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The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 1

I smirk and walk into my brother's room, my electric blue shoulder length hair bouncing as I walk. I quietly open the door, trying not to wake him, and walk to his bed with the silence of a ninja, holding an ice cold bucket of water over the sleeping form in the bed. I snicker and dump the water onto his head, causing him to gasp and wake up, spluttering.

"What the hell, Kyara!" He yells, making sure to use my human name since the team could hear him shout my real name. I snicker.

"ג'ייסון וטאי מחכים לנו בחוץ." I say quietly in the dragon tongue. (Translation: Jason and Ty are waiting for us outside.) Sky nods and groans as he gets out of bed, adjusting his sunglasses and combing his fingers through his hair before walking out of his room and heading to the door in the TC treehouse. I smirk at Ty and Jason and point to Sky, pretending to dump a bucket of water on his head, causing the two to snicker as Sky climbs down the ladder. Once he is on the ground, he smirks at the two snickering people in front of him.

"I just needed to catch up on my," he says while jokingly flipping his short brown curly hair, "beauty sleep." The guys start laughing really hard at Sky's over-the-top performance. I laugh with them as I jump and land gracefully in front of the guys.

"Who's ready to parkour?" I shout with a grin.

"WE ARE!" The three guys shout back. I snicker and glance at my brother, throwing him a wink.

"Last one to the new parkour area has to clean the entire treehouse for a week!" I shout as I start sprinting towards the new parkour area, not going my full speed, which is about 150 mph. I hit around 10 mph, which is still faster than the humans, but not fast enough to arouse suspicion. I hear the guys shout, "HEY! NOT COOL, KYARA!" and grin, laughing as I reach the parkour area first. I pretend to be out of breath so the guys don't get suspicious. Soon, Ty arrives with Jason close behind. Sky has been left in the dust, which he did on purpose instead of leaving them in the dust. I should explain. Sky is a Mix as well, but he got his speediness from our father, who was a SilverWind. His top speed is 200 mph, but he's lazy, so he only reaches 100 mph when he wants to. That's my brother for you! The guys and I start laughing at Sky when he finally arrives, who is grumbling and trying to catch his breath.

"You get to clean the treehouse for a week now, Sky!" I laugh and walk to the first jump. "LET'S DO DIS, NERDS!" I shout as I start the parkour, landing the first jump with ease. I could easily cheat and teleport to the next jump using my Ender powers, but that would give me away. Instead, I use my amazing parkour skills that I learned from the resident parkour masters, my brother and Ty. I smirk at the two as I stand at the first checkpoint.

"I BET YOU TWO REGRET GIVING ME THOSE PARKOUR LESSONS NOW!" I shout as I swiftly jump to the second checkpoint, slightly using my speed to do it. I hear Jason laughing and two very loud 'DAMN IT!'s from Sky and Ty, seeing Jason at the first checkpoint, mocking Ty and Sky, who keep failing at the second jump and reappearing at the start. I laugh.

"I THOUGHT YOU TWO WERE PARKOUR MASTERS!" I shout from the third checkpoint. I hear two almost synced 'FUCK YOU, KYARA!'s come from them as I expertly jump the parkour to the fourth and second to last checkpoint. I look over my shoulder and see Sky at the third checkpoint, Ty by his side and both of them smirking at me.

"YOU WERE SAYING, KYARA?!" They shout, smug looks on their faces as they expertly parkour to me. I smirk and start using some of my dragon speed to get ahead of them and practically soar to the end. I look over my shoulder and see Ty's shocked face and Sky's concerned face, cracking up with laughter.

"EAT MAI INVISIBLE NUTS, BOYS! I WIN!" I shout, doing my dorky victory dance as Sky swiftly arrives next to me, leaving Ty in the dust.

"I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD MOVE THAT FAST, SKY!" Ty shouts. Suddenly, we all hear a rumbling and look up. Ty manages to get out an "Oh shit!" before he gets buried in rocks. Sky screams Ty's name and parkours to where Ty was buried so fast that he looks like a blur. I swiftly parkour after him, matching his speed as I start grabbing stones and throwing them like they were made of paper, Sky doing the same. Once we unbury Ty, Sky picks him up and starts sprint jumping all the way to the beginning, sprinting across the plains biome and going from 0 to 70 mph in seconds, with me swiftly following behind him. Once we're sure that we're a safe distance from the parkour area, I remove my gloves, changing into a sleek electric blue dragon about 4 times my human size, and Sky removes his amulet, becoming a majestic budder dragon about the same size as me. We both take flight, rushing rapidly to the TC treehouse. Once we arrive, we land on the sturdiest branch and quickly put our trinkets back on, returning to our human forms. We carry Ty down to the main platform and call out for Seto, who swiftly arrives and uses his magic to carry Ty to the infirmary, both me and Sky following him, worry evident on Sky's face. We arrive at the infirmary and Seto sets Ty down on the bed, casting a few healing spells on Ty before sighing and leaving the room. Me and Sky sit on either side of Ty and start speaking in the dragon tongue.

"האם אתה חושב שהם יהיו בסדר?" Sky asks. (Translation: Do you think Ty will be ok?) I nod.

"הוא יהיה בסדר, סקיי כוכבים. אין לי פ." I reply. (Translation: He'll be fine, Sky Star. Have no fear.) Sky sighs and glances at his best friend.

"האם עלינו לבצע ריפוי לחשים עליו?" Sky asks, hope shining in his voice. (Translation: Should we perform healing spells on him?) I smile and nod, letting my hands hover over Ty, Sky's hovering next to mine. We start murmuring 'לתקן עצמות שבורות' (Translation: Mend broken bones) over and over, watching as a buddery and electric blue light pours out of our mouths, enveloping Ty and mending his broken bones. We hear footsteps approaching and quickly stop, the glowing disappearing as soon as we stop saying the words of healing. I smile at Seto as he bursts into the room and helps wake Ty up so he can drink the healing potion Seto brought. Once the potion has been taken, Ty sits up and swings his legs over the edge of the bed. Seto gasps.

"Ty! You shouldn't be moving much!" He says with worry. Ty shrugs.

"I feel fine, Seto!" He replies as he stands up, walking around and showing Seto that he has healed. Seto's eyes widen in shock at how quickly the healing potion worked. Ty grins and gives a thumbs up to Sky. Suddenly, Jason bursts through the door, breathing heavily.

"There... is an... all-member... Team Crafted... meeting... right now!" Jason says in between gasps for air. The four of us in the room nod and start walking to the TC meeting room, Jason following close behind. We all arrive at the meeting room and take our appropriate seats, Sky at the head of the table and me to his left, Ty on his right. Sky clears his throat.

"So, who called this meeting?" Sky asks with a loud voice. Jason raises his hand and stands up.

"I've called this meeting to discuss some things that I have discovered." Jason says in a clear voice, glancing at me and Sky. My eyes widen slightly and I glance at Sky, noticing a little nervous sweat breaking out on his forehead. Jason clears his throat and continues.

"I have discovered that two of the members of our team have been hiding something. Sky. Kyara. Care to explain how you lifted at least 200 pounds of rock off of Ty and ran super fast back to the TC treehouse with Ty?" Jason asks. I look at Sky, saying 'We have to tell them.' with my eyes. Sky nods and looks at the team of friends.

"If you want to know the whole truth, we must leave forever, never to return." Sky says solemnly. I nod. Jason looks at the others and sighs.

"Could you give us a moment to talk, you two?" Jason asks. We nod and leave the room, making sure we're not close enough to hear them, but still being able to hear them shout.

"כיצד עלינו לומר להם?" I ask. "האם עלינו לקחת רק החפצים שלנו ומלהראות להם?" (Translation: How should we tell them? Should we just take our trinkets off and show them?) Sky sighs and nods.

"זה יכול להיות הדרך הקלה ביותר בלי לשעמם אותם עם הגב-הסיפורים שלנו." He replies. (Translation: That might be the easiest way without boring them with our back-stories.) I nod. We hear a 'COME ON BACK, YOU TWO!' from Jason and sigh, walking back to the meeting room. Once we enter the room, Seto and Ty stand up, looking right at us.

"We're willing to take that risk." Ty says. I sigh.

"We figured you'd say that. Follow us. It'll be better if we show you the truth outside." I say, walking out of the room with Sky. Once we are outside, me and Sky walk to the balcony and sigh, looking over our shoulders at the team.

"Be ready for the shock of your life, guys." Sky says as we both stand on the balcony fence. We turn and face away from them, hearing a 'What are they doing?!' from Ty. We share a look and nod, grabbing our trinkets and jumping off of the fence, hearing a loud 'NO!' from the group. I swiftly pull off my gloves and Sky pulls off his amulet, both of us changing into our dragon forms. I grin at Sky and quickly find an updraft, soaring back up to the shocked team with Sky close behind, loving the feeling of the wind in my ears. I do a loop-de-loop before landing softly on the balcony, my brother landing right next to me. The team stares at us in shock. Suddenly, I feel a sting in my side and look to see Seto swinging a sword and trying to harm me. I growl slightly when he shouts, 'Die, foul creatures!'

"Stop, Seto! Just because we are dragons doesn't mean we are any different than we were yesterday!" I say loudly. Seto glares at me. I gently pick him up and put him back with the group.

"Seto. We are still the same people you know and care about, even if we are dragons. There may be evil dragons, but we are NOT evil!" Sky explains to the angry sorcerer. "You know that." Seto sighs.

"I know... I'm sorry. I just acted irrationally." Seto says. I sigh and look at my brother, nodding my head towards the plains biome.

"Well, brother, its time to find some new friends... again..." I say sadly, turning away from the team and spreading my wings to fly away. I hear someone shout 'NO!' and hear crying, feeling someone grab my tail right as I take off. I look and see Ty clinging to my tail, watching with horror as his grip slips and he falls with a scream.

"TY!" Sky shouts and he leaps from the balcony, diving for Ty. He gently grabs Ty right before he hits the ground and swoops up, gently placing Ty on the balcony. I fly back to my brother and see that Jason and Ty are crying, and crying hard.

"Please don't go!" Ty and Jason cry out. I look at my brother and start speaking in the dragon tongue.

"הם רוצים שנשארו, אח." I say, "זה ראשון. הם בדרך כלל ידרשו שנעזוב מייד!" (Translation: They want us to stay, brother. This is a first. They would usually demand that we leave immediately!) Sky nods.

"אולי אנחנו צריכים להישאר, רוז רקדנית." Sky replies, "אם ברצוננו למצוא את דרקונים האחרים, אנו זקוקים לעזרה." (Translation: Maybe we should stay, Rose Dancer. If we wish to find the other dragons, we will need help.) I nod and look at the team, speaking in English.

"We have decided to stay with you guys. But, we will have to adventure out to find some other dragons to defeat the one who ruined the dragon reputation." I say. Ty nods.

"I'll get supplies for everyone. I can assume you two will get your own supplies." Ty says while walking back inside. Sky and I nod while slipping our trinkets back on once we land on the balcony, changing back into humans. Seto walks towards us, a sudden eager light in his eyes.

"What kind of dragons are you?" Seto asks. I smile at my brother.

"We're both Mix dragons, but we have definite features that could identify us as either a Dancer or a SilverWind. I could be identified as a Dancer due to my bright coloring and Sky could be identified as a SilverWind due to his very fast speeds and sleek look." I say with a smile. Seto nods and backs away, a smile on his face. Quentin quickly takes Seto's place.

"Wait... when you two were about to leave, you called Sky your brother, Kyara. You two are related?" Quentin asks. I glance at Sky and we nod. Quentin smiles. "I figured. You two look slightly similar, even as dragons." Quentin says before he walks after Ty to help with supplies. I smile at my brother and walk into the treehouse towards my room to get my things. I walk in and grab a few things I have had stashed away in case my brother and I had to flee. I grab 2 large dragon-sized bags to hold everyone's things while we fly and walk back out to the balcony, where the team has gathered around Sky, asking him questions. I whistle loudly and get their attention, tossing the bags in front of them.

"Go ahead and put your bags into these. We'll carry your stuff while we fly towards Jerry's Tree." I say while gently kicking the bags for emphasis. Mitch looks at me, confused.

"Jerry's Tree? As in Jordan Maron's, A.K.A CaptainSparkelz, tree?" Mitch asks. I nod.

"Our half-brother, who is also a Mix, is staying with Jordan. His name is סלאש נמלה, or 'Ant Slash' in your tongue. You know him as AntVenom." I say. Mitch's eyes widen.

"Ant's a dragon? Cool!" Mitch says, grabbing his bag and tossing it into one of the larger bags. Jerome smiles and grabs the bag Ty and Quentin had grabbed for him, tossing it into the same bag as Mitch's bag. I nod at my brother and we walk to the edge of the balcony, removing our protective talismans and changing into dragons. Once everyone has put their bags into the ones my brother and I will carry, I pick up one of the bags and slip it over my head, draping it around my shoulder. Sky does the same with the other bag.

"Alright. Who will be riding with me and who will be riding with Sky?" I ask. Mitch, Jerome, Ian, and Quentin all pick riding with me while Seto, Ty, and Jason decide to ride with Sky. I snicker.

"סקיי-לקס." I murmur to my brother, causing his cheeks to grow a little red. (Translation: Sky-lox (I COULDN'T GET IT TO TRANSLATE SKYLOX WITHOUT A HYPHEN!)) I chuckle and turn to face away from the tree me and my brother have come to call home with our friends. I nod to Sky and we take off, soaring high into the air and giving our passengers a thrill. I glance over at Sky and notice Ty sitting on the horns near Sky's head like a seat. I gasp at the familiarity of that position. Only a destined rider would know to sit like that on instinct! Maybe... maybe Ty and my brother are destined for each other!

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