The Legend of the Rose Dancer

Chapter 7

As the sun begins to rise on the fourth day of our journey, I open my eyes and smile at the beautiful star rising above the horizon. I glance to my right and see Arc sleeping peacefully under my wing, a smile on his face. I smile and softly press my snout against the side of his head where his cheek would be if he was in his human form, careful not to wake him. I turn my head to the left and see Leah sleeping peacefully under my wing, snoring softly. I chuckle softly and quietly stand up, sneaking over to Nyx after making sure that Arc and Leah don't wake up when I get up. I gently push Nyx to wake her up, which she doesn't. I smirk and lean towards her ear.

"מלכודת האביב היא מפסיד!" I whisper teasingly into her ear, causing her to stand up and shout, (Translation: Springtrap is a loser!) "HE IS NOT A LOSER!", and wake everyone else up except Sky and Ty, who sleep on, snoring and practically dead to the world. I start laughing really hard at Nyx's face when she glares at me. "Don't say that kind of shit, Rose Dancer! You know how defensive I am of my Springeh!" She says with a slight growl, trying to use my real name in a threatening tone. I just laugh harder and try to slip my gloves on, but fail from laughing so hard. Arc snickers and helps me get my gloves on while I try to calm down. Sky groans and wakes up.

"שתוק, רוז רקדנית! אני מנסה לישון!" He mumbles, accidentally waking Ty in the process. (Translation: Shut up, Rose Dancer! I'm trying to sleep!) Ty groans and accidentally rolls off of Sky's horns, landing right in Sky's hand.

"Skyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Why you do dis... you woke me up..." He groans. Sky blushes slightly and gently places Ty on the ground.

"Sorry, babe." Sky says, his eyes widening and a deep red blush coming to his cheeks when he realizes what he said. I notice Arc and Leah smirking and snickering, a smirk coming to my lips as well.

"Got anything to share with us, brother dear?" I ask teasingly, snickering with Arc, who has his talisman back on and is in his human form, and Leah since we already know why he called Ty 'babe', everyone else looking confused as hell. Sky and Ty blush heavily and glance at each other, sharing a nod. Sky sighs and looks at everyone, still blushing heavily.

"Me and Ty have something to tell you all..." He says nervously while slipping his amulet on and returning to human form. "M-me and Ty are t-toge-" He starts but stops when I interrupt him.

"Does this have anything to do with what me and Arc saw back at that dragon rest stop?" I ask with a smirk, Sky's eyes widening and the blush on his cheeks growing brighter.

"W-what did you two see?" He asks. I snicker and nod to Arc, who smirks and nods back.

"We both saw you two making out against a dragon home." We say together, causing Sky's and Ty's cheeks to become bright red while everyone else 'Oooooooh's and a 'Skylox is real!' is heard from Nyx. Sky glances at Ty, who nods and smiles. Before Ty gets a chance to say what he was gonna say, Jason starts talking.

"Prove it! Prove that you two are together!" Jason shouts, smirking. Sky blushes.

"How do we prove it to you?" Sky asks, already seeming to regret asking that. Jason smirks.

"Kiss! And make it a good kiss to really prove it." Jason says, causing Ty to blush and Sky to smirk.

"That's it? Alright." Sky says with a smirk, turning to face Ty with a slight hungry look in his eyes when he glances at Ty's lips. He leans forward and rams his lips into Ty's, earning a soft squeak and moan from the short red eyed male, who wraps his arms around Sky's neck and deepens the kiss. I smirk and gently push the couple towards the forest.

"Go have your fun in there, lovebirds!" I say, making the couple break apart and blush heavily, much to the amusement of everyone else, who all start snickering. Leah and Arc smirk and help me push the blushing couple into the woods. "Have fuuuuuuuuun!~" I say teasingly over my shoulder as me, Arc, and Leah walk away. I hear a faint 'Oh, you bet we will!~' from Sky and smirk. "My brother is gonna be very happy with Ty, even though he won't live as long as my brother." I say as we come back to the group. I spot a familiar worn down and slightly creepy yellow rabbit hat standing in the group near Nyx and grin, running over to the person wearing the hat and hugging him, earning a surprised squeak from him and a laugh from Nyx. "שלום, אביב הצייד! נפלא לראות אותך שוב!" I say happily to the man dressed in a worn down yellow suit (NOT AN ANIMATRONIC SUIT!) and that familiar creepy worn down yellow rabbit hat. (Translation: Hello, Spring Trapper! Wonderful to see you again!) Springtrap blushes when I call him by his old dragon name. He actually prefers Springtrap, or Springeh as Nyx calls him, over his dragon name.

"שלום, רוז רקדנית! נפלא לראות אותך גם כן!" He says happily, releasing the hug. (Translation: Hello, Rose Dancer! Wonderful to see you as well!) I grin.

"האם שמעת על האח שלי וטאי? הם רשמית דבר!" I say with pride. (Translation: Have you heard about my brother and Ty? They are officially a thing!) Suddenly, I remember the bet Ant and I had made when Sky and Ty started hanging out a lot together 6 years ago and smirk. "אה נמלה! האם אתה יכול לבוא לכאן אמיתי מהיר?" I call out to my half-brother, who walks over to me. (Translation: Oh Ant! Could you come here real quick?) Ant sighs when he sees me with a smirk on my face.

"I know, I know... I owe you 50 blueberries... but the Merome bet is still up, and you'll owe me 50 blueberries and 50 sticks of budder if Merome becomes a thing!" Ant says with a smirk of his own.

"I was the one who bet Merome was gonna be real! You're the one who bet Merome would never be real." I say indignantly. "I can bring Seto over here, because he was there when we made the Skylox and Merome bets 6 years ago." Ant smirks.

"Do it. Get Seto over here so he can prove that I made the bet about Merome being real." Ant replies smartly. I swear, if he was anyone else, I would have smacked him silly!

"Ok I will! Seto! Could you come over here please? We need you to settle something!" I call out, smiling when the purple robed sorcerer walks over to us and says, "What's up?" I glance at Ant. "You remember those bets me and Ant made a few years ago, the Merome and Skylox bets?" Seto sighs and nods.

"Lemmie guess, Ant thinks he made the bet that Merome would be real and you bet that it would never happen?" Seto asks. I nod. "Well, Ant, you thought wrong. Kyara made the bet that Merome would be real." He says with a nod to me. I grin.

"TOLD YA, BRO!" I shout, laughing. "Kyara! Calm your shit, girl! Its just a bet!" I hear in my mind. I smirk. "Leah... I CAN FLIP OUT IF I WANNA! Also, have you seen Mitch and Jerome anywhere?" I think-ask her. "I have no fucking clue. I think they went into the woods after you, me, and Arc pushed Skylox in there." I smirk. "I'll be riiiight back, guys. I gotta go do something in the woods." I say, heading towards the woods to see of Merome went in there like Leah said they did. I enter the woods and smirk when I hear soft grunts and groans from where Skylox is at. I turn away from the noises the two lovebirds are making and look for Merome only to be met with a sight that shocks me and makes me grin; Jerome pressing Mitch against a tree, making out passionately. I quietly snicker and sneak off to tell Ant that I won the bet. Once I'm sure that I'm out of earshot of both couples, I sprint to Ant and start laughing. "I WIN BOTH BETS, BRO! YOU NOW OWE ME 100 BLUEBERRIES AND 50 STICKS OF BUDDER!" I say loudly and happily, still laughing. Ant frowns.

"What? You mean Merome is real? What makes you think I'll believe you, since you're trying to win a bet we made 6 years ago?" Ant asks indignantly. I smirk and quickly set up a link between my mind and Ant's, sending him a small video of what I saw to prove that I was right, breaking the connection when Ant's eyes widen in shock. "Holy shit... you were right... Merome is real..." I laugh and Nyx just gives me a 'What the fuck are you two talking about?' look. I set up a mental connection with Nyx and send her the same vid I sent Ant, keeping the connection alive when she grins. (Bold Italics is Nyx communicating with Kyara through telepathy) "Yas! Merome is real!" I hear from Nyx and smile. "Now... WHERE IS MY 100 BLUEBERRIES AND 50 STICKS OF BUDDER, ANT?!" I shout at him. Ant sighs.

"I have to get them first... hold on." Ant says, holding his hands out palm up and closing his eyes in concentration. All of a sudden, his hands glow electric blue and yellow, at least 100 blueberries and 50 sticks of budder appearing in his hands and spilling onto the ground. I grin and gather the beautiful items and send them to my personal Ender Chest. "Whoa! How'd he do that and where did they go?" I hear in my mind. I smile. "Leah, dragons all have their own personal Ender Chest that floats in space and holds any items that the dragon sends into it with their powers, like I did with those blueberries and sticks of budder." I think-reply to her question. "Oh... that is so cool!" I smirk "We dragons can also use that power to summon things from anywhere in Paarthurnax from cell phones to really anything, even blueberry swords." I smile when Leah sends a ':D' emoticon to me. I look at Nyx and grin.

"יקס! האם עלינו ללכת לבדוק ביונים ביער?" I ask Nyx with a smirk and a wink, summoning a bucket of water for me and her. (Translation: Nyx! Should we go check on the lovebirds in the forest?) Springtrap sighs.

"מה אתם תכנון? אני רואה דליי מים אלה ..." Springtrap says with suspicion in his voice. (Translation: What are you two planning? I see those water buckets...) I smirk and wink at Nyx, who winks back and snickers. Leah smirks. "You better let me come along to help with dis prank!" I smirk and nod, summoning a third water bucket and giving it to Leah. Springtrap raises his eyebrow when the third water bucket is passed to Leah. "שלך שלוש הם זומם משהו ..." Springtrap murmurs to himself. (Translation: You three are up to something...) I smirk and nod to Nyx and Leah, starting to walk towards the forest.

"We'll be right back! We gotta do something real quick." I say over my shoulder to Springtrap as we walk into the forest. I snicker and pull out a special potion that Seto gave me to use whenever I prank someone and don't wanna get caught; a Potion of Invisibility and Flight Without Wings that constantly refills itself when it's empty. I make duplicates for Nyx and Leah and hand them the potion with a smirk.

"אז, מה אנחנו הולכים לעשות, Kyara?" Leah asks me with a smirk, shocking Nyx with her use of the dragon tongue. (Translation: So, what are we gonna do, Kyara?) I smirk and raise the potion and bucket.

"אנחנו מתיחה הולכת-רומא וסקיי-לקס על ידי הצפת השוק עליהם מים." I say in a whisper, snickering with the two girls. (Translation: We're gonna prank Merome and Skylox by dumping water on them.) Nyx holds the potion up and gives me a questioning look.

"מה השיקוי ל, Kyara?" Nyx asks in a whisper. (Translation: What's the potion for, Kyara?) I smirk and take a sip of my potion, turning invisible and floating slightly before I turn invisible. The two girls' eyes widen and they look around for me. "לאן הלכתי, Kyara?" Nyx whispers urgently, looking around frantically. (Translation: Where did you go, Kyara?) I snicker and drink some milk, reappearing and landing in front of the two worried girls.

"The potions are for sneaking on the lovebirds!" I whisper with a laugh. "Now, drink your potions and let's go!" The girls nod and we all drink our potions, floating slightly before turning invisible. I smirk and glance at the two girls, who are smirking and glancing around. "Don't worry. We can see each other when we are invisible." I whisper with a snicker. "Now, let's go! Skylox is this way." I start floating towards where Skylox is relaxing after their 'fun time'. I stop the girls and float ahead to see if they are decent and smile when I see that they are, nodding to the girls and holding the bucket over Sky while Leah holds her her bucket over Ty and Nyx just holds her bucket in reserve for Merome. I nod and mouth, "One... Two... Three!" dumping the ice cold water onto the relaxed couple below, laughing with Nyx and Leah when they shriek from the cold water and jump up, looking around for who did that. I float away from them with Nyx and Leah close behind, snickering and floating to where Merome is still making out. I smirk and nod to Nyx, summoning another water bucket for me and Leah as Nyx holds her water bucket above the couple. I hold my bucket above them as well, Leah doing the same. I nod and dump the water onto them, Nyx and Leah doing the same with their water buckets. I start laughing when Merome shrieks and break apart, looking around for whoever did that. I just float away with Leah and Nyx close behind, all three of us laughing our asses off as we land and drink some milk, running back to the group and collapsing next to each other, still laughing our asses off. Springtrap sighs.

"What did you three do?" He asks. I just laugh and point to the woods, where a drenched Merome and a drenched Skylox are running out towards us. Springtrap sighs and smirks. "So THAT'S what you did..." Sky comes running up to us, completely soaked.

"Someone dumped water on me and Ty!" He shouts, shaking his dripping wet hair out of his eyes.

"Someone did that to me and Mitch, too!" Jerome shouts, peeling his soaked Bacca hat off of his head. I try to contain my laughter, seeing Nyx and Leah doing the same. I clear my throat and try not to smile as I talk.

"I wonder who would do that..." I say with a very subtle wink to Nyx and Leah, who start quietly snickering and cover it up with coughing. Sky raises an eyebrow and realization comes into his eyes as he glares at me, Nyx, and Leah.

"You three trolls! You're almost as bad as Bodil!" Sky says angrily. All three of us lose it and start laughing our asses off, falling down from laughing so hard. Arc walks over to us and, from one look at the drenched couples, starts snickering.

"What happened to you? Looks like you all were thrown into a lake!" Arc asks, still snickering. The two drenched couples glare at me, Nyx, and Leah, sending us into another laughing fit. Arc chuckles and shakes his head. "I figured the girls had something to do with this..." He smirks and winks at me, getting a wink back from me as I calm down from my laughing fit and stand up.

"You should have seen your faces when we dumped the water on you!" I say with a grin and a giggle. Sky smirks and ruffles my hair.

"זה אחות הקונדס שלי בשבילך!" Sky says with a smile to the snickering group of friends in front of us, wrapping his arm around me and drenching me with a smirk. (Translation: That's my prankster sister for ya!) I smirk and playfully push Sky off of me, snickering and shaking off the water.

"עבודה נהדרת, אחי! יש לך אותי רטוב לגמרי!" I say with a laugh. (Translation: Great job, brother! You got me soaking wet!) Sky smirks and starts poking me, causing me to giggle and squirm away from him. "Skyyyyyyyy! Stahp! Arc! Halp meeeeeeee!" I say with a laugh, reaching for Arc, who grabs my hand and pulls me from Sky's poking reach, wrapping his arms around me and smiling at me. I smile back and nuzzle my head against his chest in an affectionate way, hearing an 'Awwwwww!' from Nyx and smiling. "Thank you for saving me from the brother monster." I say with a smile. Arc smirks.

"Anything for a fair maiden like yourself! Now, does this valiant knight get a reward?~" Arc asks with a smirk and a wink. I smirk and nod, leaning forward and planting my lips on his. Everyone's eyes widen and Nyx starts snickering with Springtrap, whispering 'I must come up with a ship name for them!' to him. I pull back, earning an involuntary whine from Arc, and smirk at Nyx.

"Nyx! I've already come up with a ship name for me and Arc; KyArc." I say with a wink to Arc, who nods and smiles, taking my hand and gently squeezing it, not noticing a strange malicious glint in his eyes that were never a dull grey color with flecks of blood red.

Arc's POV
(A/N: FIRST TIME THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED IN THIS STORY! :D This might be the only time... :P Depends on if I think there should be more POV changes)

"Are you with them, Arc?" I hear in my head, a subtle smirk coming to my face that I hide with a fake loving smile to Kyara. 'Hehe... if she only knew that I'm not the REAL Arc... Thank Notch my morphing powers can hide my true form!' "Yes, my lord. I'm with the dragons and humans that are after you. Do you wish for me to betray them now?" I think to my master. I can practically see the smirk on my destined rider's face when he replies, "Maybe... the first one I want you to betray is Rose Dancer. Slay her while she is sleeping tonight, then do the same to everyone else before they see that she's dead." I fake smile at Kyara when she smiles and nuzzles my chest affectionately. I mentally cringe away from her touch but physically wrap my arm around her. 'I hate this... I cannot WAIT until I can betray these fucking morons and return to my true destined rider! Not the idiot I have to pretend to be destined with, Shade...' "Yes, Herobrine. I will make sure your reign will not be stopped by these meddling fools!" I think to him, resisting the urge to smirk. I fake smile at Kyara and kiss the top of her head in what seems to be an affectionate way, mentally reminding myself to wipe my lips after I murder everyone here to make sure Herobrine's reign continues without any meddlers.

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