Chapter 7 - Clash of the Titans?

Godzilla's sudden and unexpected appearance was cause for serious alarm across the nation as the military was mobilized to stop him. Godzilla marched through the Sagami Bay area and made his way northeast towards Tokyo. The military made a few desperate attempts to change his direction, but none of their efforts succeeded. All Godzilla did was shrug off their attacks and continue his march through the Sagami Bay area towards Kamakura. What he was looking for there was anyone's guess, as he'd unexpectedly bypassed the nuclear plant in his way already.

"If he isn't looking for nuclear energy, what is he looking for?" Ken asked.

"Less talking, more driving." Akiko admonished over his shoulder.

Ken sighed in frustration but continued on.

As they drove parallel to Godzilla, Keiichi was hard at work taking photos and video taping the event. He had checked and double checked that Godzilla's radiation hadn't messed up the film as that would be disastrous to what they were trying to do. Miki and Sayuri were sitting together in the back of the RV with Miki comforting Sayuri. For a girl with powerful psychic ability, Sayuri was easily frightened. When she locked into that state, it was hard to get her out of it. Miki was beginning to see however that she responded well to comforting words, so Miki cooed to her and rubbed her back which seemed to have the desired effect. Sayuri shook her head and let out a breath as she gave Miki a hug and watched Godzilla out the window with her.

Upon approach to Kamakura, the military had finished its mobilization and was prepared for Godzilla's advance. The first thing to happen were flares sent up into the air to distract him, and distract him the did. He froze in place and watched each flare fly into the air before roaring at them one by one. As Godzilla stood mesmerized by the flares, the military tanks all took aim and fired at his upper chest just below his neck. Godzilla flinched back a step, but quickly shook it off as he roared in defiance of the military's attacks. The tank lines continued firing upon him in waves, but Godzilla shockingly began marching forward towards them rather than turning away. His aggressiveness was stunning, and his toughness even more so.

"It's almost as if his hide is made of diamond." Keiichi remarked.

The military attacks were hardly successful, as more than one round misfired and sailed passed Godzilla. One round landed in the road ahead of the RV and nearly caused Ken to flip the vehicle. Luckily Ken was a great driver and he avoided flipping the RV while he continued driving parallel to the action a fair distance away.

Godzilla's advance would not slow, and the military resorted to trying to fire another set of flares. This time, however, Godzilla ignored them completely and focused all of his attention on the vehicles firing up at him. The tanks began retreating and an air strike was called in. A team of fighter jets flew down and began dropping UGB's on Godzilla in an attempt to either stop him or at least get him to back off. The bombs fell in front of him, behind him, around him, but none of them seemed to actually hit him until one fighter got lucky and landed one right in Godzilla's chest. There was a loud roar from Godzilla, who stumbled back out of the smoke and violently shook his body in response to what just happened. His head snapped up and he watched the jets circling around back towards him.

Then, something strange happened.

As Miki watched Godzilla, she saw the spines on his back begin to glow. It was an eerie blue light flashing from inside and around the spines as a heatwave like shimmer appeared in the air around and along the length of his back. Godzilla's mouth began to glow with the same color as the air around his head swirled around inwards towards his gaping maw, and as the planes came around towards him Godzilla reared his head back and let loose a stream of blue energy through the air. The planes were caught completely off guard and the first few couldn't even react to the attack until it was too late. The first three planes were all struck by the spiraling blue blast and exploded the instant it made contact as the rest of the planes scattered.

The energy unleashed by the attack was incredible, and the concussive blast of air released during the initial phase of the attack struck the RV even while it drove almost a half mile away. Everyone inside felt a small blast of pressure hit them inside the RV and they couldn't help but just stare. Ken was also mesmerized by what had happened and had taken his eyes off the road just a little too long. The RV struck the sidewalk before Ken was snapped back into reality and regained control of the wheel. As he straightened out he pulled the RV over so that they could all just watch and record what was going on with Keiichi leaning a little too far out the window for his own good and Akiko taking too much interest in the door leading outside. Ken stopped Akiko from leaving the RV and convinced her instead to take a second camera and record the event with Keiichi.

Godzilla, in the meantime, had finished blasting the remaining planes from the sky and was once again marching on the retreating tanks. The tanks continued firing on him as he advanced upon them, but it seemed they had a plan going as they lured him to a river system nearby. As Godzilla approached the river he slowed his advance and looked at the water with suspicion. Miki took notice of it and told Akiko who immediately jotted it down in a small notepad she had lying on the table. Godzilla looked back to the tanks as they continued to retreat across the river and started advancing again. His first three steps into the water were as normal as could be, but his fourth step saw a huge explosion of water and earth underneath him erupt into the sky. Godzilla stumbled back and fell down causing a massive tremor which violently shook the RV and everyone inside it. Akiko and Ken did what they could to keep what remained of their equipment safe while everyone else kept an eye on Godzilla.

Miki watched with sadness in her eyes as Godzilla struggled to right himself. He tried rolling onto his side, but his enormous bulk made it difficult to maneuver himself when he was not standing upright. The entire time he was trying to stand up he was being bombarded by the military's tanks, mortars, and another air strike was called in as well. Bombs were dropped onto Godzilla once again from several waves of planes which only further impeded his ability to get up. Each explosion shook and altered the ground beneath him which essentially reset his efforts, forcing him to find a new point of balance and grip to be able to move properly.

Finally, he made it onto his side and forced himself up onto his stomach. He pushed his body up and managed to get his right leg underneath himself which allowed him to stand despite the continuing fire from tanks and mortars. As he stood up he began charging that beam attack again, and once he was fully upright he spun around with great speed and unleashed a blast with even more power than those he'd used on the planes. The concussive blast released from this attack actually shook the RV to the point where it tipped onto the side of its wheels and threatened to fall over. Luckily for the group, it didn't, but it was a little too close for comfort.

The rows of tanks and mortar stations were decimated as well as the surrounding buildings which were vaporized by the attack as Godzilla continued his assault twice more until the firing stopped. He looked into the air at the planes which had bombed him while he was on the ground and they were already flying away. In what seemed to Miki as a desire to make a point, Godzilla charged one last attack and let it fly. The beam sailed through the air straight and true and struck down two final planes before Godzilla let loose with a roar of triumph towards the skies. He then continued his march towards the heart of Kamakura.

Ken and the others all kept a close eye on him as he made his way towards the city, and upon his official arrival Ken parked the RV on the top floor of a parking garage and had everyone get out to watch as Godzilla made his way towards the center of town.

Keiichi set up his cameras while Akiko and Ken set up a few other gadgets which Miki hadn't seen them use before. Miki and Sayuri both stood by the edge and gazed out over the city as they watched Godzilla come to a stop about a mile away. Even at that distance he was easily visible over the buildings surrounding him. Miki and Sayuri both stood together and watched as he started to search the surrounding area for something they couldn't see.

"Seismic activity has been detected Akiko." Ken warned.

"How much?" She asked.

"A lot. I think something big is tunneling underground." He responded.

Akiko looked out over the city and noticed that Godzilla's gaze seemed to be following something. She still couldn't see anything, but Godzilla could see something. Miki and Sayuri both seemed to be sensing something as well as they had both gotten closer to each other and were holding hands as they watched Godzilla in silence. Akiko didn't want to disturb them just in case they were in the middle of doing something with their psychic abilities, so instead she focused on trying to use what little equipment she still had to figure out what it was that was setting off her seismic equipment.

The group didn't have long to wait though as at last a dust trail began to form. It looked like a small plume from the roof of the garage and from how far away they are, but everyone knew that the plume of dust was over one hundred feet high. It rose up to about the upper quarter of Godzilla's thigh, and they all knew that he was somewhere in the neighborhood of 90-120 meters tall depending on his stance and how straight his back was at any given time. The trail circled around Godzilla about three times before it stopped and disappeared. Godzilla also seemed to have lost track of his target as well, as he was now looking around in confusion.

"What's happening?" Akiko asked.

"I don't know. Just keep watching." Ken said half distractedly.

Miki and Sayuri both looked to each other and looked back to Godzilla. Miki gulped and gripped Sayuri's hand just a little bit tighter. The two girls could both sense the animosity between Godzilla and his unseen quarry and it was something they were thankful they didn't have to be on the receiving end of from either of the two monsters.

Godzilla hunched down a little bit by bending his knees and seemed to be smelling the air as he continued to turn slowly in an effort to find the other creature. As he searched, it kept appearing as if he saw something with the way his head snapped to one area, but always he would continue searching. Second after second, minute after minute, time ticked by and still the other monster did not make an appearance. The entire group was practically going insane with anticipation, not that they wanted to see a monster battle that would level the city, but still. Akiko was now beginning to pace, Ken was starting to bite his lip, Keiichi was starting to swear under his breath, and Miki and Sayuri were starting to get dry throats as their stress and anxiety began to mount.

Finally, Godzilla stood up straight and turned away from the city towards the ocean to leave. Every house underfoot was crushed under the weight of his body and anything in the way of his feet were kicked up and away as if they weren't even there. Akiko and Ken gathered the equipment and corralled back inside the RV to follow Godzilla as he headed back towards the sea.

"Anybody have anything for me on what happened to the other monster?" Akiko asked.

"Not unless the girls managed to pick something up before Godzilla started leaving." Ken responded.

Akiko looked to Miki and Sayuri who both shook their heads quietly in response to the unspoken question.

"Damn!" Akiko exclaimed.

Ken nodded his head as he kept one eye on Godzilla and the other on the road.

"Well if Godzilla was getting ready for a fight and then just left, I think his would-be opponent did too." Keiichi said as he started hooking up his camera to his laptop to try and upload his photos and recordings.

"I guess that makes sense. Godzilla doesn't strike me as the type to run from a fight, but if he has no opponent then why would he stay?" Akiko said to herself.

"Exactly." Keiichi said.

"But where did his opponent go then? If we saw the seismic activity and then those plumes of dust, where did his opponent go? Surely we would have seen a different trail of dust and seismic activity, but I was watching them the whole time and nothing happened once the dust settled. It's as if his opponent either stopped moving or disappeared completely. I doubt the latter is true though." Ken added.

Akiko nodded in frustration and released a frustrated groan as she ran her hand through her hair and looked out the window at Godzilla.

"C'mon big guy. Give me something to work with." She pleaded.

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