The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 6

My eyes widen in shock when Shock (A/N: Hehehe... unintentional pun intended C;) talks about his destined rider with a disgusted tone.

"How can you talk about your destined rider like he was one of the humans that treated you like shit?" I ask, slightly angry. Shock sighs and sits down on a log next to the fire we had set up.

"I better tell my tale from the beginning to explain why I talk about my destined rider with such a tone... it all started when I met Zach... this all happened before ניקוי גיבור (Heroshine) and Herobrine killed the human king and ruined our reputation..."

(Italics is Shock's story)

I was traveling through an open plains biome, looking for a dragon rest stop similar to the one we rested at yesterday when I came across a young human boy traveling across the plains alone with nothing but a leather bag filled with gadgets and the clothes on his back. I flew down to where he was and quietly landed behind him. I cleared my throat, catching the boy's attention. As soon as he turned around, I just felt a connection to him, almost immediately knowing that he was meant to be my destined rider. The boy seemed to feel that same connection as well. He smiled at me and introduced himself as Zach Redstone, but he told me to call him Tech. After that, we were inseparable. We went everywhere together. We joked and goofed around together. But one day, a soldier came to the place where we were staying and started talking to Tech about the murder of the human king and how all dragons are to be executed immediately because a dragon named Heroshine had slain him, claiming to be the servant of the dragon king. Tech led the human away and I heard a death cry from the other human. I took the opportunity to run away from Tech to avoid being killed like that soldier was.

"... and that's why I've been saying his name with disgust." Shock finishes. I sigh and nod.

"I understand. The same thing happened to me, minus the destined rider incident. I was hanging out with some humans and my brothers in my dragon form when a soldier came to kill me and my brothers. We attacked the soldier and ran away, hiding with friends who didn't know what we were." I say with a nod towards Sky and Ant. Arc walks over to me and gently takes hold of my hand, gently squeezing it. I smile and squeeze his hand back. Suddenly, there's is a rustling noise coming from a nearby bush and we all jump, drawing weapons in defense. A teenage boy walks out of the bush towards us, a friendly smile on his face that changes to a look of shock when his dark brown eyes land on Shock, who glares at the boy. The teenager is wearing an electric blue shirt with a little logo of a red and yellow checkered diamond shape on it, jeans, brown boots, a green scope over his left eye with an antenna, a metal gauntlet with two green buttons and two red buttons, and a strange, but familiar, leather belt with a blueberry and budder hourglass with an iron background that seems to radiate with power. My eyes widen when I recognize the belt. "זה החגורה של נצח!בני האדם כבר מחפשים אותו במשך שנים!" I whisper to Arc, who is still standing next to me with my hand in his. (Translation: That's the Belt of Immortality! The humans have been looking for it for years!) Shock glares at the boy.

"Tech... we meet again... after all these years..." Shock says with an angry growl in his voice. Tech's eyes widen a little more when he recognizes the voice.

"Spire?! How are you human?! You found your charm?" He asks, his eyes glancing at the amulet around Shock's neck. Shock smirks.

"I found it with the help of my real friends, not from someone who tried to kill me despite being my destined rider!" He says, anger and sarcasm dripping from his words. Tech sighs.

"I was trying to protect you, Spire! I would never kill you! We are destined rider and dragon! I could never bring myself to kill you. Every night, I have nightmares of you dying in front of my eyes and I can't do anything to stop it! If I had let that soldier get you, I would never forgive myself and I would consider myself the cause of your death." Tech says, a few tears coming to his eyes and distraught clear in his slightly cracking voice. Shock's eyes widen.

"You... you never wanted to kill me?" He asks, hope cracking his voice a little as he speaks. Tech nods.

"I would never kill you. You are my destined dragon and best friend. I would go to the ends of the world to make sure you're safe." Tech says solemnly. Shock sighs.

"I'm sorry, Tech. I see now that you were only trying to protect me from the humans that wanted to kill me." Shock says with a small smile. "Can you forgive me?" Tech smiles.

"Of course! How could I not?" He replies. Suddenly, the scope on his left eye starts flashing a green light and a small beeping is heard. 5 small beams of green light point straight at me, Ant, Arc, Nyx, and Sky, our talismans glowing slightly with a color that is a trademark to each dragon; mine glowing electric blue, Sky's glowing buddery yellow, Ant's glowing black, Arc's glowing grey, and Nyx's glowing black with purple particles. My eyes widen in shock when Tech smirks and calls us all by our real names. "Hello Rose Dancer, Arc Cut, Nyx Star-Light, Sky Star, and Ant Slash. Glad to see that Spire has made friends with other dragons instead of going solo, like he used to." My jaw drops.

"How do you know our names?" I ask incredulously. Tech smirks and taps the scope.

"This allows me to identify dragons from humans, telling me the dragon's real name. It can tell me the type of dragon with 75% accuracy, their age with a likely difference of 2 years, and can even translate the dragon tongue into English for me. Rose Dancer, you are a Mix with mostly Dancer blood due to your mother. Sky Star, you are a Mix with mostly SilverWind blood due to your father. Ant Slash, you are a Mix as well, with mostly Ender blood due to your mother. Arc Cut, you are a hybrid of a SilverWind and a DaggerStar. Nyx Star-Light, you are an Ender with some SilverWind in you." He says with confidence. Everyone's jaws drop.

"How... nothing is that accurate!" I say indignantly. Nyx smirks slightly.

"You were a little off with the SilverWind blood. I'm pure Ender." Nyx says confidently. Tech sighs.

"There's always room for error, you know." Tech says smartly. I smirk and glance at Nyx, who smirks and gives me a look that says, 'Let's show him our dragon forms and we'll get to see his shocked face!' I smirk and nod, casually grabbing my gloves and backing up, pulling them off at the same time Nyx pulls her headphones off. We both change into our dragon forms and grin, teleporting behind Tech in a cloud of purple and electric blue particles. Tech looks around, trying to find us. "Where the fuck did you two go?!" He shouts, not noticing everyone else, even Shock, snickering when Nyx and I make goofy faces behind Tech. I smirk and shoot a fireball into the air from behind him, causing Tech to whirl around and see us laughing.

"You should have seen your face, Tech!" I manage between fits of laughter. Everyone else starts laughing as well. Suddenly, Sky turns towards a bush and draws his budder sword, glaring at the bush.

"Kyara. Nyx. Talismans on. NOW!" Sky says with a commanding voice. I nod, sensing an evil presence nearby and slipping my gloves back on while Nyx puts her headphones back on. I draw my blueberry sword while Nyx draws her Midnightal Vortex sword, Arc pulling out his bow with an arrow ready to fly and Ant drawing his special PvP sword. Shock pulls out his bow while all of TC, Jordan, Tech, and Leah pull out weapons they are familiar with. I sniff the air and smell a horrid scent; rusting metal, rotting flesh, and pure evil. I growl when a strange looking being steps out of the bush. The figure has four arms positioned evenly on both sides with a sharp sword in each hand, a mace and a pair of SMGs on its back, a metal body with an emblem of a budder circle with a silver trident on the shoulders, and a pair of red glowing eyes in the middle of its face. Tech glares at the thing in front of us as two skeletal robots come out of the bush from behind it, both standing on either side of the Cyborg creature with a low knock back gun and a spear held in their robotic hands.

"Destroyer... I thought you got scrapped in our last encounter!" Tech says angrily. The thing, Destroyer, glares at Tech and speaks with a robotic tone.

"Tech. We meet again. Herobrine sends his regards. Now, I have been sent here to slay the dragons known as Rose Dancer, Sky Star, and Ant Slash." It says with absolutely no emotion besides smugness. Leah's eyes blaze with anger when Destroyer mentions the God that killed her parents. Those flames in her eyes seem to spread to her blueberry sword, making it glow slightly with a fiery glow.

"You work for Him?" She asks, her voice dripping with barely contained rage that seeps into my mind, making me angry as well. Destroyer smirks and nods, the servos and circuits whirring in its neck as it moves.

"I also have been sent to annihilate a human by the name of Allena Peters to finish what my master had started thirteen years ago when he murdered her parents." It says, smirking at us all. Leah glares at Destroyer, her blueberry sword held tightly in her hand as she tries to control her anger. I glare at the cyborg that has angered my destined rider.

"You wish to fight dragons? Then you'll fight dragons! ALL OF THE DRAGONS HERE!" Sky suddenly shouts, looking to us dragons and nodding. We all grab our talismans and take them off, becoming dragons once again. I nod to Ant and Sky and we throw our talismans in the air. They glow slightly with our trademark color and become armor suited for each dragon; my armor being made of blueberries with our family crest set under my neck, the beautiful rearing lion emblazoned in budder and blueberries with a black onyx circle background gleaming proudly in the firelight; Ant's armor being made of black onyx and grey marble with the family crest in the same place as mine; Sky's armor being made of budder with the family crest in the same place as Ant's and my armor. The other dragons' eyes widen when they see the family crest on our armor. I summon a special blueberry sword that I only use in dragon form when I fight. If Destroyer's eyes could widen, they would be dinner plates by now from the way it is looking at me, Sky, and Ant. I smirk at my fellow dragons and lower my head for Leah to get on, raising my head once she is safely seated on my neck and glaring at Destroyer. I glance at my brother and half-brother and see Ty on Sky's neck and Jordan on Ant's neck. I smile and turn back to Destroyer, who seems to be shaking slightly when my electric blue eyes land on its blood red robotic eyes. I smirk.

"האם אתה מפחד, המשחתת? הפחיד של דרקונים האדירים מולך?" I ask tauntingly while slowly creeping towards Destroyer, Leah glaring at it with her glowing blueberry sword pointed straight at its head. (Translation: Are you scared, Destroyer? Scared of the mighty dragons in front of you?) It growls and points at me with one of its swords.

"Get her, my Skeledroids! Kill the Leojin dragon and her brothers! Kill her friends when you are done!" It shouts as it runs off with astonishing speed.

"NOT THIS TIME, DESTROYER!" Tech shouts as he presses a hidden blue button on his gauntlet and holds his arm out towards Destroyer, an electric net flying out of the gauntlet at the Cyborg and tangling in its feet, shocking and paralyzing it. I growl and slash at the Skeledroids, destroying them in a second before glaring at the fallen Cyborg, who is twitching from the constant shock from the net. Sky breathes a special flame that creates a budder cage and slams it over Destroyer, caging it in the buddery prison. I smirk and go to breathe some blueberry flames on the cage when Destroyer suddenly stands up and punches the bars, breaking them in an instant and freeing itself with a smug smirk.

"You think that will be enough to hold me?" It asks smugly. "I am a Cyborg! And your cage was nothing but weak and flimsy gold!" My eyes widen and I look at Sky to see his eye twitching like crazy and an angry growl coming from deep in his throat. I smirk at Destroyer and lean towards Sky.

"הוא קרא זהב budder, סקיי! אני מציע לך להרוס אותו על זה!" I whisper into Sky's ear, sending him into a raging fury. (Translation: He called budder gold, Sky! I suggest you destroy him for it! (It wouldn't translate budder :P)) Sky's formerly budder colored eyes turn blood red as he roars and charges Destroyer.

"ITS NOT GOLD! ITS BUDDER!" Sky screams as he summons his special Dragon Budder Sword and attacks Destroyer viciously. I smirk at Destroyer's shocked face.

"This is what happens when you call budder the G-Word, Destroyer! And now you'll pay the price!" I say smugly as I raise my Dragon Blueberry Sword and start attacking it as well, the others joining in the fight as well. Destroyer growls.

"You cannot defeat me with your puny GOLD and DIAMOND weapons!" It shouts. Me and Sky stop suddenly, our eyes twitching like crazy and a deep angry growl coming from deep within our throats. Nyx seems to visibly pale despite being a black Ender dragon. (NOT THE ENDERDRAGON IN THE END! AND NOT RACIST! THE DRAGON HAS BLACK SCALES!)

"Oh shit... it said the forbidden words! Its sooooooo dead now!" Nyx shouts. Destroyer smirks.

"Oh, forbidden words, huh? You don't like it when I say GOLD or DIAMOND?" It taunts with a cackle, not realizing that it is just fueling our anger into a blinding rage. My electric blue eyes become blood red.

(A/N: WARNING! SLIGHT GORE AHEAD!)"THEY'RE NOT DIAMONDS! THEY'RE BLUEBERRIES!" "ITS NOT GOLD! ITS BUDDER!" Me and Sky scream at Destroyer as we attack furiously, catching Destroyer completely off guard. I roar and grab his top right arm, ripping it clean off and earning a scream of pain from the Cyborg. Sky grabs his top left arm and forcefully rips that off, earning an even louder scream of pain from Destroyer. Oil and blood gushes out of the torn sockets where the Cyborg's top arms used to be, oil tears running down its face as it cries out in pain. I growl and grab its remaining right arm while Sky grabs its remaining left arm. I nod to him and we both rip his arms off at the same time, making the Cyborg scream at the top of its lungs in pain. Nyx grins and, with her eyes becoming pitch black with small purple particles, grabs the discarded appendages with her dragon claws and throws them as hard as she can in the direction of Herobrine's castle, a stream of blood and oil gushing from them as they fly. Destroyer collapses to the ground, weak from the amount of oil and blood lost. I pick it up and glare at it, my eyes slowly returning to normal. "Tell Herobrine that dragons and their human friends are coming for him, and they want revenge for what he did all those years ago." I say menacingly as I prepare to throw Destroyer back to Herobrine's castle. Destroyer gasps in pain when one of my claws brushes against where its upper right arm used to be. I growl at it. "And don't even THINK of messing with us again, or we WILL kill you." I say menacingly. I throw Destroyer in the direction Herobrine's castle is, sighing and lowering my head for Leah to get down.

"Well... that was exciting." Nyx says with a tired yawn at the end. I nod and stretch out by the fire, stretching my wings with a tired yawn. Sky just flops onto the ground, passing out in an instant with Ty sleeping peacefully on his horns. The armor that me, Sky, and Ant are wearing change back into our talismans and lay on the ground in front of us. I flop down onto the ground, closing my eyes.

"Night, everyone..." I say tiredly, slowly falling asleep. I hear a faint 'Night, Kyara.' and feel a dragon lay down next to me on my right and a human lay under my left wing, instinctively knowing that it is Arc and Leah. I sigh happily and drape my right wing over Arc in an affectionate way, wrapping Leah with my left wing to keep her warm right before I fall asleep.

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