The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 4

I smile and lead Allena up the ladder to the balcony, where all of TC, Shade, and Jordan are standing with shocked looks on their faces from what just happened. Shade is the only one who didn't look shocked because he went through the same process with Arc. I smile at Allena as she fangirls slightly from being in the presence of famous YouTubers that she recognizes in an instant.

"Allena, meet Team Crafted." I say. Allena grins.

"I can't believe that I'm hanging out with THE Team Crafted!" Allena says with a slight squeal. I chuckle and lead her inside. I glance at the moon and smile before walking in after Allena, claiming the only room that has anything blueberry in it as my room. Allena volunteers to be my roommate and I smile, leading her to the beautiful room made entirely of blocks of blueberries.

"We'll be staying here for the night, then we have to find my friend, Nyx." I say. Allena nods and flops onto the bed closest to the window, passing out almost instantly from all the excitement of the day. I smile and yawn, flopping onto the other bed after covering her with the electric blue blanket on the bed. I slide under the covers and sigh.

"Good night, Allena." I think, sighing as I get comfortable. Allena suddenly sits up, her eyes wide with shock.

"I can hear her voice in my head?! What is this madness?" Allena thinks. I smirk. "This is something only destined riders and their dragons can do. Our minds are linked and now we can communicate telepathically. You'll get used to it. Also, if you don't want me hearing certain thoughts, you can block them from me." I think back to her. Allena nods and smiles. "Good night, Kyara." She thinks as she dozes off. I yawn. "Night, Allena." I think back as I fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up with a yawn and turn to see that Allena is already awake and out of bed. I smirk. "Probably fangirling over the team and Jordan." I think to myself, keeping the thought from Allena. I slide out of bed and stretch, ready to fly off and find my best friend, ניקס כוכב-אור or 'Nyx Star-Light'. I walk out of the room and head to the living room when the smell of cooking bacon hits my nose, making me drool slightly.

"Is someone cooking bacon, or am I losing my mind?" I call out. "Don't wake the guys! I'm cooking bacon for everyone! We're the only ones awake right now." I hear in my head. I smirk and reply, "Boys. Such lazy creatures don't deserve bacon! Don't you agree?" "I agree. They get nothing and we get AAAAAAAAAAALL of the bacon! Nom nom ^.^" I snicker when I see a little emoticon float in front of my mind's eye and walk into the kitchen to see Allena putting all of the bacon on two plates, dividing it evenly for the two of us. I smile. "Thanks, Allena!" She smiles back. "No problem, Kyara! And, could you call me Leah? I've always wanted to be called that." I smile and nod, grabbing my plate of bacon and eating it. We both wolf down the bacon hungrily and hear someone clear their throat from behind us. I turn to see a slightly pissed off Sky looking at me with a jealous glare.

"How come I get no bacon?" Sky asks with a slight whine in his voice. I laugh and slowly eat the last piece of bacon in a taunting way, as if I was saying 'HAHA! SUCKER! NO BACON FOR YOU!' Once the piece is gone, I stick my tongue out at him and run away playfully as he starts chasing me. "לחזור לכאן, רוז רקדנית!" Sky shouts playfully, waking the other guys up when he shouts. (Translation: Get back here, Rose Dancer!) I laugh and run outside, expertly leaping up onto one of the higher branches that Sky wouldn't be able to stand on without the branch breaking. Ty walks out onto the balcony and groans.

"Why'd you have to shout, Sky? You woke us up... wait... is that bacon I smell?!" Ty says, running back inside with a speed I would never expect from a human that has just been rudely woken up by a shouting dragon. I laugh and leap down, landing gracefully besides Sky, who quickly grabs me and starts tickling me, making me laugh harder.

"עצור! צוחק! לעצור את זה, סקיי כוכבים!" I manage to get out between fits of laughter while Sky continues to tickle me. (Translation: S-stop! Ha ha! Stop it, Sky Star!) Sky laughs and stops so I can breathe. Leah rushes outside and flings hot bacon grease at Sky, causing him to shriek and run into the house. I laugh and head back inside, hearing the familiar sizzle of cooking bacon and the guys fighting over who gets the first piece. I sigh and walk into the kitchen. "Guys! Break it up!" I shout, getting everyone's attention. "I'll divide the bacon evenly so that way EVERYONE gets bacon! Got it?" Everyone nods and I grab plates for everyone, putting an even amount of bacon on each plate. "Now eat up. After y'all are done eating, we gotta get going and find Nyx so we can beat Herobrine's ass into a bloody pulp for ruining the dragon reputation and murdering Allena's parents. We'll make riding arrangements afterwards." I say with an authoritative tone to my voice that usually happens whenever I make large decisions. Everyone nods and takes a plate, wolfing the bacon down. Once everyone is finished, we all walk outside and expertly parkour to the bags me and Sky left on top of the tree. I turn around and face everyone, already having their attention focused on me and the other dragons standing besides me. "Now that we're all up here, I think that there should be two people per dragon, one of us taking four of you. Since Ant is the strongest dragon here, he shall be taking the four people. So, who's gonna ride with me?" Leah's hand shoots into the air and Jason's hand follows shortly after. I nod and smile at Leah. "Who will ride with Sky?" Ty's hand shoots into the air with Ian's hand following after. I nod and smirk, mouthing 'Skylox kawaii desu!' to Ant from behind Sky, who smirks and nods. "Who will ride with Arc?" Shade's hand shoots into the air with Seto raising his hand swiftly after. I nod. "The remaining four of you; Jerome, Mitch, Quentin, and Jordan; you four are riding with Ant." The four nod. "Now, everyone go get some supplies. We might be flying for a few days. We dragons will be up here waiting for you." The humans nod and parkour down to the balcony to get supplies. I look at my fellow dragons and smile. "גיבור-המוח ייפול. אני מבטיח לך ש, בחור דרקונים שלי." I say. (Translation: Hero-Brine will fall. I promise you that, my fellow dragons. (It wouldn't let me translate Herobrine without the hyphen))

"אנחנו יודעים. הגיבור-בריין תועמד לדין על הפשעים דרקון דרקון התחייב." Sky says. (Translation: We know. Hero-Brine will face dragon justice for the crimes his dragon have committed.) Ant and Arc nod.

"נמאס לנו מהמחבוא מדי, רוז רקדנית. ברגע שאנו מוצאים ניקס כוכב-האור, שצדק יצא ל!" Arc says with an angry growl at the end. (Translation: We're tired of hiding too, Rose Dancer. Once we find Nyx Star-Light, justice will be served!) Right after Arc says that, the humans return with supplies. I smile at Leah and nod to the other dragons. We grab our talismans and pull them off, changing into our dragon forms. I breathe a special flame that changes into two more dragon-sized bags for Ant and Arc, who slip the bags over their heads. I turn to the humans.

"Whichever dragon you're flying with, your supplies go with them. Allena. Jason. Your supplies are to be carried in my bag." I say as I slip my bag on. The two nod and place their supplies into my bag before climbing onto my back, Leah climbing onto my neck and getting comfortable on my seat-like horns while Jason sits farther down my neck. Once everyone is on a dragon, I nod to my fellow dragons and we take off, soaring in the opposite direction of the town towards where Nyx has promised to meet us in a few days. I smirk at Sky and start flying a little faster, flying a little bit in front of him in a challenge. Ant notices this and groans.

"Don't you two dare star-" Ant starts but stops as soon as I take off, flying at almost my top speed and racing Sky to the tall tree at the edge of a nearby forest.

"You may have a faster speed than me, brother, but I am more agile!" I shout to Sky as I nimbly dodge trees as I weave through them to get to the large tree. I hear a loud thump and glance over my shoulder to see Sky rubbing his snout as he tries to catch up to me. I laugh and reach the tree, turning my head to see Leah and Jason whooping and cheering. I smirk when I see Sky finally catching up, breathing heavily and glaring at me.

"ייתכן שיש לך ניצח, אבל אני לנצח את המירוץ הבא!" He says with confidence. (Translation: You may have won, but I'll win the next race!) I smirk and start flying towards the group, flying besides Arc. I smile and just enjoy the feeling of the wind in my ears.

Pretty soon, the sun starts setting and we dragons are exhausted from flying for so long. I spot an abandoned dragon rest stop and start flying towards it, signaling to the others to follow me. We land near the dragon sized structures and smile, letting our tired passengers off so they could stretch after sitting on our necks for an entire day. I slip my gloves on and stretch once I'm human, groaning softly as I walk towards a seemingly empty dragon home only to hear a loud, deep growl. I jump back in surprise and my eyes widen in shock when a large dragon with stormy grey scales with blue stripes and electric yellow spikes all over his back steps out of the dragon home. I gasp, drawing everyone's attention, the other dragons' eyes widening in shock as well.

"שלה רעם-שדרה! חשבתי שהם נכחדו!" I hear Shade say with awe in his voice. (Translation: Its a Thunder-Spine! I thought they were extinct!(It should be ThunderSpine. No hyphen.)) The dragon turns his head towards TC, Jordan, Leah, and Shade and growls, flickers of electric blue electricity jumping from his spines. I step in front of them, Sky, Arc, and Ant rushing to my side.

"להשאיר אותם לבד, רעם-שדרה! הם נמצאים תחת ההגנה שלנו!" We shout at him, grabbing our talismans and yanking them off, returning to our dragon forms. (Translation: Leave them alone, Thunder-Spine! They are under our protection!) The ThunderSpine growls.

"לזוז. בני אדם אינם ראוי לאמון. אתה צריכים דרקונים יודעים זאת היטב." He says, his voice deep and rough. (Translation: Move. Humans are not to be trusted. You dragons should know this very well.) I growl.

"בני האדם אלה הם שונים! הם קיבלו אותנו למי שאנחנו! , עכשיו את שמך או לגווע!" I shout, my voice echoing throughout the abandoned dragon rest stop. (Translation: These humans are different! They accept us for who we are! Now, state your name or perish!) The dragon smirks.

"שמי ההלם החוד." Shock Spire says clearly. (Translation: My name is Shock Spire.) I sigh. "Kyara! What's going on?! Is he friendly?!" I hear in my mind. "I have no clue, Leah. His name is Shock Spire. He's a ThunderSpine, probably the last of his kind. We're gonna try to befriend him so he can help us defeat Herobrine. We could use his help." I feel a flame of anger from Leah when I mention Herobrine. "Alright." I look at Shock Spire and notice him staring at me.

"מה היו עושה, רקדנית?" He asks, seeming to spit out the word 'Dancer' in disgust. (Translation: What were you doing, Dancer?) I growl at the insult to my mother's kind.

"אני מיקס!ושאני יוצר קשר עם רוכבי המיועד. עכשיו, אתה רוצה לעזור לנו להביס את הגיבור-בריין?" I say with anger when I mention my kind. (Translation: I am a Mix! And I was communicating with my destined rider. Now, do you want to help us defeat Hero-Brine?) Shock Spire suddenly turns his head and glares in the direction of where we believe Herobrine's castle is. Shock Spire's head whips back towards us.

"אני מיקס!ושאני יוצר קשר עם רוכבי המיועד. עכשיו, אתה רוצה לעזור לנו להביס את הגיבור-בריין?" He says with anger and determination in his voice. (Translation: You mean the bastard who caused all dragon kind to nearly go extinct? I will help you defeat that bastard!) I grin at my fellow dragons. "Leah! He's gonna help us!" "Yes! The more dragons, the better!" I grab my gloves and slip them on, the others following suit. I turn to the humans.

"This is Shock Spire, a ThunderSpine. He shall be travelling with us to beat Herobrine's ass into a bloody pulp. The riding arrangements shall be changed tomorrow, after we rest for the night. Now, whichever dragon you rode with, you will stay with. Team Crafted, there's a human home next to the largest dragon home. You'll be staying there." I say with an authoritative tone. The humans nod and walk either to the human home or towards the dragon they will stay with. I turn to Shock Spire. "Can you speak English, Shock Spire?" I ask. He nods.

"Yes. I have learned the human tongue from my former destined rider." He says. I raise my eyebrow.

"Former?" I ask. Shock Spire sighs.

"That is a tale for tomorrow. For now, let us rest." He says as he walks back into the dragon home he was staying in before we arrived. I smile at Leah and start walking towards an empty dragon home to rest for the long flight tomorrow.

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