Chapter 8 = Clash of the Titans!

It had been three days since Godzilla last appeared and fought off the Japanese military before returning to the sea when another monster burrowing under the surface of the Earth failed to make a stand against him. Since then Akiko and Ken and been hard at work rebuilding their equipment and getting ready for the next encounter. Now that they'd photographed and filmed Godzilla, they intended to make sure that they were prepared for his next steps on land since Nolan was no longer around to get in their way.

The group set out once more at 4am on May 7, 2014 to set up sensors along the coastlines in Tokyo Bay, Tateyama, Ito, Shimoda, and Kamogawa. They had just enough to place one every ten miles so that their ranges were just barely touching along the stretch of coastline nearest to Tokyo as Godzilla seemed to have a thing for that area. They finished setting up their sensors and prepared for Godzilla's next outing when they heard on the news that he'd been spotted all the way down the coast in Kagoshima. The team was not prepared for an outing such as that, so they had no choice but to simply listen to the news and hope for the best.

All the while, Miki spent time with Sayuri practicing their mental abilities and trying to find a way to combine and enhance them by working together. It was slow going, but the two of them had managed to figure out a way to extend the reach of their ability to sense the presence of other living things. It was untested on Godzilla, but at the very least they'd help act as an early warning system so that next time he wouldn't appear right on top of the group. The sonar would likely be the best way to locate him, but when the crew went out on trips away from the Tokyo area the girls abilities could act as wonderful replacements for those sensors which were destroyed and unsalvageable.

The team waited for another two weeks before Godzilla was once again sighted in close proximity to Tokyo. The latest news on the early afternoon of May 23 said Godzilla was sighted off the island of Miyake, which meant that he'd likely make landfall somewhere in their sonar range within the next few hours. The team packed up as quickly as they could and got into the RV to wait for the first ping on their sonar that they could detect. They only had to wait about forty five minutes for a large blip on the radar just outside Tateyama went off. They watched for a minute and saw that it was heading directly for the mouth of the Uraga channel leading into Tokyo Bay.

The crew sped off to find the nearest point that they could reach which was not blocked off by military road blocks, which proved much harder than they had anticipated. However, they managed to find a gap in the police barricades which led them directly into Tokyo where the sensors they placed in the bay were going off like crazy. They parked the RV a few miles north of Haneda airport where they found their way to the top of a nearby building and set up their cameras as they prepared for Godzilla's arrival. When the team was all set up and ready, Miki and Sayuri linked hands and concentrated on the presence they felt approaching from the water.

"… Something's wrong." Miki said.

Akiko walked up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What do you mean Miki?" She asked.

"We can't connect with him." Miki and Sayuri responded in unison.

Ken looked out at the bay, which was still and unmoving as the sun went down.

"Well that's not good news at all." He muttered.

Akiko shot him a glare and then looked back to Miki.

"Please try to connect with him. If you can't, at least try to get a fix on his exact location. For some reason our sonar sensors are giving slightly conflicting reports."

"Don't look at me. I only set them in the water." Keiichi called out.

"Keiichi, we aren't blaming you so just sit tight." Akiko called back.

"Alright, just making sure." He responded.

Everyone took a moment to watch the water as Miki and Sayuri closed their eyes to concentrate on the bay where Godzilla was. The two girls extended their senses out towards the water and waited, listening for a response. Then, they understood what was going on as they both opened their eyes and looked out towards the Funabashi District. Akiko, Ken and Keiichi all looked that direction as well to get a better understanding of what was going on, but without the same abilities they were left in the dark as to what was going on. However, unsure of whether to call it lucky or unlucky, they all looked up in the sky and noticed several objects flying at high speeds towards the water.

"… Those are missiles!" Ken yelled out.

"Everybody find cover!" Akiko yelled as they all ducked behind the barrier on the edge of the building roof.

There wasn't much to use as cover on the top of the building, and when the missiles entered the water and exploded there was a very large wave of pressure which cracked the edges of the building they were on and outright destroyed most of those closest to the blast zone. Their RV was thrown back several dozen yards end over end which meant that they'd lost their ride and it was likely whatever equipment was still inside had been damaged... again.

"That'll take some more repair work!" Keiichi yelled out.

"This is no time for your smart remarks Keiichi!" Akiko yelled back as the wave of air subsided.

They all started to stand up, but they were rained on by the water which was thrown up during the blast. It was nothing horrible, but it was distracting. Another missile was incoming fast, but through the churning and disturbed waters of Tokyo Bay, a blue light began shining through. Everyone knew what was coming, and sure enough a blue beam shot forth from out of the water into the air and destroyed the missile before it could reach its target. There was a silent breath of relief from everyone about that, but their enthusiasm quickly turned to concern when they realized that those missiles had been tracking another target… A much larger target.

Through the darkness of the skies above Tokyo, the group was absolutely horrified at what came out of the distance. A massive three headed dragon-like creature emerged from the haze generated by the water vapor from the explosion in the bay and flew over Godzilla's position. The creature was absolutely tremendous, even more so than Godzilla, with gleaming golden scales and two long whip-like tails trailing behind it. The creature's cry was very distinct, carrying with it a high rising pitch before dropping down into a more guttural growl. The creature seemed completely unfazed and unafraid of either the missiles trailing it or Godzilla beneath it in the water as it circled overhead.

Two missiles connected with the mighty dragon, but it brushed them off after a quick adjustment to its flight path while the others were destroyed with an attack which looked like it was shooting golden lightning from its mouth. The goliath circled overhead and looked down into the water, crying and roaring at it as if it expected Godzilla to come out and face it, and face it he did.

With a single thunderous explosion of power, Godzilla burst out of the water and unleashed his beam attack on the creature. The attack hit the golden dragon directly in the chest and greatly disturbed its flight path which forced it to land. The impact of its weight hitting the ground caused a tremor which made the one produced by Godzilla falling down last time seem like a tickle. The entire building the group stood on was shaken so much that they all lost their balance and fell down, only being able to stand when the tremor subsided which took over two full agonizing seconds.

When the creature corrected itself, it glared at Godzilla with all three of its devilish heads while Godzilla himself waded through the water towards shore.

"Get off this roof! It's not safe here anymore!" Ken called out.

"We can't just leave!" Akiko demanded.

"We have to! Grab the gear and let's get off this building. It's becoming unstable!" Ken ordered.

Akiko finally relented and they all gathered the equipment and got the Hell off the roof as Godzilla finally made it to shore and got his feet on solid ground without water to slow him down. The massive dragon seemed to wait for him almost as if it enjoyed watching him step forward to challenge it.

Miki and Sayuri could both feel a strange sense of yearning in the creature as it watched Godzilla approach, and they both figured it meant that it really wanted a piece of him. If its size compared to Godzilla was any indication, it could possibly take a piece and then some. Godzilla was roughly 100 meters tall, give or take depending on his stance, but this dragon was easily 140-150 depending on the angle of its heads at the end of the necks. It made Godzilla look small despite his own impressive size, and everyone couldn't help but shake their heads in awe and concern as Godzilla bravely made his way to the dragon's location.

"Good luck big guy. You're gonna need it." Keiichi said.

"Let's go!" Ken yelled.

Godzilla marched towards the dragon who began blasting him in the chest and legs with its lightning blasts. At first Godzilla seemed to be stopped in his tracks, but after a few rounds Godzilla seemed to get used to the attack and started to walk right through them. When Godzilla felt close enough he began charging his own attack and leaned forward to prepare for the assault. The dragon, however, knew exactly what was coming and gave itself a new target. The dragon took aim and let fly into Godzilla's face. One of the bolts struck Godzilla directly in his left eye causing the monster to stop his attack and reel in terrible pain. Godzilla turned away from the creature and bent down, trying to cover and protect his wounded eye as the dragon began blasting him in the back, knocking him to the ground.

The dragon took off into the air and flew three circles around Godzilla before dropping down on top of him. With its two powerful legs, the dragon landed on Godzilla's shoulders and hips and began to jump up an down on top of him in an attempt to stomp him into submission. Godzilla could do nothing against the attack as preoccupied as he was by the pain in his eye, and he began crying out in agony with high pitched roars each time the dragon fell on him.

"Damn dragon!" Akiko growled.

"Godzilla won't last much longer if we can't stop that thing." Ken remarked.

Miki and Sayuri held hands and watched with great sadness as Godzilla was beaten down by this great beast.

"Wait, look up there!" Keiichi yelled out.

Everyone looked up into the sky and saw more missiles approaching the battlegrounds.

"Get behind something!" Ken called out.

Everyone ducked behind cover or dove into the first open building they saw as they waited for the missiles to make contact. One of the dragons three heads looked backwards and blasted the first missile out of the sky, but the other missiles all made contact against the dragon's body causing it to lose its balance atop Godzilla and fall to the ground next to him. Like before, a massive tremor shook the ground adding to the chaos which the pressure wave from the explosions had created just moments before. When the tremors stopped and everyone could feel the attack was over, they all gathered outside in the street to see what had happened.

There was a giant wall of dust surrounding the area where the monsters were fighting, but there was definitely activity inside it as well. Godzilla's roars had returned to normal as it resounded throughout the city, followed and accompanied by the dragon's.

"Miki, can you tell what's going on in there?" Akiko asked.

Miki closed her eyes and concentrated hard on the area ahead and on Godzilla, and after a few moments she opened her eyes.

"Godzilla's attacking it." She said.

"So he's okay?" Ken asked.

Miki shook her head.

"He's fighting through the pain." She said quietly.

An explosion rang out through the air and everyone's attention was drawn to the giant cloud of dust where a gust of wind or something like it from inside began to push the dust away. As it cleared, Godzilla was on his feet and using his tail to batter the dragon as it reeled on the ground from the missiles. Once, twice, three times, four times. Godzilla was relentless as he bashed it again and again before finally turning around to face the dragon as it struggled to right itself. It had no arms which made it very difficult to get up off the ground, but it managed to use one of its wings to push Godzilla away. The tactic did little to save it though as Godzilla quickly regained his balance and pushed away as the dragon continued to try and stand up.

Godzilla's spines began to glow and the air around his head began to twist and turn as he charged his attack. The dragon was finally able to use its bottom wing to push itself over onto its stomach, but that was as far as it got. Godzilla unleashed his attack directly into the Dragon's back, the force of the attack pushing it and rolling it along the ground and into the waters of Tokyo Bay a good seven hundred meters away. Godzilla roared to the skies and aggressively shook his head and stomped one of his feet into the ground, but his victory was short lived. The dragon stood up from the water and managed to let loose on Godzilla directly in the face once again. This time it didn't strike him in the eyes, but never the less it was a very painful experience which put Godzilla once again on the defensive.

The dragon took the opportunity to flap its wings a few times and leap into the air to start flying away. Godzilla took a few more seconds to shake off the attack, but by the time he had the dragon was a good distance away in the sky and disappearing fast into the horizon. Godzilla watched it flee and roared after it, but the dragon did not turn to face him again. Godzilla watched until he was sure it was gone and then turned towards Tokyo Bay.

Miki was horrified by what she saw.

Godzilla's left eyes was closed, but beneath the eye lid he was bleeding profusely. Blood ran down Godzilla's cheek and fell to the ground at his feet as he lumbered away into the water and disappeared beneath the surface. The crew made no attempt to follow him, as they all seemed to feel the pain he was in and decided to give him his space. Akiko rounded everyone up when he had disappeared from sonar range and had them all restart trekking back towards their flipped RV. When they got to it, it was in good shape and there was no leaking oil or gas which was a good sign. Everyone got on one side and tried to right it, but it was just too heavy for only five people.

To make matters worse, they were then approached by military vehicles. They were apprehended and questioned about what they were doing inside a war zone, to which they responded with the simple truth that they were here to document Godzilla's behavior and study him. The military officers exchanged a few words and called in to their superiors before being told to let them go. They helped the crew right the RV and took off, obviously being called in to take care of more important matters than a few researchers who happened to be where they weren't supposed to be. Once that was taken care of Ken got to work checking the engine which miraculously fired up when he turned the ignition.

Everyone got on board and they headed back home. Once there, they poured over the data they found and studied the footage of the battle which they had managed to preserve. The blast from one of the missiles had damaged one of the cameras and its film was now destroyed and useless, but the other was perfectly in tact.

For two days they studied what they had found, and they made a few discoveries along the way not only about Godzilla, but about that dragon as well.

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