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Serial Killer Genes


Betty aka Elizabeth Cooper was born with the MAO-A Gene's. These genes are known as the serial killer genes. After her first murder she sets her eyes on someone she loves. What will happen? And Who will it be?

Horror / Romance
Mystery Writer
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1 Year before

“Jason, I told you that things would be different now” Betty said with a menacing laugh to follow.

Betty was holding up a small knife towards Jason and let out a sigh.

“This would be a horrible way to go out, Don’t you think?” Betty questioned with a dark and evil smile.

Jason tried to escape the horror, but was left alone within the peaks of shadow lake. Surrounded by mountains and by emptiness. No one would be able to hear his screams and as the point of the shining knife pierced his skin, the feeling of warmth exited his body, blood pooling on the floor. All that was heard was the gasps for air that came from him.

Betty said laughing at the pain he was going through.“Jason, I told everyone that no-one would see you ever again, did you know what I meant at the time?”

“He-Help me!” Jason gasped in fear.

“Oh no, not now Jason Blossom. The reason I brought you here, was to kill you, and to tell you that I have the MAOA and CDH-13 genes. The serial killer genes.” Betty said with no guilt in her voice.

As Jason stopped the struggle and expired Betty dragged the body to the lake and dumped it there. She took the bloody knife and wiped it down until no blood was shown. Then she buried the knife in Greendale.

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