The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 2

Me and Sky fly fast towards the city of Marlonia, where Jordan has taken up residence in a tree he dubbed 'Jerry's Tree'. We swiftly arrive at the tall tree, sliding the bags and the guys off of our backs before slipping our trinkets back on and becoming human again. We all parkour down the tree to the front porch. I smirk and pound the door.

"OPEN UP! THIS IS THE POLICE!" I shout in a deep voice, trying to sound like an angry police officer. The guys start snickering and I shoo them away so they won't ruin the fun. I hear 'HOLD ON, OFFICER!' from inside and the front door is swiftly opened to reveal a familiar man with red rimmed sunglasses and a white shirt under a black jacket. I grin.

"HI JORDAN!" I shout. He grins.

"HI KYARA!" He shouts back. "Come on in!" I grin and gesture to the guys, who come out of hiding and rush inside. Jordan just stares at me with a shocked face. "You hid all of TC from me... clever!" I grin and laugh, following Jordan inside and spotting Ant in an instant. My grin grows a little wider as I run to Ant and hug him.

"שלום, אחיו למחצה היקר שלי." I whisper into his ear. (Translation: Hello, my dear half-brother.) Ant smiles.

"שלום, חצי-אחותי היקרה." He whispers back. (Translation: Hello, my dear half-sister.) I smile and release the hug. I walk with Ant over to the couch and plop down, Sky sitting down on the other side of Ant. "ירדן חושד בי משהו ... אני יכול להגיד לי דרך אגב הוא מסתכל עליי." He whispers to us. (Translation: Jordan suspects something about me... I can tell by the way he looks at me.) I sigh.

"אתה עדיין לא אמר לו שאתה דרקון?" I ask in a whisper. (Translation: You still haven't told him you're a dragon?) Ant shakes his head no. I sigh and speak English.

"Well, tell him now! He needs to know." I say, Sky nodding encouragingly as Ant sighs and stands up, calling out to Jordan, who walks over to us with a big grin.

"Yes, Ant?" He asks. Ant sighs and looks at us. I nod and smile, encouraging him to tell Jordan the truth.

"You know how you've been kinda suspicious of me being something I'm not?" Jordan nods at Ant's words.

"I have been suspicious. Care to ease that?" Jordan asks. Ant nods and leads Jordan outside with me and Sky following close behind, the rest of the team being lazy and loafing around or raiding Jordan's fridge for food. Ant leads Jordan to the highest part of the tree.

"Jordan... before I show you my biggest secret, I want you to know that I... love you... and always will." Ant says before leaping backwards off of the tree and yanking his amulet off, changing into a sleek black and silver dragon with sharp spines along the middle of his back. Ant soars up on an updraft and gently lands in front of Jordan, his head hanging in slight shame. I smile and start walking towards them, but stop as soon as I see Jordan press his lips against my half-brother's snout. My mouth drops open and I stare in shock. Ant's sharp green eyes fly open when Jordan presses his lips against his snout. Jordan pulls back and smiles lovingly at Ant.

"Nothing will ever change how I feel about you, Ant. And I feel the exact same way you feel for me." Jordan says while wrapping his arms lovingly around Ant's long neck. Ant smiles and slips his amulet back on, returning to human form and hugging Jordan back. I smile and make a little heart with my hands when Ant glances at me over Jordan's shoulder. He flips me off and I snicker while sneaking away to not ruin the moment. Sky tries to see what's going on and I shoo him away.

"אתה להרוס את הרגע, אחי!" I say eagerly. (Translation: You'll ruin the moment, brother!) Sky raises his eyebrow, but doesn't question what I say and walks with me back to the team, who have probably emptied the fridge of all it's food and made it impossible to stay here without going into town and getting more food. I walk into the treehouse and, sure enough, all of the guys have food and the fridge is wide open, completely empty. I sigh.

"You guys! We were supposed to stay here for a day or two then head off to get the other dragons!" I say, exasperated. "Now we'll have to get supplies!" They all lazily groan. I chuckle. "Lazy bums!" I say before walking out of the door and gracefully hopping off of the balcony, landing softly. I smile and enjoy the feeling of a cold breeze against me as I walk to the village for supplies. Almost as soon as I walk into town, I feel the presence of another dragon, a hybrid of two different types. I glance over to the right and see two teenage boys walking into town as well. The elder one has brown hair, black eyes, light skin, and a black adventurer's outfit that looks like it came straight out of Aragorn's closet with some leather boots. A nice pair of shades were currently above his eyes and a iron sword in a worn leather sheath hung from his back, an old hunting rifle also in the sheath. A worn black leather holster hung from his hip with a pistol inside, gently bumping against his hip as he walks. The younger one has short dark silvery hair, cobalt eyes, pale skin, a worn black leather jacket with a plain black shirt underneath, jeans, and some combat boots similar to the older teen's boots. A bow is draped over his shoulder with a quiver of arrows on top of the black longbow. A budder ring with a silver dragon on it sits on his right hand ring finger and gleams whenever the light hits it. I watch the two enter a weapons and supplies shop and quietly follow them inside, pretending to accidentally bump into the younger one.

"Oops! Sorry about that!" I say happily. The younger teen sighs.

"Its alright, miss." He replies, his voice slightly rougher than what I would expect. "Come on Shade. We just need some food and we'll be good." The older one, Shade, nods and starts walking out of the store. I smile and follow them after grabbing a beautiful electric blue bow and an electric blue leather quiver with arrows and tossing a blueberry at the shopkeeper.

"I need some food too! Maybe I could hang with you while I get some food." I say with a smile. The older one sighs.

"Fine. You can tag along." He says, his voice a little less rough than the younger but still rough. "I'm Kyle Shades, but you can call me Shade if you want." I nod and smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, Shade. I'm Kyara." I smile. "Is this your younger brother?" Shade shakes his head no.

"I'm his best friend. The name's Arc." Arc says. I smile.

"Pleasure meeting you both." I say, still sensing a hybrid dragon nearby. I glance at Arc and notice him staring at me out of the corner of his eye. He leans over and whispers something to Shade, who seems to physically relax. Arc walks besides me.

"האם אתה דרקון?" He whispers in my ear. (Translation: Are you a dragon?) I smirk.

"כן. אני יכול להניח שאתה אחד, כמו גם?" I whisper back. (Translation: Yes. I can assume you are one as well?) Arc nods and smiles, walking back to Shade and whispering something in his ear. Shade smiles.

"איזה סוג של דרקון אתה? רקדן?" Shade whispers to me, shocking me with the fact that he's a human and he knows the dragon tongue. (Translation: What type of dragon are you? Dancer?) I nod and mouth 'Mix' right as we arrive at the food stand. Shade grabs a basket and starts picking out some supplies like meat and fruits.

"You want anything, Kyara? I'll get it for you." Shade asks in English. I smile gratefully and toss him a blueberry. He raises his eyebrow. "A diamond? What's this for?" My eye starts twitching slightly when he says 'diamond'.

"Please don't say that word around me... I'll go crazy if you do..." I say with a strained voice. Arc sighs.

"What can we call this around you, then?" Arc asks, holding the blueberry.

"Call them blueberries." I say. "You can use that to pay for my things." Arc and Shade nod, picking out some supplies for me and paying for them with the blueberry. I smile and take my supplies. "Thanks. I guess I'll see you two around." I say with a wave before starting to walk off when Arc gently grabs my upper arm, stopping me.

"אנו דרקונים צריכים להישאר ביחד. אני לא רוצה אותך להיפגע. אנחנו נבוא איתך." Arc whispers to me. (Translation: We dragons need to stick together. I don't want you getting hurt. We'll come with you.) I smile and nod, starting the walk back to Jerry's Tree with Shade and Arc behind me. Once we arrive at the tree, I start expertly climbing up the tree. Once I'm on the front porch, I dramatically swing the door open.

"GUYS! I'M BAAAAAAAAAAACK!" I shout, hearing some loud 'WELCOME BACK, KYARA!'s from the other room. I grin at Shade and Arc, dropping the food off in the fridge before leading the two to the living room where everyone is gathered. "HAI GUYS! I BROUGHT FRIENDS!" I shout, revealing Shade and Arc. Sky grins.

"HELLO, FRIENDS OF MY SISTER!" Sky shouts playfully. Shade smirks and shocks everyone in the room except me with the dragon tongue.

"שלום, אחיו של קיארה!" He says. (Translation: Hello, Kyara's brother!) I start cracking up at Sky's face, the utter shock on his face causing Shade to snicker.

"OMIGOD SKY YOUR FACE!" I say loudly between fits of laughter. Sky stands up, looking very menacing and shutting me up in a second.

"איך אתה יודע את לשון דרקון, אדם?" Sky says with a slight growl in his voice. (Translation: How do you know the dragon tongue, human?) Shade smirks.

"משתלם להיות החבר הכי טוב של ורוכב נועד של דרקון." He says with a smirk. (Translation: It pays to be the best friend and destined rider of a dragon.) Sky glances at Arc and Shade nods. Sky sighs and relaxes slightly.

"Sorry about that. I just get very protective of my sister when a human friend she brings home can speak our tongue." He says, smiling. Shade smiles back.

"Its alright." He replies. I smile and plop down next to my brother.

"I brought food for everyone! And Shade and Arc are gonna help us out, right?" I say, looking at Shade and Arc. They share a look and nod, setting a smile to my face. "So, Arc. What kind of dragon are you?" I ask.

"I am a hybrid of a SilverWind and a DaggerStar." Arc says with pride. I grin.

"Wanna show off our dragon forms?" I ask. Sky, Ant, and Arc nod, all four of us walking outside with the humans following close behind. Once we are outside, we all smirk at each other, grabbing whatever talisman we have and pulling them off after we leap off of the balcony. I change into a familiar sleek electric blue dragon with horns on the top of my head situated like a seat, if anyone rides there. Sky changes into a familiar majestic budder dragon with horns on his head situated like a seat as well. Ant changes into a familiar sleek black and silver dragon with sharp spines going down the middle of his back. Arc becomes a small sleek metallic silver dragon with very sharp bones protruding out of his wings like daggers. I grin at my fellow dragons and find an updraft, soaring up high and doing a backflip before gracefully landing on top of the tree, the other three dragons landing beside me. I spread my wings out proudly, turning my head and seeing three people trying to get on each dragon. I notice Jordan climbing onto Ant and situating himself right where a destined rider would instinctively sit, Ty climbing onto Sky and sitting where he did on the way here, and Shade sliding easily onto Arc's neck in a comfortable position. I grin at Sky and Ant, who are blushing slightly when I mouth their ship names to them. Suddenly, we all hear something we've dreaded hearing since we dragons have had to go in hiding:

"Look Dad! Dragons!"

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