The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 9

Derp Ssundee grins insanely at the soldiers as strange looking cake appears out of nowhere in his hands.

"Anyone want CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?!" he asks with a strangely derpy voice and that same insane grin on his face as he slowly approaches the group of soldiers, who are all staring at the thing Ian has become. I smirk at Dennis and slowly walk toward him, grabbing my gloves in preparation to remove them. Dennis smirks as he pulls out an anchor shaped sword. My eyes widen slightly as I recognize the weapon, but smirk anyways. Sky confidently walks beside me, ready to remove his amulet in a second. Arc soon walks beside me, holding his ring and ready to slide it off, the sounds of Derp Ssundee wreaking havoc with the soldiers in the background. I slowly remove one glove after the other while Arc slowly slides his ring off, Sky slowly removing his amulet. Dennis smirks and raises the anchor sword up, ready to fight us. We grow to our dragon forms and glare at Dennis. I glance at Sky and nod, flipping my gloves into the air at the same time as Sky, our dragon armor materializing. I nod to Arc, who flips his ring in the air and summons his dragon armor, sleek silvery armor with sharp spikes protruding over the bones sticking out of his wings, an emblem of a roaring dragon on the front with a background of shiny obsidian with budder mixed in. I smile at him and turn my gaze to Dennis, who is staring at the family crest on my armor in shock.

"You fire breathing maggots are of the Leojin family?!" he asks incredulously. I growl and glare him down. Dennis seems to pale slightly, unaware that Brice and Jeffery are sneaking up behind him. Brice reaches down and pulls off a shoe, morphing into a large, budder colored Blazeon with large wings with red fire patterns. I notice, out of the corner of my eye, a small human figure running towards Brice, who lowers his head for the human and lets him on. I notice that its Seto, sitting in the destined rider position. Meanwhile, Jeffery has pulled off his rocket shaped amulet, morphing into a sleek, small dragon. From what I can tell, he´s part Blazeon from the fiery colors and part SilverWind from the small yet sleek look, reminding me of a rocket. The two dragons glance at each other and nod, breathing fire on Dennis while he's distracted with my family crest. Dennis gasps in shock from the extremely hot fire, turning quickly to see the two dragons behind him. He growls and fights through the blazing fire towards them, his anchor blade raised. My eyes widen as I summon my Majestic Dragon Blueberry Sword and run at Dennis, swinging the blade in front of him so he doesn't attack them.

"רייס להבה! ג'פרי! צא מפה! זה המאבק שלנו. אנחנו יכולים להתמודד עם זה. להגן על אחרים!" I shout at the two, who nod and back off, running to the others and helping them defeat the platoon of vicious dragon hunters with Derp Ssundee's help. (Translation: Brice Flame! Jeffery! Get out of here! This is our fight. We can handle it. Protect the others!) Dennis turns around and swings the blade at me, digging it past my armor and under my scales. I roar in pain and rip the sword out of my back. Wobbling slightly with my vision blurring, I shake my head and glare at Dennis, who's skin is slightly charred from the intense flames. He smirks at me as he glances at the wound on my back.

"That wound looks pretty bad, you filthy fire breathing bag of maggots." Dennis says mockingly as the wound slowly starts to heal. I smirk.

"You missed my heart, human!" I say with a grin that reveals my sharp fangs, my eyes flashing blood red for a split second as the wound completely heals. I smirk confidently at Dennis, who seems to pale slightly as he raises the anchor sword for another attack. I hit the blade and knock it out of his hands easily as he quickly pulls out a hidden AK-47 to replace the anchor sword, preparing to pull the trigger. I laugh. "You do know that bullets are useless against dragon hide, right?" I ask with a smirk, expecting Dennis to cower slightly. Instead, he smirks and points the gun at my wing.

"I know exactly that, maggot!" he says with a cackle. "But that doesn't stop me from making you unable to fly!" He then fires at my wing, the bullets flying quickly towards it and piercing it before I have a chance to move. I screech in pain and growl at Dennis, my eyes slowly turning blood red as I raise my sword. Dennis smirks and whistles to his platoon, pointing at me. "Bring this fiery bitch down first! Then focus on the other dragons!" he shouts as the platoon charges at me, their Dragon's Bane swords ready to slay me. I growl and pick Dennis up in my claw, squeezing tightly and hearing a couple bones snap. Dennis gasps slightly and I smirk, turning to the now frozen platoon, who are all staring at their captured commander. I clear my throat.

"Listen here, you dragon slaying humans. If you promise to leave us alone and let us complete our mission, then I'll let your commander go." I say in my familiarly authoritative voice, glaring down the loathsome group of humans below me. Sky quickly walks beside me, Arc on my other side as we all glare them down. The other dragons remove their talismans and form a circle around the platoon, who are all shaking in fear at the amount of dragons. During this whole incident, Derp Ssundee manages to find his sunglasses and returns to being Ian right as the dragons transform. I smirk at the frightened platoon as a member from the group walks forward towards me, a determined look in her eyes as she looks at me.

"I represent the dragon slaying regiment of the Paarthurnax Army and I believe that I speak for my fellow recruits when I say that we will not bother you or your friends if you just release our commander." she says in a clear voice. I nod and turn my head to glare at Dennis, who pales slightly from the tight grip I have on him.

"Do you swear to leave us alone and let us prove that not all dragons are evil, you asshole?" I ask menacingly. Dennis glares at me despite being squeezed to death.

"I will NEVER let you fire breathing maggots live after what you did to our king and my parents!" he shouts, struggling to free himself from my claws. I growl and squeeze a little more.

"Your platoon has already accepted our terms, now you must too, or I will be forced to kill you." I say with a growl. "I don't know what sick thing happened in your past, but I do know that it made you a heartless bastard who's only passion is killing innocent dragons!" Dennis glares at me as he struggles to free himself. He turns his head to his platoon.

"You maggots should be trying to free me, not negotiating with these filthy sons of bitches!" he says angrily. The girl from before steps forward once again.

"Commander Crash, we want you free and unharmed, so we must negotiate with the enemy for your freedom, sir." she says with a salute. I glare at Dennis and he sighs.

"Fine, I accept your fucking terms... now let me the fuck go." he says with an angry growl. I smirk and hold him up higher before letting him go, the girl and a few others rushing forward to catch the falling commander. I glance towards the others and nod, Ant, Sky, Arc, Shock, and I lowering our heads for the humans to get on our necks so we can leave. Once the humans are situated, we all take off, flying in the direction of Nyx's cottage where other dragons are waiting for us.

As the sun starts to set, we arrive at the cottage, many of our human passengers asleep. I yawn as I shake slightly to wake Jason and Leah up, letting them off of my neck before slipping my gloves on, the other dragons following suit. I smile tiredly at Nyx and Springtrap and walk zombily into the house. TC, Jordan, Ant, Shade, Arc, Jeffery, Shock, and Tech all collapse in the living room, passing out instantly from the long flight. I turn to Nyx.

"So... do you still have my blueberry themed room?" I ask with a yawn. Nyx smiles and nods.

"Sky's budder room is still here too." she replies with a yawn of her own as she and Springtrap walk to their shared room. I smile wearily and drag Leah to the blueberry room, flopping on my bed and passing out in almost a heartbeat. Right before sleep completely overtakes me, I hear Leah say 'לילה טוב, Kyara.' and a soft creak, indicating that she flopped onto the other bed. (Translation: Goodnight, Kyara.)

Nyx's POV

I smile and nuzzle Springeh's neck as he falls asleep. After making sure that he's asleep, I quietly get out of bed and walk into our connected bathroom, tears forming in my eyes as I think about my father. 'Why would you betray your own daughter and her kind, father?' I think to myself, the tears falling down my cheeks. 'Is it because of Mom leaving us?' I glare at my reflection as I slowly remove the dark blue color contacts from my pure white eyes. 'Why must I be the daughter of the dreaded Herobrine?' I silently ask myself as I grab a pair of new dark blue color contacts and prepare to go back to sleep.

Kyara's POV

As the sun rises on a new day (A/N: Since the author forgot what day of their journey they're on :/), I open my eyes with a yawn, turning to see Leah sleeping peacefully, a smile on her face. I smile as well and sit up with a stretch, only to have my hand come in contact with something soft and slightly fuzzy on the ground next to my bed. I make a slight 'Hmm?' noise and turn my head, seeing a girl laying on the ground between me and Leah wearing a gray t-shirt with a picture of a jungle biome on it, a soft and fuzzy green open hoodie, hood up and covering her hair except her bangs, with an image of an ocelot face on the back, black jogging pants, a cyan wristwatch with a barely noticeable dragon etched into the face, golden hair with a few spontaneous orange streaks, and fairly tanned skin sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. My eyes widen. "Leah... wake up... and don't make a sound when you look at the floor between our beds..." I think to her. Leah groans softly and slowly opens her eyes. "What is it, Kyara?" she thinks back before looking at the floor between our beds, her eyes wide at the sight of the girl. I hold a finger to my mouth in a gesture to tell her to be quiet as I try my best to get out of the bed quietly so as not to disturb the other girl. Right as I scoot to the edge of my bed, it makes a squeaking noise and the girl's eyes snap open. She sits up quickly and stares at me with big, buddery, cat-like yellow eyes that seem to shine slightly. She leans towards me and sniffs the air in front of me in an almost cat-like fashion, a grin coming to her face as she leans back.

"שלום, בחור דרקון! לא ידע שהיה ניקס כוכב-אור דרקונים אחרים נגמר!" she says happily, a grin coming to my face. (Translation: Hello, fellow dragon! Didn't know Nyx Star-Light had other dragons over!)

"שלום! מצטער אם הערתי אותך!" I say with a slightly apologetic smile. (Translation: Hello! Sorry if we woke you!) The dragon-in-human-form's head tilts to the side in confusion.

"אָנוּ?" she asks as she looks around the room, spotting Leah, who was trying to get off of her own bed quietly. (Translation: We?) The girl, in a similar fashion as before, sniffs the air in front of Leah, backing up quickly with a cat-like hiss.

"A human!" she says, slight fear in her voice. Leah sighs and slowly approaches the frightened dragon.

"I'm friendly... I won't hurt you!" she says with a calm voice. Said dragon girl slowly back up to my bed, hissing like a cat and pawing at the air in front of her.

"להישאר בחזרה, אדם!" she shouts while still pawing at the air in a feline fashion. (Translation: Stay back, human!) Leah sighs.

"אני לא אפגע בך. אני מבטיח." she says calmly, shocking the dragon girl with her use of the dragon tongue. (Translation: I won't hurt you. I promise.) The girl stares at Leah in shock, slowly turning towards me.

"איך היא יודעת את לשון דרקון?" she asks me as she glances between me and Leah. (Translation: How does she know the dragon tongue?) Leah smiles in a friendly way and slowly sits next to the cat-like girl.

"חבר של רוכבי המיועד לימד אותי. עכשיו, אני לא אזיק לך. הַבטָחָה." she says in a calming voice, the cat-like dragon girl calming down slowly. (Translation: A friend of my destined rider taught me. Now, I won't hurt you. Promise.) With a nod and a smile from me, the girl turns to Leah and grins.

"Sorry for being scared! I was just worried you'd hurt me! But, where are my manners?! Konichiwa~! I'm Petal Bloom, but, please, call me Rose!" she says cheerfully. I grin.

"Rose Dancer, but please, call me Kyara!" I say with a giggle. I nod to Leah. "That's my destined rider, Leah!" After introducing myself and Leah, Rose grins and hugs us both tightly.

"I'm so glad that me, Nyx~Chan, Springtrap~Chan, and Dawn~Kun aren't alone in the world!" she says happily. Leah and I grin at each other.

"Well, Rose, there are more dragons out in the living room, waiting for us!" I say happily. She grins and eagerly stands up, her hood falling back slightly.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" she asks rhetorically as she drags me and Leah out of the bedroom, bumping into Nyx and Springtrap on the way there. Rose stops and bows slightly to the two. Nyx smiles and bows back.

"Konichiwa~ and good morning, Nyx~Chan! Springtrap~Chan! Sleep well?" she asks with that adorable smile. Nyx grins and nods.

"I slept like a rock! I see you've met my best friend and her destined rider." she says happily. Rose grins and nods, her hood falling back a little more and revealing small white tufts of fur-like hair. I raise an eyebrow and tap her on the shoulder. She turns towards me with a little 'Hmm?'.

"Rose... what's with the little tufts of white fur?"I ask, pointing to the right tuft. Rose seems to pale slightly and quickly grabs her hood, only to be stopped by Nyx's hand on her shoulder. She smiles at the slightly scared dragon.

"You can trust these two with that. Don't worry. They won't tell a soul." Nyx says calmly. With a nod, Rose faces me and Leah, who seems to be just as confused as me. Rose grabs the edges of her hood and slowly pulls it back, revealing two ocelot ears with flecks of black and little tufts of white fur at their bases.

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