe we can salvage something from it."

"What do you think I've been doing?!"

"Ugh!" Akiko exclaimed.

Just then, Akiko noticed Miki sitting quietly in the corner.

"Miki! How long have you been here?" She asked, releasing a sigh of frustration.

"Since "How did this happen?" I believe." Miki responded.

"Sorry about that. We've both been really agitated, to say the least, about the loss of our equipment." Akiko said sadly.

Miki looked around and saw what she meant. Yesterday everything was fine, but today the monitors were all smashed in, the sensors were utterly destroyed, the keyboards were bashed in with what looked like a hammer, and overall everything was just completely unusable.

"Sorry." Miki said quietly.

"It's not your fault." Ken said as he walked by and tossed a dead monitor into the trash.

"We let our guard down and paid the price. We should have known from that first busted sensor two months ago that someone didn't want us searching for, or at least finding, Godzilla. I have to wonder if it has anything to do with those voices we all heard." Ken said as he continued about his business.

Miki continued to sit quietly in the corner until Akiko asked for some help. Miki got up and started helping them gather up what gear might be saved and tossing that which could not when Sayuri and Keiichi arrived. They immediately inquired as to the state of the equipment which earned some rather short tempered responses from Akiko and Ken. There was a brief exchange of unfriendly words between the two men before Akiko forced them to be quiet and just get to work taking out the busted gear. It took nearly an hour, but everything was finally cleaned up and all the damaged and unsalvageable gear was now in a large trash bin outside the building.

"So, now what?" Keiichi asked.

"I guess we do what we can to start rebuilding what we were able to salvage and see if we can't at least get a working sonar going. Godzilla is primarily a marine life form, that much is certain. So if we can at least get some sonar gear back in order then we should still be in business." Ken responded.

"I think we can use that bit there to get started with Ken. Keiichi, do what you can to rescue that monitor. I think we have some spare parts in the back." Akiko said.

"Got it." Keiichi said.

Miki and Sayuri decided to let them work in peace and stepped outside together.

"Miki, do you think those voices are punishing us for not listening to their warning?"

"No, I didn't get that kind of feeling from them. It was more of a plea than a warning, and I don't think that whomever those voices belong to would do this to us." Miki said quietly.

"I guess so. I don't think those voices did it either, but still, someone did and there are no clues about who. Whoever did this clearly knew what they were doing, but why would they try to stop us from studying him? What could they possibly gain?" Sayuri asked.

"Priority." MIki responded.


"If we were to take the first clear pictures of Godzilla, get the first recording that wasn't messed up or fuzzy, and maybe even get some clearer audio of what he actually sounds like there is no telling what kind of publicity we'd get. Also, we would likely be contacted by and funded by the government to continue our studies so that they could learn everything we did. Although, their purpose would likely be to use what we find to help them destroy him."

"Wow… That's pretty messed up." Sayuri whispered.

"Yes. Yes it is." Miki said.

The two of them stood together for a while longer before being called back inside by Akiko. After a few hours of working they'd managed to restore the sonar to working condition and even salvaged a few sensors to put back in the water. This time, however, they were taking no chances. Ken got to work disguising the sensors to look like rocks which would hide perfectly on the floor of the ocean to protect them from hostile eyes. Keiichi decided to set them and made it look like a simple snorkeling dive while Akiko and Ken tested them from a rental car a short distance away. Miki and Sayuri stayed with the RV's and the trashed gear to make sure that the proper authorities came to retrieve them.

The next day, Akiko and Ken picked up a ping on one of the sonar sensors, and it was big. The group was called together and they immediately set off to find out what had just happened. When they arrived, they found a boat on the water above their sensors with divers bringing the sensors to the surface. Ken and Akiko were livid, and instantly flagged them down and made them come to shore to talk.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Akiko yelled in the face of the one in charge.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm confiscating this equipment and disposing of it."

"What gives you the right to do that? We have a permit to use this equipment and have every right to use it within the limits set in the agreement!" Ken retorted.

"Is that so? Well I see no permit." The man responded with a smile.

Ken brought out the permit and waved it in front of him.

"See? The permit is right here! What do you say to that?!" Ken yelled.

"That piece of paper means nothing to me, and for all I know it could be a forgery. We'll have to further investigate this incident and you'd better stay out of our way if you know what's good for you." He said.

Miki took a good long look at the man who was speaking and her eyes widened in shock and anger when she realized who he was. She stomped forward and slapped the man across the face, much to his surprise.

"You piece of garbage!" Miki yelled.

"First you pretend to be a doctor to lure me in to help you and now you're harassing us about legal and legitimate research?! Perhaps I should call the police and see what they have to say about your "investigation?""

The man looked at Miki and started laughing.

"Ah miss Saegusa, lovely to see you again. However, I am sorry to tell you that we have permission by the authorities to investigate your equipment and your activities. Going to them would do absolutely nothing for you."

Miki scowled at him and kicked him in the shin. The man was not expecting the kick and grabbed his shin in pain as he grumbled incoherently under his breath.

"You'd better return our equipment big guy, or we're going to have problems." Ken said as he picked the man up by his lapels and pinned him against the ground.

"You'd best take your hands off me if you don't wish for things to get ugly here Ken." The man said.

Ken was a bit surprised he knew his name, but didn't flinch until he heard the click of guns the man's cohorts were holding. Ken looked up and stared into the barrel of a pistol aimed right between his eyes.

"Take your hands off me Ken, or you'll make a donation to the landscaping which will be most unpleasant. By the way, you can call me Nolan. It wouldn't do to just have you know me only as the guy who took your stuff now would it?" He said.

Ken let go of him and stood up, glaring at the one with the pistol who glared right back. The man in charge stood up and adjusted his clothing where Ken and messed them up and brushed himself off. It was a classic movie moment to Miki to have these bastards come in out of nowhere and take their stuff and throw them to the wind, but it was about to turn into more of a nightmare.

Sayuri grabbed Miki's hand rather suddenly, and when Miki looked to her friend she saw that her eyes held the same fear they had two months ago when Godzilla entered Sagami Bay. It took a few moments for Miki to pick up on the presence as well, but when she did she looked out towards the water as one of the men on the boat yelled out to Nolan that Godzilla was fast approaching their position. Nolan ordered his men to get the boat to shore and disembark to which the eagerly responded, but it didn't seem like it was going to make much of a difference.

The water right under the boat began to churn as it tried to fire up its engines, and as Nolan and Miki's groups looked on the boat was suddenly trapped in place despite it pushing into full throttle as a small wall of water was thrown into the air behind the boat. The boat began creaking and moaning as it was then lifted into the air with the water around it exploding out in all directions. Everyone was forced to grab hold of something against the sudden rush of water which threatened to wash them away. The water hit everyone like a sledge hammer, Miki getting the wind knocked from her chest but managing to keep her grip and keep from being thrown away.

The water subsided almost as quickly as it came, and as everyone looked out to where the boat used to be they were all greeted by a most terrifying sight. The boat was floating in the air with a massive lower jaw clenching the bottom which tapered down and out into a thick and muscular neck. The shoulders were broad and led down to two medium length arms with four claws on each. The chest, stomach and the upper thighs all were visible as well above the water's surface, and as everyone continued watching the boat began to creak and loud snapping noises were heard as the boat was slowly crunched in half in the monster's jaws. The boat fell into two halves into the water below with all the men still on board having either fallen out along the way down or being trapped inside when they hit the water.

Everyone stood frozen in a combination of fear and wonder as they stared at the monster they'd been chasing this whole time... Godzilla.

His skin was a deep charcoal grey with a white tint in the center of the spikes along his back. They started off small along his neck and started increasing in size until they reached a peak near the shoulders and then tapered back down along the length of his back and tail.

Miki looked up from the boat wreckage to Godzilla's face and almost instantly regretted her decision. His mouth was curled into a snarl exposing his massive human sized teeth, and his eyes were glazed with ferocity and anger. His eyes were a deep golden coloration with a large black pupil in the middle and brown irises surrounding it. The scales and bone structure around the eyes made it appear as if he was constantly angry, which only added to his feral and frightening appearance.

Godzilla looked down at Miki and the others and let out a single growl. The sound was guttural and unlike anything they'd ever heard before which caused everyone to instinctively take a few steps back and away from him. Godzilla began leaning his head back and his head turned towards the skies as he unleashed a powerful roar. The sound was literally ear splitting at such close range, and everyone was instantly brought to their knees as they covered their ears in a desperate attempt to protect their hearing. Several people who didn't cover their ears in time began to bleed out of their ears and almost instantly went deaf. Thankfully Miki and her group were not among them, but never the less they were stunned by Godzilla's bellowing roar.

When Miki and the group finally came to their senses, they found Godzilla was walking forward towards the shore in their direction. Akiko yelled out at everyone, but the ringing in everyone's ears prevented her from getting through so she had to run around and push everyone to their feet and gesture towards the RV. Everyone seemed to get the message as they all made a mad dash for the RV with Ken throwing himself in the driver's seat and gunning it in the opposite direction. The RV took off with as much speed as Ken could get from it with Godzilla walking close behind and giving everyone the fright of their lives.

Miki looked back out of one of the windows and watched as Nolan and a bunch of his men were trampled by Godzilla's monstrous feet or caught by his tail as he walked passed them. She didn't exactly feel sorry for them, but she did feel sorry that they met their fate in such a manner.

Godzilla ended up following the RV for over three miles before Ken turned the RV away and Godzilla remained on course and walked passed them. Ken was actually so frightened he thought Godzilla was following them specifically, but when Godzilla made a beeline for a nuclear plant a few miles in the distance, Ken began following him as he stomped through the houses and business buildings in his way.

"Well, at least we've gotten to see him now." He said.

Akiko slapped him in the back of the head.

"Just keep him in sight. We can't lose this chance." She ordered.

"… Yes dear." He mumbled.

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