The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 3

My eyes widen in fear when I hear a teenage girl point us out to her father.

"Brandon, look! Dragons!" The girl says loudly with happiness.

"I can see them, sweetheart! Beautiful creatures, aren't they?" I hear the man named Brandon say with awe. I look at my fellow dragons and see shock on all of their faces when they hear the man call us 'beautiful creatures'. I look for the pair of humans, spotting them near Jerry's Tree and walking towards the tree. The teen girl has long, braided brown hair, stunning electric blue eyes, a red and white plaid skirt that reaches the middle of her thighs, and a light pink T-Shirt with a picture of a blueberry in the center. The man has short brown hair and a short beard, brown eyes, a beige polo shirt with spots of coal dust, jeans covered in coal dust, and hiking boots.

"אני חושב שהם ידידותיים ..." I murmur to the other dragons, their riders slipping off of their necks. (Translation: I think they are friendly...) I grab my gloves and slip them back on, changing back into a human, the others doing the same as we all parkour down to the balcony in front of the house.

"Awww! Where'd they go, Brandon? I want to talk to them, especially the beautiful electric blue one! She looks like a shiny blueberry!" I hear the girl say with a small whine and grin. 'She calls diamonds blueberries too!' I think.

"בואו נלך לדבר איתם!" I say, gracefully jumping off of the balcony and landing in front of the pair. (Translation: Let's go talk to them!) I hear three thumps from behind me and turn to see Arc, Ant, and Sky walking towards me and the pair in front of me. I smile at the teenager.

"Hi! Did you wanna see us?" I ask with a smile. The girl nods.

"Are you four the dragons?" She asks. I nod. "Then why do you look like humans?"

"So we can stay safe from cruel humans who want to kill us." I say with a sigh. "You're not afraid of us dragons?" The girl shakes her head no.

"Brandon always tells me that dragons are good, yet they are misjudged by us humans. Isn't that right?" She says, looking at the man. He smiles and nods.

"Dragons are beautiful creatures who are misunderstood because of something that happened a long time ago. I'm Bruce, but please, call me Brandon." Brandon says with a smile and an extended hand. I smile and shake his hand.

"Rose Dancer, but please call me Kyara! And what's your name?" I say, looking at the teenage girl and smiling, already feeling a slight connection to her.

"My name is Allena! Your name is very beautiful, Miss Dancer!" Allena says with a smile.

"Please! Call me Kyara! Hey. Would you like a ride?" I ask. Allena eagerly nods. I grin.

"Can I, Brandon? Please?" Allena asks. Brandon smiles and nods, causing Allena to squeal happily and hug me. I smile and hug her back, grabbing my gloves before releasing the hug. She cheers loudly when I slip my gloves off, changing back into a dragon. Allena hops onto my neck, sitting right in the seat-like horns on my head. I grin at my brothers and start gently flapping my wings, flying a little bit and letting Allena get comfortable before I start going a little higher and faster. I hear a soft gasp come from Brandon and someone, probably Arc, say 'They're destined for each other! That teenager is Kyara's destined rider!'. I grin.

"Allena! Have you ever wanted a dragon as a best friend?" I ask. Allena shouts with joy as I do a careful loop-de-loop.

"Yes! I have for my whole life!" Allena says. I grin.

"I believe that we are destined to ride together and be best friends, Allena!" I say with a grin. Allena cheers as I fly above the clouds and quickly nose dive back to her father, stopping in front of him and lowering my head so she can get off. I smile when she woots and tells Brandon that she is my best friend, slipping my gloves back on and becoming human once more. I pull a beautiful blueberry from my pocket and show it to Allena, who 'ooh's at it.

"What do you call this?" I ask with a smile, already knowing the answer. Allena grins.

"Blueberry!" Allena replies. I grin as well.

"I call them blueberries too! What a coincidence!" I say. We both grin and I toss a bunch of blueberries in a circle around us, watching as the circle glows an electric blue and creates a dome over us. Allena stares at the dome in shock.

"How did you do that, Kyara?" She asks, wonder evident in her voice. I smile.

"Magic. Now I can start bonding with you, because you are my destined rider. I'm sure of it!" I say with confidence. I walk to her and smile, holding my hands out for her to take, which she does. I close my eyes and we start to glow a slight electric blue color. I start singing an ancient song of bonding in the dragon tongue, the familiar words flowing out of my mouth with an electric blue light.

(Italics are Kyara. Bold is Allena. Both is both girls)

בואו נשמה הזאת, שנועדה עבורי (Translation: Let this soul, who is destined for me)

בואו נשמתה לטוס במהירות ובחינם (Translation: Let her soul fly fast and free)

כשאגות דרקון, הלב שלה ממריא כמו דרקון בטיסה (Translation: As the dragon roars, her heart soars like a dragon in flight)

בואו לבנו הכה כאחד, מוחנו חושב כאחד (Translation: Let our hearts beat as one, our minds think as one)

לאנו עתידים ... נועדו לטוס יחד (Translation: For we are destined... destined to fly together)

בואו הפצעים שלך לרפא כאשר האחרים נמצא בקרבת מקום (Translation: Let our wounds heal when the other is nearby)

לנגזרו עלינו לרכב נגד רוע (Translation: For we are destined to ride against evil)

הרע לא יכול לשבור את הקשר שלנו (Translation: Evil cannot break our bond)

I hear a voice start singing the song in English when I take a pause, knowing immediately that it is Allena.

Let our hearts be free

For we are one heart, one mind, one soul

We are destined to ride against the darkness of evil

And revel in the light of good

I smile and we both sing in English, our voices mixing perfectly in sync.

For we are destined rider and dragon!

Let our hearts be free!

For we are one and the same!

I am meant to ride with you!

And I am meant to ride with you!

We are destined rider and dragon!

Our hearts soar high above the clouds!

We are free

We are strong

We are fast

We are destined!~

I smile and open my eyes, looking into Allena's electric blue eyes and seeing my face in them.

"You have a beautiful voice, Allena, my destined rider." I say with a smile. Allena smiles back.

"Same to you, Rose Dancer, my destined dragon." She replies as I take down the electric blue dome, revealing a very worried Sky, Ant, and Brandon and a smirking Arc.

"רוז רקדנית! מה קרה שם ?!" Sky and Ant ask me, worry dripping from their voices. (Translation: Rose Dancer! What happened in there?!) I smirk.

ד'ארק יכולה להגיד לך, האחים שלי, כי הוא כבר עשה את אותו דבר." I say with confidence and a wink at Arc, who blushes slightly but keeps the smirk on his face. (Translation: Arc can tell you, my brothers, for he has already done the same thing.) Sky and Ant look at Arc, who just nods his head towards me and Allena and mouths the words 'destined rider ritual'. My brothers nod and relax slightly, walking towards me and Allena. Sky grins at me.

"Congrats on finding your destined rider, sis!" Sky says cheerfully. I smile.

"Thanks, bro. I believe you have found your own destined rider as well." I say with a smirk and a nod towards where Ty is. Sky looks to where I'm looking and blushes slightly.

"Y-you mean Ty?" Sky asks nervously. I nod.

"Ty rode on your neck in the exact spot where a destined rider would ride on his dragon on our way to get Ant so we could defeat Herobrine and clear the dragon name." I reply. Allena's eyes widen when I mention Herobrine, a sudden angry flame dancing in her eyes.

"You're going after Herobrine?" Allena asks with a slight growl in her voice. I nod, sensing her anger at Herobrine and feeling it start to flicker in me as well. "Herobrine killed my mother and father when I was three. Brandon adopted me a few months later, right before my fourth birthday. Ever since that bastard killed my parents, I've been training to fight Him. If you're going to slay Herobrine, I'm going with you." Brandon sighs and walks towards Allena, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. Allena whispers, "I'm ready to get revenge for my parents... that bastard must die." Brandon sighs.

"I know you feel ready to face Herobrine, Allena, but maybe you're not. Maybe you could train a lit-" Brandon starts but is interrupted by me.

"Brandon. Allena is ready to face the murderer of her parents. I'll protect her with my life, since she is my destined rider. You have my word that she will not perish by the hands of the same God who killed her parents." I say, an angry fire blazing in my electric blue eyes. "She is safe under my care." I make a fist and cross my arm over my chest, bending over slightly and tilting my head down in a bow used by dragons when they are making a solemn promise. Brandon sighs and releases Allena from the hug, letting her walk to me. I smile and lead Allena back to Jerry's Tree, where TC, Shade, and Jordan have been watching the whole ordeal from the balcony.

"Be safe, Allena. May Notch watch over you and protect you." Brandon shouts to Allena as all five of us walk back to the tree to rest for our long trip to find the other dragons.

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