The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 5

After a long night's rest, I wake up and smile, stretching and looking for Leah. "Leah? Where are you?" "I'm fine, Kyara! I'm outside with Shock Spine! He's really cool!" I hear as a reply. I smile and stand up, walking out of the dragon home and heading to the center where Leah and Shock Spire were talking. My eyes widen in shock when I hear Leah speak the dragon tongue fluently.

"אני תוהה מתי Kyara ייצא כאן." She says perfectly. (Translation: I wonder when Kyara will come out here. (It didn't translate my name :P)) "SINCE WHEN COULD YOU SPEAK THE DRAGON TONGUE, LEAH?!" I shout-think at her. She winces slightly. "Shock Spire taught me while you were sleeping! Don't yell at me, please." I sigh. "Sorry. It just caught me off guard. Good job, by the way!" She smiles. "Thanks. Now get your ass over here so we can talk!" I smirk and walk over to them.

"עבודה מצוינת עם הוראת רוכבי המיועד איך לדבר בשפה שלנו, הלם שדרה." I say with a proud look towards Leah, who beams with pride. (Translation: Excellent job with teaching my destined rider how to speak our tongue, Shock Spire.) Shock Spire nods and smiles.

"ה היה התענוג שלי! אני כבר שכחתי שכמה בני אדם הם טובים וטהורים של לב." He says, smiling at me and Leah. (Translation: It was my pleasure! I've forgotten that some humans are good and are pure of heart.) I smile and hear someone clear their throat from behind me. I turn and see Arc looking at me with a smirk, something strange glinting in his eyes. 'Is that... jealousy? Is he jealous that I'm hanging out with Shock Spine?' I smirk and lean towards his ear.

"האם מישהו מקנא?" I whisper into his ear, smirking when he blushes. (Translation: Is someone jealous?) He shakes his head and I smirk. "אתה בטוח? אתה נראה קנאי." I whisper, my smirk growing when his blush deepens. (Translation: Are you sure? You look jealous.) Leah smirks at Arc's blushing face. Arc nods at me.

"אני לא מקנא!" He whispers indignantly. (Translation: I am not jealous!) I snicker and pull away, watching as his face turns a bright shade of red from all three of us watching him with a smirk. "What are you looking at?" He asks, his voice loud.

"Oh nothing... just your blushing face!" I say with a snicker. Arc's blush deepens, causing me, Leah, and Shock Spire to laugh. "Arc's blushing! Awwww!" I say with a laugh. Arc's blush deepens as he turns and walks towards his dragon home.

"I didn't want to talk to you anyway, Kyara!" He shouts over his shoulder. "I guess you don't wanna help me figure something out!" I sigh and start walking towards him.

"I'll be right back, guys!" I call over my shoulder to Leah and Shock Spine as I run after Arc. "Arc. Wait." Arc stops and smirks at me over his shoulder. Suddenly, he starts sprinting towards the nearby woods, using some of his SilverWind speed. I smirk and sprint after him, using some of the SilverWind speed in me to catch up to him easily. We sprint to a beautiful lake and Arc stops at the edge, smiling at me. "So... what did you need to talk abou-" I try to say, only to be stopped by Arc leaning forward and gently pressing his surprisingly soft lips against mine. I feel my cheeks heat up with a blush as Arc lets his hand rest against my cheek. My eyes flutter closed and I kiss back. Arc pulls back, earning an involuntary whine from me. He smirks. (A/N: WARNING! CHEESY ROMANCE SHIT APPROACHING!)

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Kyara. I wanted to tell you how I truly feel about you. I've never felt this way for anyone before..." He says, his voice shaking slightly while he speaks. I smile and grab his hand.

"I feel the same way, Arc." I say with a caring smile, gently pecking Arc on the cheek, feeling a sudden sting on the back of my neck. Arc smiles.

"רוז רקדנית, תהיה לך להיות שותף דרקון שלי?" He asks me nervously, his hand shaking slightly in mine. (Translation: Rose Dancer, will you be my dragon partner?) I smile and nod, leaning forward and gently pecking him on the lips. Arc grins. "Where did you two go?!" I hear in my mind. I smirk. "We went somewhere." "Oh, that's SOOOOOOOO helpful, Kyara!" I could hear the sarcasm in her thought and I snicker. "Ok, we're on our way back now." "Good! Because your brother Ant is wondering where you are." I snicker at the thought of my half-brother worrying about me.

"We better head back. I bet the others are up and wondering where we are." I say before sprinting back to the camp, Arc close behind me with a grin still on his face. We emerge through the trees to see something I would never expect; my brother and Ty leaning against a dragon home, making out passionately. My eyes widen in shock and my mouth drops open. I cover my mouth to try to hold in a fit of laughter as I drag Arc around the building to the main camp area. I spot Leah and grin, running to her and dragging her into our shared dragon home to tell her what I just saw. Leah looks at me with a questioning look. "What's going on?! Why are you dragging me inside?" Leah think-asks. "I'll tell you once we're inside!" I think back with enthusiasm and the urge to laugh. Once we are inside, I lock the door and just break down laughing.

"What happened, Kyara?! Why are you laughing?!" Leah asks, worried slightly. I slowly calm down from my laughing fit and grin.

"I saw my brother and Ty making out! Skylox is officially real!" I say loudly, a huge grin on my face. Leah squeals.

"SKYLOX KAWAII DESU!" She shouts. 'Thank Notch this place is soundproof!' I think to myself, that grin still on my face. I snicker.

"Ant now owes me 50 blueberries!" I say with a laugh. Leah snickers.

"You seriously made a bet with your half-brother over Skylox?" She asks with a chuckle. I nod.

"Speaking of Ant, SparkAnt is real too! I saw it before we met!" I say with a grin. Leah squeals slightly.


"Now, you can't tell anyone that Skylox is real! My brother would be mortified if everyone found out that Skylox is real before he tells them himself." I say with a serious tone. Leah nods and smiles. I smile as well. "Now, pack your shit! We gotta find Nyx!" I say as I walk to the door and unlock it, opening the door and walking out to tell everyone else to pack their things up as well. Once I've told them, I walk back into the dragon home Leah and I are sharing and start packing my things.

Once everyone has packed their things up and the supplies are all in the appropriate bags, I clear my throat to get everyone's attention.

"Ok. We have to make new riding arrangements now that Shock Spire is flying with us. How about we have Mitch and Quentin fly with him and Jordan and Jerome stay with Ant?" I say. Jerome raises his hand, a worried look on his face. "Yes, Jerome?" I ask.

"I volunteer to ride with Shock Spire instead of Quentin!" Jerome says loudly, glancing at Mitch and smiling. I smirk.

"Alright. Then Jordan and Quentin will fly with Ant while Merome flies with Shock Spire." I say, winking at Mitch and Jerome when I mention their ship name, causing them to blush. Everyone snickers and I whisper, "Hashtag Merome!" to Leah, who smirks and snickers. I nod to the dragons who are in human form and we all pull off our talismans, changing into our dragon forms. I breathe a special flame that creates one more dragon-sized bag for Shock Spire. The humans put their supplies in the bags and hop onto the dragons they are flying with. I smile when Leah gets comfortable on my seat-like horns. I notice that Jason isn't here and frown. "Hold up, guys. Jason isn't here!" I say.

"I saw him rummaging through a chest earlier." Ian says. "He says he saw something in there when he woke up that looked like an amulet with an electric yellow dragon carved into the blueberry gem." I sigh and let Leah get off before changing back into a human.

"I'll go get him. Be right back!" I say over my shoulder as I walk to the house TC was staying in. I enter the open door and hear things being moved and sigh, moving towards the sound. "Jason! Come on! We're gonna leave!" I shout. I hear 'Come look at this, Kyara!' from the attic and sigh. "Alright! But make it quick!" I say as I walk up the stairs to the attic. I look around for Jason and spot him in the center, holding a stunning amulet with a blueberry gem surrounded by budder with an electric yellow dragon carved into the gem, a dark grey cord holding the hanging budder-surrounded gem. My eyes widen. "That's... that's a dragon's talisman! Give it here, Jason." I say, taking the amulet from him. I close my eyes and focus on sending some energy into the amulet and a sudden image of a tall man with grey hair with blue and electric yellow stripes, a grey shaggy beard, a black leather jacket over a black shirt with a stunning electric blue and yellow lightning bolt on it, long grey pants, and black combat boots. The man has a large bow strapped across his back with a quiver of sharp arrows that seem to hum with electricity. The vision fades with an image of Shock Spire replacing the human. I open my eyes and look at Jason. "This amulet is Shock Spire's talisman. We must get this to him." I say as I drag Jason out of the attic and out of the temporary TC house towards the others, the amulet clutched in my hand. Shock Spire spots the amulet and raises an eyebrow.

"What's that you got there, Kyara?" He asks as I drag Jason over to Leah. I turn to Shock Spire and toss him the amulet.

"See for yourself. Put it on." I say. Shock Spire nods and slides the amulet on. He starts to glow an electric yellow and changes into the human from my vision. I smile. "I knew it. That amulet is your talisman, Shock Spire. Now you can enter villages without being attacked." Shock Spire grins.

"When I'm human, call me Shock." He says. I smile and nod.

"Now, let's go find Nyx!" I shout, grabbing my gloves and slipping them off, returning to my dragon form and waiting for Jason and Leah to get on my neck after I slip the bag with their supplies over my head. I smile at my fellow dragons and start flying towards where Nyx promised to meet us.

As the sun sets on the third day of our journey, I spot a familiar purple and black dragon landing near the edge of a dense forest. I grin and shout,

"Nyx! Up here!" The dragon turns her head and sees us, a grin growing on her face as she suddenly disappears in a cloud of purple particles, only to reappear in front of us.

"HI KYARA!" She shouts, a grin on her face.

"HI NYX!" I shout back, a grin on my face as we land in the clearing. Once the riders are on the ground, we dragons put on our talismans, returning to our human forms. I run to Nyx and hug her. "Ready to beat Herobrine's ass to a bloody pulp?" I ask. Nyx nods, an eager light in her dark blue eyes.

"I'm ready to make the dragon name mean good once again!" Nyx says, a fiery attitude in her voice. I chuckle.

"We have to rest first! We have a few more dragons to find tomorrow, then we can go beat Herobrine's ass." I say while leading her to the group. "So, how have things been with Spring?" I ask. She grins and holds up her left hand, revealing a beautiful blueberry ring with a budder stripe on her ring finger. I grin and hug her. "Congrats! I'm so glad you and Springtrap are engaged! You're gonna make me the maid of honor, right?"

"Duh! Of course I am! You're my best friend! It wouldn't be right if you weren't my maid of honor!" Nyx says with a chuckle. I lead her to the group.

"Nyx. Let me introduce you to the gang! You already know TC, my brother and half-brother, and Jordan. That's Arc." I say, pointing to Arc, who waves at Nyx with a smile. "That's Shade." I point to Shade, who nods his head. "That's Leah, my destined rider." I point to Leah, grinning when she waves enthusiastically. Nyx smiles. "And that's Shock." I finish, pointing to Shock, who nods his head. Nyx smiles.

"Hi! Pleasure to meet you all! And Kyara. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU FOUND YOUR DESTINED RIDER!?" Nyx shouts at me playfully. I laugh.

"I met her a few days ago! I couldn't have told you until now!" I say with a laugh. Nyx grins and laughs.

"I know! Also, Springeh is waiting for us at my house with a few new friends I met on the way here. They're all dragons except for one guy, I think his nickname is Tech or something." Nyx says. Shock's eyes widen when she says 'Tech'. He quickly walks to Nyx.

"Is this Tech person's real name Zach Redstone?" He asks, urgency in his voice. Nyx nods.

"I think so. He loves inventing stuff." She says. Shock sighs and frowns.

"My destined rider... his name is Zach Redstone... he prefers to be called Tech..." Shock says. "You found my destined rider, Nyx..."

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